A Traitorous Heart

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A Traitorous Heart

Post  Ashleh on Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:51 am

A Traitor’s Heart

He felt her before he ever saw her; Caanon the Damned had set up a vigil beside his beloved’s coffin, he had come to ground to sleep beside her but had been seized by an overwhelming sense of awareness so instead he sat with his darling Maj, and surrounded by candlelight, he wrote down his truths and convictions in old leather bound journals. He glanced up now, Anathea, the thought echoed in his head and pressed outwards as he watched the darkness, the candles flickered, and then there she stood as beautiful as when he’d first laid eyes on her. Anathea was the only woman in the world as old as he was, she had been Made second to him, she had been made for him; she was picturesque in an unconventional sort of way, her figure was long and curvy, wrapped up in tight black fabric, her light chocolate curls hung down her shoulders, she had cupid’s bow lips that were curved into a frown, she had a narrow Grecian nose that was perfectly imperfect, and olive-green almond shaped eyes, despite what she believed of herself, he knew that Claudia wouldn’t have loved Anathea as much as she had if she hadn’t been flawed in some way, it was a testament to her own vanity, “Hello, brother.” The woman spoke softly but her eyes burned with a woman’s scorn.
Caanon met her gaze, he could read soul in her eyes, You’ve come for me, sister, and you look at me like a traitor.
“You are a traitor, Caanon.” She breathed, taking a slow steps towards him, “You betrayed Claudia, you disappointed her when you took your vow of silence, when you became weak.” she said through her teeth, her fingers clenching into fists as her sides before she moved, wrapping her fingers around his throat and tilting them backwards onto the floor, “You threw me away, I was her gift to you, brother, and you threw me away for that peace mongering whore.” she hissed, digging her nails into his throat as she straddled him.
Caanon felt his teeth lengthen in his mouth as he bared them at her, Claudia betrayed us, Anathea, she used us, we were nothing more than toys to her, don’t you realize that? She never loved us, the thoughts came pouring out, projecting at her as if he’d screamed them out loud.
“Liar,” Anathea hissed, “We owe her everything, she Made us.” she cried, unsheathing her fangs to bare them back at him before she bent her head, slamming her mouth against his, their fangs and tongue clattering together, “I just never understood, Caanon, how could you be her favorite?” Anathea breathed against his mouth as she reached up to curl her fingers in his hair, she yanked his head back and buried her teeth against his throat.
Caanon shut his eyes, If this is what you want, I won’t stop you, sister he projected to her, seeming to relax as if the fight in him had died again as he shut his eyes.
“Of course you won’t.” Anathea breathed against the wound in his throat, “All for the sake of your peace.” she said, digging into him again with her teeth, his warm blood rushed into her mouth, she shut her eyes to savor her old lover; she could taste the power in his blood, it was so much more than hers, she could feel his being meshing with hers. She lifted her head once more, feeling them behind her, “Feed, my children.” she breathed, reopening the wound as the others knelt with her, their teeth tore into the old vampire like he was a great fount and from Caanon the Damned they drank.

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