Hell hath no Fury i.e. Connor

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Hell hath no Fury i.e. Connor

Post  Ashleh on Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:55 pm


His head filled with noise, static clinging to the ridges of his conscious thought, he didn’t hear her speaking to him until her black Louboutins were in his line of vision; Connor Walker slowly raised his gaze to Claudia Canbaz’s pretty face, “What?” he breathed, refocusing on her moving lips.
Claudia placed her hands on her hips, “You weren’t listening?” she breathed, cocking a perfect brow at him, a pout forming on plump lips, “I was wondering if you could keep me company.” She breathed, moving to sit next to him on his large King sized bed, “I’m lonely.” She said softly, crossing long legs and causing the skirt of her tight black dress to rise up her thighs.
His pretty blue eyes followed her movements and he bit his lip, “What about Caelan?” he muttered, moving his stare back to her face.
Claudia’s pout persisted, “He’s very upset with me, he’s very sensitive about the manner of his death.” She mumbled, cocking her pretty head as she raised a hand to run her fingers over his shaggy brown hair before she leaned forward to press her lips against his, “Will you keep me company Connor?” she breathed.
Connor moved, his fingers were around her throat and he had her pinned beneath him on the bed, his blue eyes darkened as he looked down into hers, “Do you know how disgusting you really are, Claudia?” he breathed, his fingers squeezing around her pretty neck as he bent his head to bite her mouth, his other hand reaching down to shove her dress up around her hips.
“It doesn’t seem to be stopping you.” Claudia said through her teeth as she spread her legs, her hands moving to shove his sweats, the only thing he wore, down his hips.
Connor slid his tip against her before slamming brutally hard into her, making her whimper, “What can I say?” he grunted, moving his hand from her neck to bury his head against her throat, biting into her hard with his unsharpened human teeth, “I’ve always loved a woman who can make my skin crawl.” He breathed, slamming into her again.

Claudia held the young Walker boy against her, she trembled beneath him, aching pleasure wrapping around her spine as she moved her head to kiss his throat before tearing into him with her sharp teeth; she held him tighter as he tensed, his sweet blood sliding down her throat made her lids flutter with pure bliss. She drank for long moments, satisfying the hunger deep in her belly, she could feel him stilling against her, reaching his last seconds before she turned them over so she was straddling him.
Connor gasped for breath, his vision blurring on her pretty face, he felt light and heavy at the same time and he vaguely remembered his last moments in the burning orphanage, his mouth was dry and he could barely make out a sound, he curled his fingers against his comforter, waiting to die again. She bent over him, “Drink.” She breathed, her voice breaking through the fog that was clouding him and he could feel liquid dropping onto his lips and then the sharp, sweet taste of blood filled his mouth. He lunged for the source, clamping his lips over the gash in her throat as he began to drink, he shut his eyes tight, wrapping his arms around her as he drank deeply, he could feel the warm fluid wrap around his guts, clenching around his soul before it set it on fire. He jerked back from her, gnashing his teeth together, feeling the Change spread across his skin; he let out a strangled cry as it dug into his very being, he shut his eyes tight, and then he died.
Connor’s lids fluttered opened and he looked up into the beautiful face of Claudia Canbaz, “What did you do to me?” he breathed, feeling his throat burn with thirst.
Claudia smiled softly, bending her head to kiss his pale lips, “I gave you immortality.”

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