Strolling Into the Night

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:28 am

Alessandra sucked in a deep breath, "The Garden District, the big house, servant elevator takes us down, we follow tunnle to the playroom." she breathed, hugging herself.

Aryan smiled genuinly, "Congratulations on the engagement." he said softly and glanced at Cecy, "Order will be done soon, you ready?"
Cecy shook her head, "Its gonna be one of those days, baby." she muttered, leaning against him as she glanced at Anna, she smiled warmly, "Y'all are coming for dinner right?"

"Dad, can you take us there?" Caleb muttered, pulling on his dark Armani jeans and a black hoodie with his Timberlands before he went back into the room, limping a little.

Anna's smile widened a little, "I didn't know we were invited," she said softly as she looked up at Alexander who obviously weren't getting anything from Cecy's accent, so she simply explained it to him in Italian and he flashed a perfect, pearly-white smile as he nodded.

Luis nodded and gently took Alessandra's arm even though she flinched as if he'd hit her and then he placed a hand on Caleb's shoulder and blinked them to the big house in New Orlean's Garden District, he gestured for Ales to lead the way inside and she did.

Aryan smiled when their order came up and he went to collect it; Cecy bit her lip, "When are you getting married? See, my sister is a wedding planner and she does this really beautiful rose decoration, she did it for our weddin', I can show you pictures when you come over tonight?" she said, babbling a little because she was always shy around new people.

Caleb's eyes were dark as he followed Ales, studying everything closely as his body began tightening up.

Anna smiled genuinely and warmly at Kiran's new wife, remembering her name very clearly but it hardly bothered her, "I'd love that, Cecy," she said softly, "We haven't really set the date yet."

Ales led them through the large house to the back parlor, she moved towards a seemingly normal bookcase and tilted one of the books back, it swung open to reveal an old servant's elevator, she slid open the gate and stepped inside.

Cecy smiled as Aryan rejoined them, a bag of bagels in his hand, he put his arm around Cecy again, "We have to get down to the hospital, we'll see y'all later?" he said, nodding to Anna and Alexander.

Caleb didn't say anything, he simply watched and listened to the sounds of the house as he went into the elevator after her.

Anna nodded slightly, "Yeah, sure," she said softly, her eyes warming a little as she looked back at Cecy, "It was really nice meeting you," she muttered and started dragging Alexander into the café.

Luis didn't step inside, "I can't kill him, it only takes his death by my hands to start a war, before I wouldn't have cared but now...the twins need a dad and I cant do this to Natacha." he muttered, shutting the gate and gesturing for Ales to start turning the lever to descend.

Caleb studied his stepfather for a moment before he smiled slightly, "Send her my best," he said softly, nodding at Ales.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 06, 2011 4:45 am

Alessandra began to crank the lever and the elevator jolted and then slid down, plunging them into a thick darkness that used to frighten Ales but now swallowed her up without a fight; the bottom clanged as it hit earth, through the darkness of the tunnel she could hear a faint whimpering, consistent and full of pain.

Caleb frowned slightly as he pulled open the door and gestured for Alessandra to get out, himself starting ahead of her; following the sound of the whimper.

... Anna pulled the Porsche up to the Hawthorne's house, a slight smile on her face as she studied it, "Cute," she breathed, glancing over at Alexander who was studying her closely, a warm smile curving his handsome lips as he leaned over to kiss her neck, "Ti adoro, Anna," he breathed and she gently kissed his mouth as a reply before they both got out of the car, taking each others hands as they went for the door; Anna trying hard to push her heart out of her throat.

Alessandra covered her mouth to keep from whimpering as she followed after him, as the whimpering got louder, a light began to cut down the darkness, it filtered through a door thrown wide open; inside Lynn lay on a cot, bleeding, part of her face swollen, the whimpering noise emitting from her lips, but the real spectacle was of Eliya, she was on Roman's back, trying to cut off his head with his own garrot, a look of rage on her pretty face as she held on while he flailed and tried to get her off of him. He slammed her back against the wall but she held tight, he did it harder a second time and there was the sick crunch of her shoulder blade snapping and she let go, hitting the ground hard.

Aryan busied himself with cooking dinner, a nice filet mignoin with scalloped potatoes and cheese sauce, Cecy sat on the counter, looking so small as she watched her husband, "I could have cooked." she mumbled.

Caleb's eyes darkened to near black and it seemed as if the pain was gone as he /moved/ forward, into the room before he went to kick Roman in the gut, 300-style.

Anna clenched Alex' hand as she went up to the door, "I'm nervous," she mumbled in Italian before she rang the doorbell and reached down to straighten her black pencil dress, figuring that she should look nice; and she did.

Roman grunted as he hit the ground, he growled, his throat bloody but all ready healing, "How did you get here?" he spat, stumbling to his feet.

Aryan smiled, "I know, you get tomorrow." he said and kissed her softly before helping her down so she could open the door, looking cute and comfortable in her black sweats and hoodie, dressed down was when he loved her the best; Cecy rubbed her face before she pulled open the door and smiled warmly at their guests.

"Magic," Caleb said, moving to press his foot onto his chest, "I thought we've been over this."

Anna smiled warmly at them, purposely avoiding Aryan's eyes, "Hi," she muttered, glancing up at Alex when he held out a bottle of red wine and smiled, "We brought wine," he said softly, in a manner that sounded like Anna just taught him to say those words.

Roman gritted his teeth, "And I thought I told you she would always be my whore." he smiled and nodded to Lynn, "And now they're both mine."

Cecy smiled, "Thank you." she said, taking it from him as Aryan smiled, wiping his hands on the frilly pink apron he wore over his clothes, "You look beautiful Anna." he said softly, "Come in, I'm almost done with dinner, baby why don't you show them the pictures?" he mumbled, stealing a kiss from his wife before he disappeared into the kitchen again.

Caleb pursed his lips, "That was uncalled for, Roman," he said cooly before he moved his free leg to stomp his foot onto Roman's mouth before he glanced over his shoulder at Alessandra, "Get them out of here."

Anna bit her lip as she studied Cecy, "You two look really sweet together," she said softly, meaning it even though the words gave her a headache.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:25 am

Alessandra nodded as she pulled Eliya to her feet and together they wrapped Lynn in a sheet and carried her down the tunnel.

Cecy grinned, "Thank you." she said, blushing as she gestured for them to follow her into the living room, she pulled a photo album out from the basket under the coffee table and sat down.

Caleb smiled slightly as he watched them leave before he turned his attention back to Roman, "What did I tell you about touching what is mine, Romie?" he muttered.

Anna followed her in with Alexander behind her, "So, how did you two meet again?" she asked softly, sitting down across from her.

Roman glared up at him, his eyes dark as he started to struggle, wanting to get up and strangle Caleb.

Cecy smiled and opened the photo album, she flipped it around to show them the picture of a tiny four year old girl and a lanky eight year old boy covered in whip cream and laughing at each other, "Our parents were friends and Lynn would bring the boys over." she said, flipping the page to show them one where they were only a few years older, the lanky eight year old becoming a taller twelve year old, a little more serious, a little more the Aryan he was today, the eight year old girl beside him was studying his face with big blue eyes full of warmth, love, friendship, "We were always together growing up but we didn't date until I was fifteen and he was nineteen, my daddy nearly blew a fuse." she said, chuckling.

Anna smiled, something unreadable coming into her eyes as she studied the pictures; suddenly all the little ideas she had made up in her head turning into fluff and she nodded slightly, "What happened?" she muttered, glancing into Cecy's eyes.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:59 am

Eliya and Alessandra lay Lynn down on a couch, she was bleeding so bad, everything looked broken, Eliya felt fear choke her and ran her fingers over Lynn's hair, "You have to stay with me," she whispered as Lynn started to shake violently, her body going into shock, "You have to stay with me Lynn, I'm gonna help you, okay? I'm going to stay with you but you can't shut your eyes yet, you have to stay..."

Cecy bit her lip and turned the page again, it was a collage of them as teenagers, holding hands, looking at nothing but each other, she tapped the photo of them at the bottom of the page, he had his arm around her shoulder, they were leaning against a brick wall, he was smiling at the camera and she was looking up at him, her belly swollen as she was seven months pregnant, "I miscarried, that was when the doctor diagnosed me with cancer, we were so young, it scared the shit out of us, we started fighting, he blamed himself, lost all faith in everything, he couldnt handle it, so I told him to leave and he did." she said, swallowing hard before she smiled at Anna, "He told me once that falling in love with you gave him his faith back, thank you for that." she said softly before she turned the page and made a face at the picture of Aryan and another young woman, "Then there was Claudia."

Anna wrinkled her nose as she studied the picture, "I never heard about her," she mumbled.

Cecy sighed, "Well, it was a little insane, no body wanted them to be together, it was because of their romance that his family was killed but he'll never admit that he blames himself or that the guilt almost killed him." she pursed her lips, studying the beautiful brunette in the picture, "He loved her though, broke my heart when he came back and he was with her, especially when she got pregnant."she said gesturing to a picture of Aryan and Claudia facing each other, his hands on her big belly, Cecy swallowed hard, "She died having their son, Israel, Aryan went a little crazy, it was a bad time." she said turning the page to show them pictures of a baby boy sleeping on Aryan's chest and another where the boy was about three and they stood in a doorway together, Aryan looking down at him, Israel looking up at his father, the setting sun beyond the door casting a golden hue across them.

Anna bit her lip as she studied the pictures before she forced a slight smile, "Will you excuse me for a moment, Cecy?" she breathed before she got up and gestured for Alexander to take her seat, which he did; a soft smile on his handsome face as he studied Cecy's pictures; having no idea what he was looking at.
Anna took her phone out of her pocket as she moved towards the front door and went outside; leaving it unlocked as she moved to lean against her car, dialing her friend Katarina from Italy.

Caleb shut his eyes for a moment as he followed the scent of his wife and Lynn, blood smeared into his black hoodie as he limped down the hallway.

Aryan finished cooking and took off his apron, he glimpsed Anna outside through the little window and frowned slightly as he moved towards the front door to slip out and check on her.

Eliya tried not to cry as she continued to stroke Lynn's hair, reaching back with her other hand to squeeze Alessandra's, "Caleb?" she screamed, "We need to get to a hospital." Lynn's eyes fluttering.

Anna shut her eyes as she started mumbling things in Italian, a few moments passing before she opened them again and looked up at Kiran, "I gotta go," she finally said, hanging up before she forced a slight smile, not saying anything to him.

Caleb tried to pick up the pace a little, a moment passing before he reached them, "Take her there," he breathed, "I can't apparate."

Aryan bit his lip, "Are you okay?" he asked softly, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

Eliya swallowed hard, "Milly, stay here with Caleb." she said softly and blinked her and Lynn to the hospital.

Anna nodded slightly, "You never told me about them," she muttered, referring to Cecy and Claudia.

Caleb sighed as he leaned against the wall, "We need to get out of here," he mumbled.

Six months later..
Eliya made a noise as the alarm clock went off, "Shut up morning, shut up." she mumbled, slapping the clock as she rolled over on top of Caleb, "Wake up and go to school for me." she grumbled.

Aryan sighed, "I didn't remember them for a long time and when I did we were going through so much, it was pointless to say anything."

Caleb made a noise, "You're squishing me, baby," he mumbled, keeping his eyes closed.

Anna shrugged slightly, "I guess so," she muttered, dropping her gaze to her wedges, "Look, Aryan, I have to leave.."

Eliya made a noise, "I'm not big enough to squish you." she mumbled, biting his chest, "While me and the kids are at school, I need you to get Lynn and Ales out of the house, they're doing better and I think its time they went out." she muttered, her eyes closed.

Aryan frowned deeply, "Why? What's wrong?"

Caleb wrinkled his nose, "Where should I take them?" he mumbled.

Anna sighed as she studied the ground, running her fingers through her straightened hair, "I can't do this with you," she muttered, forcing her eyes back to his.

Eliya thought a moment, "To lunch and shopping." she mumbled, "Watch Ales, too many people freak her out."

Aryan cocked his head to the side and studied her, "Anna, you left me, what did you expect to happen?"

Caleb nodded slightly, "I will," he mumbled, "Tell em to wake me up in an hour, preferably naked," he mumbled, trying to keep a straight face.

Anna sighed, "I expected you to get messed up and marry some slutty hoe, 'cause that's what you did last time," she mumbled, "How was I supposed to know that you would find your childhood love, who also happens to be so fucking perfect it hurts to look at her for too long," she said, studying him with shimmering eyes, "How would I ever compete with that?" she breathed, regretting those last words as soon as they came out.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:20 am

Eliya pinched his abdomen, "Lynn might actually do it." she grumbled, sitting up to look down at him, "I don't wanna go to school today but I have a psych test, ish not fair." she pouted.

Aryan blinked slowly, "Anna, what the hell? You fucking left me, destroyed me, you don't have the right to come back and compete with my new wife, you're engaged." he muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Anna, Cecy relapsed, the doctors said she might not make it back into remission." he swallowed hard and looked her in the eye, "It would mean a lot to me and to her if you stayed for dinner, she was really excited to meet you, please, stay."

Caleb rubbed his abdomen as he finally opened his eyes to look at her, "Well, dry your eyes, hun, cause I'm not letting you miss another day of school," he said, smiling cheerfully, "Too bad, too sad."

Anna's jaw tightened as she crossed her arms over her chest, "You can't just manipulate me like this," she mumbled, not looking up as Alexander came out of the door and called to her, a sweet smile playing on his lips as he said something quick in Italian, stole a kiss and hopped into the car before he looked up at Aryan, "Nice meeting you," he said, like this was also something Anna had taught him.

Eliya narrowed her eyes at him, "You're so mean." she grumbled and bent down to kiss his mouth, "I'll have sex with you?" she smiled.

Aryan sighed, "Manipulate you?" he muttered and turned on his heel to walk back into his house, disappointed.

Caleb narrowed his eyes at her, "You can't just buy me off with sex," he said, his lips pulling into a pout.

Anna's jaw clenched as she moved after him and reached out to grab his wrist, "Aryan, I'm sorry," she breathed, trying to get in his way to look him in the eye, "I don't mean anything cruel by it, I'm just.. surprised, you know? I didn't expect this."

Eliya bit his pouty lips, "Fiine, can we have sex anyways?" she mumbled.

Aryan shook his head, "Its fine," he muttered, not looking at her, "Dinners done, the kids havent even seen you yet, at least talk to them."

Caleb shook his head, bent on playing hard to get, "Nope, you're just taking advantage of my junk," he said, biting her mouth, "Now, go get me some cornflakes."

Anna studied him for a moment, a frown tugging on her lips, "Okay," she mumbled, moving out of his way.

Eliya made a noise, "I don't think so, I'm the boss." she grinned, teasing as she ran her fingers down his abdomen to grasp him beneath the sheets.

Aryan walked back inside and rubbed his face as he went to find Cecy for dinner, calling to his kids as well.

... Eliya screamed his name, probably waking the whole household as she collapsed against his chest, "Morning sex is the bomb." she panted.

"Mmh, now I want cornflakes," Caleb breathed, smiling almost dreamily to himself as he shut his eyes.

... Anna hugged each of her children goodbye before she straightened, her smile warming as she studied Cecy and Kiran, "Thank you so much for having me, I'm sorry Alexander had to leave so early," she said softly, clasping her hands together in front of her, "How easily do you get a cab around here?"

Eliya rolled her eyes and kissed his mouth, "Fine but you still have to get up to take us to school." she grumbled, moving against him for good measure before she slid off of him, taking the covers with her.

"Oh no, Aryan can drive you." Cecy mumbled, leaning against her husband, "It'll be no problem." she smiled.

Caleb made a long, frustrated noise as he watched her go, "You evil, evil little woman," he called after her, forcing himself into a sitting position.

Anna bit her lip as she glanced up at Kiran, then back at Cecy, "Oh, uhm.. I really don't want to disturb you two anymore tonight," she said, trying to sound sweet.

Eliya smiled to herself as she walked downstairs, she could hear her children waking up, groans and grumbles accompanied with a symphony of bed springs, she took a breath as she headed into the kitchen where Lynn sat at the counter with a cup of coffee and the newspaper, "You scream. A lot." she mumbled in greeting.

Aryan shook his head, "Its fine," he muttered and kissed Cecy deeply, "I'll be right back." he muttered and grabbed his keys.

Caleb quickly hopped out of bed and pulled on his jeans before he followed Eliya's tracks, rubbing his bare chest as he ran his free hand through his scruffy hair, "That would be my doing," he mumbled, smilingly stupidly to himself as he went to kiss Lynn's cheek in a friendly manner, "Morning, Babs."

Anna bit her lip, not entirely comfortable with this but she didn't object as she said her final goodbyes to everyone and headed outside.

Lynn rolled her eyes, a small smile tugging her lips, "Morning," she said, getting to her feet as she put her newspaper down, she wore a short plaid robe, that barely covered anything, "What are we doing today?" she mumbled, going to the fridge as Eliya got the cornflakes down, she bent over to study the contents of the fridge closely.

Aryan headed out to his Audi and slid in, awakening the engine, not saying a word.

Caleb cocked his head a little to the side as he studied Lynn's backside, "Lunch," he mumbled, "Shopping.."

Anna dropped her gaze to the ground, never even looking up at Aryan as she got in beside him and shut the door; having missed the smell of his car.

Eliya rolled her eyes as she slapped Lynn's ass, "Put on some pants." she mumbled, reaching for the milk.
Lynn made a noise and straightened, "Preachers made pants to make it harder for men and women to have sex." she mumbled, making a face.
Eliya smiled, "I'm okay with that."

Aryan sighed, "Lets not be awkward, lets talk." he muttered.

A moment passed before Caleb seemed to snap out of it and he nodded, "Yeah, totally agree," he mumbled, moving to sit by the counter.

"What do you want to talk about?" Anna muttered, glancing up at him through her lashes as she ran her fingers over the sides of her own seat, smiling to herself.

Eliya and Lynn shared a look and rolled their pretty eyes, "Oh yeah?" Lynn muttered, "Which one of us do you agree with?" she mumbled, raising a brow at him.

Aryan shrugged, "How'd you meet Alexander?"

"Absolutely," Caleb muttered, grabbing her newspaper as he tried to hide the grin on his face; deciding to avoid getting between these women again.

Anna's smile warmed up a bit, "I was at a Formula One show with my cousin, Katerina," she muttered, "He crashed, and when I ran down the bleachers to get a closer look, we agreed that I have a nice ass," she said softly.

Eliya made a face and placed the cornflakes, a bowl, and milk in front of her husband, "Enjoy, I'm going to get ready for school." she mumbled and stole a kiss before heading upstairs.

Aryan smiled slightly, "Well, it is a very nice ass." he muttered as he pulled out of his driveway, "Where am I going?"

Caleb smiled to himself as he put the newspaper down, simply studying the comic section for a moment as he fixed himself cornflakes, "Where do you wanna go eat today?" he muttered, glancing up at Lynnie.

Anna shrugged slightly, "The nearest hotel," she muttered, leaning back in her seat as she studied him closely, "Do you love her? Like, for real?"

Lynnie pursed her lips as she thought a moment, "There's a nice ma and pop place by the mall." she mumbled and sat beside him to pick at the cornflakes from the box.

Aryan pursed his lips, "Yeah I do, I've always loved her, just haven't always been in love with her." he muttered, "Do you love him?"

Caleb raised a brow at her, "What the hell is a ma and pop place?" he muttered.

Anna ran her tongue over her teeth, "No," she muttered, turning a little to look out of the window instead.

Lynn made a face, "Tiny family owned bistro." she mumbled and smiled as she threw a cornflake at his face, "You never been to one?"

Aryan glanced over at her, "Why are you marrying him then?"

Caleb made a face at her, "What can I say, I like cheeseburgers," he muttered, smiling a bit as he threw a cornflake back at her.

Anna shrugged a bit, "I'm lonely, I guess," she muttered, "He likes my ass, I like his cash and his company."

Lynnie made a face and threw a few more at him, "Well, you're in luck, I like diverse food, I can show you many new things and gurantee you'll like all of them." she breathed, knowing exactly how that sounded.

Aryan bit his lip, "That doesn't sound like a happy marriage, Miss Anna." he drawled.

Caleb grinned, "I'm sure I've had my taste of your.. things," he muttered, something dark in his eyes as he poured milk over his cornflakes, "Now leave my food alone."

Anna shrugged again, a slight smile playing on her lips as she studied him, "But yours does," she breathed, obviously not very interested in Alexander right now as she tilted her head a little to the side.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:01 am

Lynn rolled her eyes, "I'm going to get Chloe up and ready." she mumbled, getting to her feet and heading for the stairs as the children, slowly started to pour in.

Aryan smiled slightly, "I hope so, she deserves to be happy, you know?" he mumbled.

Anna nodded slightly, "I'm sure she does," she muttered, studying him for a moment longer before she looked back out of her window.

... Lynn swung Chloe up onto her hip as she studied the little ma and pop place, Alessandra stood beside her, almost clinging to them as she studie the buzz of people, "Th-this is nice." she stammered.

Aryan glanced at her, "You deserve to be happy too." he breathed.

Caleb wrinkled his nose as he studied the place, "Wow, Lynnie, you really know how to make me feel old," she muttered, glancing back at Alessandra, "You okay there, Shaky?"

"Happiness is overrated, Aryan," Anna breathed, draping a leg over her knee as she hugged herself, watching the scenery closely to keep herself from thinking at all.

Alessandra nodded, "Y-yeah, I think I'll be okay." she said as the hostess came to seat them at a small table near the back; Lynn helped Chloe into a chair and sat beside her before hiding her shaking hands in her lap.

Aryan bit his lip, "Happiness is everything." he said, "What did I do wrong?" he whispered without meaning to.

Caleb sat across from them, obviously not entirely blind, "What was that?" he muttered, studying Lynn closely as he gestured for Ales to sit down.

Anna swallowed hard as she turned to study him, "You cheated on me with Cecy," she muttered, "It went downhill from there."

Lynn swallowed and curled her fingers against her palms, "I'm still...scared sometimes." she breathed.

Aryan shook his head, "Yeah but we'd gotten past that, you ran away from me..?"

Caleb frowned slightly, "I'm sorry," he muttered, unsure of what else to say to her without being inappropriate.

Anna sighed, "It wasn't good," she muttered, "I wasn't ready to be with you again and when you seemed to become.. cold, I panicked. I thought everything would go back to the way they were, so I ran.."

Lynn bit her lip, "Not your problem." she muttered, trying to make the shaking stop.

Aryan sighed, "I'm sorry." he muttered.

Caleb shrugged as he leaned back in his seat, "True," he muttered, not saying anything else.

Anna bit her lip, "Don't be," she breathed, "This is better for you."

Lynn's eyes darkened for a moment, her jaw clenched and she shut her eyes, "Sometimes I hate you." she muttered and got up to storm out of the resturaunt.

Aryan smiled, "Anna, can we be friends?" he muttered softly.

Caleb sighed as she reached over to grab her arm, looking up at her with an irritated look in his eyes, "Sit your ass down," he drawled, raising a brow at her, "You don't want me chasing you."

Anna turned in her seat as she thought about those words, a saddened smile suddenly curving her plump lips, "No, Aryan," she breathed, studying him closely.

Lynnie glanced back at him to glare, silent for a moment before she sat down again; Ales pursed her lips, "It'll be okay, Lynn, it'll be fine." she said, reaching over to pat her hand.

Aryan frowned, "Why not?"

Caleb sighed as he pulled back his hand and looked between them, wondering why hurt women always were so difficult to be around.

Anna ran her fingers through her hair as she watched his face, "Because I can't stand to look at you," she breathed, "I hate seeing you so fucking happy with someone else, someone better than me. This perfect, dying, delicate little thing that you've loved since you were a kid." she smiled again, still in a sad manner, "I love you too much to stick around."

Lynn swallowed hard, "Thanks Ales." she mumbled and took a breath, her face feeling hot as Chloe looked between them, "You kay mommy?" she mumbled, looking tiny compared to her giant parents.

Aryan frowned deeply, "You know I love you Anna, I'll always love you." he said softly.

Caleb frowned slightly as he studied Chloe; still finding it a little funny that she was actually his kid as well, even though she was kind of adorable.

Anna cocked her head a bit to the side as she studied his eyes, "Can you stop the car for a moment?" she muttered.

Lynn smiled slightly, "I'm okay, baby." she said softly and bent down to kiss the top of her head, Chloe smiled, "You and daddy, kay?"

Aryan raised a brow, "You gonna run for it?"

Caleb smiled slightly to himself as he watched them, letting Lynnie answer this one as well, as if he couldn't actually talk to the kid.

Anna smiled slightly, "Maybe," she muttered, "Just pull over the car, Hawthorne."

Lynn smiled warmly, "Yeah, me and daddy are okay." she said softly and kissed her hair again.

Aryan pulled the car into a grocery store parkinglot, "I don't wanna run you down Sommers." he grumbled, teasing.

Caleb rolled his eyes, smiling still, "You should order some food," he muttered, "There's nothing less fun than hungry women."

Anna breathed a laugh, "You'd be eating dust if you tried, boy," she breathed, biting her lip as she studied his face, thinking.

Lynn bit her lip and picked up her menu, scanning the content as the waitress stopped by to get their orders.

Aryan smirked, "Why'd you wanna stop?"

Caleb nodded slightly, mostly to himself as he glanced at Alessandra, "You too."

Anna bit her lip, "I have to check something," she breathed, leaning over to steal a kiss from him before she turned to get out of the car.

Aryan grabbed her arm and pulled her towards, his lips slamming against hers in a way that felt so naturally right it was pure sin.

Anna tensed up for a moment before she kissed him back hard, relaxing some as she moved her fingers into his hair; sparks that she hadn't felt for a very long time flying through her.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 06, 2011 12:00 pm

... Lynn smiled to herself as she carried Chloe to the door, Alessandra behind her, they glanced back at Caleb, waiting for him to open the door when there was a loud noise like breaking glass, "Someone's in the house." Ales squeaked.

Aryan tangled his fingers in her hair, the scent and taste of her sending shivers down his spine.

Caleb's eyes darkened as he put the key in the door and silently pushed it open, "Stay here," he muttered, sneakily stepping into the house; studying everything as he went on his search to find the door.

Anna made a pleasurable noise against his mouth as she moved over to sit astride him, needing to be closer to him as she reached between them to feel him through his pants.

A young dark haired woman was in the kitchen, she cussed to herself as she kelt down to pick up the pieces of broken mug, she wore a mini skirt and a halter top to her thin frame, most of her skin showing.

Aryan made a pleasurable noise, feeling himself harden as he ran his fingers along the hem of her dress.

Caleb raised a brow as he sneakily went into the kitchen and leaned in the entryway, "Who the fuck are you?" he muttered, crossing his arms over the front of his black hoodie.

Anna felt her heartbeat start to rise as she undid his pants, "Car sex is really tacky," she breathed, sucking his bottom lip in between her teeth.

The young woman jumped back, slicing open her palm on a chunk of glass as she looked up at Caleb, her mouth agap, "I, uh-"
"She's with me." Eliya called, coming down the stairs into the kitchen, she studied the girl, "What happened?" she mumbled, glancing at her husband, "Oh, Caleb this is Candy Apple, Candy this is my husband Caleb."

Caleb frowned deeply, "Why aren't you at school?" he mumbled, glancing at the girl, "Aren't candied apples usually.. round?"

... Anna continued to move against her ex-husband as she bit back a scream; pleasure rumbling through her as she grabbed a fistful of his hair; for some reason wanting to make him hurt in a more pleasurable way.

Eliya took a breath, "John called with her, he wants me to help her." she smiled, "I mean, I took my test this morning and I can get the notes from my other classes online, this is what I want to do, help young women like this." she mumbled, studying his face for a moment as Candy made a noise, "Like this? What the hell does that mean?" she said, fire in her green eyes as she held her cut palm to her chest, obviously ignoring Caleb's candied apple comment.

Aryan slammed into her again, pleasure erupting in his abdomen, his heart beating against his ribcage.

Caleb pursed his lips, "That you're messed up and she wants to help you," he muttered, raising another brow at the girl before he looked at Eliya, "You sure you wanna do this, babe?"

Anna finally gave in as she screamed out his name in pleasure; afterwards bending her head to nuzzle her cheek and lips against his beard, "I like this," she breathed, "It tickles."

Eliya nodded, "I'm sure." she breathed before she moved towards Candy, "Let me see," she said, gesturing to her hand, "Get me the first aide kit, baby?" she said, glancing at Caleb.

Aryan breathed a laugh, "Yeah?" he said, rubbing his bearded cheek against hers.

Caleb wrinkled his nose, but didn't say anything as he went into the cupboards and found the kit, tossing it to his wife.

Anna smiled, his beard making her skin tingly, "Mm, it has this nice, southern sexiness to it," she breathed, kissing his jaw, "I wish I could take you with me and cuddle with your beard all night."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:43 pm

Eliya out an alcohol wipe, "It's gonna sting." she mumbled like she was talking to her little girl as she cleaned the cut, glimpsing the needle marks in the crook of Candy's arm, she didnt comment though as she bandaged up her hand.

Aryan wrapped his arms around her but he didn't reply, unsure of what to say and not wanting to ruin this moment.

Caleb raised a brow at this, but he didnt comment either as he turned to the fridge to grab a beer; hoping that his wife hadnt cleaned out the entire house.

Anna laid her head on his shoulder, shutting her eyes for a while as she inhaled his scent; trying to hold onto the feel of him inside of her still, "Do me a favor," she breathed.

Candy pulled her hand back when Eliya was done, "Thanks." she mumbled, "You got a shower?" she muttered.
Eliya nodded, "Come on, let me show you to your room." she muttered and gestured to the stairs.

"What is it?" Aryan asked softly.

Caleb cocked his head a little to the side as he watched them go before he remembered the others; smiling a bit to himself, "Come in, it's safe," he called, leaning against the counter.

Anna smiled slightly, gently kissing his earlobe, "There's a family barbecue kind of thing tomorrow, my mom wanted me to invite you and your wife," she breathed.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:47 pm

The young women stepped inside, Lynn pursed her lips, "Who was it?"

Kiran smiled, "We'd like that." he mumbled.

"A candied apple," Caleb muttered, smiling to himself.

Anna smiled slightly as she pulled back, leaning against the wheel, "Good," she breathed, studying his eyes, "You should probably get home," she said softly as she glanced over at the motel across the street.

Lynn raised a brow at him before glancing at Chloe, "Maybe daddy should lay off the alcohol before five, huh kiddo?" she smiled, teasing, comfortable and unshaky in the house.

Aryan nodded, "Yeah I need to." he muttered, trying not to let the guilt he felt in the pit of his stomach eat at him.

Caleb rolled his eyes, "Shuddup," he mumbled, taking a sip of his beer, "There's a girl called Candy Apple upstairs, hundred bucks says that she blows people for money."

Anna's smiled warmed a little, "I'll see you tomorrow," she said softly and kissed his cheek before she opened the door and slid off him, straightening her dress when she got out, "My uncle's house in Nashville, three o'clock."

Lynn pursed her lips, "Wait, there's a prostitute here?" her lips twisted like she was trying not to laugh, "Did she pop out of a cake? Why is she here?"

Aryan nodded as he fixed his jeans, "Night Anna." he muttered, revving the engine as he shut the door but waiting to make sure she got to her motel first before driving off, not going home yet, confused as hell.

Caleb shrugged, "Eliya's helping her," he said, "She broke my mug; didn't even have the decency to pop out of a damn cake."

The day after; Nashville, Tennessee.

Anna smiled to herself as she stepped out of her uncle Danny's large house, looking out over his even larger backyard where most of their family members, on her mother's side, their wives, husbands and kids were sitting by long tables, filling up most of the yard. The sound of sweet country music filled the air when Danny turned up the outdoor stereo, flipping burgers and testosterone-gathering steaks while he sipped on his beer, "Anna, get over here," he called, a wide smile on his rugged face when Anna straightened her white summer dress and began towards him, "When's your boy comin'?" he asked softly as he put an arm around her shoulders and she smiled, "He'll be here soon, but he's not /my/ boy."

"The nerve of that prostitute." Lynn mumbled, shaking her head as she tried not to giggle when Eliya came down the stairs carrying a manilla folder, "Stop it." she called down softly, a serious look on her face.

"Stop what, baby?" Caleb muttered, finishing his beer before he grinned, "What's up?"

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 07, 2011 3:32 am

Aryan pulled his car up to Uncle Danny's home, he cut the engine and studied his tiny wife in her pretty light blue summer dress, a little blue bow in her short hair, "You look beautiful." he said softly and leaned over to kiss her neck gently, "We're okay, right?" he asked softly, studying her.
Cecy smiled softly, "We're okay," she said and turned her face to kiss him before she got out of his Audi and he followed.

Eliya raised a brow at them, "Talking about Candy like that." she mumbled, placing the file on the counter, "She needs real help even if she is a prostitute."

Anna glanced up, a warm smile suddenly curving her lips as she went around to the side of the house, through the gate to the backyard where her mother stood and watched Kiran with his new wife, "They're sweet together," she said, glancing back at her daughter, as if those words had another meaning. Isabelle went forward, a warm smile on her pretty face, "Aryan."

Caleb made a face, "I'm sure she does," he mumbled, "Maybe we should get her a stripper-name generator."

Aryan looked up and smiled as he slid his arm around Cecy's waist, hugging her tight to his side, "Hey." he mumbled, studying his ex-mother-in-law, "How are you?" he breathed.

Eliya's jaw clenched as Lynnie giggled again, she reached into her manilla folder of things and threw down a photo of Candy's pretty face swollen and bloodied beyond recognition, Lynn choked on her giggle and a look of nauseated terror past over her face before she turned and ran for the bathroom.

Isabelle smiled softly at him, "I'm fine, sweetheart," she said, talking to him like she always had before she glanced down at Cecy, "You must be Cecy," she said softly, sticking her hand out as Jason Sommers came out of the house.

Caleb frowned slightly as he studied the pictures, not saying anything as he did.

Cecy smiled warmly at the woman as she took her hand, "I am, you must be Anna's pretty mama, Caden and Aryan sing you high praise Miss Isabelle." she drawled, leaning against her husband.

Eliya studied the rest of the pictures she'd laid out, she tapped the one of Candy's face, "I remember when I was fifteen and Hunter and I got into it about Kiran, he beat me just like that, I thought I was gonna die." she said softly, her throat tight.

Isabelle's smile widened a bit as she glanced at Kiran, "How sweet," she said softly, her pretty eyes shimmering as she looked back at Cecy, "I'm sure they're exaggerating, though." she gestured back towards the gate where Jason was now standing with Anna, "Well, makes yourselves at home, I'll have my nephews fix up another table."

Caleb chewed the inside of his cheek, "So, you see yourself in this girl?" he muttered, glancing up to study her eyes.

Aryan smiled warmly, grateful Isabelle was so kind, he led his new little wife towards the gate, nodding to Jason before he looked over Anna, "Hey." he said softly.

Eliya nodded, still looking at the picture, "Sometimes, I see a little girl, I see /my/ little girls, and I just want to protect them better than I protected myself." she mumbled.

Anna looked over Aryan and Cecy, knowing in the back of her mind that he went right home and spilled the beans, but she simply forced a slight smile, "Hey," she muttered and quickly turned on her heel to go find her little cousins; this being a very easy task since they all sat in black t-shirts by the same table, thinking that they looked really tough. The little wolf pack gave a howl in unison as soon as they spotted Cecy, having been doing this with all the new girls.

Caleb's jaw tightened, but he nodded, obviously not going to stand in the way of whatever his wife wanted, "Fine," he muttered, "You have my full support, Elle."

Cecy jumped a little and Aryan tightened his arm around her, "Want me to punch em?" he muttered.
Cecy rolled her eyes, "No, that would be...impolite." she said, grinning, her statement for some reason making Aryan laugh genuinly.

Eliya glanced up at him as she gathered all the photos into a pile and put them away, "Really?" she asked softly, biting her lip.

Anna laughed softly as she reached the boys' table, bending down to the oldest of her cousins; a fresh eighteen year old with bright emerald eyes and short shaggy hair, "Careful with that, boys, wouldn't want to scare her away now, would we?" she breathed when he turned his handsome face on her, "Well, she's obviously with whatshisface, so yeah, we kind of do," he said, grinning wickedly.
Anna rolled her eyes, "Fine, as long as you set up a table for 'em." she smiled more warmly at him, this actually making him get up and force the younger boys to go get a table when Alexander moved up behind Anna, glancing in Kiran's direction with a sour look.

Caleb nodded slightly, "Of course, babe," he muttered, "Whatever makes you happy."

Cecy smiled, "Dont you laugh at me." she mumbled, "I'll be right back." she said, making a face at his worried expression as she started for Anna.

Eliya smiled slightly and leaned over to kiss him, "Then be nice."

Anna made a noise as she straightened, turning around, "Alex," she breathed, a soft smile curving her lips; not even noticing Cecy before she kissed Alexander and gestured for him to go help the boys.

Caleb kissed her softly before he grinned, "I think we've had this conversation before; I'm always nice."

Cecy bit her lip and curled her fingers together, "Miss Anna?" she said softly, "Can we talk a minute in private?"

Eliya smiled, "Of course you are baby, whatever you say." she said in a teasingly patronizing way.

Anna raised a brow at her, "Uh, sure," she muttered, running over fingers through her now chocolate-brown hair as she began towards the deserted kids' table in the corner of the yard, gesturing for Cecy to follow, "What can I do for you, Cecy?"

Caleb made a face at her, "Shuddup," he muttered, glancing towards the bathrooms; suddenly wondering where the hell Lynnie went.

Cecy bit her lip harder as she followed, "I wanted to talk about Aryan, he told me what happened last night." she pursed her lips, "As a woman it makes me angry but I understand, y'all were in love and I'm sick, I can' that anymore, I know." she swallowed hard, "But this ain't even about that, I know you don't know me but I need you to promise me something, okay?" she said softly, looking up at Anna with tear filled blue eyes.

Lynn stumbled out of the bathroom, she wiped at her face, trying not to look like she been crying, she sniffled and moved towards them, "I have to talk to you about something." she said, meaning both of them as Candy came down the stairs, her wet dark hair put back into a pony, she wore a short, too-revealing little dress and there was a pink tint to her skin where she scrubbed the hell out of it.

Anna pursed her lips as she sat down, something unreadable in her eyes, "Sure," she muttered, studying her closely as she draped a leg over her knee.

Caleb frowned slightly as he briefly studied Candy, then looked back at Lynn, "What is it?"

Cecy swallowed hard as she sat down, "When I die, promise me you'll take care of him." she whispered.

Lynn glanced at Candy and forced a smile, "It can wait." she mumbled.

Cecy swallowed hard as she sat down, "When I die, promise me you'll take care of him." she whispered.

Lynn glanced at Candy and forced a smile, "It can wait." she mumbled.

Anna studied Cecy's eyes; a frown tugging on her lips, "Of course," she breathed, nodding slightly. She was quiet for a moment before she swallowed hard, "You know, you two are like.. meant to be together," she breathed, hating herself for actually meaning it, "You deserve each other, I know that now.."

Caleb chewed his lip as he nodded, glancing over at Candy again, "Come over here, Apple."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:03 am

Cecy smiled sadly, "If that were true, honey, God is cruel." she breathed, tears slipping down her cheeks.

Candy pursed her lips as Lynn disappeared to her room with Chloe, there was a wary look in Candy's green eyes as she looked between Eliya and Caleb, "What is it?" she mumbled.

Anna bit her lip, her eyes starting to glisten as she watched her face, "God has always been cruel to those who doesn't deserve it," she whispered before she swallowed hard, "Excuse me, hun," she mumbled and got up, moving her hair out of her face as she went to find Aryan.

Caleb ran his tongue over his teeth, "Are you on drugs?" he muttered, holding her gaze.

Aryan stood around, he sipped a cherry coke and tried to keep his glance from sliding towards Cecy and Anna.

Candy's hand moved to scratch the needle marks in the crook of her arm, "Yeah, I am, so?" she muttered, her jaw set tight.

Anna pinched the bridge of her nose as she quickly grabbed Aryan's arm, "We need to talk," she muttered, starting to drag him into the house.

Caleb raised a brow at her, "In case you haven't realized yet, that's not going to happen while you're here," he said, serious, "Understood?"

Aryan frowned, "What's wrong? What I do?" he muttered, letting her drag him.

Candy shrugged, "Fine." she said, still scratching her veins.
Eliya bit her lip, "Are you hungry?" she mumbled, "I can make you something to eat?" she offered.

"It's what you didn't do," Anna said as she continued to drag him inside, pulling him into the bathroom before she locked the door and took a deep breath, suddenly looking like she was in a hurry, "I have a proposition to make and I want you to hear me out."

Caleb took a breath, a little annoyed all of a sudden as he turned back to the fridge, needing another beer.

Aryan studied her face, "I'm listening." he mumbled, a little confused.

... Lynn took a deep breath, her fingers curling in the ends of her overlarged sleeping shirt, she stood outside Caleb and Eliya's door, she could hear them being cute and cuddly behind it and she thought about running away but she couldnt this time so she made herself knock.

Anna took a deep breath as she sat down on the edge of the tub, "I want you to do to Cecy what you had them do to me," she breathed, studying his eyes closely, "You guys are so.. perfect for each other. She can't die." she bit her lip, waiting for a reaction.

Caleb glanced up at the door from Eliya's boobies, frowning a little, "Come in," he called, pulling the covers over their most naughty parts.

Aryan winced visibly and shut his eyes for a moment as he sat down beside her, "I already tried." he mumbled, not opening his eyes, "She don't want it, she doesn't want to change like that, sometimes I want to be selfish and force her but I can't, I promised her I wouldn't." he said, his voice cracking.

Eliya snuggled against him as Lynn slipped inside, she leaned against the closed door and bit her lip hard, "Can we talk?"

Anna sighed, dropping her gaze to her hands as she folded them in her lap, "I'm sorry," she whispered, wanting to put her arms around him and hug him, but she couldn't; she wouldn't allow herself to, "Do you want me to talk to her?"

Caleb rubbed his face before he gestured for her to sit on the bed, "Yeah, 'course."

Aryan shook his head, "She won't listen." he muttered, looking up at her, his pretty eyes glittering, "Thank you Anna for being sweet to her, thank you." he whispered, meaning it.

Lynn sat down on the edge of the bed, her throat tightened, "I have a terrible secret." she whispered, curling her fingers together in her lap.

Anna swallowed hard, still not looking at him as she felt tears sting her eyes and she nodded slightly, a saddened smile curving her plump lips, "It's not a problem," she breathed, "She loves you so much, it's.. She's not even angry with me, I mean.. how fucking nice can you be, you know?" she mumbled, trying to be amusing even though tears had started to roll down her cheeks.

Caleb frowned a bit as he sat up, letting his wife lie beside him, "What is it, Lynn?"

Kiran smirked, "She's so damn sweet, it kills me a little." he muttered and looked over at her, "I'm sorry for every time I hurt you, I'm sorry."

Lynn looked down into her lap as her eyes teared up, "His name is Jason Armstrong and he's been raping me for the last fifteen years, he makes me go to him, he fucks me and he beats me while he says he loves me," she whispered, "He'll kill my son, he'll kill Chloe, and you and Eliya, he'll kill them if I dont show up when he tells me to."

Anna shut her eyes tight, "Don't say that," she breathed, her throat tight as unwelcome tears continued to run down her face and she leaned forward a little, cussing under her breath as she buried her face in her hands.

Caleb blinked a few times, his eyes darkening very visibly, "Why?" he breathed, studying her closely as he held his hand out to her, "Why does he do that to you?"

Aryan studied her, "Please don't cry Anna." he whispered and put his arms around her to pull her into his chest.

Lynn shut her eyes as she took his hand, "I scarred his face," she mumbled as if it was her fault, that the awful things that happened to her were all her own fault.

Anna curled her fingers in his shirt as she buried her face in his chest, "I'm sorry," she whispered, sounding like she was choking, "I'm so sorry for everything."

Caleb's jaw tightened as he reached out with his free hand to grab her arm and pull her closer to him, "Come here," he whispered, something clenching around his heart.

Aryan held her tight to him as he hushed her and stroked her hair, "It was my fault, I'm sorry." he whispered.

Lynn whimpered and moved to bury her face against his chest as a sob shook her whole frame, "He wants me tomorrow, I don't want to go." she choked out.

Anna's fingers clenched on his shirt as her body shook with the emotions she hadn't allowed herself to feel for the past six months and she shook her head, "No, Kiran," she whispered, "You didn't do anything, you were perfect," she breathed, hurt tightening around her heart.

Caleb shut his eyes for a moment as he held her tight to him, gently kissing her hair to comfort her, "You won't," he whispered, carefully stroking her back, "I'll bring Aryan here, we'll keep you safe," he breathed.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:29 am

Kiran kissed her hair, "Hush Anna, I know I aint perfect." he mumbled when he heard his Cecy scream from the backyard.

Lynn clung to him, "He'll find a way, he'll get me." she choked out, sobbing into his chest as Eliya got to her feet and moved to her closet to dress, an unreadable look on her face.

Anna flinched before she pushed herself away from him; not speaking as she quickly got up and wiped her eyes before she unlocked the door and began out to the backyard to see what was going on.

"He won't," Caleb whispered, "I promise." he looked up at his wife with a frown, "What are you doing?"

Eliya pulled on her jeans and a t-shirt, "I'ma find him and kill him." she muttered, her eyes dark as she put on her converse.

Caleb gritted his teeth, "Sit your fucking ass down, Eliya," he said seriously, carefully letting go of Lynn to get up and dress.

Aryan got to his feet and moved outside quickly, his face drawn with worry and then surprise when he saw his ex-girlfriend standing over his dying little wife, "Claudia?" he breathed, "What did you do?"

Eliya made a noise, "But..." she gritted her teeth before stomping back towards the bed to sit down.

Anna frowned slightly, but seeing another one of Aryan's women there didn't seem to affect her much as she made sure every single bit of her family went inside; deciding that she was done with this.

Caleb sighed as he pulled on his jeans, his eyes dark with some unreadable emotion, "Where does he live, Lynn?" he muttered, reaching for a black hoodie.

Lynn shook her head, "He just tells me to wait on top of the Sears Tower than he comes to get me, we helicopter to an island." she choked out.

Caleb sighed, nodding slightly, "Does he call you?"

Lynnie nodded, "No matter how many times I change my number, he finds me, he always finds me." she whispered as Eliya put her arms around her.

Caleb nodded slightly, "Give me your phone, I'm gonna find Ary," he muttered, thinking this over.

Lynn sniffled and reached into the pocket of her t-shirt to hand it to him, tears still streaming down her face as she started to shake.

Caleb took it and stuffed it into his pocket before he took a breath, "Don't open the doors without a loaded gun and don't answer the phones, understood?" he said, gravely serious, but he didn't wait for a reply as he went out of the door and disappeared to Nashville half-way to collect his best friend.

Aryan sat outside Cecy's hospital room, he had sent Claudia home not wanting to deal with her, the doctors were still with his wife; he burried his face in his hands, blaming himself and his God.

Caleb appeared right beside Aryan after a moment, frowning deeply, "Get up," he said, "We have to go."

Aryan looked up at him, his eyes glistening, "What?" he breathed, feeling weak and pathetic, "I can't leave, she'll need me."

"She'll be fine," Caleb muttered, having no idea who the hell he was talking about; he put his hand on Aryan's shoulder, "We need to get out of here, okay?"

Aryan studied him, "My wife is dying Caleb, why do I have to leave her?" he choked out.

"Because your mom needs you to stay alive," Caleb said, studying his friend closely, "I promised her nobody would get hurt, but that means you have to come with me; I'll come back for your girl when she's recovering, Eliya can take care of her from there."

Aryan nodded slowly, "Okay, okay." he muttered and got to his feet slowly, "What's wrong with my mom?"

"Ask her when we get back," Caleb muttered and grabbed a tighter hold on Aryan's shirt before he blinked them back to the apartment.

Aryan blinked slowly and rubbed his face, "Why won't you tell me straight?" he mumbled, looking so tired and so damn sad.

"Not my job," Caleb muttered as he pushed open the door to the bedroom, "Why are you so damn sad?"

Lynn got up from Eliya's arms and moved towards her boy, she pulled him into her arms before he could answer Caleb and held him tight to her, "Hey baby." she whispered, crying onto his shoulder as Eliya got up and padded towards Caleb, "Check the kids with me?" she breathed, rubbing her face.

Caleb nodded slightly, his back tensing up as he turned away from the room and began down the hall; thinking to himself.

Anna shut her eyes for a few moments as she drove on the road through the woods; it was getting dark and it already seemed like nighttime beneath the trees. Tears were silently rolling down her cheeks and she opened her eyes to look at the empty pill bottle on the passenger seat. She'd emptied it less than five minutes ago and she could feel her heartbeat rising and her hands were shaking. When she finally looked back at the road; Caleb's brunette stood a good ten feet in front of the car and Anna twisted the wheel; causing the slick car to turn hard on the wet asphalt, the Porsche lifting itself off of the road and tumbling a few times before it was crushed against a tree.

Eliya swallowed hard as she peered into all of her children's room, counting them in her head before she checked on Alessandra and Candy, "All sleeping." she breathed, running a shaky hand through her hair.

Caleb nodded again as he studied her, "Are you okay, babe?"

Eliya swallowed hard, "I've been her friend for fifteen years and I didnt even know." she whispered, her eyes shimmering.

Caleb bit his lip, "Some things you keep to yourself," he said softly, "I think this qualifies as an understandable secret."

Eliya sighed, "I know but I just...its Lynn, she's the strongest woman I know." she whispered, shaking her head.

Caleb thought about this for a moment before he opened his mouth to say something comforting; his own cell-phone cutting him off. He took it out of his pocket and studied the screen for a moment before picking up, "Isabelle?"

Eliya frowned and watched him, wondering what else could wrong in a night.

Caleb listened for a moment before his eyes widened a little and he looked at his wife, an almost apologetic look coming into his eyes, "I'm sorry, Isabelle, I'll be there soon," he breathed before he hung up.

"What happened?" Eliya asked softly, worry in her pretty eyes, "Where are you going?"

Caleb swallowed hard as he studied her eyes, "Anna's dead," he whispered, praying to God that Aryan wasn't listening.

Eliya felt her heart stop for a moment, "What?" she breathed, her throat closing up as she clutched at her chest, "What?" she squeaked.

Aryan sat with his mother, listening to her when his phone rang, he swallowed hard and picked up, "Hello?" he breathed.
"Mr. Hawthorne, you need to come back to the hospital." Dr. Warren Beal said into the phone.
"Why? What's wrong?" Kiran muttered, getting to his feet.
"Your wife is dead." He said softly.

Caleb took a deep breath, a frown creasing his forehead, "I'm sorry, baby," he breathed, "They found her car in the woods in Nashville."

Eliya made a noise as tears started down her face, "No, no, no, she can't be dead, she can't be." she squeaked as Aryan stumbled out of their bedroom, "Oh god, you have to tell him."

Caleb swallowed hard as he looked towards Aryan, dropping his arm to his side, "Kiran," he breathed, the apologetic look suddenly becoming a little pained.

Aryan looked up at him, "What?" he muttered, distracted, looking pained, wanting to get to the hospital.

Caleb swallowed hard, "Anna's dead," he breathed, unsure of what else to tell him as he ignored the sound of someone knocking on the door.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:05 am

Aryan blinked slowly, "No, no, no." he whispered, his knees giving out as he burried his face in his hands, shaking with a sob.

Caleb shut his eyes for a moment as he leaned against the wall, "I'm sorry, man," he breathed, pinching the bridge of his nose to keep this from getting to him.

Eliya felt a sob bubble up from her lips as she watched Aryan break down in front of her.

... Eliya slipped out the front door and headed towards her black Mercedees and slid in; she brought the engine to life and peeled out of her driveway towards the city to pick up Candy, her distressing words still in her ears. It was a good fourty-five minutes until she pulled up to the rickety looking apartment building, she cut the engine and ran for the door. Eliya weaved through a crowd full of prostitutes, pimps, and drug dealers to the back room Candy had indicated, she knocked softly, "Baby its me, open up." she called.
Candy opened the door to let her in, her eyes were bloodshot and tears were streaming down her bruised face, "I can't do this, I need help, I need it." she choked out, throwing her arms around Eliya, "Help me." she breathed.
Eliya hugged her back, "It'll be okay, let's go home, come on, let's go." she whispered and kept an arm around her shoulder as she started towards the exit, trying to shove through the crowd, she didnt see the gun, she just heard the sudden, loud pop...
Officer Henery Stanton pulled up to the Walker residence, he rung his meaty hands as he started for the door, he knocked, a sick feeling in his stomach.

... Aryan licked the blood from his lips as he cocked his pretty head to study his work, two women, beautiful and so very dead, but the empty feeling was unsatisfied, he wanted more, he needed it, he was a monster after all. Aryan started down the dark street, he stuffed his hands in his pockets and kept his head low as he moved towards the nearest tavern.

Caleb made a noise to himself as he started for the door; half a glass of whiskey in his hand. He was a little tipsy and had been waiting for his wife to come back for quite some time, a smile tugging on his lips as he pulled open the door, expecting it to be his woman.

Anna breathed a sweet, recognizable laugh as she leaned back against a broad-shouldered, dark skinned man in front of the bar. She was outside, smoking a cigarette in her tight, high-waist white shorts and her white, strapless corsage that had her boobies looking amazing; she'd accompanied her little outfit with black wedges and a short leather jacket, looking beautiful as ever with her dark curls hanging loose.

Officer Stanton took a breath, "Mr. Walker? There's been a shooting downtown, your wife was shot, down in that part of town its surprising anyone called the ambulance at all." he muttered.

Aryan ran his fingers through his hair as he reached the bar, he looked over Anna, his gaze unfocused, "I reckon you come to haunt my miserable ass?"

Caleb's smile slowly faded as he studied the officer, a worried frown creasing his forehead, "Is she okay? Where is she?"

Anna breathed another sweet laugh as she moved towards him, a warm look in her pretty eyes, "Do I feel dead to you, Aryan?" she breathed, taking his hand to let him feel her up.

"She in ICU being worked on, doc says the bullet pierced a lung." Officer Stanton said, "I'd be glad to give you a ride to the hospital?" he offered.

Aryan ran his hand from her breasts to her ass where he gave her a squeeze, "Maybe I'm dreamin' then?"

Caleb blinked slowly before he nodded, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Uh, yeah, thanks," he mumbled, putting his glass down and grabbing his keys.

Anna pursed her lips as she ran her hands up his chest, "You've killed tonight," she breathed, looking up into his eyes as she leaned into him.

Officer Stanton waddled out to his police car and slid in behind the wheel, he turned on the engine and flicked on the lights, feeling generous and wanting to get this young man to his young wife.

Aryan smiled, "I've killed every night since you died." he said softly.

Caleb quickly followed after him and slid into the passenger seat, looking confused; as if he hadn't fully understood what the hell had just happened. He knew he should have made her stay home in bed.

Anna smiled warmly at him, unsure if she should find this sweet or disturbing, "Take me home, Aryan, make me real," she breathed, running her fingernails back down his chest.

Officer Stanton pulled out of their driveway and roared down the street, his tires eating pavement, legal as long as the lights were on, he pulled up to the hospital in fifteen and cut the engine, "Go on, son." he said.

Aryan bent his head and kissed her roughly, "You taste real." he breathed, disappearing to his bachelor-styled penthouse apartment.

Caleb sat there for a second, just processing the last bit of everything before he looked at Officer Stanton, "Thank you," he breathed, realizing that he'd never thanked a cop before, before he jumped out of the car and ran into the hospital to find his woman.

Anna moistened her lips, tasting him as she looked around the apartment, "Pussy magnet," she breathed, smiling to herself as she pushed away from him and let her leather jacket drop from her shoulders.

Candy looked up at Caleb and jumped to her feet, "Mr. Walker?" she called, sniffling, "She just got out of surgery, the doc says she's stable." she choked out, pointing to a room down the hall.

Aryan grinned crookedly, "Well, I try." he breathed, studying every inch of her.

"What happened?" Caleb muttered, suddenly seeming a lot clearer as his jaw tightened; trying to bury the sudden urge to strangle the life out of her.

Anna smiled sweetly at him as she began backing, kicking off her wedges as she did, "You've done well for yourself, baby," she breathed, backing on bare feet now as she reached back to grab the zipper to her shorts, "How about you chase me this time?"

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:17 pm

Candy sniffled, "I called her to come get me from a party, a stupid party, I got wasted and I just realized I wanted to get help, I aint wanna live like that no more, you know? So Elle, she came and got me and we was leaving thats when Big Mike pulls out his gun and starts firing, one of them hit her and she just collapsed, there was so much blood..." she shut her eyes, "So I called nine-one-one."

Aryan grinned, shrugging out of his jacket, "I think I'll be able to catch you."

Caleb took a breath, "I thought I told you that you were done with drugs," he said, sounding almost disappointed, like he was speaking to one of his own kids before he headed down to Elle's room.

Anna breathed a laugh, "No rules," she breathed, leaving her zipper for now as she turned on her heel and broke into a run down his hallway.

Eliya lay in her uncomfortable hospital bed, she was hooked up to wires and she looked so small and pale with her eyes shut.

Aryan kicked off his shoes and moved after her quickly, wrapping his arms around her waist and carrying her towards his bedroom.

Caleb studied his little wife with a pained expression on his handsome face when he went into her room, his fingers clenching into fists, "Ellie," he breathed, his heart clenching as he moved to her side.

Anna made a noise as she reached up to grab a fistful of his hair and jerk on it, "You're cheating, Aryan," she breathed, a perfect smile curving her lips and proving how much she wanted this.

There were a few seconds of silence and then Eliya inhaled deeply and made a pained noise like it hurt to breathe, "I went to a seminar...about this last week... Woman got shot in the they were trying to weed out...the who could face it... Thought I'd be better than that...more careful..." she breathed, opening her eyes to look up at him, "It hurts."

Aryan slammed her down on his bed and undid his shirt before he grabbed her wrists in one hand and pinned her as he spread her legs to get between them and rip apart what was left of her clothes.

Caleb gently took her hand, a saddened smile on his lips, "A rookie mistake," he breathed, studying her closely, "You'll be fine, babe."

Anna made a pleasurable noise as she spread her legs more for him, jerking her hands as if she was testing his grip, "Does your plan end here?" she breathed, grinning wickedly at him.

Eliya smiled slightly, "How's Candy?" she mumbled, curling her fingers around his.

Aryan grinned and bit her mouth, tightening his grip as he got the rest of clothes off and slid his fingers between her legs.

"I think she feels a little guilty," Caleb said softly, squeezing her hand a little, "She wants to be better."

Anna tilted her head back as she pressed her plump lips together to suppress a moan, "Does this feel real enough?" she breathed.

Eliya smiled slightly, "She wants help." she mumbled, something prideful in her eyes as the door opened a little and Candy stepped inside, "Hey Cand-"
"It's Alyssa." Candy said softly, "My real name is Alyssa Sullivan." she breathed, moving towards them slowly.

Aryan smiled, "I think I need to do more of an examination..." he breathed, kissing her neck as he teased her.

Caleb's smile seemed to warm up a little as he studied her, "So, I can't tease you with them candied apples anymore?" he muttered.

Anna shivered as every inch of her body seemed to tighten up and she made little pleasurable noises while she twisted her fingers, wanting him more than anything in that moment, "Aryan, don't tease me," she breathed, something pleading in her voice.

Alyssa shook her head, smiling sadly, "I was called Candy Apple because my stepdad said I had a sweet candy apple ass before he put me to work on the streets at fourteen." she said, swallowing hard, "And relapsed because today is my little girl's birthday and she died two years ago when I started using." she choked out.

Aryan continued to move his fingers inside her, "But I want to hear you beg."

Caleb nodded slightly, "I'm sorry," he said, actually meaning it for once.

Anna whimpered his name as she pressed her knees together, "Pleeeeeease," she breathed, her pretty lips pulling into a pout as she rubbed her cheek against his beard, "Please, let me feel you inside me," she whispered, a pleasurable tint to her words.

Eliya nodded, "Me too." she said and reached for hand with her free one, "What was her name?" she asked gently.
Alyssa sniffled and squeezed her hand, "Jaylyn." she breathed, "She was beautiful, my light."

Aryan moved his fingers and unzipped his jeans before he slid himself inside her....

Caleb ran his thumb over Ellie's knuckles, smiling a bit to himself as he studied their hands, but he said nothing, simply listening.

.. Anna arched her back as pleasure rumbled in her abdomen and made her shudder; she moaned his name as she curled her fingers in the sheets, feeling blissfully sore.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 07, 2011 5:23 pm

Eliya smiled softly, "You know she'll always be with you Alyssa, she's yours forever, even if you can't see her just yet." she said, trying to be comforting and loving, something this girl had never had.
Alyssa shook her head, tears dripping down her face, "I forgot what she looks like, the drugs helped me see her but now she's just gone."
Eliya shook her head, "Oh sweetheart, I'll help you find her again."

Aryan slammed into her roughly again before burrying his face against her breasts, pleasure filling every part of him.

Luis pushed open the door to his study and froze, "What are you doing here?" he breathed.
Claudia glanced up at him, her blue eyes shimmering like sapphire, her thick brown hair hung around her face in one of her more modern looks, she leaned back in his leather spinning chair revealing the bodice of a tight black dress, she draped a leg over her knee, black stiletto heels on her feet; the gorgeous creature held a photo album in her lap, her plump red lips curved into a smile, "You favor your new stepson, why? Which dead son does he remind you most of?" she breathed, running her nails along the page of Luis's memories, "Is it Willem? No, too easily crushed, perhaps its Meir? No, too easily burned, or sweet little David? Too pathetic, what about Marin? Too weak." she said cruelly, her eyes melting into the dark blue of the churning ocean during a storm, "I know, he reminds you of your first born, doesn't he? What was the little monster's name? Cain, yes, he reminds you of Cain, you won't be able to redeem yourself through this boy, Aloysius, he'll crumble to his own monstrosity." she hissed.
Luis felt rage boil in the pit of his stomach and he /moved/ towards her, stopping in his tracks as if he hit a brick wall, he stumbled to his knees, Claudia clenched her fist sending a wave of pain through him, "Did you mean to strike me Aloysius? I, one of the first of our kind?" she breathed, cocking her pretty head at him, "I wonder if the boy will be a good replcement for Aryan, I think I'll pay him a visit, what do you think Luis?"
Luis gnashed his teeth together, "Don't go near him, Circe, I swear if you hurt him or his family-"
"You'll what?" She breathed, running her nails along his cheek to draw blood, "Kill me?" she smiled, "You can't." she whispered and licked the tips of her bloody fingers, "Tata Aloysius, say hello to your new wife for me and those delicious new twins of yours." she muttered and disappeared.

Caleb chewed the inside of his cheek as he looked between them; suddenly deciding that he was more in the way at the moment. He smiled, almost lovingly so as he brought Eliya's hand to his lips and kisses her knuckles before he left the room to find a vending machine.

Anna lowly whimpered his name, a mixture of pain and pleasure settling in her abdomen as she shut her eyes; tightening around him to let his body destroy her mental image of James' and Rebecca's maker; she winced, visibly so at the thought, "I missed you, Aryan," she panted, a few curls sticking to her damp forehead.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:07 pm

Aryan kissed her breasts, "I missed you too." he breathed, rubbing his beard against her to tickle.

Anna shivered, a warm smile playing on her lips as she ran her fingers through his hair, "Do you want me to stay?" she breathed, studying him curiously.

... Eliya settled back into her own pillows, making little noises of pain before she looked up at her husband, smiling despite the ache in her side, "Does this mean I get to stay home from school tomorrow?" she mumbled, trying to be amusing.

Aryan lifted his head to study her face, "Yes, I want you to stay." he said softly and kissed her hard.

Caleb smiled slightly as he sat down on the bed, "Yeah, I think you have a decent excuse," he breathed, "Do you want something from the kitchen?"

Anna smiled against his mouth as she put her arms around his neck, "Mm, can I watch you kill?" she breathed, sucking his bottom lip in between her teeth.

Eliya thought a moment, "Just some water." she mumbled and studied him, "I love you." she said softly.

Claudia sat on their kitchen counter looking ever beautiful in a silk ivory Marchesa dress and diamonded studded LV pumps, she ran her fingers through her straightened dark hair, she cocked her pretty head to the side to listen to every heart pumping blood into veins, she shivered and licked her lips.

Aryan kissed her neck, "Are you sure?"

Caleb sighed as he dropped his hoodie onto the couch before he padded into the kitchen; rubbing his bare chest. A frown tugged on his lips as his eyes finally found Claudia and he wrinkled his pretty nose, "Who the hell are you?" he mumbled, frankly starting to get a little annoyed with all these strange women popping up in his kitchen.

Anna shivered as she made a pleasurable noise, nodding, "I'm sure," she breathed, wanting more of him.

Claudia's lips curved into a soft smile, "I'm a friend of Luis's, call me Claudia." she breathed sweetly, "I heard about your poor wife, have you killed them yet?" she asked softly, a sympathetic look crawling over her beautiful features.

Aryan moved deeper inside her, "All right, soon." he breathed, biting her chin.

Caleb raised a brow at her, but decided that a friend of Luis' was a friend of his, "No, not yet," he muttered, moving to grab a bottle of vodka from the freezer.

Anna tilted her head back, a dreamy smile on her lips as she ran her nails down his back, drawing blood, "Mm, that would make me happy," she breathed.

Claudia cocked her head to the side, "And why not?" she breathed, "They all deserve it, they're nothing but scum on the heels of our prey." she muttered.

"What else would make you happy?" Aryan breathed.

Caleb smiled slightly, "I'm still trying to think of the perfect method," he breathed, pouring both of them a glass before he held one out to Claudia, "Why are you here?"

Anna gently bit his mouth as she studied his eyes, "You," she breathed, moving her hips against him to tease, "I've been so lonely without you, Aryan."

Claudia smiled and studied the liquid in her glass, "Honestly, I wanted to meet the boy whom Luis found so favorable as to call him son." she breathed, tasting the vodka on her tongue.

Caleb took a sip of his drink as he leaned against the counter, studying her face, "I suppose he has to as long as he's making babies with my mother," he said, shrugging a bit.

Claudia shook her head, "Luis doesn't have to do anything unless he wants to, he could have killed you, most men would kill the sons of other men." she mused, taking a longer sip as she cocked her head to the side, "What makes you so special?"

Aryan studied her, heat rumbling in his abdomen, "Just me?"

Caleb shrugged a little, a smile curving his handsome lips, "Why don't you ask him?"

"What else?" Anna breathed, studying his face when a wicked smile curved her lips, "Sex-wise, I could always go for your uncle as well," she muttered, teasing to get a reaction out of him.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:27 am

"I have but he won't tell me." Claudia breathed, her plump lips curving into a pout, "But I wonder..." she muttered, looking distant for a moment before she smiled, "Would you like to take a field trip with me Caleb?"

Aryan's eyes darkened, "Don't." he muttered, studying her eyes.

Caleb pursed his lips as he finished his glass, "Sure," he muttered.

Anna's eyes darkened a little as she studied his face, "Don't what?" she breathed, "Can't I tease you anymore, baby?"

Claudia moved to her feet and placed the glass on the counter before she pressed her body against his and wrapped an arm around his waist, "Close your eyes." she breathed.

Aryan bit her chin, "Not about that."

Caleb studied her eyes for a moment, his own darkening with an unreadable look as he did as he was told; not really minding how close the pretty lady was.

Anna's plump lips pulled into a pout, "But I like it when you're all jealous and rough on me," she breathed, heat starting in her abdomen.

Claudia /moved/, it was faster than any vampire could have, she vibrated with power as she ascended into the darkness of the sky; there were a few moments before she touched ground again in the center of a large marble palace, the sky above them, the night lit by several flaming torches, she took his hand and moved forward into the rooms of the place, "Open them."

Aryan moved against her roughly, "You wouldnt like it all the time."

Caleb opened his eyes again, blinking a few times to get the blurriness away before he looked around them, studying everything, "So, what are we doing here?" he breathed.

Anna curled her fingers in the sheets, sensitive tingles shooting up her nerves as she made a pleasurable noise, "I'd love it if you were more possessive of me," she breathed, smiling as she shut her eyes, "The idea of you being the only man allowed to touch me is.. tempting."

Claudia smiled back at him sweetly, her blue eyes darkening to the color of melted sapphire, "I want to...see something." she breathed.

A smile tugged on Caleb's lips as he studied her face, suddenly noticing how goddamn beautiful she was, but he said nothing as he let her lead him.

Claudia led him towards her bedroom and pushed open the large door to reveal three young women sleeping in her king-sized bed, "Look at them, so soft and fragile, like lambs." she breathed, /moving/ to stand behind him, she ran her fingers along his chest and abdomen, "Are you a wolf Caleb?" she whispered, sliding her fingers into his jeans.

Caleb shut his eyes for a moment as his shoulders tensed, knowing that a married man in his right mind would bitch-slap this lady and get the hell out of there, but instead he exhaled; opening his pretty, green eyes again, "I have my moments," he breathed, studying the girls closely.

Claudia leaned against his back, "Will you be a wolf now? Kill them." she breathed, sliding her fingers into his jeans to grasp him.

Aryan moved against her again, "Its the only way, just mine." he breathed.

Caleb's body tensed even more as he felt himself harden by her touch, "How do you want it?" he breathed, knowing that this had more than one meaning in his state of mind.

Anna breathed his name as she dug her nails into his shoulders; wanting him to bleed. She moved her head to the crook of his neck and pressed her lips to his skin, "I love you," she whispered.

Claudia shivered, "I want it bloody." she breathed, running the tips of her nails along his length.

Aryan pressed deeper into her, "I love you more." he whispered.

Caleb ran his tongue over his teeth as he felt the switch flip and he wrapped his fingers around her wrist, taking her hand out of his jeans before he moved forward, silently moving over one of the girls before he bent his head to her ear; a low growl erupting from his throat.

Anna's lips parted as she gasped, tilting her head back against the pillows as a piercing pain burst in her abdomen, "It hurts," she breathed, shutting her eyes.

Claudia ran her tongue over her teeth as she watched, lust and hunger twisting in her belly.

Aryan kissed her gently, "Love hurts." he said and slammed into her roughly.

Aaand this is where Caleb very viciously and so much more like the old Caleb, began ripping these poor girls apart.

Anna gritted her teeth hard to keep herself from screaming as she arched her back, "You're right," she whimpered, moving her hand to wrap her fingers around his throat, squeezing as she used her other hand to slap him hard across the face; knowing that this would merely aggravate him.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:43 am

Claudia shivered, inhaling deeply the crisp sent of blood staining her bed sheets, she slid out of her heels and lifted the hem of her ivory dress as she climbed onto the bed, aching, "Caleb?" she breathed, wanting.

Aryan growled and pinned her hands above her head again, "Don't hit me." he said through his teeth, "Ever."

Caleb straightened as he stood on his knees, studying the lifeless girls as thin ribbons of blood dripped from his chin onto his bare chest and he looked back at her; his pretty eyes shimmering when he flashed a perfectly bloody smile.

Anna breathed a sweet laugh, "Or what?" she mumbled, wrapping her legs around his waist.

Claudia leaned forward and ran her tongue along his chest, licking up the blood, she kissed his neck and chin before licking his mouth, shivering.

Aryan bit her mouth hard, "I'll kill you."

Caleb licked his teeth as he studied her for a moment, thinking about this for a second before he wrapped an arm around her waist and pressed her against him, "I need to have you," he breathed, slamming her onto the bloody bed before he moved over her, kissing her hard.

Anna slowly ran her tongue over her lips as she studied his eyes, "You wouldn't hurt me," she breathed, moving her face to kiss his lower lip.

Claudia made a pleasurable noise as she kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue against his mouth, wanting a thorough taste as she slid her dress up to reveal she had on absolutely nothing underneath.

"Are you sure?" Aryan breathed, slamming into her brutally.

Caleb made a noise, his lips parting as he slid his tongue against hers; not wasting any time as he reached between them to unzip his jeans, spreading her legs further, eager to feel her insides.

Anna bit back another scream as she jerked against his hold, "Fuck," she whimpered, shutting her eyes tight as she felt more intense warmth between her legs.

Claudia made a more pleasurable noise, wanting to feel him more than anything.

Aryan slammed into her again, roughly, brutally, "Scream for me."

Caleb growled low in his throat as he pushed down his jeans; a moment passing before he grabbed her hips and slid his tip into her, shivers running up his spine.

Anna finally gave in and she screamed; pain wrecking through her and she shuddered with it, turning her face away from his as tears stung her pretty eyes.

Claudia shivered and moved her hips, wanting to feel all of him, heat dancing through her veins as dug her nails in his lower back.

Aryan made a noise, "Are you crying?" he muttered, his eyes dark and unreadable as he stopped moving.

Caleb gritted his teeth as he slammed into her roughly, digging his fingers into her hips as he moved his head to her neck, biting the skin.

Anna gritted her teeth, "No," she breathed, opening her wet eyes to look at him, suddenly looking a lot more innocent than she had five minutes ago, "I think I'm bleeding."

Aryan made a noise and got off of her, "Go clean yourself up." he muttered.

.. Caleb slammed into her a last time, brutally so; pleasure bursting in his abdomen and making its way up his spine, making him shudder with it as he breathed her name, burying his face against her breasts.

Anna made a noise as she sat up, frowning a bit, "What time is it?" she mumbled, briefly glancing at him as she got up and headed for his bathroom.

Claudia moaned his name, pleasure tingling in all of her nerves as she held him against her, her nails raking up his back.

Aryan shrugged and fixed his pants as he left his room to get a drink.

Caleb kissed her breasts, a dark look in his pretty eyes as he glanced up at her, "Damn, you're pretty," he breathed, moving to kiss her mouth.

Anna sighed as she went into his bathroom to shower. A few minutes passing before she came back out, a towel wrapped around her as she went out and found her leather jacket, "Aryan?" she called, frowning as she checked the time on her cell and padded back into the bedroom to put on her clothes.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:46 am

Claudia bit his lower lip, sucking it between her fangs, "I think I'm going to like you Caleb." she breathed, moving her hips against him slowly, liking that feeling of heat and pleasure and blissful soreness.

Aryan poured himself a glass of whiskey, "Here." he called from the kitchen.

Caleb grinned against her mouth, tingles running through him, "Most women do," he breathed, pressing himself deeper into her.

Anna made a quick shimmy into her tight little shorts, happy to see that they were still intact. She left her corsage on the bed and put her leather jacket on instead, zipping it as she went into the kitchen, a smile playing on her lips as she studied him, "I gotta go," she said softly, "This was.. fun."

Claudia shuddered with delight as she tightened around him, still trying to keep a slow, pleasurable rhythm with her hips, "Do you want to fuck me again?" she breathed, the words seeming especially dirty coming from her plump lips.

Aryan nodded but he didn't look at her, "Bye Anna." he said softly and turned his back to her.

"I never wanna stop," Caleb breathed, holding onto her hips tight as he bit her chin.

Anna raised a brow at him, suddenly wanting to punch him in the back of his head, but she said nothing as she turned on her heel to leave, picking up her wedges as she went.

Claudia smiled sweetly as she tangled her fingers in his hair and yanked his head up to study his eyes, "You can have me whenever you want me." she breathed, moving her head to nip at his neck.

"Tempting," Caleb breathed, smiling a bit to himself as he shut his eyes, basically letting her do whatever she wanted with him, "Did you find out what was so special about me?"

"That and many other things." Claudia muttered, rolling them over so she was on top of him, moving her hips against him as she ran the fine point of her fangs along his throat before sinking her teeth into him.

Caleb gritted his teeth, obviously not very used to being the one being bitten as he ran his hands up her stomach to cup her breasts, "Like what?" he breathed.

Rebecca smiled to herself as she stood in the Walker's living room, curiously studying the pictures of their beautiful, little family. She found it funny, being able to see what they believed to be the leader of their Russian counterpart, all happy and loving with his pretty, little wife. She shrugged it off before she began upstairs, the only sound she gave being the clicking of her leather boots.

Claudia drank a little before she pulled back to lick his throat, "You're strong, beautiful, you feel amazing between my legs, and there's a monster inside of you, I feel him and I want you like that, monstrous, watching you kill those girls made me ache like I've ached for no man," she whispered.

Caleb breathed a soft laugh as he grabbed her hips again, lifting her a little before he slammed into her brutally hard, "You haven't seen nothin' yet, love," he breathed, his eyes dark as he watched her.

Claudia shivered, pleasure and pain colliding in her abdomen, "Are you going to make me bleed?" she breathed, running her nails down his chest.

Caleb moved to pin her beneath him before slamming into her, harder and deeper now; he smiled, "Until you're begging me to stop."

Rebecca stood in the Walker's living room, curiously studying the pictures of their beautiful, little family. She found it funny, being able to see the leader of their Russian rival counterpart, all happy and loving with his pretty, little wife. She shook it off and began upstairs, the only sound she gave being the clicking of her boots.

... Claudia screamed his name, arching her back as pleasure and pain rippled through her abdomen, up her spine, and every other nerve ending in her body, her heart slammed into her ribcage and she dragged her nails up his back to make him bleed.

Eliya had started to doze off waiting for her husband to return with a glass of water, she wondered what the hell could be making him take so long while at the same moment wondering if the painkillers were making her brain turn to mush and maybe it hadn't been long att all.

Caleb slammed into her a final time as hard as he possibly could; loving how she screamed for him. The mixture of pleasure and pain burst inside of him and tightened every muscle in his body as he exhaled hard, his heart slamming into his ribcage, "Holy shit," he panted, a satisfied smile on his handsome face as he ran his fingers through his damp hair.

Rebecca pursed her plump lips as she leaned in the entryway of Eliya's bedroom, crossing her arms over her surgically enhanced breasts, "Hello Eliya," she breathed, smiling pleasantly.

Anna sighed as she dropped her arm to her side; the warm gun in her hand still having her fingers a little shaky as she studied the body of Dominic Beria, head of the Russian counterpart of CIA, also called KGB. She smiled a little as her gaze went over his dead wife, lying peacefully next to him and she felt proud; not only for doing this correctly but because she had left the children alive, sound asleep in their room next door. She quickly shook it off before she pulled on her hood and began out of the hotel.

Claudia screamed for him again, tingly and blissfully fucking sore, she held him tight against her, liking the way their sweat slicked skin stuck together, a dreamy smile curved her lips, "Amazing. So goddamn incredible." she breathed.

Eliya blinked slowly, "Who are you?" she breathed, sitting up slowly, a pain in her side that meant the painkillers were wearing off.

Caleb's breath came out in pants, his smile never leaving his lips, "I try, baby, I try," he breathed, gently kissing her bloody throat in the places where he had bitten her.

Rebecca pushed away from the doorway and shut the door, still smiling as she slowly began towards her, "My name is Rebecca," she said softly, "I'm here to give you a message."

Claudia ran her fingers over his back and hair as she shut her eyes, tilting her head back, "I like it when you bite me." she breathed.

Eliya sat up straighter, blinking the sleep from her eyes as she watched Rebecca, "What's the message?" she muttered, reaching under her pillow for the harpee knife hidden there.

Caleb smiled against the crook of her neck, slowly willing his canines out, "I know," he breathed, letting the teeth sink back into her flesh.

Rebecca smiled, almost sympathetically, "Tell your husband to disband the Hezhit," she breathed, "And in case he refuses, tell him that I've seen your beautiful children and I know where they sleep."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:38 am

Claudia moaned, shudders of pleasure running through her as she tightened herself around him.

Eliya felt her back tense up and she knew her eyes were darkening, "Who the Hell do you think you are?" she muttered, gritting her teeth.

Caleb growled low in his throat as he bit down harder, holding onto her tight as he drank from her; realizing how much he'd missed the taste, the feeling he got. He pressed himself so deep into her that it would hurt most women before he pulled back a little, taking a deep breath as he licked his lips.

Becca smiled, "Someone you should be very wary of, sweetheart," she said softly and patted Eliya's leg before she got up, "Don't forget it." and then she disappeared.

Anna took a deep breath as she had finally arrived at Aryan's place; gathering up the courage to face him before she knocked on his door.

Claudia let out another noise that was part pain and more pleasure, she kissed his mouth and chin and nipped at his neck.

Eliya got to her feet quickly and moved into the hall to check on all the children, just to ease her mind when agony moved up her side, she made a noise and pressed her hand to it, swallowing hard when she could feel warm blood against her fingers from the stitches had ripped open, her lids fluttered and she dropped to her knees.

Aryan got up from his couch, slightly drunk as he padded towards the door and pulled it open.

Caleb made a noise, "I need a shower," he breathed.

Anna blinked a few times as she looked up at him, a warm smile slowly curving her lips, "Hey," she breathed, obviously happy to see him.

Claudia bit his neck, "I can take you one?" she breathed and licked his throat.

Aryan studied her, "Hey." he said softly, "You okay?"

Caleb grinned, "I can't have your scent on me, Claudia," he breathed, pulling back some more to study her eyes, seemingly still in awe over how beautiful she was.

Anna nodded slightly, "Yeah," she mumbled, biting her bottom lip, "Can I come in?"

Claudia pouted, "I like my scent on you." she breathed and kissed him sweetly.

Aryan nodded and gestured for her to come in, "Want a drink?"

Caleb smiled, "I like it too, but my wife won't," he breathed, gently biting her bottom lip.

Anna nodded slightly, "I'd love one," she breathed, getting on her toes to kiss his chin in greeting before she stepped inside.

Claudia kissed his lower lip, "In my time a man could claim all the women he wanted without fear of prosecution or jealous wives." she mumbled, smiling softly, "I'll find you something to wear so your wife won't be angry." she breathed.

Aryan bit his lip but didnt say anything as he got her a drink, "Why the fuck did you cry?" he muttered, his jaw clenching.

Caleb smiled, stealing another kiss from her pretty lips as he got off of her, "Thanks, dahlin," he breathed.

Anna blinked slowly as she sat down on his couch, frowning slightly, "What?" she mumbled, swallowing hard.

Claudia studied him before she slid out of bed, wrapping the bloody sheet around her as she moved towards her dressers to find a suitable pair of jeans and shirt for her lover.

Aryan kept his eyes on her, "You were crying, what the hell?"

Caleb got off the bed, quite comfortable in his nakedness as he padded out of the room and went to find a place to shower; suddenly feeling the urge to go home and sleep.

Anna bit her lip as she studied his face, "It hurt," she mumbled, "I'm a girl, we cry when we're in pain, y'know."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:35 pm

Claudia found what she was looking for before she /moved/ and appeared in front of him, "Shower room is that way." she breathed, nodding towards the room to the left as she handed him his clothes.

Eliya made a pained noise as Lynn restitched her side, "Where the hell is he?" she mumbled, tears starting down her face.

Aryan made a noise, "You made me feel awful."

Caleb blinked a few times as he took the clothes, "Thanks," he muttered, a naturally charming smile curving his lips as he turned and went to the room she suggested.

Anna bit her lip, "I didn't mean to," she breathed, watching him closely, "How can I make it up to you?"

Claudia smiled to herself as she left him to his shower, she wanted to keep the smell of him on her skin for just awhile longer as she started into her closet.

Aryan shrugged, pouting slightly as he sat down, "I dunno..."

Caleb pursed his lips as he studied himself in the mirror for a moment; a wicked smile curving his lips as he looked over the marks after her nails; another moment passing before he went into the shower.

Anna pursed her lips as she leaned back against the couch, "Want a lap dance?"

Aryan pursed his lips, "Might help..."

... Caleb appeared in their living room, his back itching as the wounds healed, "Elle, I'm home," he called, moving into the kitchen to get some booze.

Anna smiled softly, getting to her feet, "You think a happy ending would make it better?" she breathed, taking out her cell to put on Nine Inch Nails' Closer.

Lynn glanced towards the bedroom door as she finished the last stitch, "We're up here Caleb." she called as Eliya sniffled.

Aryan thought a moment, "Prolly..."

Caleb quickly poured himself a glass of ice cold vodka before he went upstairs, pushing open the door to the bedroom. He frowned a little as he studied them, "What happened?"

Anna moistened her lips as her hips automatically began swaying painfully slow to the music, holding his gaze as she began unzipping her leather jacket.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:22 am

Eliya looked up at him and explained everything through a fit of tears, she sniffled, "Where the hell were you? What the hell is going on?"

Aryan cocked his head to watch her, leaning back in his seat to enjoy himself.

Caleb's jaw tightened, his dark eyes seemingly becoming colder, "When was she here?" he muttered, like he didn't really felt like answering her questions.

Anna smiled slightly as she studied his face, letting her jacket slip from her shoulders before she dropped it to the floor, purposely moving her fingertips from her breasts, down her abdomen and into her shorts, enjoying herself more than she should as she tilted her head back; still dancing for her man.

Eliya sniffled, "Not too long ago." she shrugged, rubbing her face as Lynn took her shoulders gently, "You need to sleep, no sense in getting worked up and ripping open your stitches again if Caleb's gonna take care of it, yeah?" Eliya nodded slowly and looked at him, "You'll wake me up if anything, right?" she mumbled.

Aryan bit his lip hard when a shiver crawled up his spine, the smell of her hit him before she appeared at his back, Claudia bent down to whisper in his ear, "Enjoying yourself?"

Caleb nodded slightly, "Of course, baby," he said softly, a warm smile curving his lips.

Anna jumped back the second she opened her eyes, a frown curving her pretty lips as she in a quick move had her jacket back on, not saying anything as she watched them.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:59 am

Eliya sniffled as Lynn got her to lay down, "I love you." she mumbled as Lynn slid a sedative needle into her vein and she drifted into sleep.

Claudia smiled sweetly at Anna, "Dont worry sweetheart, I'm not here for your man, I have a better one." she breathed moving to sit beside Aryan.

Caleb pursed his lips as he studied Lynnie, looking a bit unfocused, "Come downstairs with me?" he muttered, turning on his heel.

Anna frowned, still not saying anything as she went into the kitchen to get a drink; leaving Aryan to his business.

Lynn nodded slightly and got to her feet to follow after him, she studied the back of his pretty head, biting her lip hard.

"What do you want?" Aryan muttered, slightly miffed she'd ruined his dance.
"I need to know a few things and there is no time to ask." Claudia muttered, grabbing a fistfull of his hair, she jerked his head back and sunk her teeth into his throat, a moment later she was gone.

Caleb continued downstairs and through the living room to the kitchen, "You're looking at me funny," he muttered.

Anna pursed her plump lips as she poured herself a glass of vodka; getting him one as well before she padded back into the living room; not saying anything at all.

Lynn pursed her lips, "I was just wondering something." she breathed.

Aryan kept his head tilted back, blood dripping down his throat, a headache forming behind his eyes.

"What?" Caleb muttered, something icy in his voice as he poured himself a new drink.

Anna's frown deepened a bit as she studied the back of his head, "Aryan?" she mumbled, crawling over the armrest to sit in an Indian pose next to him.

Lynn sauntered towards him slowly, "Well, I don't what it is, love or denial, that makes us women ignore what our senses are telling us. Maybe some are just more intuned with them, you know?" she breathed, something dark and unreadable in her gaze as she turned him to face her and pinned him against the fridge with her long beautiful body, an almost cruel smile on her pretty lips as she pressed her nose to the crook of his neck and inhaled, "Like smelling the sweet scent of another woman on your skin that just one shower can't erase." she said, kissing his neck, "Or the smell of coagulating blood of a wound made by fingernails running down your back." she whispered, running her own nails along the path Claudia's had taken earlier as she rubbed herself against him just to see if she could still get him hott and bothered.

Aryan made a noise, "Yeah baby?" he mumbled, not opening his eyes.

Caleb's eyes darkened some more as he took a long swallow of his drink, savoring the sweet taste before he bent his head to hers, "Lynn?" he breathed, rubbing his nose against hers.

Anna bit her lip, "You're bleeding," she mumbled, reaching out to wipe the blood away with her palm.

Lynn looked up at him from under her lashes, "I won't tell her anything, she would never believe me if I did." she whispered, shutting her eyes as she waited for him to speak, having missed the feel of his body like this.

Aryan made a noise, "Vampires." he grumbled and glanced at her, "You okay?"

Caleb studied her pretty face, some dark feeling spreading through his chest as he moved his hand over her throat to grab the back of her neck, hard, another moment passing before he pressed his lips to hers.

Anna nodded slightly, a small smile curving her lips as she studied his throat, "I'm fine," she mumbled, leaning in to gently kiss the wound, like this would heal him right up.

Lynn felt her lips part to kiss him hard, something warm coiling in her abdomen, the itch in the back of her head screaming this was wrong drowned by a something darker, "Caleb?" she breathed against his mouth.

Aryan smiled slightly, "Are you still gonna dance?" he asked softly.

Caleb made a noise, "Shut up," he breathed, moving to turn them so that he was pressing her up against the fridge, kissing her deeply.

Anna breathed a short laugh, smiling warmly at him, "If you want," she whispered, "We could just skip straight to your blow job."

Lynn made a noise and ran her fingers through his hair as she kissed him back for a moment, she pulled back, "Shit, baby." she breathed and kissed his mouth gently, "I'm sorry." she said, repeating back to him the words she heard on their wedding day, she smiled wicked and grabbed him through his jeans before she slid out from under him and headed for the stairs, a devilish smile on plump lips.

Aryan grinned, "I like that idea better."

Caleb breathed a laugh as he turned and leaned against the fridge, "Bitch," he breathed, grabbing his drink to shoot it back.

Anna smiled softly at him, "Are you okay?" she asked softly, kissing his wound again while she unzipped her leather jacket.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:02 am

Aryan studied her, "Never better." he breathed, the wound in his neck healing all ready.

Anna moistened her lips as she watched his eyes, warmth spreading through her chest, "Kiss me?" she breathed, biting her lip.

Aryan smiled and leaned forward to kiss her deeply, "I love you." he breathed.

Anna smiled against his mouth, "I love you too," she breathed, gently kissing his mouth before she shrugged off her jacket and moved to get on her knees in front of him, undoing his pants.

.. Claudia stood outside, leaning against Caleb's car, she watched the house, listened to them sleep, the buzz of last night's blood bath made her ache for her lover, needing him in a bad way, 'Caleb,' she sent softly, sending him images of her naked, covered in blood, waiting for him, needing him, 'Wake up.'

Eliya rolled over, the sedatives wearing off, her lids fluttered open and she studied her husband beside her, it always made her smile to see him there, "Caleb," she breathed, kissing his chin, "Wake up." she mumbled, trying to ignore the pain in her side.

Aryan bit his lip hard as he watched her, feeling himself ache all ready.

Caleb made a sleepy noise, a slight smile curving his lips by the sound of his women's voices, "Mm, morning, baby," he breathed, not opening his eyes as he savored Claudia's images.

Anna glanced up at him with a slight smile before she hiked his pants down his hips, aching for him already as she bent her head to take his tip into her mouth; suckling him painfully slow as she took in more of him..

Eliya kissed his neck, "Cuddle with me?" she smiled, laying her head on his chest as Claudia continued to send images of herself, whispering to him in the most sensual way possible, 'I'm outside waiting for you, come fuck me.'

Caleb made a noise, "We can cuddle when I come back," he breathed, kissing her hair as he finally opened his eyes, trying desperately hard to think of baseball.

.. Anna made a pleasurable noise as she licked her lips, watching her man's face, "Am I forgiven?" she breathed, wanting him badly but deciding to let him have a breather.

Eliya pouted slightly, "Where are you going?" she breathed, kissing his chin again.

Caleb pursed his lips, "To get breakfast," he said softly, "I told you yesterday, baby," he breathed, trying to sound a little annoyed even though the smooth lie made him smile.

Aryan shuddered with pleasure, "Very forgiven." he breathed, shutting his eyes and tilting his head back.

Anna smiled warmly at him, "Good," she breathed, crawling into his lap to sit astride him, "You can't fall asleep, we have to do stuff."

Eliya frowned slightly, trying to think, "Oh, I'm sorry, I was really messed up on painkillers, I don't remember." she mumbled and smiled slightly, "Thas really sweet though baby."

Caleb smiled warmly, almost lovingly at her, "Only because I love you, baby," he said softly before he carefully slipped out from under her and got up to dress in black slacks and a white wife beater.

"What kind of things?" Aryan mumbled, putting his arms around her.

Anna kissed his nose, suddenly feeling all warm inside as she smiled at him, "Tearless sex, explaining why the hell Claudia was here and then you promised me I could watch you," she muttered, nodding to herself.

Eliya watched him as she pulled the covers tighter around her, "I love you more." she breathed, warmth filling her chest.

Caleb smiled back at her as he pulled on his Timberlands, "Liar," he breathed, this being his final words before he bent down to kiss her forehead and he left the room, truly hoping that he wouldn't bump into Lynn on his way out.

Claudia could feel him moving and it set fire in her abdomen, she needed him so badly she all ready ached.

Aryan smiled, "One, I'm in. Two, for information. Three, I'll let you come with me tonight."

Caleb smiled to himself as he ran his fingers over his clean-cut hair, his eyes almost paling in the sunlight as he stepped outside, the switch flipping the moment he laid eyes on Claudia and he pressed his finger to his lips, moving towards the car.

Anna smiled, "This is why I love you," she muttered, not going to press him with anymore questions.

Claudia smiled warmly, her blue eyes sparkling like blue diamonds in the sun, she curled her fingers in the hem of her blue dress, obviously prepared and not wearing anything underneath.

Caleb smiled warmly at her as he gestured for her to get into the car, himself getting in behind the wheel of the Ferrari; confident that nobody would see them this early in the morning.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:35 pm

Claudia slid into the car, she pursed her lips as she studied everything, "I've never been in one." she breathed, refering to the Ferrari, she cocked her head with childlike wonder as she scanned over everything then turned her gaze to him.

Aryan smiled, "For my charm, good looks, and company?" he mumbled.

Caleb pursed his lips, "Really?" he muttered, smiling a bit as he let the engine roar to life, for some reason wanting to impress her.

Anna smiled softly, "The sex is pretty good too," she breathed, biting her lip in a suggestive manner as she ran her fingers through his hair, "I really missed you, baby."

Claudia nodded slightly, "I don't need a car." she breathed, biting her lip, "I need you."

Aryan studied her, "I missed you too."

Caleb smiled as he pulled the car out of the driveway and began down the street, "You don't need me," he muttered, his eyes dark, "You need my dick."

Anna cocked her head a little to the side, "Can I ask you something?"

Claudia bit her lip, "No, Caleb, I need you." she breathed, something unreadable coming into her face as turned her gaze to the window.

Aryan shrugged, "What is it?"

Caleb glanced over at her, "What are you talking about?" he muttered, driving faster now.

"Why did you start killing when I.. left?" Anna mumbled, biting her lip.

Claudia smiled softly as she tilted her back against the seat, "I can't tell you all my secrets just yet." she breathed.

Aryan pursed his lips, "To fill the void."

Caleb shrugged slightly, "If the secret affects me, I think you should," he muttered, turning his gaze back on the road.

Anna moistened her lips, "Do you sleep with them?"

Claudia leaned across the seat, she placed a hand in his lap and grasped him through his slacks, "I want you for this and so much more." she breathed, kissing his neck, "I want to know you and share things with you." she whispered, still touching him.

Aryan shrugged again, "When I feel like it, why?"

Caleb took a sharp breath as he felt himself harden, biting his lip, "Fair enough," he breathed, trying so desperately hard to stay focused on his driving.

Anna shrugged slightly, "Just wondering," she mumbled, slipping out of his arms to get off him and grab her drink, taking a long swallow as she thought.

Claudia smiled softly and reached into his slacks to grasp him fully, she kissed his throat, "I want to taste you." she breathed, whispering many other naughty things into his ear.

Aryan studied her, "What's wrong?" he asked softly.

Caleb's pretty lips curved into a grin, "I'm not stopping you," he breathed, shivering.

"Nothing, baby," Anna said softly, finishing her drink before she pursed her lips, "Do you have a.. really small t-shirt?"

Claudia kissed his chin before she lowered her pretty head to take him in her pretty mouth.

Aryan frowned, "No, I don't, talk to me, what did I do now?"

Caleb made a pleasurable noise as he tilted his head back; shutting his eyes for a dangerously long moment, "Holy shit," he breathed, driving even faster now.

Anna wrinkled her nose, "You didn't do anything," she muttered, turning to walk into his bedroom.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

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