Strolling Into the Night

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:30 am

Claudia continued to explore him with her tongue, shutting her eyes to enjoy herself.

Aryan frowned still, "You're acting like I did." he grumbled.

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... Claudia licked her lips and brought her head to kiss his throat, "How was I?" she breathed, smiling to herself.

Aryan sighed and laid horizontally on his couch, wishing he had a gun.

Caleb felt pretty damn good here and said she was perfect.
Anna hopped onto Kiran and asked him why he was sad.

Claudia smiled warmly and bit his chin, "When is it my turn?" she breathed, making a row of sharp kisses along his throat.

Aryan studied her, "You're confusing sometimes." he pouted.

Caleb pursed his lips as he thought about this; wondering if it would take suspiciously long if they pulled over, "When you ask nicely," he said, a grin curving his pretty lips.

Anna bit her lip, "I don't mean to be," she said softly as she bent down to kiss his chin, "I want to make you happy, Aryan," she whispered.

Claudia pouted, "Pretty please Caleb, can I have a turn?" she breathed, cocking her pretty head to the side.

"Then don't be so confusing." Aryan grumbled, "You make me feel like Kelso when I wanna be Hyde."'

Caleb ran his piercing over his teeth, the metallic, eery noise it made sending shivers up his back as he drove on for a moment longer before pulling the car into an alley next to the bakery.

Anna raised a brow at him, "Yeah, I never watched that show, babe," she mumbled, expecting him to elaborate.

Claudia grinned to herself as she glanced out the window at the alley, "I feel like a dirty little secret." she breathed, running her fingers along the hem of her short blue dress.

Aryan rolled his eyes, "Kelso was the idiot and he had to always be careful with Jackie because she was a princess and would be set off about anything whereas when Hyde dated her, he was cooler and didnt give in as much cause he knew how to handle her." he shrugged.

"That's a good thing," Caleb breathed, his eyes darkening a little as he turned his gaze on her and grinned, starting to get out of the car.

Anna pursed her lips, "But isn't that more about your personal growth than how confusing and princessy I am?" she muttered.

Claudia bit her lip before she started out of the car after him, "Why?" she mumbled, raising a brow.

Aryan studied her, "No, I think its you." he mumbled, something teasing in his voice.

Caleb shrugged slightly, "Don't you find it more interesting being the other woman?" he muttered, moving around the hood of the car as he held his hand out to her.

Anna rolled her eyes, "I think it's sweet, though," she muttered, "You're kind of badass, dangerous and makes all the girls swoon, because you're all cruel and mysterious," she said, smiling a bit, "And I'm your pretty little plaything. It fits."

Claudia took his hand and thought a moment, "Its a role I've played before, it never fails to excite me." she smiled, meaning that in every way possible.

Aryan made a face, "You're not my plaything, you're my Princess." he muttered.

Caleb grinned, "Good," he breathed, /moving/ to grab her and bent her over the hood of the car.

Anna's smile warmed a little, "But you always accuse me of acting like a princess, as if that's a horrible thing."

Claudia bit her lip hard, heat coiling through her belly and wrapping around her spine.

Aryan smiled, "I've learned to accept you the way God made you besides I can take care of your princessy ass."

Anna's eyes seemed to light up for a moment as she studied him, "God?" she muttered, cocking her head to the side, "When did you start believing in Him?"

... Claudia moaned his name loudly, pleasure exploding in her abdomen, she curled her fingers against the hood, she tilted her head back, panting as her heart slammed into her ribs.

Aryan shrugged, "When I fell in love with you."

Caleb's breath came out in pants as he watched her; a satisfied buzzing in his body as he ran his fingers up her sides, not saying anything as he simply studied her.

Anna's smile softened before she kissed his mouth, "That's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me," she breathed, rubbing her nose against his.

Claudia leaned back against him, pleasure still buzzing in her blood as she reached up to tangle her fingers in his hair and look up at him, something soft glittering in her blue eyes.

Aryan put his arms around her, "I have my moments."

Caleb smiled slightly as he put his arms around her, holding her close to him, "What is it?" he breathed, studying her eyes.

Anna smiled, "I cherish those moments," she breathed, gently biting his bottom lip, "What are we doing tonight?"

Claudia smiled slightly, "I like this." she breathed, leaning up to kiss him.

Aryan shrugged, "I want to lay here for awhile and then go hunting."

Caleb made a satisfied noise as he kissed her softly, "Mm, me too," he breathed.

Anna nodded slightly, "Sure," she breathed, moving to lie on her side next to him, laying her head on his chest to listen to his heartbeat.

Claudia smiled warmly and bit his bottom lip when a scent hit her nose and she turned her gaze to the mouth of the alley where Lynnie leaned against the wall, she had her arms crossed under her leather jacket and she was looking at the pavement, "Lynn." Claudia breathed, cocking her head.
"Claudia." Lynn muttered, glancing up at them.

Aryan ran his fingers over her hair, "I love you." he breathed.

Caleb shut his eyes for a moment, "Shit," he said through his teeth, stepping back from Claudia to fix his slacks before he looked over his shoulder at Lynn, "What do you want?"

Anna's eyes slowly closed as she smiled to herself, almost sleepily, "I love you more," she breathed, making little circles on his abdomen with her fingernails.

Claudia fixed her dress as she locked eyes with Lynn, whom smiled slightly, "I woke up this morning to look out my window and I saw a woman leaning against your car but I couldnt make out who it was so curiously when you came out and she got in your car, I followed." she muttered, pursing her lips.

"Liar." Aryan teased and kissed her nose as he shut his eyes.

Caleb raised a brow at her, crossing his arms over his chest as he slowly began towards her, waiting for her to continue as his eyes darkened.

Anna wrinkled her nose for a moment as she snuggled up to him; not a very long time passing before she drifted off.

Lynn watched him, "Her? Really baby?" she breathed, "Dangerous."

Caleb shrugged slightly, "She's not the only one," he muttered, watching her face.

Lynn studied him but she didn't say anything as Claudia /moved/ and she leaned against the wall next to her, she pressed her nose to Lynn's throat, she could smell the blood moving beneath her skin, "And we can all be a little dangerous sometimes, you know that more than anyone, don't you?" she breathed against her skin.

Caleb pursed his lips, stopping a few feet from them as he watched, flexing his fingers before he ran his fingers over his hair.

Lynn's jaw clicked, "Well you don't want me to be dangerous with you, Claudia." she breathed, a threat in her pretty eyes as she looked down at the smaller woman.
Claudia smiled coolly, "Oh I do, I want to take you down a notch or few, remind you who the real bitch is." she breathed.

Caleb raised a brow as he moved to lean against the hood of the black Ferrari, "Remind me how you two know each other," he muttered, looking between them.

Lynn gritted her teeth, "She used to fuck my kid." she muttered, wanting so badly to pick Claudia up and threw her at a tree.

Caleb's jaw tightened as he glanced at Claudia, his eyes' natural color slowly returning, "You used to fuck Kiran?"

Claudia glanced over at him, "Years ago." she muttered when Lynn grabbed her and slammed her into the wall, hard enough to fracture the cement; Claudia growled and /moved/ kicking her in the stomach and taking her down to the ground, placing her heel on Lynn's throat, "Does it matter?"

Caleb pursed his lips as he shrugged, his eyes on Lynn now, "Not really," he said cooly and spat on the ground before he went around to the side of the car and turned up the radio, figuring that this would drown out Lynn's screaming if Claudia decided to get violent, "I'll be back in five," he said, casually putting on sunglasses before he moved past them and into the bakery to get breakfast for his loving wife.

Lynn made a choking noise as she glared up at Claudia, feeling a bit betrayed that Caleb wouldn't even stop the bitch if she tried to kill her, she reached up to grab Claudia's ankle and twisted to knock her off balance before she /moved/ to her feet, Lynn ran her fingers through her hair before she disappeared, thinking she just couldn't keep this dirty secret to herself anymore. Claudia gritted her teeth as she got to her feet and leaned against the Ferrari, crossing her arms over her chest, vaguely irritated.

Caleb returned a minute after, with two paper bag and a very annoyed look on his face, "Where'd she go?" he mumbled, putting the things in the trunk.

"I don't know." Claudia muttered, her blue eyes darkening like an ocean during a storm, "Are you annoyed with me?" she asked softly, looking up at him.

Caleb smiled slightly, "No," he muttered, shutting the trunk before he moved closer to her, "Gimme a kiss, I have to go."

Claudia moved towards him, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, "We'll see each other again, yes?" she breathed, kissing his bottom lip.

Caleb nodded slightly, "Come to the house tonight, meet my wife," he breathed, stealing another kiss before he moved away from her and got into his car. He didn't wait for her to respond before the engine roared and he drove out of the alley and began home at an insane speed.

Eliya had gotten up because of the noise, she moved towards Lynn's room wear the noise was coming from, her friend was throwing open drawers and flinging her clothes into a basket, "What are you doing?" Eliya asked, frowning.

Caleb pursed his lips as he after a few minutes pulled up to the house. He got out and grabbed the things from the trunk before he went inside and sneakily put everything in the kitchen before he disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower.

Lynn turned to her, "Because I cant sit here and watched you be naive and blind." she muttered.
Eliya frowned, "What do you mean?"
Lynn faced her fully, "I mean if he fucked her right in front of you, you still wouldn't notice a thing."

Caleb took a fast shower, scrubbing himself so hard that when he was finally done, he smelled of nothing but himself. He smiled at this before he got out and put on the dark jeans he'd laid out for himself the day before, before he headed upstairs, soon standing in Lynn's door, a dark look in his pretty eyes.

Eliya felt something cold fill her chest and she blinked slowly, "What did you say?" she breathed, feeling almost sick.
Lynn studied her face and then Caleb's, "Nothing, forget it." she muttered and turned to finish packing.

Caleb raised a brow at her; putting on his stone-face as he watched them, "No, please continue, Lynn," he muttered, "While you're at it, why don't you tell her about your little stunt in the kitchen? Or maybe you'll lie about that as well; tell her that I fucked you up against the fridge?" he smiled.

Eliya blinked and looked between them, "What the fuck are you talking about?" she said through her teeth, her spine tightening.
Lynn's jaw clicked and she glared at Caleb, "I came onto Caleb because I could smell the other woman, we kissed, then I walked away from him." she muttered, her throat tightening.

Caleb snickered, "Yeah, finishing with the words, 'Shit, baby, I'm sorry'," he muttered, "It's so fucking obvious, Lynn; you're jealous." he frowned at this, like he was actually disappointed in her, "I can't believe you'd actually take it this far just to break us up."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:57 am

Lynn blinked, hurt coming into her features, she shook her head and looked at Eliya, "I-"
Eliya shook her head, "How dare you?" she breathed, glaring up at Lynn, "I tried to help you after what happened, I thought we could be friends again,"
Lynn's eyes widened as they filled with tears, "You actually believe him?"

Caleb pursed his lips, something more playful coming into his eyes as he winked at Lynn but he didn't say anything, simply letting his mojo do its thing between them.

Eliya crossed her arms over her chest, "He's my husband and it wouldn't be the first time you've been jealous." she muttered, swallowing hard.
Lynn swayed backwards like she'd been stung, "Well, its a good thing I'm leaving then." she said and turned her back to them so they wouldn't see her start to cry as she continued packing her things.

Caleb ran his tongue over his teeth as he carefully touched Eliya's arm, gesturing that he was leaving as he turned on his heel to go back downstairs; his soullessness suddenly a lot more evident now that he had someone other than his Eliya.

...Eliya put her hair up into a pony tail and tried to focus on dinner instead of Lynn's empty bedroom, she was in a pretty blue house dress and the stitch in her side seemed to be healing nicely, she just wanted to forget the morning and focus on life as it was.

Claudia stood outside the Walker's home, she was ever gorgeous in her tight, strapless red pencil dress and black platform pumps, she ran her fingers through her dark curls and knocked on the door.

Aryan had showered and changed into a dark suit, he took a breath and moved towards the living room, "Anna, you ready?"

Caleb took a breath as he bent his head to kiss the back of Eliya's neck, "You look beautiful," he whispered against her skin before he turned on his heel to go open the door; looking hella sexy in his black fitted tee and whitewashed dark jeans.

Anna ran her fingers through her dark curls as she studied herself in the bathroom mirror, "One second," she called, fixing her black strapless pencil dress before she sauntered into the living room, her Swarovski crystal-covered pumps clicking as she went. She smiled softly as she gave him an appreciative once-over, "Nice."

Eliya smiled warmly to herself as she watched him go, "Who is it?" she called softly.

Aryan studied her, "You're not so bad yourself." he breathed, smiling crookedly.

Caleb smiled slightly, "I invited a friend over for dinner," he called and pulled open the door, his head automatically tilting to the side to study Claudia, mouthing 'Wow'.

Anna smiled, "Thank you, honey," she muttered, "Where are we going first?"

Claudia smiled softly, her blue eyes sparkling like jewels as she did a little spin for him and bit her lip in a suggestive way as Eliya moved towards the door, her eyes widened a little, "A friend?" she muttered, looking up at her husband.

Aryan thought a moment, "Want to have dinner? A real one?"

Caleb nodded slightly as he looked down at his wife, a warm smile curving his lips, "Yeah, baby," he said softly, gesturing to Claudia, "This is Claudia, she's a friend of Kiran's too."

Anna's smile warmed as she nodded slightly, "I'd love to," she said softly, "Can you promise me that you won't kill the waiter?"

Eliya bit her lip before forcing a polite smile and reaching around him to stick out her hand, "I'm Eliya, the wife." she said softly.
Claudia took her hand and smiled sweetly, "Its a pleasure to meet you, she's gorgeous, Caleb." she said, grinning up at him as she stepped inside.

Aryan smiled, "No, prolly not." he muttered and held his hand out to her.

Caleb's smile widened, "Thanks, babe," he muttered and stepped out of the way to let her in.

Anna rolled her eyes at him as she took his hand and intertwined her fingers with his, "I'm excited," she muttered, biting her lip.

Eliya bit her lip as Claudia stepped into her house, the beautiful woman kept her blue eyes on her husband's face and Eliya couldn't help the tremor of jealousy that went up her spine, she took a breath, "I was just about to cook, are you staying for dinner Claudia?" she mumbled.

Aryan grinned and blinked them to a family owned Italian resturaunt, he bit his lip as he started for the doors, "Can I ask you something?"

Caleb pursed his lips as he looked between them, studying Eliya's eyes for a moment before he turned to walk into the kitchen and get them drinks.

Anna nodded slightly as she followed him, biting her lip, "Of course."

Claudia smiled sweetly, "I'd love to." she breathed and looked around their house as if she'd never been before.

"Do you regret anything?" Aryan muttered, opening the door for her.

Caleb ran his tongue over his teeth as he grabbed three glasses from the cupboards and poured Black Belvedere fresh from the freezer, "Girls, drinks," he called, leaning against the counter as he took a sip of his own.

Anna pursed her lips, "What do you mean?" she asked softly, stepping inside to study everything.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sun Sep 11, 2011 8:45 am

Eliya ran her fingers over her dress before she and Claudia started towards the kitchen together; Eliya took her glass and took a long sip as Claudia held hers up, "To new friends." she said and took a lady-like sip.

Aryan pursed his lips, "About us, do you?"

Caleb smiled, "To new friends," he repeated, grinning as he took a larger sip.

Anna wrinkled her pretty nose, "Not at the top of my head," she muttered, studying him, "Why, do you?"

Eliya bit her lip again, "Or something like it." she muttered under her breath before taking a very large sip.
Claudia smiled as she studied the kitchen before she sent Caleb an image of him fucking her against the counter, "Its very homey." she muttered politely.

Aryan bit his lip, "Only that I wasnt better." he muttered as the host came to seat them.

Caleb smiled, but he didn't say anything to this, simply savoring the image before he turned his gaze on his wife, "When's dinner?" he muttered, shooting back the rest of his drink.

Anna smiled politely at their host before she looked back at Aryan, "Why would you say such a thing?" she muttered.

Eliya thought a moment, "An hour." she muttered and shot back the rest of her drink as well.
"Perhaps I could get a tour of the house then?" Claudia muttered, sipping her drink.

Aryan shrugged, "Because its true."

Caleb pursed his lips, "Sure," he muttered and gestured for Claudia to follow him, quickly bending down to steal a deep kiss from his wife before he headed into the living room.

"Not to me," Anna muttered, "Do you regret how we turned out?"

Claudia followed after him, biting her lip as her eyes darkened, something twinging in her possessive nature but she didn't let it show as she studied the living room and all the family pictures.

Aryan pursed his lips as he sat at the booth the Host indicated, "You mean apart?"

Caleb ran his fingers over his hair as he went up the stairs; knowing that Claudia wanted a hell of a lot more than a tour.

Anna sat down across from him and draped a leg over her knee before she shrugged, "We're together right now."

Claudia glanced towards the kitchen to see if Eliya was watching but she wasn't, she smiled slightly as she followed him up.

Aryan smiled slightly, "We're staying like that right?"

Caleb smiled to himself as he made a turn and moved towards their bedroom; he reached back for Claudia's hand and wrapped his fingers around her wrist before he dragged her inside and turned her to press her front up against the wall, making sure she could still see him out of the corner of her eye as he pressed a finger to his lips.

Anna smiled slightly, "If that's what you want, then yes," she muttered.

Claudia shivered and bit her lip to keep quiet, an ache starting between her legs, wanting him so bad.

Aryan smiled, "Is it what you want?"

Caleb shut his eyes for a moment, starting to wonder while he moved his hands down her sides, over her ass before he hiked up her dress, sneaking a hand between her legs to see if she was wearing panties for once.

Anna's smile widened a little as she studied his eyes, "I'll always want you," she breathed.

Claudia shivered having actually put on red lacy panties for once, heat coiled in her belly as she curled her fingers against the wall.

Aryan bit his lip, "More than anyone?"

Caleb grinned to himself as he curled his fingers in her panties and pulled them down to her knees; a moment passing while he undid his jeans before he pressed himself against her, biting his lip while he slowly slid into her as deep as he possibly could; putting his hand over her mouth.

Anna bit her bottom lip, "More than anyone," she breathed, holding his gaze.

Claudia's lid fluttered as pleasure exploded in her abdomen and dug her nails into the wall before she arched her back to lean her head against his shoulders, taking his hand and placing it against her breasts, biting her lip not to make a sound.

Aryan cocked his head to the side, his eyes shining, "I want no one but you too."

Caleb gently kissed the back of her neck as he pulled out to his tip; he gave her breast a firm squeeze before he slammed into her hard; wanting her to scream but knowing that he'd be a dead man if she did.

Anna continued to study him for another moment, her smile genuine even though it was sad now, "You're lying," she breathed.

Claudia made a noise as she stiffled her scream, pain and pleasure colliding in her tummy as she gasped sharply, reaching back to curl her fingers in his hair.

Aryan frowned, "Why do you say that?"

Anna sighed, finally dropping her gaze to the table, "You want someone else too," she breathed, "You just can't have her."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:01 am

Aryan frowned even deeper, "What do you mean?" he muttered.

"Cecy," Anna muttered, running her fingers along the knife on their table.

.. Claudia could feel the tremor beneath her skin as she bit her lip hard enough to make it bleed as pleasure burst white hot in her abdomen.

Eliya shot back her new glass of liquor and started upstairs wondering where her husband was with their guest, "Caleb?" she called, a teeny bit drunk.

Aryan made a noise, "Anna, I loved Cecy but we weren't soulmates." he muttered.

Caleb's head snapped up and he cussed under his breath; having been thinking of their excuse for a while now when he jumped back from Claudia and quickly fixed his pants, "In here," he called, tingly as fucking hell as he quickly moved towards the window to the backyard.

Anna took a breath, "Kiran, that's really sweet," she whispered, glancing up at him, "I think that you're the only person I'll ever be able to be with, I know that I love you and I'd rather put a bullet in my head than be without you again," she breathed, her fingers curling against the tablecloth, "But she was like, made for you; perfect for you in every way possible. You can't pretend that you didn't know this and I don't want you to lie to yourself and pretend like you wouldn't be with her if you could be."

Claudia shivered and pulled her panties up, she straightened her dress and ran her fingers through her hair to fix it as she moved back from the wall and tried to look less flushed as Eliya pushed opened the bedroom door and leaned in the doorway, "Giving her a tour of the bedroom baby?" she mumbled.

Aryan stared at her, "You have no idea what I feel or what I know so don't tell me what you think it is." he muttered.

Caleb smiled back at her, the cool breeze coming from the cracked window sending shivers up his spine, among other things, "Yeah," he muttered, holding his hand out to her.

Anna's jaw tightened as she looked back at him, studying every inch of his features, "Am I wrong?"

Eliya took a breath and moved to take his hand, something unreadable in her pretty eyes, she glanced at Claudia, "Get out." she said softly, watching as she left before turning her gaze to husband, the glass slipped from her fingers and landing on the floor with a thud but didn't break, it was the way she imagined her heart was, she swallowed hard, "I know." she muttered, looking into his face.

Aryan met her gaze evenly, "Yes." he said and meant it because it was true.

Caleb's jaw tightened as he studied her face, "What do you know?" he muttered, something cold in his voice.

Anna nodded slightly, "Then I'm sorry for assuming otherwise," she muttered, dropping her gaze to the table again.

"About her." Eliya breathed, "I'm not a complete idiot, you weren't here last night and when you came home, I could just smell her and your lips quirk up when you think you're getting away with a lie, I saw her get into your car this morning." She mumbled, dropping her gaze, "And with Lynn, I don't know what happened, I knew and I said those awful things to her, I just wanted to pretend they were real." she shrugged, "I love you Caleb, I only ask a few things." she breathed, making herself look into his eyes again, "That it's just physical, I don't want to meet your girlfriends and I don't want them in my house ever again, just say you're going to see a friend and I won't ask what kind you mean but please don't see them every night, shower before you touch me, and no matter what be by my side in the morning," she whispered and smiled sadly, "That's all I want, okay?"

Caleb studied her for a long moment, trying to seek out any sign of a bluff in her eyes, but after a while he nodded, "Okay," he muttered, gently squeezing her hand before he pulled her to him and kissed her forehead, "I love you, no matter what."

Eliya moved her arms around his neck and ran her fingers over his hair, "I love you." she breathed, "I love you." she smiled softly up at him and kissed him gently, "I didn't feel like cooking the rest of dinner so I put it away and ordered pizza for the kids, take her out or something, I need to do homework for school anyways, okay?" she mumbled and kissed him again.

Caleb ran his thumb over her lips, something genuinely saddened in his eyes, "I don't want to leave you," he whispered, studying her closely.

"Then stay." Eliya breathed, her throat tightening as she studied his eyes, "Whatever makes you happy, stay." she said softly.

Caleb took a breath before he bent his head to kiss her hair, breathing in her scent before he moved around her and set out to find Claudia.

Claudia waited for him on the stairs, she had heard everything and was wondering what he would come out and tell her as she straightened and smoothed out her dress.

Caleb ran his fingers over his hair as he reached the stairs, "I suppose I don't have to tell you," he muttered, looking tired all of a sudden.

Claudia glanced up at him, "No but I want to hear it from your mouth anyways." she muttered, an unreadable thing in her blue eyes.

Caleb pursed his lips as he leaned against the wall, "Strictly physical," he muttered, nodding slightly to himself, "I need to tend to my wife, Claudia," he said in a softer tone as he pushed off the wall and began past her, downstairs, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Claudia pursed her lips, something darkening in her gaze but she was silent before a cruel smile curved her lips and she disappeared, thinking about tomorrow.

Caleb sighed as he continued down the stairs; definitely needing a drink to cope with this. He didn't even reach the kitchen before the sweet scent hit him and he made a slow turn on his heel, "Rebecca," he breathed, cocking his head to the side as he studied the large-breasted, long legged thing.
Becky smiled, "Caleb Petrov," she breathed, something dark and lusty in her eyes as she looked him over, "You're so much more delicious than she told me."

Eliya untied her hair and ran her fingers through it as she studied herself in the mirror for a moment, she splashed water in her face before wiping it dry on a towel, trying not to think of anything as she started out of her room to walk downstairs to get a drink. She froze at the base of them as she looked at the back of Rebecca's head, she bit her lip as she listened and didn't say anything.

Caleb smiled, "Fancy that," he muttered, taking a step towards Becky as he noticed his wife, "My wife tells me you threatened our kids," he said, his smile widened, "That was a very foolish move."
Becky ran her tongue over her teeth, "And how would you like to teach me a lesson?" she breathed, cocking her head to the side, "You can't kill me; your little gang will die if you do."
Caleb pursed his lips, "I'll take my chances," he said before he backhanded her face as hard as he could, grinning as she fell and she laughed, cruelly so when he pressed the heel of his Timberland boot to her throat.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:13 am

Eliya bit her lip and even though she had no idea what gang they were talking about, she pretended she did because she really hated anyone who would threaten their kids; a cold smile curved her lips as she moved downstairs, "I wonder if you can pop her tits like balloons." she mused, coming to stand beside her husband like the good wife she was.

Becky's laugh seemed to reach a higher pitch in that moment as she looked over Eliya, "Jealous, sweetheart?" she breathed, "You're looking a little.. flat," she choked up, laughing again before Caleb stomped on her chest and there was a loud popping noise, followed by a screech.

Eliya made a noise as she looked down at her boobies for a moment, "My boobies aren't flat, they're nicely shaped I think." she grumbled before she glared down at Becca, "You're are pretty flat now, huh bitch-tits?"

Caleb made a noise when Rebecca opened her mouth to say more and he squatted, quickly snapping her neck before he looked up at Eliya, "Bitch-tits?" he muttered, teasing, "That's the insult you thought of? Bitch-tits?"

Eliya stuck her tongue out at him, "Yes and it was awesome." she mumbled, looking down at her boobies again as she felt them up, "They're not flat right?" she muttered, looking up at him.

Caleb smiled softly at her as he straightened, "Let's see," he muttered, moving her hands away to feel her up, a pensive look coming over his pretty face as he tried not to break into a laugh and he rotated his hands before he nodded, "Nope, there's definitely a cushion right there."

Eliya couldn't help the grin that curved her pretty lips, "Are you sure? Maybe you should feel them without the dress, hmm?" she mumbled, wiggling her brows in a suggestively playful manner.

Caleb breathed a laugh as he moved his hands onto her hips, "You're full of good ideas, love," he breathed and picked her up into his arms before he started upstairs.

Eliya laughed softly and kissed his neck and chin before whispering rather naughty things into his ear to tease him, not thinking about anything but him and this moment.

Eliya's lids fluttered as she rolled over to lay against Caleb's side, there was a blissful ache between her legs that reminded her of why they hadn't gone to bed until three hours ago, thinking about it made her tingly and she draped a leg over his hips as she sat up on her elbow, "Caleb?" she breathed sleepily and kissed his chin, "Waaaake up," she sang.

Caleb gave a long, irritated noise as he shook his head, refusing to open his eyes, "Don't do this to me, baby," he mumbled, "I'll buy you a vibrator when I wake up, just go back to sleeeeeeeep.."

Eliya pouted, "But I'm tingly nooow." she breathed, almost whining as she moved to get on top of him, kissing his chest, "Pleeeease." she grumbled, laying her head on his chest.

Caleb shook his head again, "My cock is out of order," he mumbled, "That's what happens when you try Karma Sutra shit."

Eliya pouted even more, "You're so mean." she grumbled and slid off of him, taking the blanket as she sleepily padded over to the window, wanting to see the colors of the trees in the backyard; she frowned, noticing something dangling from one of the trees nearest the house, she blinked the sleep from her eyes to get a better look and then a scream bubbled up from her throat.

Caleb jumped up in bed, frantically blinking the sleep out of his eyes, "What the hell?" he mumbled, glancing up at his wife.

Eliya sputtered and pointed out the window, another scream choking up from her throat as tears started down her face and she stumbled backwards, panicking.

Caleb quickly got off the bed and pulled on his boxers before he went towards the window to look over Eliya's head.

Dangling from the tree that Eliya pointed to was the body of a young woman, the face was covered in dark hair, a shade of dark much like Eliya's, her organs were falling out of her shredded stomach and her intestines had been used to string her up.

Caleb's jaw clenched and he wrapped an arm around Eliya's shoulders to move her away from the window, "Go downstairs," he muttered, "I'll take care of this."

Eliya nodded and wrapped the blanket tighter around her as she half-stumbled into the hall and began checking the children's rooms as she made her way down.

Caleb sighed, something dark coming into his eyes as he found his jeans. He took out his cell while he pulled them up and dialed Casey; mumbling a few orders before he threw the phone onto the bed and disappeared to find Claudia.

Claudia was in her bed, she wore nothing underneath the thin sheets; a beautiful young woman fed her purple grapes and every once in awhile a positively forelorn sigh escaped her pretty lips as she waited for her lover, wanting nothing more than to have him.

Caleb appeared at the foot of Claudia's bed, his hands stuffed into his jeans and his bare chest tensed up, "What did you do, Claudia?" he muttered, his voice calm as he studied her closely.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:23 am

Claudia blinked and sat up slowly, letting the sheet fall away, a frown curved her pretty lips as she looked genuinly confused, "What do you mean?" she asked softly, cocking her head to the side.

Caleb raised a brow at her, holding her gaze, "A friend of Eliya's is hanging by her intestines in my backyard," he muttered, "Why?"

Claudia's face twisted with disgust, "And you think I did it?" she breathed, a hurt look coming into her pretty eyes, "I'm not that petty." she muttered, swallowing hard as if she might be about to cry.

Caleb frowned slightly, his face softening with it as he sighed, obviously falling for it, "I don't know who else would," he mumbled, his forehead creasing as he dropped his gaze.

Claudia wiped at her eyes, "Nor do I, I wouldn't hurt your wife, I know you love her and I wouldn't do that to you." she mumbled, sniffling, "Who would do such a thing as to hurt your wife and set me up?"

Caleb sighed, "I don't-" he said, not getting much further before he smiled slightly, looking like he had an epiphany, "That fucking bitch.."

Claudia studied his face, "What is it?" she breathed, sliding out of her bed to get to her feet, she glanced at the grape bearing woman, "Sierra, a dress please." she muttered, gesturing her off with a flick of her fingers as she stood naked.

Caleb looked back at Claudia, "Lynn," he said, rubbing his chin, "Of course; I pinned the whole thing on her, so of course she'd want revenge.." he mumbled, nodding to himself like he was trying to convince himself.

Claudia's blue eyes darkened, shimmering like churning waves, "I'm starting to think that little bitch wants you all to herself." she muttered as Sierra returned with a white dress that she helped Claudia put on.

Caleb swallowed hard, his eyes becoming dark with this, "Do you know where she is?" he muttered, cocking his head to study her; that look of awe returning to his pretty eyes.

Claudia pursed her lips as Sierra zipped the back of her dress, "Not yet but I can find her." she breathed, smoothing out the bodice of her pretty white dress as she slipped into a pair of silver pumps that had been set for her and Sierra began to brush out her curls.

Caleb nodded slightly, watching her as he smiled, "Got a shirt for me?"

Claudia took the brush from Sierra and gestured for her to get a shirt for him,she glanced up at Caleb and pouted slightly, "You hurt my feelings." she mumbled.

Caleb pursed his lips, "I'll make it up to you later," he muttered, taking a step towards her to run his thumb over her lips, "You liked me as a wolf, I'll show you how much of a predator I can be," he breathed, a smirk curving his lips.

Claudia felt heat shiver through her as Sierra returned with his shirt, she dismissed the girl and studied her lover's eyes, "You'll be a monster for me?" she breathed.

Aryan pursed his lips, "With Cecy, I felt too human, too unlike my nature and with Claudia, I felt too much a monster, imbalanced, unwhole, with you, I am both and you accept me as such, its why I will always pick you, Anna, because I see my future with you and it isn't torn or bloody, its perfect."

Caleb pursed his lips, "I'll be anything you want," he breathed and bent his head to kiss her.

Anna smiled warmly at him, "You really mean that?" she breathed.

Claudia kissed him deeply, shivers wrapping around her spine, "When you kill her, will you fuck me in a pool of her blood?" she breathed, licking her lips.

Aryan smiled slightly, "I've always meant it, you just haven't always believed it."

Caleb made a pleasurable noise, "I will," he breathed, kissing her harder this time.

Anna bit her lip as she studied his eyes, "It'll be better, I promise," she breathed, tilting her head a little to the side, "For now, we're dating, right?"

Claudia slid her tongue against his mouth, "We should go or I might just have to have you in me now." she breathed, rubbing against him.

Aryan smiled, "I'd like to think so." he said softly.

Caleb nodded slightly, "Take us there," he breathed, grabbing her ass to press her closer to him.

Anna smiled again, nodding, "So, this is our first official date?" she breathed, studying him.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:58 am

Claudia bit her lip hard before she brought them to the motel room Lynn had rented for herself, just a few miles off from the Walker residence, the woman was in bed, her back turned to them, seemingly asleep.

Caleb pursed his lips as he stepped away from Claudia; he watched Lynn for a moment, a smile curving his lips before he pushed whatever mushy thought out of his head and moved around the bed to grab a fistful of her hair, "Get up," he said through his teeth, jerking his arm to tear her out of bed.

Lynn let out a cry as she woke suddenly, pain moving down her spine, she flailed a little, "Caleb?" she choked out, panic making her heart swell.

Caleb let go of her hair as he glared down at her, "You made a big mistake in fucking with Eliya, Lynn," he breathed, waiting for her to get up.

Lynn scrambled to her feet, trembling, "I'm so-sorry I told her." she choked, tears starting down her face, "What are you doing?" she breathed, trying to back away.

Caleb felt a growl start in his throat as he reached out to grab her wrist, "You killed her," he said, shaking his head, "I was just fucking with you when I said you were jealous, but now.." he smiled slightly, squeezing her wrist hard to hear a snap.

Lynn let out a cry, pain rushing up her arm as she dropped to her knees, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.." she choked out, sobbing, "I didn't touch her, I didn't."

Caleb felt his inner switch flip in that moment and his eyes started to blacken before he took a step back to kick Lynn in the face, wanting her in pain.

Lynn's head snapped back, in seconds she felt her nose break, her teeth were bloody, black spots danced her gaze as she slumped over on the ground, there was a scream from behind her and Chloe ran towards them, throwing her little body over Lynn's head, "No, daddy, no." she screamed, burrying her face against her mommy's hair, "P'ease, daddy, no, no." she whimpered, "Mommy, wake up, wake up."

Caleb's eyes widened as he stumbled back, staring at them. He suddenly felt sick to his stomach and he shook his head, "Fuck," he breathed, his gaze moving over Claudia as if asking for help.

Josephine Sawyer took a deep breath as she fixed her low-cut jeans and her white blouse; looking ever so beautiful with her chocolatey curls hanging loosely onto her shoulders and framing her pretty face. She finally got up her courage before she knocked on Eliya's door.

Claudia blinked slowly and moved forward to gently pick Chloe up, not wanting to hurt the little girl but she screamed again and jerked out of her grasp, stumbling over her little feet, she slammed her head into wooden framing. There was a loud crack and the tiny child hit the floor, blood matting her little black curls.

Eliya had showered and dressed in dark jeans and a Penn State sweater, she padded downstairs, wondering who was at the door as she pulled it open.

Caleb let out his breath as he dropped to his knees next to his baby girl, "Chloe," he breathed, panic starting to creep into his eyes, "Chloe, wake up," he breathed, gently picking her up in his arms.

Josephine smiled slightly as she briefly looked over the woman, "Hi," she mumbled, "Does Caleb live here?"

Lynn shuddered as she forced herself into consciousness, she looked around for her daughter and screamed, sitting up to take her from him, she scrambled backwards, holding Chloe tight to her chest, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please, God, please, leave us alone." she screamed, curling her body around Chloe's little one as touched Chloe's face, "Please baby, wake up for mommy, please." she choked out, her voice full of raw emotion, she turned her pain and fear filled gaze back to Caleb, "Please, we'll go away, please, leave us alone, I'm sorry for whatever I did, I'm sorry," she whimpered, rocking Chloe's limping form in her arms, "Please God, I beg of you, don't take her from me too, please God."

Eliya smiled politely, "He does. What is it you want with my husband exactly?" she breathed, studying the woman.

Caleb stared at Lynn and their daughter for a long time, a very human sort of pain creeping into his features before he got to his feet and grabbed Claudia, blinking them the hell out of there before he brought himself home.

Josephine's smile widened a little, "Husband? You're Eliya?" she asked softly, "I'm Josephine, an old friend of his." she stuck her hand out, her pretty face lighting up.

Aryan smiled more warmly, "Yeah it is." he said when he felt a strange twinge in the back of his soul that said something was wrong.

Anna frowned slightly, "What's wrong, baby?"

Aryan frowned, "Something's wrong, my mom..." he shook his head, "I hear her voice in my head, I gotta go." he said jumping up, "You comin or stayin?"

Eliya took her hand, "A friend?" she muttered, biting her lip, "Come in then, can I get you some coffee or anything?" she said softly, trying to be a polite hostess, smiling pretty.

Anna's frown deepened, "Go, I'll take a cab home," she muttered, biting her lip as she got up as well.

Josephine smiled, "I'm fine, thank you," she said softly when Caleb appeared on the stairs and she met his slightly panicked gaze; he studied her for a moment, a confused smile curving his lips, "Josephine," he breathed.

Aryan nodded slightly and disappeared to find his mother, his heart almost freezing at the scene he discovered, "Ma?" he said softly, kneeling in front of her as he studied his baby sister and listened for a heartbeat, hearing only a faint one, "We're gonna take you both to the hospital, okay? What happened?" he said, disappearing with them.

Eliya glanced back at Caleb before she excused herself to the kitchen to get a drink.

Casey pursed his lips as he leaned against the counter in Eliya's kitchen; crossing his arms over his bare chest, "You're jealous," he muttered, briefly glancing at the living room to watch his little brother hug Josephine, both of them muttering things in Russian, seemingly happy.

"Can't help it." Eliya muttered, glancing back at Josephine and Caleb, something hurting in her chest before she looked at Casey, "Is she really a friend or...?" she mumbled, raising a brow.

Casey shrugged slightly, "They had a thing like, fifteen years ago," he muttered, "To answer your question; no, they're not having sex."

Eliya nodded slowly and grabbed a glass before filling it with Patron, she took a long sip and looked at the floor, "Will they start?" she muttered.

Casey shrugged slightly, "I don't think so," he muttered, "Caleb loves you, I seriously doubt he'll ruin that by sleeping with an ex-girlfriend."

Eliya bit her lip as she took another long sip, "I know he loves me Casey but sex is sex, he's all ready having it with other women, what's an ex-girlfriend?" she muttered, smiling sadly as she finished her drink.

Casey smiled slightly, "They were madly in love," he muttered, "That changes a few things."

Caleb smiled warmly as he watched Josephine's face; even though what she said should have made him sad, he still smiled, simply watching the way her lips moved when she talked, "Dominic is dead, Caleb," she said, biting her lip, "We need you."

Eliya swallowed hard before she poured herself another drink, the hurt in her chest curling into the pit of her stomach, "In love? Really?" she asked softly.

Casey nodded slightly, "They were in the Hezhit together," he muttered, "She'd been there for every single breakdown, taken care of him whenever he was wounded," he said, shrugging a bit, "He fell in love with her."

Caleb pursed his lips, "What would you need me for?" he breathed, holding her gaze.
Josephine sighed, dropping her gaze to the floor, "We've been in hiding for fifteen years, Caleb," she mumbled, "Now, the word is out, they'll kill us if you're not with us."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:23 am

Eliya's fingers clenched around her glass as she shot half of it down before studying the floor, "You really know how to make a girl feel better, Case." she muttered, not meeting his gaze.

Casey frowned slightly as he placed a finger beneath her chin, having her look at him, "I don't want to lie to you, Ellie," he said softly.

Eliya swallowed hard, hoping he didn't notice how wet her eyes looked when she forced a slight smile, "I know, thanks, but just tell me one, I'm prettier right?" she breathed, trying to be amusing.

Casey made a face, "I'm not even lying when I tell you that she looks like vomit next to you," he said softly, nodding afterwards.

Eliya smiled warmly and leaned forward to kiss his mouth as she reached up to pat his cheek, "Sweetest thing you ever said to me." she breathed.

Casey smiled, "I'd tap you any day, sweetheart," he said softly and stole a kiss from her before snatching her glass.

Caleb nodded slightly after listening to Josephine explain for a while, "I'll come," he muttered and gave her another hug, "Go wait in the Ferrari, okay?" he said softly and handed her his keys before he went into the kitchen.

Eliya rolled her eyes, still smiling at him, "I know you would." she muttered and snagged her glass back, sticking her tongue out at him before she noticed Caleb and her smile warmed even more, "Friend gone?" she mumbled.

Caleb smiled slightly, "She's waiting for me outside," he muttered, briefly glancing at Casey before he studied his wife, "I need to go to Russia for a while, babe, some things need takin' care of."

The smile slipped from Eliya's face and she put her drink down, "You're going to Russia?" she said softly, "I don't even know what the hell is going on anymore and you're just going to Russia to take care of things with your...'friend'?" she muttered, biting her lip hard.

Caleb's smile faded as he studied his wife closely, obviously not expecting this kind of reaction, "It's not like that, Eliya, they need me," he mumbled, reaching out to take her hand, "Look, I'll call you when I get there and I'll explain everything, okay?"

Eliya swallowed hard, obviously not going to fight with him, "Okay, Caleb." she breathed, nodding to herself as she brought her gaze to his, "I love you." she said softly.

Caleb bent down to kiss her hair, "I love you," he breathed, inhaling her scent before he turned on his heel and left the house.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:48 pm

Eliya watched him go before she turned to Casey, she was silent as she thought for a long moment, "Will you teach me how to fight, Case?" she mumbled, glancing up at him, "I mean for real, I'll cook you dinner every night if you do?"

Casey wrinkled his nose, "Fight? Why you wanna learn how to fight?" he mumbled, studying her face closely.

Caleb got into the Ferrari and in a matter of moments, he was driving hella fast towards Kiran's current residence.

Eliya bit her lip, "I want to be strong again." she mumbled, taking a long sip of her drink.

Casey pursed his lips as he took the glass out of her hand, "First rule; don't drink alcohol," he muttered, "It makes you slow and stupid."

Eliya nodded, straightening, "Okay, no more alcohol." she said and smiled slightly at him, a bit excited now.

Casey smiled softly at her, "Let's go to the gym," he muttered, holding his hand out for hers.

Eliya took his hand and bit her lip, trusting him, "Do I need to change?" she mumbled, gesturing to her clothes.

... Aryan rubbed his face, anger broiled in the pit of his stomach but he tried to keep it there, he just wanted to get back to Anna, he sighed as he walked through his apartment door.

Casey nodded slightly, "You should probably wear something stretchy," he muttered, smiling.

Anna looked up from her glass to smile at Aryan, "Hey, baby," she breathed, glancing over at Caleb and Josephine on the opposite chairs.

Eliya nodded and let go of his hand to run upstairs when the doorbell rang, "Can you get that?" she called to him, disappearing into her room.

Aryan froze, a snarl twisting his lips as he /moved/ to pick Caleb up by his throat and slammed him into the glass coffee table, "You son of a bitch." he growled, stepping on his throat.

Casey wrinkled his nose, wondering who the hell that would be when he pulled on his hoodie and went out to open the door.

Caleb gritted his teeth as he glared up at Aryan, "I guess you heard," he choked up when Anna jumped up, "Aryan, what the hell are you doing?" she squeaked.

Sierra Koracova stood on the doorstep, looking beautiful in a tight white pencil dress and platform pumps, her black hair braided down her back, she carried a small suitcase in her hand and pulled her plump lips into a smile, her tawny eyes glittering, "Hi, I'm the new Nanny."

Aryan growled, "He attacked my mom, Chloe's in the hospital, almost dead." he said, kicking him in his ribs, "If she dies, I swear to God, I'll kill one of yours."

Casey smiled slightly, giving a polite nod before he called over his shoulder, "Ellie, it's a nanny."

Caleb growled as he wrapped his fingers around Aryan's shin and jerked his arm to send him on his ass, "She /is/ mine, you fucking idiot," he said through his teeth, quickly getting up, "Lynn threatened Eliya, what the hell was I supposed to do? Chloe shouldn't have been there."

Eliya frowned slightly as she came downstairs in a white high rising tank top, black spandex shorts, and sneekers, "The nanny?" she muttered, looking over Sierra.

Aryan growled, "She didn't do it you fucking moron, she spent all last night crying her eyes out to Caden." he said, sitting up, "And my mother's suing for custody, you'll never see Chloe again."

Casey shrugged slightly, "That's what she said," he mumbled, studying Sierra.

Caleb sighed, relaxing some as he studied his friend, "Look, I didn't mean for this to happen," he mumbled, "Claudia said some things and I.. I snapped, I guess."

Sierra smiled cheerfully at Eliya, "I'm Sierra, Jack Oleander hired me." she said softly as if this explained everything.

Aryan's eyes darkened, "Claudia?" he said lowly, "How do you know Claudia?"

Casey raised a brow, trying to remember if he had heard this name before, but then remembered than it had been quite some time since he last saw Eliya, so instead he glanced back at her for confirmation.

Caleb shrugged slightly, "She came to my house, said she knew Luis," he muttered.

Eliya raised a brow, "Jack, huh? All-knowing bastard." she mused and smiled, "Welcome, I guess, the kids are at school and we're headed to the gym so you have the run of the place, yeah?" she mumbled, waiting for a nod, "Good, we can discuss details when we get back." she smiled.

Kiran's jaw clenched, "Did she mention she's the reason most of his children are dead? That my son is dead?" he said, getting to his feet slowly.

"Let's get going then," Casey muttered, a warm smile curving his lips as he held his hand out for Eliya's again.

Caleb's jaw tightened, but he shook his head, "She only questioned why he favored me as a son and that she used to fuck you," he muttered, shrugging a bit as he glanced at Josephine who looked so utterly confused it was almost adorable.

Eliya took his hand and let all her other thoughts fade so she could concentrate on what they were doing.

Kiran smiled coldly, "Well, she's beautiful, you probably didnt ask many questions huh?" he muttered, glancing over Josephine, "Leaving your wife again? You're so pathetic."

Casey gently squeezed her hand before he began leading her outside; a moment passing before he blinked them to the gym.

Caleb raised a brow at him, "You know, you make yourself seem like a real' stupid cock when you assume shit, and you're wrong," he muttered, "I'm helping her, you jackass and I came here to help you too, so if you could put your momma issues aside for a moment, that'd be awfully nice of you."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:34 am

Eliya bit her lip as she looked around, "Never been to a gym." she mumbled.

Kiran chuckled darkly, "You dont help, Caleb, you ruin everything you touch but fine, I'll pretend to care." he muttered and sat, "Five minutes."

Casey smiled slightly, "Not like you need it," he said softly and gave her a once-over before he made a pleasurable noise, his smile widening with this.

Something seemed to change in Caleb's face, and for a second, he looked genuinely hurt by this before his jaw clenched and anger creeped into his eyes, "You know what? Fuck this," he said cooly, gesturing for Josephine to get her pretty ass up before he took a step forward and bent down to kiss Anna's forehead, "I sincerely hope they kill you first, sweetheart," he breathed, something unreadable in his eyes before he turned on his heel to leave.

Eliya rolled her eyes, "You gonna stare or start teaching?" she mumbled, raising a brow at him, trying not to smile.

Kiran gritted his teeth, "Wait, I'll shut up and listen, I'm just pissed with you, don't expect my kindness but I'll listen." he muttered.

Casey made a face, "Fair enough," he muttered, starting upstairs for the mats.

Anna wrinkled her nose as she leaned her head on Kiran's shoulder, proud of him for not mimicking Caleb's behavior when Caleb turned back around, "Some assholes in Russia got the impression that you're next in command of the Hezhit," he muttered, "They used to call us peace fighters or whatever, but now we're basically terrorists to them, thanks to James and Rebecca. They're out to kill both of us, I wanted to take you with us."

Eliya bit her lip as she followed him, "Case, what did you think of that Nanny? Too hott?" she mumbled.

Kiran pursed his lips, "You want to take me to Russia because people think I'm a terrorist?" he muttered.

Casey pursed his lips, "She was alright, I guess," he muttered, glancing down at her again, "Why do you ask?"

Caleb shrugged slightly, "I did," he muttered, smiling a bit, "Now I kind of wish you'd stab yourself with a pen."

Eliya shrugged, "She looks too pretty to be a nanny." she mumbled, biting the inside of her cheek.

Aryan shrugged, "Well, I wish your balls would shrivel up and fall off but we dont always get what we want." he muttered, glancing at Anna, "What do you think?"

Casey chewed his lip for a moment, imagining the Nanny as he thought this over, "Yeah, maybe you're right," he muttered.

Anna straightened before she shrugged, draping a leg over her knee as she looked between the boys, "I think you should go, if you could refrain from killing each other," she muttered.

Eliya pursed her lips, "I wonder why Jack would send her.." she mumbled more to herself before shrugging.

Aryan pursed his lips, "What about you?" he asked softly, reaching for her hand.

Casey shrugged slightly as he pushed open the doors to the empty studio, "Who is he, anyways?"

Anna took his hand and gently kissed his knuckles, "I'll go see Eliya," she muttered, smiling warmly as she studied his eyes.

"My old boss, I used to be his secretary during the year Caleb and I were seperated." Eliya muttered, "He's a good person to know." she smiled.

Aryan smiled slightly at his woman, "Okay, I'll call you when we get there, I love you." he said and leaned over to kiss her gently and rub his beard against her cheek, not giving a fuck who was there.

Casey smiled slightly, "Why's that?" he muttered, moving into the middle of the room to position himself on a large mat.

Anna shivered slightly, "I love you too, baby," she breathed and kissed his cheek before letting go of his hand, "Don't get shot or anything, okay?"

Eliya pursed her lips as she moved out to stand in front of him, bouncing a little on the balls of her feet, "He knows things, he has contacts, and he owns the sweet cold calculating bastard he is." she shrugged.

Aryan smiled, "I won't." he said and kissed her nose before he got to his feet and the smile disappeared behind a sullen mask when he looked at Caleb again, "Let's go."

Casey nodded slightly before he started bouncing a little, twisting his wrists, "Look up," he said, gesturing to the ceiling.

Caleb wrinkled his nose at him, but he didn't say anything as he turned and began out of the apartment, Josephine following behind them..

Eliya frowned slightly but did as he said and looked up, "What am I looking at?" she muttered.

Casey moved forward and in a matter of two seconds, he had wrapped his arm around Eliya's throat and threw her onto her back, smiling a bit as he stood over her, "The wrong thing," he muttered, gesturing to his eyes, "Always look at your enemy."

... Caleb had fallen asleep on the inconspicuously simple bus that they had been forced to take from Moscow, into the woods; Josephine sat next to him, obviously too caught up with running her fingers over his hair to fall asleep before she glanced over at Kiran, "We're almost there," she said softly.

Eliya narrowed her eyes at him before she got to her feet, "Okay, eyes always on your enemy." she muttered, pursing her lips.

Kiran glanced at her, taking an ear phone out, he pursed his lips, "His wife wouldn't like you touching him like that." he muttered and put his ear phones back in before turning to look out the window.

Casey's smile widened, "What else do you know?" he muttered, wanting to hear how much he actually needed to teach her.

Josephine frowned slightly, but she didn't say anything when the bus came to a bumpy stop and the Russian driver turned around in his seat and yelled something, which Josephine translated into 'Get out and follow the trail to the house'. In a matter of a minute, she had Caleb on his feet with his duffel bag and he smacked the back of Kiran's head, "Come on, we're walking from here."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:17 am

Eliya bit her lip, "Well, go for the jugular, the balls, and the eyes." she said, smiling as she gave a nod.

Kiran didn't say anything as he turned his music up and got to his feet, slinging his duffel bag over his shoulder, he gestured for them to lead.

Casey nodded slightly, "Good; now take me down," he said, gesturing to himself.

Caleb pursed his lips as he picked up Josephine's bag as well and followed her off the bus and into the snow; the cold stinging his skin, but he decided not to complain as they started for the house fifty yards ahead.

Eliya pursed her lips, thinking a moment before she rushed forward and threw herself into him to knock him backwards.

Aryan followed them, the cold not bothering him, it never did; he stayed silent as he studied everything before deciding to watch Caleb and Josephine together.

Casey pursed his lips as he quickly stepped out of the way and watched her, "Yeah," he muttered, grinning to himself, "Try again."

Caleb ran his fingers over his hair as he glanced down at Josephine, studying her features for a long moment before she looked up at him, "You're staring," she muttered, smiling a bit when he shrugged, "It's a compliment."
They both stayed in silence after that, like nothing needed to be said between them; a few minutes passing before they reached the large log house where a relatively tall, thin blonde stood on the terrace and waved at them.

Eliya stumbled a little before catching her balance, she bit her lip and turned to kick him in the back of his knees, an oddly cute weak attempt.

Kiran studied the house and the woman waving, he pursed his lips and looked over Josephine and Caleb again, silent as he thought over everything, storing a few tidbits away for later use.

Casey grinned wider, "Back up, kiddo."

Caleb smiled brightly as he went up the stairs to the terrace and hugged the blonde who quickly looked like she was being squished, "Easy, big guy," she breathed, grinning at him as he let go. She turned her pale, emerald gaze on Kiran and smiled softly, "You must be Kiran," she said softly, sticking her hand out, "I'm Sasha."

Eliya made a face and took a step back, "What now?" she mumbled, slightly frustrated she couldn't take him down.

Kiran studied her before he shook her hand than stuffed them in the pockets of his leather jacket and gave the place a disinterested once over again.

Casey sighed as he gestured to his legs, "Go low and fucking make me fall," he said, narrowing his eyes at her.

Sasha frowned slightly, "Not a big talker, huh?" she muttered, this being the last thing she said before she went inside with Josephine, leaving the boys to their business.

Eliya took a breath, she shut her eyes and thought of Claudia and Josephine before she opened them, revealing something dark and getting low to kick out his legs with force.

Aryan took a deep breath, "What are we supposed to do here?" he muttered, digging out his cell.

Casey made a noise and grunted when he hit the mat; blinking slowly, "Wow," he breathed, looking up at her, "That was.. better."

Caleb shrugged slightly, "Stay undercover and wait it out until we find them," he muttered, looking him over, "Are you gonna be a cold shouldering bitch all day?"

Eliya swallowed hard as she looked down at him, "Yeah, I just...channeled that primal rage." she muttered and shrugged sheepishly.

Aryan shrugged and dialed Anna's number, "I'm calling my girl, maybe you should pick one and call them."

Casey pursed his lips, "That kind of made me a little hot for you, Ellie."

"Blow me," Caleb muttered, glaring at him before he went inside to find his room.

Anna pursed her lips as she finished packing her clothes into a duffel bag, smiling slightly to herself as she grabbed her cell from the bed and picked up, "Hey, baby," she breathed.

Eliya rolled her eyes, "I bet." she said, wiggling her brows, "Teach me something else so I can kick your hott ass." she teased.

Aryan smiled to himself, "Hello love, we're here, what are you doing?" he mumbled, shutting his eyes for a moment.

Casey grinned, "Fine, but then I wanna watch your ass on the treadmill afterwards," he said, reaching out to grab her leg, jerking it to throw her next to him on the mat before he moved over her.

"I'm trying to figure out which one of your hoodies I should steal," Anna breathed, biting her lip as she sat down on the bed, "It's kind of stalkerish, but it smells like you. It's nice."

Eliya made a noise and kept her eyes on his face, "You like my ass, huh?" she grinned before putting on her serious face.

Aryan rolled his eyes, "That's sweet, I stole one of your blouses." he muttered, biting his lip.

Casey smiled slightly as he studied her face, "Who doesn't?" he breathed, bending his head to kiss her.

Anna's smile widened a little, "Really?" she breathed, "If you decide to sleep with it, you gotta send me a picture, babe."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:52 am

Eliya shut her eyes and kissed him back hard, she smiled against his mouth, "What are you doing?" she mumbled.

Aryan laughed softly, "I will but you better send me a few naked pics Miss Anna, I'm lonely here." he pouted.

Casey smiled slightly, "The same as you," he breathed, slowly opening his pretty eyes to study her.

Anna leaned back on the bed, studying the ceiling as she bit her lip, "I'll send you some juicy ones tonight," she breathed, shutting her eyes for a moment as she pouted, "I'll miss you, baby."

Eliya opened her eyes to study his face, she reached up to touch his pretty face with both of her hands before running her fingers through his hair, "I wish I could use you to hurt him but I can't." she whispered, hurt in her pretty eyes.

Aryan bit his lip, "I'll miss you more, I'll call you every night or you can text me, we can even write letters?" he muttered.

Casey frowned slightly as he studied her eyes, "Why does it have to have anything to do with him?" he breathed.

Anna smiled slightly, "I'd like that very much," she muttered, glancing up when there was a knock on the door and she made a noise, "I gotta go, babe, someone's at the door; call me tonight?"

"Because it always does." Eliya breathed, studying his face, "Why do you want me?" she whispered, running her fingers down his back.

"I will, be careful, I love you." Aryan muttered, hanging up.

.. Anna pursed her lips as she padded down the stairs into Eliya's living room, smiling a bit when she spotted Casey and Elle on the couch, "Has he called yet?" she muttered, pulling Kiran's hoodie further down as she sat in one of the lounging chairs, pulling her bare legs up to her chest.

.. Caleb shot back what appeared to be his fifth shot of tequila before he breathed a laugh; watching Josephine and Sasha grinding up against each other to the music, accompanied by the continuing clapping coming over from one of their Russian boys; Dimitri.

Eliya glanced over at her and shook her head before she laid it on Casey's shoulder having taken a cold shower and changed into one of Caleb's large shirts, "But Kiran called you, right?" she mumbled, pouting.

Kiran glanced around the party as he took a sip of his vodka, feeling awkward that he didn't know anyone but a certain asshole.

Anna smiled slightly, "Not since earlier," she muttered, glancing down at her phone, "He said he'd call though."
Casey grinned as he put an arm around Eliya, "Seems like you'll end up in a threesome with me, then."

Sasha pursed her plump lips as she ruffled her curls; mumbling something to Josephine before she gave a phony sigh and dropped down next to Kiran, "You seem bored," she muttered, cocking her pretty head to the side.

Eliya rolled her eyes as she pinched his side, "I'm not having a threesome with you." she muttered, smiling though as she glanced at her own cell phone.

Aryan glanced at her and smiled politely, "I just don't know anyone." he shrugged.

Anna nodded firmly, narrowing her eyes at Casey, "That's right, she's sharing a bed with me tonight," she muttered, "You're not invited, Walker."

Sasha smiled softly at him, "You know Caleb," she muttered, "Not that that's a good thing, but still," she said, grabbing a shot and holding it out to him, "And now you know me."

Eliya grinned, "Imagine all the things we'll do without you." she teased, licking her lips.

Kiran took a long sip, "I guess I do." he muttered and smiled, "What was your name again?"

Casey gave her elbow a squeeze as he narrowed his eyes at her, "Shuddup," he mumbled, "You don't want me molesting myself in your guest room, thinking about that."

Sasha rolled her eyes at him, "Sasha," she said softly and shot back the tequila before she very indiscreetly placed her hand on his thigh in a very 'drunk girl wants to have unattached sex with you'-sort of way.

Eliya laughed softly, "You might anyways." she muttered and whispered something naughty in French about what she would do to Anna.

Aryan studied her hand then her face, "I have a fiance." he muttered and removed it from his thigh.

Casey tightened his hold on her before he kissed her hair, "You really need to shut up," he breathed.

Sasha bit her lip as she dropped her hands into her lap, "Where is she?"

Eliya bit her lip, "I'm sorry, I'll stop teasing." she said and ran her fingers over her lips like she was zipping them closed.

Aryan smiled, "In Pennsylvania with Caleb's wife." he said and studied her face before he nodded in Josephine's direction, "What's her story?" he asked curiously.

Casey nodded slightly, "Good," he muttered and looked between the girls, "Wanna watch porn?"

Sasha pursed her lips as she settled next to him, thinking this over for a moment, "Well, we don't know much about her until she came here; she's kind of secretive about everything," she muttered, shrugging, "Caleb found her in Saint Petersburg about twenty years ago when she was trying to sneak into the palace down there."

Eliya thought a moment, "Sure as long the kids don't walk in, then you'll have to explain it to him." she smiled.

Aryan nodded slowly and gestured to Dmitri, "What about him?" he asked, leaning back in his seat.

Casey smiled brightly at her before he patted the seat next to him, waiting until Anna came to sit with them before he turned on the TV and began flipping through the channels.

"Explosives expert, taught by Boris Petrov himself," Sasha muttered, smiling a bit, "Doesn't speak a word of English, but he can tell you a million ways to blow up a car."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:53 am

Eliya snuggled against his side as she studied the television, excitement trilling through her abdomen.

Aryan nodded slowly and smiled at her, "And what's your story pretty Sasha?" he breathed.

Casey held her close to him as he finally found something worth watching; grinning to himself as Anna got up to turn off the lights before she went into the kitchen, "You guys want something?"

Sasha bit her lip as she turned her gaze back on him, studying his eyes, "I was an exotic dancer until I met Caleb," she breathed, "Now I keep track of all our contacts and everyone who might be of interest to us." she smiled, "What's yours?"

"I'm good." Eliya called and rubbed her cheek against his shoulder as she kept her eyes on the screen, "I bet I can do that." she mumbled, raising a brow.

Aryan shrugged, "My mother used to run a company of assassins, she taught me everything I know." he smiled, "Its what I do, who I am, nothing more."

Anna grabbed a bottle of bourbon and three glasses before she headed back into the living room, smiling as she sat down next to Casey who had cocked his head to the side, "You wanna try it?"

Sasha smiled, "Nice," she muttered, studying his face closely, "What does your fiancée do?"

Eliya pursed her lips, "After some stretching maybe." she mumbled, cocking her head a little.

Aryan thought a moment, "Shop?" he frowned, "I've never really asked." he muttered.

Anna pursed her lips as she studied the screen, "We could totally do that," she muttered, cocking her head also.

Sasha raised a brow at him as she smiled, "How long have you been with her?" she mumbled.

Eliya bit her lip hard, "I bet we can do it better." she nodded.

Aryan grinned, "Eleven years, she was actually with Caleb when we met, I stole her away with my charm and larger penis."

Anna bit her lip as she glanced over at Eliya, trying hard not to laugh at the awestruck look on Casey's face, "We should try."

Sasha breathed a laugh as she leaned against him, grinning widely when Caleb made a loud, disapproving noise, "I heard that, Tiny," he called over the music, smiling as Josephine came to sit in his lap.
Sasha pursed her lips as she looked up at Kiran, "Too bad you're engaged, I'd love for you to prove it to me."

Eliya grinned wickedly and moved her lips to Casey's ear, "Hey Case, wanna make a porno with us?" she breathed in her most wanting voice.

Aryan grinned crookedly, ignoring Caleb as he studied Sasha, "What happens in Russia, stays right?" he muttered, glancing at Caleb to give him a cold, knowing look.

Casey's eyes widened a little before he made a noise, hopping off the couch, "That's it," he grumbled, narrowing his eyes at both of them as Anna grinned at him, "I'm going to bed; mean little lesbians," he mumbled and turned on his heel to stomp upstairs.

Sasha smiled slyly at him, "Of course," she breathed, ignoring the look Caleb was giving Kiran before he turned his attention back to Jojo.

Eliya laughed to herself, "I'll be right back babe." she muttered and got up, taking her phone with her as she started upstairs, "Hey, do you need anymore blankets or anything?" she called, playing good hostess.

Aryan turned to Sasha, "Do you want to kiss me?" he breathed, grinning crookedly.

Casey pursed his lips as he glanced back at her, "I think I'm good," he said, trying hard to fight the smile on his face as he studied her.

Sasha pursed her plump lips as she studied his eyes, "Depends," she breathed, "Do you want to kiss me?"

Eliya smiled warmly, "Okay, if you need anything you know where I am, goodnight." she said softly and turned to go.

Aryan pursed his lips, "Yeah." he said, tilting his head back on the couch.

Casey smiled to himself as he leaned against the entryway to the guest room, "Aren't you gonna tuck me in?"

Sasha moistened her lips as she studied his face for a little while before she moved to sit astride him, moving her curls out of her face before she bent her head to kiss his bottom lip.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:46 am

Eliya glanced back at him and bit her lip, "I suppose you want a bedtime story too?" she teased, raising a brow.

Aryan felt a twinge in the back of his head but he kissed her gently anyways.

"Of course," Casey muttered, grinning crookedly at her before he slipped into the room and peeled off his hoodie.

Sasha smiled against his mouth, "I knew you'd be a good kisser," she breathed, opening her eyes to study his before she took his hand and started to get off him.

Eliya bit her lip harder as she sauntered into his room, studying him, "What kind of bedtime story do you wanna hear?" she breathed, her gaze traveling slowly to his face.

Aryan got to his feet slowly, "I can be even better." he breathed, licking his lips.

Casey shrugged slightly, "Something freaky," he breathed, grinning at her still as he kicked off his shoes.

Sasha grinned back at him, not saying anything as she began leading him upstairs.
Caleb pursed his lips as he watched Kiran and Sasha go, finding this a little strange; though it reminded him that he had to call his woman. He carefully pushed Josephine out of his lap before he got up and went into the kitchen, dialing Eliya's number.

Eliya opened her mouth to say something inappropriate when the phrase, 'I called her on the phone and she touched herself' began to sing from her phone and she jumped, picking it up quickly, "Hello?" she breathed.

Caleb smiled to himself as he leaned against the counter, "Hey, baby," he breathed.

Eliya's face softened, "Hey, what took you so long?" she breathed, warmth fluttering through her chest at the sound of her man's voice.

Caleb ran his tongue over his teeth, "Tequila," he breathed, shutting the door to the living room before he relaxed some, "What are you guys doing?"

Eliya pursed her lips, "Telling Casey a bedtime story before me and Anna make porn in our bedroom." she mumbled, running her fingers through her hair, "You owe me an explaination you know."

Caleb pursed his lips, "I forgot what I had to explain," he mumbled, rubbing his forehead.

... Aryan slammed into Sasha a last time, pleasure rumbling in his abdomen as he buried his face in her breasts, tingling as fuck.

Eliya sighed and rubbed her face, "Why you left me for Russia?" she muttered, her throat tightening a little.

"Right," Caleb mumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose, "You see, babe, Josephine came to me because the Hezhit, our little military organization, had been dormant for the past ten years, allowing them to be.. normal. But when Rebecca started getting in our business again, she killed Dominic, our handler and the man who made sure that we were off the radar. Now we're back on and I had to come here and help them; Becky wasn't alone for this."

Caleb sighed, "I don't know, babe," he mumbled, "Until I fix this."

Sasha smiled to herself as she panted softly; her heart slamming against her ribcage as pleasure rumbled through her, "That was amazing."

"Why do you have to be the one to fix it Caleb?" Eliya mumbled, "What do you want me to do? You're gone and you don't even call until hours later," she mumbled, biting the inside of her cheek.

"Why?" Caleb muttered, something cold seeping into his voice, "Because if I don't do this myself, they're gonna fucking kill you, Eliya, that's why," he said, more firmly this time, "Do you think I wanted to leave? Do you think Rebecca's threats were just empty threats? I'm doing this to protect you, to protect our kids."

"Just us?" Eliya muttered and regretted it as soon as it came out of her mouth, she shut her eyes tighter, "I didn't mean that." she squeaked.

Aryan panted and grinned up at her, "I know." he breathed, biting her mouth.

Caleb gritted his teeth, "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" he asked, shutting his eyes to keep himself from blowing up.

Sasha smiled almost dreamily at him as she ran her fingers through his hair, "Mmh, she must tell you that a lot," she breathed, moving her hips a little to tease him.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:22 pm

Eliya swallowed hard, "I'm sorry, I didn't-" she bit her, feeling like a moron, "I didn't mean that, I know you're trying to protect us." she breathed, her throat tight.

Aryan nodded, ignoring the tingle as he got off of her and put his jeans back on, "I'm going to bed, night." he muttered and grabbed the rest of his clothes as he left.

Caleb sighed as he opened his eyes again to see Josephine standing in front of him, smiling, "Look, Eliya, I gotta go," he mumbled, "Have fun with Anna," he said before hanging up.

Sasha pursed her lips as she watched him leave, shrugging to herself before she shut her eyes.

Eliya kept her eyes shut tight before she glanced over at Casey, "I'm sorry." she mumbled, her eyes watering as she turned to run across the hall and hide in her bedroom.

Anna frowned to herself as she heard Eliya's footsteps and she got up from the couch, leaving her phone there as she padded upstairs to find her friend.

Eliya curled up into a ball and pulled the covers over head as she started to cry, feeling hurt and stupid.

Anna bit her lip as she gently knocked on Eliya's door, "Elle?" she called softly, slipping inside, "What's wrong? What happened?"

Eliya pulled the covers down a little, sniffling, "He's sleeping with other women and I told him it was okay but I hate it and he didn't he say he loved me before he hung up." she choked out and covered her head again.

Anna's face softened as she studied the covers, slowly moving closer to sit on the bed next to her friend, "I'm sorry, honey," she breathed, "Why on Earth did you give him a free pass?"

"Because at least I have some control, at least I know because he gonna do it anyways." Eliya choked out.

Anna's frown deepened, "Do you want me to have Kiran talk to him?" she muttered, "I'm sure he can knock some sense into his thick skull."

Eliya moved the covers down again, "No, I just wish he would think of me." she breathed, tears slipping down her face.

Anna sighed softly as she studied her friend, wishing she could do something more useful before she leaned in to kiss her forehead, "You should get some sleep, okay? We'll talk to the boys tomorrow, figure out what's going on over there. Maybe he'll surprise you," she breathed, smiling even though that possibility was tiny.

... Claudia appeared in Caleb's room, she wore her pretty dress still but it was stained with blood, her feet were bare and there was something sad in her blue eyes as she studied her lover with his, she moved forward slowly and brushed her fingers over his hair, "Wake up, please." she whispered.

Caleb made a low noise as he slowly opened his eyes, smiling a bit as he saw her, "Hey, babe," he breathed, obviously still drunk and hardly noticing Josephine lying peacefully in his arms.

Eliya swallowed hard, "Okay." she breathed, sniffling, "It'll be okay, right?" she muttered.

Anna nodded slightly, "It always does," she breathed before settling in under the covers with her.

Claudia swallowed hard, "I'm sorry about the girl, I didn't know." she said softly, refering to Chloe and genuinly apologetic, "I wouldn't intentionally hurt your children." she breathed, pursing her pretty lips.

Caleb licked his lips as he studied her through blurry eyes, "Can I ask you something, Claudia?" he mumbled, slowly sitting up; careful of Josephine as he laid her head on the pillow.

Aryan had showered and lay in bed, hating himself for letting that self-control slip away for a night, he sighed and got out of bed, moving towards the desk in his room, he sat down, found stationary and a pen, and wrote a love letter.

... Anna's pretty eyes blinked open in the morning; the sunlight burning her eyelids until she turned away from the window, making a pained noise, "Eliiiiiya," she mumbled, hugging Kiran's hoodie tight around her as she inhaled his scent.

Caleb blinked slowly, trying to gain some focus on her before he frowned, "Why did you kill Luis' children?"

Eliya made a noise and pulled the covers over her head, "Noooo, I'm sleeping forever." she grumbled, keeping her eyes closed.

Claudia raised her gaze to him again, "I didn't kill them all at once, actually I only killed one myself." she said and turned on her heel to face the window, "I'm not one of the oldest of my kind, I /am/ the oldest, I can't get pregnant or I shouldn't be able to but I did and it scared them, my firsts, but Luis sheltered to me, as did Lynn." she muttered, tears like blood slipping down her beautiful face, "I went into hiding when my son was born, thinking it would be enough, I went to sleep and left them unprotected; the old ones sent mercenaries, they murdered Lynn's children in two fell swoops and they sent Livea and Alana to kill Luis's and then they burned my little boy." she breathed.

Anna made a noise as she reached over to push her friend, "Come ooon, I want waffles," she mumbled, forcing herself to sit up.

Caleb swallowed hard as he leaned back against the wall the bunk had been placed against, studying her closely, "Are you lying to me?"

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:25 pm

Eliya made a noise, "Make em yoooourself." she whined, slapping at her, her eyes still shut.

Claudia turned to face him, "No." she breathed, honest as she reached up to wipe at the blood tears on her face, "I only killed his first born." she said softly.

Anna made a noise, "Fine, no waffles for you," she mumbled, stumbling out of bed before she headed out of the room to wake up Casey.

"Why?" Caleb muttered, glancing down at Josephine as he ran his fingers over her hair, trying to keep her from waking.

Eliya made a frustrated noise as she forced herself to get up, she yawned and rubbed her face, "Leave poor Casey alone." she mumbled, patting down her messy hair as she moved towards his room.

Claudia gazed over Josephine, a pang of jealousy shooting through her, "Love makes you do sinful things." she muttered, studying his face, "Have you replaced me?" she asked, gesturing to the woman in his bed.

Anna mocked her before she pushed open the door to Casey's room, frowning a bit when his bed was empty, "Huh."

Caleb shook his head as he studied Josephine, "No," he muttered, "She's just.. special to me," he said, glancing up at her.

Eliya peeked over her shoulder and frowned, "Where is he?" she mumbled and moved towards the stairs to look for him.

Claudia pursed her lips, "And I am not?" she breathed, smoothing down the skirt of her bloodstained dress.

Anna wrinkled her nose as she went after Eliya, sniffing the air before she smiled, "Waffles," she muttered, quickly padding down the stairs and into the kitchen where Casey was cooking breakfast, only wearing his slacks.

"It's not the same thing," Caleb muttered, glancing back at her, "What happened to you?" he mumbled, gesturing to her dress.

Eliya smiled to herself as she stepped into the kitchen, "How sweet." she breathed and slid up behind him to hug him around the waist.

Claudia pursed her lips, she had let herself be vulnerable, emotional and now it was receding, now she was the beautiful, cocksure, woman she always was, she straightened her spine, "I was hungry."

Casey smiled back at her, "You hungry?" he muttered, nodding towards the plates with bacon and eggs on them.

Caleb's jaw tightened, but he decided to keep his mouth shut as he studied her closely.

Eliya nodded, "Mmhm, it looks delicious." she breathed, "Do you need me to do anything?" she mumbled.

Claudia licked her lips, "Monastary in Tibet, delicious snack." she breathed and ran her fingers through her hair, "Do you wish me to leave?" she asked in a small voice.

Casey shook his head, "Just grab something to drink and sit your fine asses down," he said, grinning to himself.

Caleb shook his head, looking up at her again with a sleepy smile, "Wait for me in the kitchen, okay?" he muttered, running his fingers over his hair.

Eliya grabbed the orange juice and the glasses and Claudia was in the kitchen, worrying her lip.

Anna pursed her lips before she turned on her heel and went into the living room to grab her cell; wondering if Kiran had called at all.

Caleb sighed as he got up and pulled on his black sweats, letting Josephine sleep in his bed as he headed out and down the hall, knocking on Aryan's door, "Breakfast," he called, rubbing his face before he turned to leave.

Eliya poured her and Anna a glass as she sat at the island to watch him cook while she ate, "We going to the gym today?" she mumbled.

Aryan made a noise, he'd fallen asleep at his desk writing, he yawned and wiped at his face, looking adorably kid-like, he grabbed his phone wondering if Anna had texted back to his text messages.

Casey pursed his lips, "If you want," he said softly.
Anna sighed as she sat down on the couch, flipping through her texts as she smiled, opening one of them.

Caleb rubbed his face as he went down the stairs to the kitchen, a warm, half-drunken smile curving his lips as he gave Claudia a once-over, "Do you need some new clothes?" he muttered.

Eliya chewed a piece of bacon, making an orgasmic face as she savored it, "Mm, I want to...are you okay?" she muttered.

Aryan folded his letter and put it in an envelope before he texted, 'Morning sunshine' and headed downstairs in his jeans.

Claudia glanced down herself and pouted, "Yes, please," she breathed, looking rather adorable.

Casey grinned back at her, pleased to see her expression before he nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine," he said softly, finishing up the waffles before he put them on their plates.

Anna's smile widened as she read his text, a moment passing before she texted back, 'Morning babe. Slept well? Smile'

Caleb smiled warmly at her, "I'll be right back," he muttered and went back up the stairs to find her some clothes.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:50 am

Eliya took a bite of her hot waffles and made a pleased noise, she chewed slowly and swallowed before speaking again, "I'm sorry about yesterday, your brother...kills me." she mumbled.

Aryan smiled as he took his phone out, not noticing Caleb as he texted back, 'No, it was lonely, couldn't sleep, you?' he moved towards the kitchen, "How do we send out letters from this god forsaken place?" he called, freezing when he saw Claudia.

Casey pursed his lips as he sat down next to her, "Don't worry about it," he muttered, smiling comfortingly at her, "What did he do this time?"

Anna pursed her lips, 'Slept with Elle, she had given Caleb a freebie to sleep with other women and he's actually doing it Surprised. It's awful, but it kind of makes me feel lucky that I have you.'
Caleb ignored Kiran for now as he went into Sasha's room; giving her pretty, naked backside a funny look before he grabbed a pair of jeans and a wife beater from her drawers and headed back downstairs.

Eliya bit her lip, "I told him he could sleep with other women and he is but I don't want him too and last night I said something stupid and he's mad at me, he didn't even say he loved me when he hung up and all I could, can, think of isher crawling into his bed and he's not even thinking of me, he never does." she muttered.

Aryan stared at his ex-girlfriend, "What are you doing here?" he muttered, not looking at his text yet.

Casey frowned slightly, "I'm sure he does," he muttered, "He's related to me, remember? And I'm pretty fucking awesome."

Caleb raised a brow as he went into the kitchen, "She's with me, dumbass," he muttered, handing Claudia the clothes.

Eliya smiled crookedly, "You're okay." she teased and kissed his cheek, "Thanks." she said softly.

Aryan made a noise as Claudia dropped her dress, naked for a few moments before she dressed, "Really?" he muttered, making a face.

Casey grinned, "You're welcome, sweetheart," he muttered.

Caleb shrugged slightly, "Really," he mumbled, grabbing a juice from the fridge before he leaned against the counter, listening as Sasha came down the stairs in her little hot pants and wife beater.

Eliya took another bite of her waffles and studied him, "You know, you keep being sweet to me, I might develop a crush on you." she said, teasing.

Aryan made another face before he turned his attention to his cell, something guilty came into his face, "Ah damn." he muttered, frowning as Claudia studied Sasha then turned to Caleb, "What are you up to here anyways?" she asked curiously, cocking her pretty head.

Casey grinned wickedly at her, "Maybe that's a part of my evil agenda," he muttered, wiggling his eyebrows at her as he took a bite out of a piece of bacon.

Caleb smiled slightly, "Well, Sasha here is tracking some people from the militia," he muttered, wrinkling his nose, "Right now, we're waiting it out, letting them make the first move."
Sasha pursed her lips as she grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, "Anna found tracks around the house, they're watching us."

Eliya grinned, "And what else might be on this evil agenda of yours?" she breathed.

Claudia shuddered, "You're like prey stuck here." she muttered, "Sniff them out and slaughter them."

Casey pursed his lips, "Seeing you naked," he said, moving close enough to rub his stubble against her cheek.

Caleb pursed his lips, "It's not that easy," he muttered when Sasha held up her tablet, showing a live-feed website, "They're constantly streaming us. If we kill them in front of a camera, we'll be all over the news within minutes." she pursed her lips when a small, pretty brunette stepped into the room and looked at Kiran and Claudia, "Who the hell are they?"

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:09 am

Eliya rolled her eyes, "You want a sneak peek Case?" she breathed, wiggling her brows.

Aryan raised a brow at the girl, "Your worst fuckin nightmare, who the hell are you?" he countered.
Claudia ignored the girl and looked up at Caleb, "What is wrong with that? If they know, they fear."

Casey smiled slightly and leaned in to kiss her cheek before he pursed his lips; looking thoughtful for a moment, "Can I tell you something that you promise never leave this room?"

The little brunette narrowed her eyes at Kiran as she opened her mouth to spew naughty words at him, not even getting a word out before Caleb grabbed her shoulder, "Anna, chill," he muttered, raising a brow at her, "He's harmless."

Eliya smiled slightly, "Yes and I promise it'll never leave this room...what is it?" she asked, leaning towards, curious.

Casey bit his lip as he studied the table, thinking over his words, "You know how Christian and Colin don't really look like Caleb and I?"

Eliya thought over the brothers in her head before giving a slight nod, "What about it?"

"Well, there's a reason for that," Casey muttered, glancing back up to study her eyes, "We're not related to Charles."

Eliya frowned deeply, "But...what?" she breathed, studying his face, "He's not your dad?" she mumbled, genuinly surprised.

Casey shook his head, "Caleb doesn't know anything," he muttered, biting his lip, "When Christian and Colin's biological dad died, Charles stepped up to help our mom; they got married and he took care of her, financially and security-wise and then she had us."

Aryan's jaw clenched and he turned on his heel to walk back up to his room, not wanting to deal with what was hardly his problem.

Caleb sighed, gesturing for Little Anna and Sasha to start cooking before he turned back to Claudia, "We have to wait till nightfall," he muttered, nodding slightly.

Eliya bit her lip, "So who is your real dad? Why doesn't Caleb know?" she asked softly, thinking this through.

Claudia pursed her lips, thinking about this for a moment before she shrugged, "So you have a few hours?" she breathed, raising a brow.

Casey shrugged slightly, "I don't know," he muttered, "I think our mom decided to keep this from Caleb because he was so attached to Charles, wanting to live up to his expectations and everything. It'd break his heart if he found out."

Caleb smiled slightly as he cocked his head to the side, "Wanna waste some of them in my bed?" he muttered, smirking.

Anna sighed as she sat down on the couch, having completely forgotten about breakfast as she pulled her knees to her chest and pulled Kiran's hoodie all the way down to her ankles before she picked up her cell again, wondering why he wasn't answering.

Eliya nodded slowly, still frowning, "He loves that man, it would kill him." she sighed, thinking about Caleb for a moment before she looked at Casey again, "Why'd you tell me anyways?" she mumbled, cocking her head.

Claudia grinned, "Well, how else would we waste them?" she breathed, her eyes darkening with lusty intentions.

Aryan sat on his bed and sighed as he texted back, 'Babe, I need to tell you something, call me.'

Casey shrugged slightly, "I love you, you're my sister-in-law," he said softly, smiling, "And you're the only person I trust to take care of my baby brother."

Caleb grinned at her as he held his hand out, "Come on," he muttered.

Anna's lips pulled into a pout as she studied the screen, thinking for a moment before she dialed Aryan's number.

Eliya smiled warmly, "Aww, that makes me feel special." she breathed, blushing a little.

Claudia took his hand, heat spreading in her abdomen as she ignored everyone else and kept her blue gems on his face.

Aryan sighed as he picked up, "I fucked up." he said in greeting.

"It should," Casey muttered, putting an arm around her to hug her to him before he kissed her hair, "Now, eat your breakfast."

Anna frowned slightly, worry creasing her forehead as she shut her eyes, "What are you talking about, babe?" she breathed, "What's wrong?"

Eliya smiled and started to eat again, "Can I ask you something?" she mumbled.

Aryan shut his eyes, "I got drunk and had sex with someone else." he breathed, rubbing his face, "I'm so sorry."

Casey nodded slightly as he stuffed another piece of bacon into his mouth, "Mmhm."

Anna opened her eyes again, just so that she could blink slowly, looking at nothing in particular, "What?" she whispered, swallowing hard.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:38 am

Eliya stuffed a piece of bacon in her mouth, "How'd you learn to cook so damn good?" she breathed.

Aryan sighed, "I was drunk, I just, I don't know, it happened and I feel so guilty, I'm so sorry." he breathed.

... Claudia cried out his name before collapsing into the pillows, panting, her heart slamming against her ribcage as pleasure bloomed in every nerve in her body.

Casey grinned, "The army, actually," he muttered, stuffing another piece of bacon into his mouth, "When we finally had time to eat a proper breakfast, we wanted something nice."

Anna shut her eyes tight, feeling something clench around her heart as she bit her lip painfully hard, "I-I gotta go," she whispered, quickly hanging up before she dropped her cell to the floor, feeling sick to her stomach as it clattered.

Caleb's breath came out in pants as pleasure rumbled through him and he shuddered with it, running his fingers up her sides, "Damn, I missed you."

Eliya considered this as she smiled, "So all four of you were in the military then?" she mumbled.

Claudia breathed a laugh, "I missed you too." she whispered and lifted herself up to lean back against his chest and looked up at him, "More even."

Casey nodded slightly, "Colin and I were in Iraq," he muttered, smiling, "Caleb and Christian were in Afghanistan together." his smile seemed to fade a bit as he glanced in the entryway where Anna stood; tears rolling down her cheeks.

Caleb smiled slightly, sleepily as he studied her eyes; putting his arms around her to hold her close to him, "This is bad," he breathed.

Eliya frowned and hopped up from her seat, "Anna baby, what's wrong?" she breathed, worried as she moved towards her friend.

Claudia studied him, "What is?" she asked softly, her eyes sparkling.

Anna moved her fingers into her hair as she bit her lip in the most pathetic way, tears continuously rolling down her cheeks, "He cheated on me," she whispered, the words tightening her throat.

"This," Caleb breathed, "I'm starting to like you," he whispered, resting his head on her shoulder as he shut his eyes.

Eliya frowned deeply, "Aryan?" she mumbled, finding this is a little odd, "How do you know? Did he tell you?"

Claudia smiled warmly to herself, "Then it can not be entirely bad." she breathed, shutting her eyes to listen to his heart beat.

Anna nodded slightly, "He said he got drunk and slept with some girl," she mumbled, wiping at her eyes.

Caleb smiled slightly as he ran his fingers over her abdomen, "Sleep with me?" he breathed.

Eliya moved to put her arms around her, "I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry." she said softly.

Claudia smiled more warmly, "You mean cuddle and actually sleep?" she breathed, biting her lip.

Anna shut her eyes tight as she hugged her friend, sniffling, "What should I do?" she mumbled, figuring that Eliya had this area covered better than she did.

Caleb nodded slightly, "Unless you don't want to."

Eliya pulled back a little, she wiped the tear from Anna's pretty face, "Do you love him?" she whispered.

"No, I would love that." Claudia breathed and reached up to run her fingers over his hair, warmth fluttering in her chest.

Anna nodded slightly, "More than anything," she breathed.

Caleb's smile warmed a little as he tightened his arm around her, moving so that he was lying on his side with her back pressed against him before he pulled the covers over them, annoyed with how cold the room was.

Eliya smiled almost saddly, "Then don't get angry, don't be mean, be kind and love him even if it hurts because if you don't push him he'll always come back."

Claudia snuggled back against him, loving how his body fit around hers, "This feels good." she breathed, shutting her eyes.

Anna sniffled again, studying Eliya's eyes, "You think so?"

Caleb smiled against the back of her neck, "Mmh," he breathed, gently kissing her skin.

Eliya nodded slightly, "They need us," she said softly, "They love us no matter what they do or how much it hurts, we have to be strong for ourselves, strong for our kids, andstrong for them, we can't just give up, fought too hard to do that." she muttered.

Claudia shivered, feeling sleep start to creep in as she snuggled closer against him.

Anna smiled slightly, wiping the remaining tears from her eyes before she hugged her friend, "Thank you, Ellie," she breathed.

Caleb held her close to him as he sighed, letting himself drift off.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:19 am

Eliya smiled, "You gonna call him?" she mumbled, moving back towards Casey to sit with him again.

(ima jus ff a little time)... Claudia made a little noise and turned a bit in Caleb's arms to press herself against his chest when a sweet floral scent tickled her sensitive nose and it twitched, she inhaled deeply, the scent right beside them, "Caleb?" she said, not opening her eyes, "Someone's here."

"Yeah, I think I will," Anna muttered, biting her lip before she turned on her heel and went back into the living room, grabbing her phone before she dialed Kiran's number, padding upstairs to Eliya's bedroom.

Caleb made a noise, "Go back to sleep, Claudia," he mumbled, giving her a gentle squeeze, not opening his eyes.

Aryan picked up on the first ring, "Hello? Anna?" he said softly.

Claudia made a noise when the scent became tangible and a thin finger began to stroke her nose, "But someone's touching me." she breathed, sounding childish and sleepy.

Anna took a deep breath as she shut the door behind her, "Hey," she breathed, running her fingers through her hair as she sat down on the bed.

Caleb made a sleepy noise before he slowly opened his eyes, trying to blink the blur out of them.

"I'm so sorry, do you hate me?" Aryan breathed, sounding miserable.

A beautiful young woman sat on the edge of the bed, a mischievious smile on her plump pink lips, her sapphire blue eyes so much like Claudia's, sparkling, as she stroked Claudia's nose, not notcing Caleb yet.

Anna smiled slightly, "No, I don't hate you," she breathed, leaning back on the bed as she pulled the hoodie up to cover her mouth, inhaling his scent again, "I'm just confused, I miss you."

Caleb raised a brow at the woman, mostly to himself, "You're right," he mumbled, "There's a weird girl touching your nose."

Aryan bit his lip, "I didn't mean for it to happen." he muttered, "I'm sorry."

The woman glanced up at him, she narrowed her eyes, "I am not, how you said, 'weird'." she breathed in a thick accent as Claudia opened her eyes and smiled warmly, "Daphne." she breathed, "Caleb, this is my sister."

"I know," Anna breathed, shutting her eyes for a moment as she swallowed hard, "I don't blame you, I understand that these things happen.."

Caleb pursed his lips as he studied Daphne, "Great," he mumbled, glancing down at Claudia with a slight smile, "Does this mean I'm no longer allowed to sleep?"

Aryan sighed, "So you forgive me?" he muttered.

Claudia kissed his nose, "You run the risk of losing out on a threesome, love." she breathed, smiling teasingly.

Anna sighed, opening her eyes again to study the ceiling, "Yeah," she breathed, "When can I see you?"

Caleb narrowed his eyes at her, "How are my odds at the moment?" he breathed, studying her eyes closely as he weighed over the pleasure of sleeping or the achievement of sleeping with these two gorgeous little things.

Aryan bit his lip, "I don't know, it would require talking to Caleb and he has Claudia in his room so I'm gonna wait out their sexcapades, I just wanna talk to you." he mumbled.

Daphne grinned, "Very high big boy." she said in her pretty accent and gave a pleasant laugh as Clauda nodded her agreement, "My sister and I, we're very flexible, it would be a shame if you missed quite a show because you were sleeping." she breathed, kissing his mouth gently.

Anna smiled slightly as she moved to lie against the pillows, "Okay," she breathed, biting her lip as she glanced down herself, "I'm wearing your hoodie."

Caleb made a noise as he tilted back against the pillows, "I'm in," he muttered, grinning at them.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:37 pm

Aryan smiled slightly, "I folded your blouse on top of my pillow to sleep with at night." he said softly, laying back against it now.

... Daphne moaned and collapsed against his chest, her heart pounding against her ribcage, she kissed his chest and glanced at Claudia who was panting beside them, a blissful ache between her legs and they started to give him high praise in a mix of Greek and English, sex brain making them babble beautifully.

Eliya finished her last piece of bacon and bit her lip, "Do you think he'll call?" she mumbled, glancing at Casey.

Anna smiled to herself as she shut her eyes, wanting to imagine him being there with her, "How long do you have to stay there, babe?" she breathed, biting her lip.

Caleb breathed hard as he shut his eyes; his heart pounding against his ribcage, "Holy shit," he breathed, pleasure having him shudder as he put an arm around Daphne.

Casey nodded slightly, "He will, when he's done feeling sorry for himself," he muttered.

"No idea." Aryan mumbled, pouting to himself.

Daphne placed sharp, wet kisses to his chest, her heart still pounding like crazy, "How you say, very good first impression." she breathed.

Eliya smiled slightly, "So I should be pattient?" she mumbled.

Anna frowned slightly, "You know," she mumbled, biting her lip, "You're allowed to sleep with other women, I mean, I can't expect you to live in celibacy."

Caleb smiled to himself, "I try," he breathed, tingly as hell.

Casey nodded slightly, "I think you should, he'll come around."

"What do you mean?" Aryan mumbled, frowning a little to himself.

Claudia smiled as she snuggled against his side, "We can be yours whenever you want you know?" she breathed, still tingly.

Eliya smiled slightly, "Okay, I'll wait," she mumbled, nodding to herself as she pursed her lips, "Wanna run errands with me before heading to the gym?"

Anna bit her lip, "I mean, it's okay for you to sleep with someone else while you're not with me," she muttered.

Caleb made a pleasurable noise as he thought about this, "Don't tease me, babe," he breathed, keeping his eyes shut as he felt exhaustion creep up on him.

Casey nodded slightly, "Sure, where do you wanna go?"

Aryan bit his lip, "I don't want to sleep with anyone else, last night was a mistake, it won't happen again." he muttered.

Claudia kissed his neck, "I mean it." she breathed as Daphne slid off him and laid on his other side.

Eliya smiled, "I have to drop a paper off at my class then I'm gonna stop by Jack's office." she mumbled.

Anna sighed as she sat up, studying her fingers as she bit the inside of her cheek, "I know, but.. I just wanted you to know that if you feel like it, I'm not gonna be a bitch about it.."

Caleb forced his eyes a little open to study her, smiling slightly, "You're a bad influence on me," he breathed, putting an arm around each of them, "But I could get used to this."

Casey nodded, "Okay," he muttered, leaning in to kiss her cheek before he got up to clear the table.

Aryan sighed, "Can we talk about something else?" he mumbled.

The women cuddled up against his sides, Daphne smiled softly and rubbed her cheek against his chest, shutting her eyes as Claudia ran her fingertips along his abdomen, shutting her eyes as well.

Anna sighed, "If you want to," she mumbled, suddenly wishing that he'd just get his ass home, "Did you write me a letter?"

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:57 pm

"I spent all night writing it." Aryan muttered, smiling slightly.

... Daphne watched as Claudia slid out of bed and dressed, her older sister was silent and smiled softly at her, "I'll be back in an hour." she said in Greek, kissing Caleb's nose and Daphne's cheek, "Keep him company?" she said before disappearing.

... Eliya limped down the road from her college, the rain matted down her hair, it soaked her ripped dress to her body, blood dripping from nose down her neck, dripping down her thighs, staining her hands; she looked daze, hardly noticing the way her ballet flats slid along the wet mud, hardly noticing Casey's car coming towards her down the road, having forgotten she'd told him to pick her up.

"Read it to me?" Anna muttered, biting her lip still.

Caleb made a sleepy noise as he felt Claudia disappear, he smiled slightly as he slowly opened his eyes to study Daphne, not saying anything.

Casey frowned slightly as his headlights hit Eliya and he quickly pulled it to a stop before jumping out, "Elle?" he breathed, quickly moving to her side, "What the hell happened to you?"

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Ashleh on Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:12 am

"Nooo, you have to wait for it in the mail like a real love letter." Aryan mumbled.

Daphne glanced up at him and smiled slightly, "Hello." she breathed, rubbing her cheek against his chest.

Eliya blinked rapidly, trying to focus on him, she opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out, she shook her head and tried again but still nothing, it hurt too much.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:50 am

Anna pouted slightly, "But it'll take forever," she mumbled.

Caleb smiled warmly, "Morning, beautiful," he breathed.

Casey's frown deepened as he put his arm around her and began leading her into the car, "It'll be okay, let's get you home," he breathed.

"But it'll be romaaantic." Aryan whined.

Daphne leaned up and kissed his mouth, "Beautiful am I?" she smiled softly, "We're strangers, you know." she mumbled, cocking her pretty head.

Eliya curled her fingers in her shirt and looked up at him, "Don't tell Caleb, promise." she breathed.

"You're meean," Anna whined, running her fingers through her hair.

Caleb shrugged slightly, "You're still beautiful."

Casey sighed, "Tell me what happened, then, who did this to you?"

"You have to be patient, its worth it." Aryan mumbled, nodding to himself.

Daphne smiled softly before she crawled on top of him, "Do you know what my sister says about you?" she breathed, kissing his chest.

Eliya shuddered, "At-at school, the pro-professor, he-he..." she whimpered, a sob tumbling from her lips as she covered her faced.

Anna nodded slightly, still pouting, "Okay," she mumbled, thinking for a moment before she leaned back on the bed again, "Can you come home for like, an hour? Maybe three?"

Caleb pursed his lips as he watched her, "That my penis is huge and I'm amazing in bed?" he muttered, a smile curving his lips.

Casey's jaw clenched as he helped her into the car and shut the door before he got in himself, "What did he do, Eliya?" he asked, trying to stay focused as his eyes darkened and rage started to brew in his belly as he began driving towards campus.

Aryan pursed his lips, "I don't know...can you come here?" he mumbled.

Daphne grinned and made a trail down his chest to his abdomen, "Besides that." she breathed, rubbing her cheek against his abdomen.

Eliya took a sharp breath, "He told me to see him after school to talk about my paper, he started asking all these, all these questions about me and my marriage and my kids, I thought, I thought it was kind of weird and I wanted to leave but he wouldn't let me and then he tried to kiss me so I slapped him and he punched me in my fucking nose and slammed me onto the desk and then he..then he...." she made a sobbing noise and gestured to the blood on her thighs.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:43 am

Anna pursed her lips, "Yeah, I guess," she muttered, "How do I get there?"

Caleb ran his tongue over his teeth, shrugging slightly as he watched her, "No, not really."

Casey's eyes seemed to darken to a whole other shade as he drove faster, onto campus and as close to wherever the professor would be, as possible, "I'll kill him," he said through his teeth, something tightening around his heart as he reached over to take her hand.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

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