Late nights scrolling through random shiz on my USB drive...

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Late nights scrolling through random shiz on my USB drive...

Post  Ashleh on Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:54 pm

OhmyGod, look what I found Very Happy

A Walk through Hell

Don’t let the name fool you, the setting isn’t actually Hell, unless they’re in Michigan Wink, so this is the way I start of my third baby thread with a corny joke, but my first two threads were murdered and restarted so this one is to honor the loss of the other two. So join, pretty please.

Le Plot: a walk through hell, figuratively, a walk amongst the creatures of darkness, unnatural and supernatural, monstrous and human, beautiful and ugly, it has nothing to do with the other two threads as far as I know right now so you don’t have to worry about that.

The Setting: A party in a mansion owned by a mysterious man (haha, how clichéd but wonderful for this)

The Rules (yeah I have em):
1. Use hate, love, lust, fight, kill bite but if your characters about to get jiggy with someone else’s please use things like (X.x.X.) or (le deed) and fast forward.
2. You can kill your own character but not anyone else’s unless you have permission, it’s just rude.
3. I don’t mind if you use expletives, it doesn’t bother me, just not in excess, don’t be dropping the F bomb all over my thread
4. Have fun Smile

Le Format:

My character(s) for the thread:

Name: Terra St. Claire
Age: 17
Species: government baby
Appearance: black hair, bright blue and violet eyes, is very small and curvy
Notes: though she’s small she can be dangerous and full of angst, she has a bevy of mysterious power that she can’t quite control, has a twin sister but she hates her.

Name: Charlemagne de Baptiste
Age: 400 but only looks 19
Species: vampire
Appearance: long auburn tresses and golden eyes, he’s six-foot-our and thin but has muscularity to him, considered very handsome.
Notes: A Parisian who came to the states, has a deep French accent and an air of power about him.


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Re: Late nights scrolling through random shiz on my USB drive...

Post  Natacha on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:33 am

hahaha Very Happy This is great.

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