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A month earlier…

Jason Hawthorne found himself tied down to a chair; pain blossomed in his jaw as he was hit again, he ran his tongue along his bloody teeth before he spat on the ground, he glanced up at the big man bearing down on him, “You know, my grandma hits harder than that?” he breathed, a smart ass just like his father which only served to get more knuckles to his pretty face.
He felt bruises forming on his skin and blinked away the blood threatening to sting his eyes, “What do you hope to gain from this again, Princess?” he spat out, licking his bloody teeth again.
The man grunted as he took a step to the side, revealing a pretty older brunette woman, “Compliance.” She breathed, cocking her head as she studied him from behind her glasses, “I’m Nora Grey, I want to offer you a job.” She said softly.
“You have hell of a way to sell yourself, Nora.” Jason mumbled, opening and closing his jaw to make sure it wasn’t broken.
Nora smiled in a sickeningly sweet manner, “I just wanted to give you a choice, you can either be treated like a prisoner or you can accept a job from me and be treated like an employee, we have excellent benefits you know?”
The young man smirked, shaking his head, “I’m a Hawthorne, and we don’t work for anyone.” He muttered, his pretty silver eyes lighting up.
Nora pursed her lips, “I hear Hawthornes make the best employees actually, your father and grandfather seemed to.” She replied, cocking a brow.
Jason shook his head, “No, you see, that’s where you’re wrong, we’re Hawthornes, we never work for anyone but ourselves.” He breathed, a crooked grin stretching across his aching face when with a jolt of energy, he kicked off the floor and slammed his feet into Grey’s muscled henchman sending him back right into his boss as Jason’s chair hit the floor and he rolled backwards out of it, breaking his restraints. He grinned even more to himself as he pushed off the floor and made it around them out into the hall; he ran for all he was worth through the maze-like place, all ready hearing guards coming after him; he rounded a corner, slamming into a young woman. They hit the floor in a tangle of limbs; he smiled sheepishly as he looked down into her pretty face, “Hi.” He breathed, “I’m Jason.”
The girl looked confused for a moment, “Uh, Mira.” She breathed, “Nice to meet you.”
“Pleasures all mine, darlin’.” He grinned, hearing the guards coming closer as he got off of her and pulled her to her feet, “Excuse me, I have to escape now.” He muttered, starting down the hall again.
Mira bit her lip; “Wait, you’re escaping?” she called, moving after him, “Take me with you.” she breathed.
Jason raised a brow at her as he kept up a fast trot, “It’s kind of a one man show, sweetheart.” He muttered.
She swallowed hard, glancing back as the guards began to fill the hallway, “I know how to get to an exit.” She said, looking up at him again.
Jason pursed his lips, for a moment, weighing whether or not he could make it out on his own in a timely manner and preferably alive, “Fine. Lead the way.” He said, nodding for her to move in front of him.
Mira took off into a run down the hall, making a quick turn as he followed her lead; he focused on nothing but following her and leaving the sound of guards behind when finally they reached a door, the woman tried to push through, cussing under her breath when she realized it was locked. Jason made a noise, glancing behind them as the guards got nearer and nearer, he took a breath and rammed his shoulder into the door, he gritted his teeth against the pain as the hinges creaked under the pressure. He shoved himself into again, this time the hinges snapped and the door gave way; he grabbed Mira’s wrist and began down a flight of cement stairs, hearing the pops and whistles of bullets now flying through the air behind them.
He led her all the way down, trying hard not to trip over his own feet as he shoved his way through another door and into a parking garage, he let out his breath as he began weaving through cars until he reached a black unmarked Sedan. Jason let go of Mira’s wrist to smash the window and unlock the car, he gestured for her to go around and get in on the other side, he could all ready hear footsteps coming their way as he slid into the driver’s seat, quickly hunching over to hot wire the damn thing. He grinned wickedly when he got the car to roar for him, he straightened, “Seatbelt, darlin’.” He muttered as he pulled out and set off like a bat from Hell, scattering the guards like birds.
Jason flew out of the garage, the car bumping a little as it touched the street and he pushed it harder, “Where can I drop you off?” he breathed, keeping his gaze on the road.
“Anywhere with a telephone.” She mumbled, biting her lip as she turned her eyes to the window.
Jason pursed his lips, glad to finally be getting miles away from that god forsaken place, he glanced over at the woman and studied her for the first time; she was slender and dressed in baggy sweats and a tight T-shirt that made her look even smaller, his gaze moved over breasts up the curve of her throat, the tilt of her jaw line and then to the reflection of her face in the window, her dark olive skin was unblemished, her lips were full and pink, she had high cheek bones and a cute little nose, the way her deep chocolate brown hair fell over her shoulders, even though ruffled from the escape seemed to fall in faultless order, her hazel eyes met his in the window and he turned his gaze back to the road, silent.
Mira bit her bottom lip but she said nothing as she lifted a hand to smooth down her disheveled hair, glimpsing a pay phone up ahead, she glanced over at him, “You can drop me off at the pay phone.” She mumbled and he noticed a slight accent to her words.
Jason gave a slight nod but offered up no words, soon pulling up to pay phone, “Good luck.” He muttered after a moment, glancing over at her again, watching as she opened the door and slid out of the car, “Thank you.” she breathed back as she shut her door and began towards the telephone.
He pursed his lips as he began away from the phone, after a few moments he glanced in his rearview mirror to see Mira simply standing beside the payphone, hugging herself and alone. Jason sighed, contemplating with himself before he stopped and put the car in reverse; he paused in front of her, lowering the passenger side window, he leaned across the seat to study her, “You don’t have any change to make a call.” He muttered, making a face at himself, “And there’s no one to call, is there?” he alleged softly.
Mira pursed her lips and shook her head slowly, “No there isn’t.” she mumbled, averting her gaze.
Jason sighed, “I’m going to see my grandmother, get in.” he said softly, straightening in his seat again as she slid back inside; he pushed the Sedan forward again, the silence between them seemingly comfortable but he still felt the need to break it, “What were you doing back there at Grey’s anyways?” he mumbled, glimpsing her from the corner of his eye.
She sighed, “My father was a scientist, sometimes he mixed personal with business.” She said softly, biting her lip.
“So you’re…Unnatural?” He inquired, turning to look at her fully for a moment.
Mira lowered her head, staring into her lap for a long moment before she nodded, “Yes, I am.” She admitted gently.
Jason bit his lip, “I am too.” He said, turning his gaze back to the road, “Almost everyone in my family is.” He shrugged, as if being more than human was the most natural thing in the world for him.

They drove in silence for awhile until he pulled into a large manor home, he cut the engine and got out, gesturing for her to follow as he made his way to the door. Jason didn’t bother to knock as he slipped inside, knowing his grandmother would be awake and most likely in her den working on a few things before bed. Lynn Vladislav didn’t bother to look up from the screen of her laptop for a moment as she typed furiously at her keys, “I see you brought a friend, Jason.” She breathed, a soft smile curving her lips as she finally brought her gaze to her grandson’s.
Jason smiled a bit at his grandmother as he gestured for Mira to stay beside the doorway, he moved into the den, kneeling down beside his grandmother’s chair to mutter to her in hushed Russian of the event that plagued the night. Lynn nodded slowly as her gaze moved over Mira for a second and then flickered back to Jason, “She’ll have to go into hiding.” She said, in English for Mira’s sake, “I can set her up with an apartment and some starting cash but that’s all I can do.” She breathed, raising her gaze to the woman’s face this time as if speaking directly to her.
Mira nodded slowly, “Thank you.” she murmured, holding the woman’s gaze for a moment before she lowered it again.
Lynn smiled to herself as she turned back to Jason, muttering a few more things in Russian, giving him the directions to an apartment building a few cities over before she dug in her desk for a small manila envelope of cash to give to the girl. Jason nodded his thanks and straightened, he smiled slightly at Mira as he pressed the envelope of cash into one of her hands and began to lead her out of the house and back to the Sedan, ‘Will you be all right on your own?” he muttered as they slid into the car together.
Mira nodded slowly, “I hope so.” She breathed, visibly tensing a little at the thought.
Jason studied her as he brought the car back to life, “You know, if you want, I have an extra room at my place, I mean, it’s your first night of freedom, maybe you don’t want to be alone just yet?” he muttered, biting his lip, feeling tongue tied, so unlike his regular charming self.
Mira bit her bottom lip hard, “I think I would like that,” she said softly, truly not wanting to be out on her own just yet.

Jason sighed to himself as he pulled up to his own apartment building a few hours later; he glanced over at Mira who had curled up and fallen asleep in her seat, he smiled to herself as he reached out to gently move hair from her face, “Wake up, Sleepy Beauty, we’re here.” He breathed, watching her pretty eyes blink up at him; her face seemed to flush when she realized he was touching her, “Hi.” She breathed, biting her lip.
Jason moved his hand away, “We’re here.” He mumbled again as he got out of the car, moving around the other side to open her door for her now, he studied her as she slipped out of the car, standing, she stretched out her limbs until they made satisfying pops. He pursed his lips as he turned, trying not to stare as he led her inside his building and up a flight of stairs to his two-bedroom apartment on the second floor, “It’s not much,” he mumbled, getting the door open and the light switched on as he moved inside. The apartment was rather small, but neat except for a few books, magazines, or folders piled in various columns about the room, he gestured to his black leather couch, “Sit down, make yourself comfortable.” He breathed, smiling over his shoulder at her, “You hungry?”
Mira nodded as she settled into his couch, “Do you cook?” she inquired, studying him now.
Jason gave a sheepish sort of grin, “Not exactly but I do know how to order takeout,” he muttered, running his fingers over his hair.
Mira couldn’t help but smile at this, “Takeout…sounds nice.” She said softly.
“What do you want?” Jason muttered, the smile widening on his lips.
“Anything,” She answered, watching as he moved into his kitchen to grab the cordless and dial a number from one of the various food menus on his fridge.
He ordered for a few moments before he put the phone back on its cradle and moved out into the living room to sit on the couch beside her, “It’ll be twenty minutes,” he muttered, studying her pretty face; he met her hazel eyes and even though he’d just met her, he thought about kissing her.
Mira bit her lip hard, keeping his gaze as they both seemed to lean towards each other and their lips met briefly, they scrutinized each other’s faces for a moment before their lips met again for another fleeting kiss, and then again, harder and longer; Jason shut his eyes as he moved his fingers into her hair, kissing her deeply as she placed her hands on his chest, kissing him back eagerly. Jason felt warmth spread through him and he pulled himself back, “Wait,” he breathed, his silver eyes seeming to flicker with needing to fulfill his desire and fighting it.
“What’s wrong?” Mira gushed out, her voice having dropped into a lower, huskier key as her face flushed with want.
“You don’t know me,” Jason said softly, finding it odd that he was even telling her this, “I’m not the greatest guy in the world, I’m hardly decent, I’ve done some really fucked up things and some of them were to women,” he said softly, meeting her gaze.
Mira bit her lip, “Like what?’ she asked softly, holding his gaze now.
Jason swallowed hard, “I attacked my brother’s fiancé.” He said softly, frowning deeply to himself, “Then I hooked up with her sister and I hit her, a few times, I was pretty messed up then but it’s not an excuse for what I did and I find that, I don’t want to hurt you and I tend to hurt…everyone.” He muttered honestly, rather surprised by his own confession as he brought his gaze back to Mira’s face.
Mira was silent for a long time, considering what he said, “I killed my father,” she said softly, “It was an accident, I think, but his blood is still on my hands.” She mumbled, swallowing hard, “I forgive you your past, would you forgive me of mine?” she breathed.
Jason nodded slowly, “Yes,” he said softly, finding it so strange he could feel more in place with this stranger than even his own family.
Her hazel eyes softened as she leaned forward, taking his face between her hands, she kissed him gently, “Show me your room?” she said softly, kissing him again.
Jason studied her for another moment before he slipped an arm around her waist and brought her off of the couch with him, he guided her to his bedroom, he pressed her against the wall as he bent his head to kiss her deeply, his hands moved tentatively over her waist as he slowly pulled her shirt over her head and let it drop to his bedroom floor. He pressed kisses to her throat and collar bone, down to her breasts, enjoying the taste of her as she ran her fingers over his hair; he placed his hands on the back of her thighs as he lifted her up easily and carried her to his bed…

Present Day; An hour ago…
Jason watched as Carolin Walker slipped away and he sighed as he slumped against the wall, letting his asshole-façade slip away, his old self feeling more and more like a mask everyday, as his thoughts returned to Mira, he hated being apart from her and he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep her hidden away forever. He glanced around the gathering before pushing off the wall, slipping out through the back door; he knew his face wouldn’t be missed much in the crowd. Once outside, he shut his eyes, concentrating until he brought himself back to his apartment; a warm smile curved his lips at the smell of sizzling bacon, he made his way silently into the kitchen and carefully wrapped his arms around his girl, he buried his face against her hair to inhale her scent, “Craving?” he breathed as his hands dropped to her swollen belly, something in her Unnatural blood making the baby grow faster than normal.
Mira nodded, smiling to herself as she leaned back against him, “Where were you?” she inquired, glancing up at him.
Jason pursed his lips, “I was at the Walkers, my mother called earlier,” he muttered, “My grandmother wants to send us all out of the country for a few days before us men come back to sort out a few things of business.” He said softly, “I want you to pack; I think it’s time for you to meet my parents.”

End Count: 2,941 words

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