Strolling Into the Night

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Jul 12, 2011 5:55 am

"You have to, please." Eliya choked out, more blood bubbling from her lips as the sky above them began to rip open, "The kids, you have to get the kids, set them free, have to set them free..." she breathed, no longer making sense as her head lolled to the side.

Kiran pursed his lips, "It means your you but a better you, you don't fall into a category, you're just Anna."

Caleb ran his fingers over her lips, "How?" he said through his teeth, the anger dominant in his voice as he ripped the blade from her chest.

Anna smiled, "Just Anna," she breathed and swung her legs over the bed, "I like that."

Eliya gasped, "I-" the last of her breath whooshed out with the unfinished statement, her lids fluttered, and she died. Bezelbub moved forward and grabbed Caleb by the back of the neck and threw him out of the circle, turning to walk out as well when a beautiful, blinding white light ripped through the sky and desinigrated her body, then the earth split apart and the black of Hell swallowed the center, Eliya's body included; there was a boom as dark and light collided to build Jacob's Ladder, the bridge between Heaven and Hell.

Caleb scrambled to his feet; his soulless eyes wide and filled with panic, "What the fuck are you doing?" he choked, his heart pounding in his chest.

Cassiel looked back at him, a triumphant grin lighting up her pretty face, "Isn't it beautiful?" she breathed as a the most holy of Angelic armies started to descend the ladder, Raphael, their fearless leader at the moment that the most unholy of demons began to ascend, two women in white leading the army of Hell, doomed to collide.

Caleb moved his hands into his hair, finally thinking clearly, "You have no idea what you've done," he said, studying her face.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Jul 12, 2011 6:30 am

Cassiel smiled up at him, "I'm victorius over everything, Raphael will destroy Hell's Army and you'll have nothing." she breathed, turning back to the two armies, "As long as the bridge is open, the war will consume the earth and we'll repopulate, we'll be Gods again."

Caleb's lips pulled into a grin, "You actually think Raphael is even considering you in his plans?" he breathed, something silvery gleaming in his hand, "Raphael wants Abby, he'll always want Abby and you're /nothing/, nothing but a tool."

Cassiel's eyes darkened to bronze and she turned to glare up at him, "As you saw, Abby's dead." she hissed and smiled, "She killed herself." she muttered when there was a boom and the bridge itself started to fall apart and the angels and demons started to be pulled back, all except Raphael and the women in white, Eliya turned towards them, Lynn beside her, "Not quite."

Kiran smiled, watching her, "Are you happy with this then?"

Caleb breathed a laugh, a warm feeling spreading through him, "Jealousy is the ugliest trait," he breathed teasingly, a razor-sharp gleaming sword lengthening from his hand and he started for Raphael.

Anna nodded slightly, "I think so," she breathed and slipped onto the floor, "Are you?"

Raphael growled and raised his sword, rage making him tremble, "You fucking imbecile." he growled at Cassiel while looking at Caleb, "She killed herself, did you give her the wrong blade? And the other one, how is she alive?"

"You should choose your bitches more carefully, Raphael," Caleb said cooly, a wicked grin curving his lips as his eyes blackened.

"I'm actually really happy." Kiran breathed, smiling wider, "You're alive and better."

Anna smiled lovingly at him, "Thank you," she breathed and got on her toes to kiss his mouth, "I would have died a long time ago if not for you."

Raphael gritted his teeth and moved as he swung his sword, too angry to speak as Eliya and Lynn started towards Cassiel, their pretty eyes black with murderous intentions for the murdering, child-stealing bitch.

Kiran smiled, "I know but its polite not to mention it." he said, partly teasing.

Caleb's smile faded as he swung his sword, having it collide with Raphael's before he moved forward to shove it into his abdomen.

Anna rolled her eyes and stole another kiss before she lowered herself again, "Can I do anything cool?" she breathed, an excited look coming into her pretty eyes.

Raphael blinked rapidly, looking down himself as he couldn't believe this, "That-no-" he choked, starting to crumble with pain.
Cassiel started to walk backwards, fear finallyin settling in her gaze, "But I didn't hurt them, yours k-kids are alive, that counts right?"

Kiran shrugged, "Maybe, we'll have to see," he smiled.

Caleb's lips twisted as he jerked out the sword, "You should have known better than to fuck with me," he said cooly before he attempted to thrust the sword into Raphael's lung, wanting him to drown in his own blood.
Lily smiled as she appeared behind Cassiel, "Of course it does," she breathed, her black eyes shimmering.

Anna smiled as she took his hand, "I have a plan," she breathed, "Take me home?"

Raphael's eyes widened again as he began to choke, unable to breathe and in agony.
Cassiel whirled around to face Lily, "I wasn't cruel to them," she choked out, trying to defend herself as Lynn and Eliya got closer.

Kiran raised a brow, "Do I get to know what it is?" he said, blinking them home.

Lily took another step towards Cassiel, knowing that she wouldn't stand a chance against the three of them, "You drugged my son," she hissed, a wicked smile curving her lips, "And it was /very/ foolish of you to do the same to the Queen's children."

Anna pursed her lips, "It involves nudity," she said softly and started upstairs.

Eliya smiled cruelly, "Oh so very foolish, Cassiel." she breathed as Lynn moved to block her other path, "You should really know better than to fuck with a bitch's children, especially /our/ children." she said, licking her teeth.

Kiran grinned as he followed her up, "I like it all ready."

Evangeline finally appeared, blocking Cassiel's final path of escape, "I second that," she breathed, licking her teeth before she glanced at Eliya; knowing that this was the one thing they would ever agree on.

Anna grinned to herself as she peeled off her shirt, "Guess what we're doing after?" she breathed.

Cassiel looked between all four of them, "Oh shit." she breathed as Eliya and Lynn lunged to attack her, tearing into with their nails and teeth.

Kiran watched her, "More naked things?"

Evangeline and Lily growled simultaneously as they moved forward to join Elle and Lynn, hardly noticing Caleb as he moved towards them, his eyes still dark and filled with bloodlust.

Anna breathed a laugh and was about to say something when she reached the bedroom and immediately stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide, "Oh my god," she breathed.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Jul 12, 2011 9:22 am

Eliya ripped at the bitch's throat, enjoying the spurt of hot blood as it filled her mouth, joining in Lynn's moan of pleasure as she ripped flesh apart from bone.

Kiran frowned, "What?" he breathed, moving up behind her.

Caleb smiled to himself as he watched them, a warm feeling spreading through his chest while he crossed his arms, "Wow," he breathed, cocking his head a bit to the side.

Anna's eyes grew cold as she stared at Nicki, butt-naked on top of her brother and obviously too caught up in their babymaking to notice them before Tommy's eyes widened, "Oh shit."

Eliya jerked her head back, taking a chunk of flesh out of her, she licked her bloody teeth, her eyes twinkling as she glanced up at Caleb, a warm smile on her bloodied face.

Kiran made a face, "Eeeew." he muttered, crossing his arms over his chest.

Caleb bit his lip in a suggestive manner as he held his hand out to her, "Come here."

Nicki smiled dreamily, "Nicky," she squeaked and hopped off Tommy, wrapping the sheet around herself as she moved towards them and quickly stole a kiss from Kiran, not noticing the murderous look in Anna's eyes.

Eliya sauntered towards him and took his hand, smiling, "Like what you see, my King?" she breathed.

Kiran frowned deeply and stared at Nicki and then Tommy and then Anna, "Huh, maybe we should try out those superpowers now.." he muttered.

Caleb pulled her closer before slipping a hand onto her lower back to press her against him, "I love it, my Queen," he breathed, bending his head to kiss her bloody mouth.

Anna's eyes narrowed a bit, "What are you doing here, Nicki?" she breathed, her fists clenching by her sides and she'd appear awfully terrifying to a bitch like Nicki, even though she was only standing in her jeans and strapless bra.

Nicki smiled slightly, "I'm visiting Nicholas, of course," she breathed, glancing up at Kiran, "What superpowers?"

Eliya leaned into him, kissing him deeply as she slid her tongue against his mouth, wanting to taste him.

Kiran raised a brow at her, "Anna's superpowers." he shrugged, "You've seen me, now you should go."

Caleb slid his tongue against hers, shivering a bit as he held her closer, "You're amazing," he breathed.

Nicki pouted slightly, "But I wanted to talk to you," she breathed, looking like an insulted child as she crossed her arms over her chest, "Why arent you happy to see me?"

Anna took a step towards her, her eyes like ice all of a sudden, "You have ten seconds to get out of my house, Nicki," she said softly, cocking her head to the side, "Or I'll make sure you wont be able to use your.. sluttier parts again."

Eliya bit his mouth and grinned, "I know." she whispered, rubbing against him, "Seeing you kill Raphael like that really turned me on." she breathed.

Kiran made a dismissive motion with his hand, "You heard my woman, git."

Caleb bit his lip hard as he glanced towards the other women, "Let's go home," he breathed, pressing her even harder against him to have her feel him hardening.

Nicki raised a brow, "Fine," she said in the most offended voice she could muster before she dropped her sheet and began gathering her clothes.

Anna breathed a laugh, "Times up, sweetheart," she breathed and reached out to curl her fingers in Nicki's bleached hair, shoving her towards the door and not even allowing her to dress before she bent her a bit over, "If you /ever/ touch him again, I will kill you, do you understand?" she whispered into her ear before pushing her down the stairs.

Eliya shivered, "Definetly." she nodded, still rubbing against him, the look in her eyes saying she'd fuck him on the ground if they didn't get there soon.

Kiran grinned, loving his little woman more and more, he glanced back at Tommy, "Dress and get the fuck outta my bedroom."

Anna smiled to herself as she watched Nicki scramble to her feet and run out of the door, Tommy very quickly pulling on his jeans without making any eye-contact before he flew past Anna and after the whore, which simply had Anna making a noise when she turned to Kiran, "We need to move," she breathed.

Kiran nodded, "God, yes we do, what was your brother thinking?" he muttered, frowning deeply.

Caleb bit her mouth hard, needing her badly right now before he blinked them to their new house in Nashville.

Anna crinkled her nose, "What were /you/ thinking?" she muttered, teasing as she reached out to curl her fingers in his shirt.

Eliya glanced around the large two story house and at their disoriented kids and the other women, "Maybe we should sort this all out before we get too lost in a lusty sex haze to remember our names?" she breathed, still studying their pretty new house.

Kiran shrugged, "I kinda blame Caleb for the whole thing."

Caleb crinkled his nose, "That's a horrible idea," he mumbled and bent his head to kiss her forehead.

Anna rolled her eyes, "Did Caleb undo your jeans too?" she breathed and pulled him closer to her, wanting to change the subject already, "Where do you want to go?"

Eliya smiled, "I know but I promise if we pretend to be responsible adults for the next hour, I'll..." she leaned up to whisper something naughty as all hell in his ear.

Kiran shrugged, "Wherever." he smiled and grabbed her hips.

Caleb narrowed his eyes a little at her, "Promise?" he breathed.

Anna got on her tiptoes to bite his lower lip, "Where did you live when you were little?" she breathed.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:38 am

Eliya smiled, "Swear, we have to break in our new bed anyways." she breathed.

Kiran thought a moment, "Chicago." he smiled.

Caleb smiled slightly, "Fine, let's be adults for an hour then," he breathed.

Anna smiled warmly at him, "Mm, do you wanna live in Chicago with me?" she breathed, nibbling on his bottom lip.

Eliya grinned and looked out at the room, "Okay, roll call," she called in her best mom voice, "Contessa, Sebastian, Caelan, Callum, Lucille, Cassidy, Connor, Channing, Carolin, Nadine, Tatiana, front and center." she said, gesturing for the other moms to take their place beside her as she spotted a young man she didn't know and a toddler who looked enough like her bestfriend it was obvious who she belonged to.

Kiran grinned, "I'd love to." he breathed, kissing her hard.

Lily and Evangeline both gave weak, bloody smiles as they moved to stand next to her, but Lily proceeded to biting her lip, "C.J.," she called softly, motioning for the boy to get moving.

CJ got up, looking tired and worn out as he stuffed his hands into his jeans; not used to being with this many people at once, but he remained quiet.

Anna made a noise against his mouth, "We can't have sex in our bed," she breathed.

Lynn moved forward and swung the toddler up on her hip, holding her close as she went to stand next to them, "Her name is Chloe." she breathed, kissing the little girl's cheek as she reached to squeeze Caleb's hand, forever greatful to him for their babygirl. Eliya smiled warmly at all of them, deciding to put aside all the past history with the grace of a Queen, "Any aches and pains?" she mumbled, reaching out to touch the side of Luce's face where a bruise had started to form.

Kiran bit her bottom lip, "We can have sex in our bathtub?"

Caleb's eyes narrowed a bit as he studied C.J. for a few more moments, giving Lynn's hand a soft squeeze before he turned to study his daughter, "She's beautiful," he murmured in a warmer voice.

Anna smiled against his mouth, "I like the way you think," she breathed and bit his upper lip hard.

"She has your eyes." Lynn smiled, "Want to hold her?" she breathed, shifting to offer him Chloe as Eliya kissed Luce's bruised cheek even though the young woman made faces as she did, Cassidy cocked her head to study everything, "Mommy, daddy, are we related to all these people?" she asked, gesturing to CJ, Tatiana, Nadine, Lily, and Eva.

Kiran grinned wider and lifted her off the ground as he started for the bathroom.

Caleb smiled slightly as he very carefully lifted Chloe; still under the impression that all children hated him and he'd drop them. He glanced around everyone there and nodded, "Yeah, Cass, in some way or another," he mumbled.

Anna made a noise before she giggled in that same girly manner she used to, "Hey, you wanna burn the house down before we leave?" she breathed, a smile brightening up her face.

Chloe smiled softly and hugged him around the neck, the one year old comfortable with her daddy all ready, her black curls a little ruffled from laying on the ground. Cassy rubbed her little forehead, "So many stars..." she mumbled, looking a little dizzy as Eliya reached for her.

Kiran grinned wickedly, "Hell yeah." he breathed setting her down on the edge of the tub.

Caleb studied the little girl, smiling slightly as he did, "How old are you?" he breathed, a warmer look in his eyes than usual.
C.J. kept his gaze on the floor as he listened to all of them, unsure of how he should feel about everything; wether or not to apologize to his father and step-mother, or if he should have left.

Anna breathed a laugh as she reached out do undo his pants, "I wonder if I can bite you too," she breathed, pursing her lips as she thought about this.

Chloe shrugged, still smiling as she laid her head on his shoulder, "Da?" she mumbled, pointing to him, "Da?"
Eliya frowned and tried to pull Cassy to her but the little girl bucked and moved towards her daddy, his soullessness the only thing that calmed down the overwhelming souls of everything else; Eliya sighed and glanced towards CJ, she smiled slightly and moved towards him, giving Nadine's hand a squeeze as she held out the other to the boy, "I'm Eliya, your step-mom." she breathed.

Kiran bit his lip hard, "Try it?" he breathed.

Chloe shrugged, still smiling as she laid her head on his shoulder, "Da?" she mumbled, pointing to him, "Da?"
Eliya frowned and tried to pull Cassy to her but the little girl bucked and moved towards her daddy, his soullessness the only thing that calmed down the overwhelming souls of everything else; Eliya sighed and glanced towards CJ, she smiled slightly and moved towards him, giving Nadine's hand a squeeze as she held out the other to the boy, "I'm Eliya, your step-mom." she breathed.

Kiran bit his lip hard, "Try it?" he breathed.

C.J. studied her hand for a long moment before he took it, "C.J.," he said, nodding politely to her.

Caleb smiled slightly and nodded, "Yeah, I'm your dad," he said softly when he held his free hand out to Cassy.

Anna pursed her lips and she ran her tongue over her teeth, "I don't know how," she mumbled, pouting.

"Why haven't we met before?" Eliya mumbled, cocking her head to the side as she studied him and how much he looked like his father.
Chloe smiled, "Da." she said softly, relaxing more against him as Cassy took his hand, loving the whoosh of blissful silence and peace that it brought, "I love you, daddy." she mumbled, leaning against him and shutting her eyes.

C.J. shrugged slightly, "I've mostly been in Hell, ma'am," he muttered, an awkward feeling setting into his chest.

Caleb smiled down at his little girl and gently squeezed her hand, "I love you too, baby," he muttered.

Eliya pursed her lip and crossed her arms over her chest, "What is it?" she mumbled, "Why're you acting all awkward and such?"
Cassidy smiled as the sweet innocence of Chloe's soul filled some of the silence, "I love you too Chloe." she mumbled as Chloe bounced a little, "Lub, lub."

Kiran raised a brow, "Will your sharper teeth to come out." he said as if it were that easy.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:58 pm

C.J raised a brow at her, "I'm not," he mumbled, stuffing his hands deeper into his pockets.
Caleb smiled at them, "You two hungry?" he asked softly.

Anna raised a brow at him, grasping his length as she remained completely serious, "Oh, cause that's so easy," she muttered, "Demonstrate, please."

"Right." Eliya mumbled, "You're not being awkward or acting like a guilty child." she said, raising a brow in the most motherly fashion.

Cassidy nodded, "I'm starving, can we sneak outta here, just us?" she whispered, needing to get away from all the souls in the room.
"If you're sneaking out, I want to come." Tessa mumbled, moving towards them.

Kiran bit his lip before baring his teeth, showing her how he willed the sharper teeth to shift under his gums and replace the not sharp ones.

C.J. frowned deeply, "I'm not," he repeated, sounding slightly irritated now.

Caleb pursed his lips, nodding slowly, "Act casual," he muttered and turned on his heel, gesturing for Tess to follow as he sneakily went for the door.

Anna crinkled her nose again, "That looks painful," she mumbled before bowing her head, not wanting to look stupid in front of him as she tried it herself while moving her hand along his length to distract him.

Eliya shrugged, "Whatever kiddo, it's not like you're the first kid to plot against us." she muttered, glancing at the other kids.

Tessa glanced around as she followed them being nonconspicuous, smiling mischieviously to herself as she took Cassy's other hand.

Kiran made a noise low in his throat and shot his eyes, pleasure rumbling in his tummy.

C.J moved a hand out of his pocket to run his fingers through his hair, "Sorry," he mumbled.

Caleb opened the door for them and pursed his lips as he started for the car, glancing back to make sure he didnt lose anyone.

Anna shut her eyes tight as she felt her teeth lengthening and she couldnt help it when she smiled, "Holy shit," she breathed, leaning forward to carefully bite Kiran's lower abdomen, still moving her hand.

Eliya smiled slightly and moved to his side, "You're forgiven." she mumbled and gestured to Lucille, "That's Luce, she was born to be the antichrist and tried to kill me when I was pregnant with Cassidy." she mumbled, "And I love more than anything and so does her dad."

Cassy and Tessa made their way to the car, trying to walk quietly as Chloe kept her head burried against her daddy's shoulder, "Where we gonna eat?" Cassy mumbled.

Kiran shivered and looked down at her, "Smile for me?"

C.J swallowed hard as he studied Luce, forcing a slight smile, "Antichrist, huh?" he mumbled.

Caleb smiled as he opened the backseat of the black Ferrari for them, "A place we used to go to when we were little," he breathed.

Anna ran her fingers through her hair as she glanced up at him, flashing a pointy smile before she ran her tongue over her canines.

Eliya smiled, "Yeah, she brought about a reign of darkness like no other, Raphael tricked me into killing her and I regret it." she said, frowning slightly, "I love all of you kids, even you because you're his and I love him more than anything, so I forgive you and I won't say anything to Caleb on one condition."

Cassy smiled as she slid into the back with Tess and Tessa held her arms out for Chloe, "Daddy, what was it like when you were little?" she mumbled, curious.

Kiran grinned, "Beautiful." he breathed, biting his lip.

C.J raised a brow at her in return, "And what's that?" he muttered, already so much like his father, even with a soul.

Caleb pursed his lips as he carefully handed her Chloe, "It was a lot different, baby," he said softly and shut the door before getting behind the wheel, "We even had horses instead of cars."

Anna bit her lip hard, unintentionally drawing blood before her pointier teeth retracted, "Ow," she breathed, gesturing for him to kiss it; obviously needing to get used to this.

"You have to be nice to your brothers and sisters." She said, dead serious, "They'll love you if you give them a chance." Eliya muttered, studying him.

"Horsies?" Cassy squeeked, "Daddy, I wan ride on a horsie, is it fun?" she asked, excited about this tidbit.

Kiran lowered his head and kissed her mouth, "Better?"

C.J swallowed hard again, studying all of his siblings with a worried look on his face, "You want me to stay?" he mumbled.

Caleb breathed a laugh when the engine roared to life; loud enough for everyone in the house to notice them when he peeled away from their driveway, "Yeah, sweetheart," he said softly, "And if you promise to be good and do what your mom says, I'll buy you one each."

Anna moistened her lips, "Much better," she breathed before she pulled him closer to her and ran her tongue along his length...

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:12 pm

Eliya shrugged, "If you want to." she muttered, "You could try to get to know us." she said softly, not looking up at the sound of the Ferrari, just focusing on CJ's face.

Tessa and Cassy shared a look and squealed, "Really daddy?" Cass breathed, bouncing in her seat now.

...Kiran gritted his teeth as he slammed into her again, finding it amusingly pleasurable that they were just a mass of tangled limbs in their tub.

C.J bit his lip, stuffing his hands back into his pockets, "I guess I could do that," he muttered, wanting to leave Hell more than anything.

Caleb laughed again as he began driving towards what he knew was this old-school grill, run by the same family from when he was little, "Of course," he said softly, "We live in Nashville now, I gotta teach you how to ride," he said in his country-boy accent.

Anna screamed his name out in pleasure as fireworks exploded in her belly and crackled into her every nerve and she gave a slight pleasurable whimper as she dug her nails into his shoulderblade; the tub like ice against her damp skin.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:18 pm

Colten Black pulled his old Chevy truck deep into the woods, he always picked a different site, a different tree for the different girl; Rachel deserved a large dark oak tree with gnarled branches, the deep brown reminded him of her curls and the way that splayed across his pillow...he shuddered and tuck the memory away, he'd relive her like he'd relived them all. Colt put the Chevy into park before he hopped out, the young man still managed to look devilishly handsome in faded jeans, a ratted black shirt, work boots, and gloves, he fought the urge to run his fingers over his shaggy brown hair as he moved towards the metal tool box in the back of his truck. He unlocked it and hefted a black garbage bag out of it, his muscles tensing beneath his skin but he barely felt the strain of dragging Rachel's dead body towards the hole he'd all ready dug at the base of the oak. Colt buried pretty Rachel beneath dirt and leaves, he gritted his teeth, trying to rid himself of the image of pretty Rachel's body writhing beneath him in pleasure as he moved inside her, her lids partly covering her blue eyes, he wanted to see himself inside her eyes; he felt himself begin to harden with the memory and he needed to leave, he couldn't be here and be in need. He finished disposing of her and slid back into his Chevy, he stripped off his gloves and t-shirt, putting on a nicer, more fitted one and a black leather jacket, he checked his blue eyes in the mirror, he could see them darken around the edges as the need and the hunger ripped through his abdomen, each time got closer and closer together, harder to control. Colten took a deep breath and pulled out of the woods, he needed to get to a bar, he needed it; he clenched his fists tighter on the wheel as he made his way into downtown Knoxville, his eyes scanning the road for bars he hadn't been too, he gritted his teeth again and pulled into the Blue Devil. The young man cut the engine and slid out of his truck, he slammed the door shut

and started inside, he spotted a young woman waiting tables, she was small, too fragile looking to be working here, strawberry blond ringlets danced around her pretty face, Colt bit his lip, he could picture her in his bed. A charming smile tilted his lips as he started towards a booth and sat down, know he'd caught her eyes as he did. The young woman sauntered towards him, something innocent in her sparkling green eyes, "Hi, what can I get you?"

Her name was Emily and for the night, she belonged to him, Colt pressed himself against her, his lips trailing kisses along her erratic pulse, his fingers dancing along her hips. Emily made a pleasurable noise and tangled her fingers in his hair, "Colten?" she breathed, he didnt look up at her as he nipped at her neck, focused on taking what he needed, "Colten." she said, her voice changing suddenly, huskier, a voice he knew well.
Colten glanced up, his heart clenching in his chest, those black eyes gleaming out of Emily's beautiful face; he took a step back, "No, no, not you." he breathed.
Emily's lips tilted into a cruel grin, "Did you miss me Colt?" she whispered, taking a step towards him.
Colten gnashed his teeth together, "What do you want from me Hannah?" he whispered, shutting his eyes tight.
"I have a message from /him/." Hannah said, reaching out to touch his face, "The Devil's in Nashville, he wants you there, he needs you close to him, do you understand?" she breathed, her words echoing in his head.
Colten nodded, his eyes still closed, "I understand."

Eliya smiled softly and patted his shoulder, not sure if she should hug him or not, "Welcome home then." she said, glancing around her own new home.

Cassy and Tessa squealed again, "You're the best daddy ever." Tessa mumbled, hugging Chloe tight to her, "I like Nashville more and more."

Kiran bit her neck, sparks flaring in every part of him, "Mm," he shut his eyes, moving deeper into her.

C.J smiled slightly, "Thank you," he muttered as he looked up to see that his mother was gone, like this was exactly what she'd been waiting for.

Caleb breathed another laugh, "Good," he breathed and pulled up to a grill located between a hairdresser and a pizza place, "You guys ready to eat?"

Anna moaned softly into his ear as she curled her thin, shaky fingers in his hair; needing this more than anything, but needing him more than she needed air, "I love you," she whispered, trying to will her sharper teeth out again as she trembled with pleasure.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:50 am

Eliya smiled warmly, "Are you hungry?" she asked softly, stuying the other kids for a moment as well.

Cassy and Tessa made affirmative noises as Chloe made the cutest almost 'yes', "What do they serve here?" Cassy asked curiously.

Kiran bit her neck again, "I love you." he breathed, needing her, needing everything she gave him.

C.J smiled slightly as he nodded, "Starving," he muttered before he bit his lip, "I sure hope your cooking is better than Lily's."

Caleb smiled back at them as he killed the engine, "Best burgers in Tennessee," he said softly.

Anna gently nibbled on his earlobe as she shut her eyes, a fiery warmth spreading through her when she finally succeeded in willing out her teeth and she bit his shoulder hard, just to show him.

Eliya made a noise, "It is. What are you hungry for baby?" she asked, like a good mommy.

"Mmm." Cassy smiled and started to open her door as Tess waited for her dad to grab Chloe.

Kiran made a noise and bit her shoulder hard as hell as he thrust against her almost teasingly.

C.J shrugged, liking his step-mother already, "I wouldnt know," he muttered, pursing his lips; Lily's little experience with cooking had left him starving at most nights and he frowned by that thought.

Caleb got out of the car, smiling to himself as he went to open Tessa's door and grab Chloe.

Anna gasped, her pretty eyes hidden under half-closed lids, "You bite harder than me," she breathed, like that was completely unfair as she tightened around him, pleasure making her all tingly as she bit his shoulder hard again.

Eliya bit her lip and she moved to hug him that time, not caring if he wanted it, just to show him she was there, "We'll figure it out." she mumbled

Tessa hopped out of the car and started after Cassidy who was all ready running for the door, excited about their time with dad, it made them feel special.

C.J's eyes widened a bit as he tensed up and for a second he thought about fleeing, but instead he just stood there for a few moments before he put his arms around his step-mom and hugged her.

Caleb breathed a laugh as he swung Chloe onto his hip, ignoring the chill that was crawling up his back as he followed his girls to the door and pushed it open for them; revealing a rather large, ranch-like decorated grill with a tall, dark-skinned man with incredibly blue eyes minding the open kitchen.

Eliya smiled slightly as she pulled back, "You okay?" she asked softly.

Cassy and Tessa practically bounced as they walk and Chloe giggled, trying to do the same, "Its nice and you used to come here when you was little?" Tess mumbled.

C.J smiled as he nodded, "Yes, thank you," he mumbled, "Do you need help in the kitchen?"

Caleb smiled, "All the time," he said softly when the cook turned to them, a pearly-white grin on his dark face, "Caleb Walker," he chuckled, wiping his hands on his apron, "What's it been, twenty years?"

... Anna bit down hard on his shoulder to keep herself from screaming too loud as fireworks exploded in her abdomen and spread throughout her body.

Eliya smiled, "I would love some." she muttered, "Children, to the dining room." she said, glancing at Lynn and Eva, "Help us in the kitchen?"

Cassy and Tessa studied the man as they leaned against Caleb's sides, shy all of a sudden as they watched them.

Kiran felt fire burst in his tummy as he slammed into her a last time, he buried his face against her breasts and shut his eyes, panting.

Evangeline smiled warmly at them, "Love to," she breathed and started for the kitchen, C.J following her with his eyes mainly focused on her backside.

Caleb grinned, nodding to his friend, "Something like that," he breathed when the man laughed, studying the girls, "Don't tell me that these little angels are yours?"

Anna breathed hard, pleasure making her mind fuzzy, "Oh my god," she breathed, running her fingers over his hair.

Lynn and Eliya shared a look and rolled their eyes as they followed them to the kitchen, Eliya's eyes widened as she studied the marble counter top, the large silver fridge with touch screen monitor, the prestine looking stoves and touch activated sinks, "Its beautiful." she whispered, ever the Domestic Goddess, "What are we cooking tonight?"

Contessa and Cassidy shared a look and giggled, Chloe made a noise, "Da? Ange?" she mumbled, laying her head on his shoulder, smiling at the man.

Kiran kissed her breasts, "Oh damn." he breathed.

Evangeline pursed her lips, "Don't people usually order pizza and such on moving day?" she breathed in her fine British accent.

Caleb grinned, carefully bouncing Chloe, "And a few more at home," he mused and turned to find them a table when Bobby, the cook, started laughing, "The usual, I presume, so what can I make your girls?" he called.

Anna moistened her lips, "We should probably tell your brother and the kids that we're moving to Chicago," she breathed and studied the tub, slightly stained with blood.

Eliya shrugged, "I always have groceries or something, I like cooking." she mumbled, moving towards the fridge as Lynn smiled slightly, "My mum does too, she usually skipped dinner and just made us desert." she mumbled, "To cope with having to move again."

Tessa thought a moment and glanced up at Caleb, "Can I have just a cheese burger, nothing on it?" she mumbled as Cassy started to bounce again, "I wan a hamburger with just ketchup but no burger." she nodded, glancing up as a young man entered the place, his gaze searching for something.

Kiran shrugged, "Do we really have to?"

Evangeline shrugged slightly, "I'll have Nadine run to the store if you need anything," she said softly.

Caleb nodded, studying Chloe as he carefully placed her in the booth, "And you?" he muttered, smiling slightly.

Anna smiled almost dreamily, "I'm afraid so," she breathed, gently kissing his forehead.

Eliya opened the fairly bare fridge and bit her lip, "I'll make a list and send Luce with her." she smiled.

"Daddy, does Chloe have teef?" Cassy asked, scrutinizing her baby sister's face as Tessa rolled her eyes, "I think mom would get her french fries and applesauce, baby stuff." she shrugged.

Kiran made a noise, "I dont wannaa." he grumbled.

Evangeline smiled as Nadine made a noise from the living room, "Do we have to?" she whined.

Caleb crinkled his nose before he nodded to Bobby who had obviously been listening, "Applesauce," he mumbled, before his gaze fell onto the young man.

Anna sighed softly, "Come on, baby, you're squishing me," she breathed, feeling like her damp skin was sticking against his.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:17 am

Eliya rolled her eyes as Luce sent back a similar complaint, "You can keep the change?" she offered back to them.

The young man kept his face impassive as his cold blue eyes found Caleb's before he pulled his baseball cap lower over his face and walked past their table to sit in one near them. Cassidy shuddered, her spine tensed and she whimpered, suddenly very frightened.

Kiran rolled his eyes and got off of her, fixing his jeans, "We need to find a house, huh?"

Nadine pursed her lips, glancing at Luce, "I'm in," she muttered.

Caleb frowned deeply, glancing at his little girl, "What is it, Cass?" he muttered.

Anna smiled slightly as she got out of the tub to redress in her short denim shorts and strapless bra, "Yeah," she breathed, "Got any ideas?"

Luce shrugged, "Yeah, me too." she said, hopping up from the couch and fixing her jeans and tight black and red 'Dracula's Babe' T-shirt, "How long is this list Ma?" she called, heading for the kitchen.

Cassidy tried to speak but all she could feel was the overwhelming blackness of the stranger's soul weighing down on her chest and she started to hypervenilate. Tessa turned in her seat to glimpse the young man watching them again, "Dad?" she said softly, the cold look in the boy's eyes familair and alien at the same time, "That guy..." she shook her head.

Kiran shook his head, "I need to see how much money I have." he muttered, his brain shifting gears.

Nadine sighed and got up, straightening her ripped, black jeans and a caramel-colored blouse before she started after her half-sister.

Caleb's jaw clenched as he studied the young man, cocking his head a bit to the side; feeling very protective of his girls as he tried to send a wave of pain through his skull.

Anna rolled her eyes, "You really have no idea what my father did, do you?" she murmured, "Just choose a house, baby."

Eliya had finished most of her list and handed Luce a two pages, front and back, Luce blinked up at her, "Really?" she breathed, studying the list, "You know you switched to French towards the middle here?" she grumbled.

The young man blinked slowly, frowning as he turned away from them, not feeling any pain, he got to his feet and started towards their table, "Are you Caleb Walker?" he muttered, taking off his hat to reveal his handsome painfree face.

Kiran frowned deeply, "What?" he muttered, his shoulders tensing as he stared at her, "Just pick a house?"

Nadine stopped in her tracks and frowned as she stared at the list, "Are you serious?"

Caleb glanced up at him, an annoyed look in his eyes, "In the flesh," he said, knowing that the waittress serving behind Colt, Bobby's sister, was already armed to the teeth and ready to shoot the guy.

Anna frowned slightly, "Yeah," she mumbled, "Why are you looking at me funny?"

Eliya rolled her eyes, "We have to stalk the whole kitchen." she grumbled, "I'll throw in extra hundred bucks if you smile and go grocery shopping like good girls?" she offered.
Luce narrowed her eyes, "A hundred bucks and you take us shopping." she countered.

Colten glanced around them, poor Cassidy looked like she was about to have a mental breakdown and Tessa had shrunk back against the seat, a little too frightened to comfort her, and even though Colt noticed everything, it didn't register, "My name is Colten Black, I was told to come see you."

Kiran's jaw clenched and he didnt answer as he turned on his heel and headed for the closet to dress.

Nadine crossed her arms over her chest, nodding, "Agreed."
Evangeline raised a brow at her daughter, "How about, either you go buy groceries or I'll let your father know that you're blackmailing your step-mother."

Caleb's eyes remained cold, "Now, why would that be, Mr. Black?"

Anna blinked a few times and just stood there for a long moment, curling her toes before she went after him, "Kiran, what the hell?"

"Agreed." Eliya muttered, crossing her arms over her chest and raising a brow at them both.

"Because the Hellbitch told me to." Colt muttered, running his fingers through his hair, "And if I don't do as she says, she'll tell /him/."

Kiran grumbled something to himself and turned to face her, "I don't need your dad's money to buy a house."

Nadine's eyes narrowed a bit, "He wont care," she countered, raising a brow at them.

Caleb raised a brow at him, hiding his curiousity as he shrugged, "You've seen me, you can leave now."

Anna's shoulder slumped as she studied his eyes, "I just.." she mumbled, dropping her gaze to her feet, "I just want to help."

Luce smirked and crossed her arms over her chest, "What do you say to that?" she muttered.
"I say you get the goddamn groceries or I'ma kick your asses." Eliya said in her most authorative mom voice, "Because you'll never be too old for me to spank your asses."

Colt gritted his teeth together before turning on his heel to leave, too hungry and in need to deal with this right now. Cassidy started to calm down a little, "D-d-daddy?" she stuttered.

Kiran swallowed hard, "I know." he muttered, "Sorry."

Nadine groaned in frustration before she grabbed the list out of her sister's hand and started for the front door, grumbling.

Caleb glanced down at his little girl, "What is it, Cassy?" he mumbled when Bobby's sister came with their food.

Anna didnt look up again as she turned on her heel to pad into her own closet, this silly thing stinging more than it should.

Luce glared at her mom for a second before turning on her heel to walk after Nadine; Eliya smirked, "Thinking they could actually get away with it." she grumbled, shaking her head.

"H-h-he killed them." Cassy whispered, looking at her little hands.

Kiran gritted his teeth and padded downstairs to check the place he'd hidden his money.

Evangeline snickered, "Silly teenage girls," she said softly.

Caleb frowned, "What are you talking about?" he mumbled.

Anna sighed as she ran her fingers over her hair, clearing her mind for a second, "Calm down," she whispered to herself before she stripped down to dress in white, ripped jeans and a black see-through, loosely hanging top with quite a lot of cleavage, matched by black Converse shoes before she started downstairs.

Eliya smirked and glanced at CJ, "Will you go make sure Luce doesn't talk Nadine into ditching the grocery store all together in a vain attempt of angsty rebellion?"

"The girls," Cassy whispered, "He killed them and they make his soul black, they'eam and he can't stop, he doesn't stop." she mumbled, starting to cry.

C.J nodded slightly, "Sure," he muttered, still having his hands in his pockets as he started after his sisters.

Caleb gritted his teeth as he looked up at Bobby's sister, "Sam, look out for 'em, okay? I'll be right back," he said, awaiting her nod before he got up to follow Colt.

Luce glanced back at their brother, "Sent you to babysit?" she muttered, pulling her hair up into a ponytail.

Colt leaned against his Chevy scanning the parking lot for a pretty young thing to feed his appetite, he bit his lip, trying to focus.

Kiran moved towards the kitchen where he'd hid his money, stopping in his tracks as he saw Caden hefting the bag over his shoulder, "What the fuck?"

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:54 am

C.J nodded, "Damn straight," he said, a charming grin curving his lips as Nadine glanced back at him, her eyes still slightly narrowed as she scrutinized his face.

Caleb frowned slightly as the door to the grill shut behind him, "Okay, you've just become interesting," he muttered, slowly moving towards him.

Anna ran her fingers through her straightened hair as she moved down the stairs, frowning a bit deeper as she studied the boys, "What's going on?"

Lucille rolled her eyes and grabbed a set of keys from the hooks by the door and moved towards the garage, "What do they think we're gonna do?" she grumbled.

Colt glanced back at him and raised a brow, "And how's that?" he muttered, running his fingers through his hair again.

"Are you taking my money?" Kiran muttered, a confused, hurt look on his face.

"Something about ditching and rebelling," C.J muttered, shrugging a bit as he moved after them.

Caleb shrugged slightly, his eyes dark and focused on Colt, "Something's wrong with you," he muttered, "I'm guessing there's an actual reason you had to see me."

Anna's forehead creased a little as she stood next to Kiran, a confused look in her eyes when Kira came down the stairs, "Daddy?" she called, frowning slightly as she watched them.

Luce grumbled to herself as she pushed the clicker, grinning widely when the lights to a Bently flashed and she started towards it.

Colt studied his face for a long time, "Have you ever had an itch? Deep down in your soul and the only way to deal is to kill others?" he muttered, looking out at the parking lot.

"Its not what you think." Caden mutttered.

Nadine smiled, "Caleb's choice?" she muttered, starting for the car as well.

Caleb nodded slightly, following his gaze, "Yeah, I have," he said, honest, "Reason why I lost my soul in the first place."

Anna's mouth opened a little, about to say something but she quickly shut herself up; knowing that Kiran's money was his own business when Kira frowned deeper, feeling ignored again as most sensitive six-year olds would before she started back upstairs, clenching the neatly wrapped package in her hands.

Luce slid into the driver's seat and started the engine, loving the purr of it beneath her seat, "Dad always has such great taste." she muttered.

Colt swallowed hard, "I can't stop, the itch just gets worse and worse." he muttered, "Its like I don't actually have soul unless I shut my eyes, the memories twist when I shut my eyes."

C.J grinned as he got in next to her and Nadine slid into the back, "Where is he anyways?" he muttered.

Caleb pursed his lips as he leaned against Colt's Chevy, "Addictive, isn't it?" he muttered, looking straight ahead, "Killing, that is. It only gets worse when you're as deep in it as you are."

"He took the girls to eat or something," Luce muttered, pulling out of the garage, "We'll find him if we look for the Ferrari among the Chevy trucks." she smiled.

Colt pursed his lips, "I know I won't be able to stop, I can't, its who I am." he shrugged, "Look, Hannah told me to come so I came, she said to stay close and that was it."

Caleb Junior smiled, "Shouldn't be too hard," he breathed and settled back in his seat.

Caleb shrugged slightly, "Fair enough," he muttered, "So, the Hellbitch is named Hannah, who's the other one?"

Luce pursed her lips and drove down the street, looking for grocery stores and Ferraris, "Whistle if you see it."

Colt crossed his arms over his chest, "I only met him once after Hannah first started appearing, he wouldn't tell me his name but he scared the fuck outta me."

C.J pursed his lips, studying the city with something close to wonder in his eyes; the closest he'd been to an actual city was some secluded little village outside of Russia and it gave his heart a twinge, reminding him how much he actually despised Lily and her rules.

Caleb pursed his lips, "Well, what is he?" he muttered, "How does he look?"

Luce smiled to herself, she liked exploring new places and she would have driven until she hit the ocean but she spotted her daddy's Ferrari and hooked an illegal turn into the parking lot, whistling as she did it.

Colt shut his eyes, "He had dark hair and one blue eye, one green but they faded into black, he took me to... Hell, I guess, it felt like Hell, he beat me senseless before branding me like cattle." he said, opening his eyes as he lifted his shirt to show him the marking that had been seared into his side.

C.J finally snapped out of it when Luce whistled and he pursed his lips, "Huh," he muttered, studying the guy with their father.

Caleb pursed his lips as he studied the mark. trying to sift through the people he knew who had those eyes; only coming up with his woman and her sisters.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:58 pm

Luce bit her lip, "Damn, he's hott." she muttered, shaking her head as she pulled up beside the Ferrari.

Colt put his shirt down, "Does any of that sound familiar?" he muttered, frowning deeply.

Kiran raised a brow, "You're stealing from me..."
"You don't understand." Caden muttered.

Nadine crinkled her nose, "I like uncle Kiran better," she breathed.

"A bit," Caleb muttered, "But that's.. not possible."

Anna shook her head, studying Caden with the most disappoined look that she could manage, "You're stealing from your own brother," she breathed, crossing her arms over her chest.

Luce wrinkled her nose at her sister, "Uncle Kiran's old and Aunt Anna will kill you, ask Tatiana." she grinned.

Colt frowned even more, "I thought demons were impossible but I'm standing in front of the Devil." he muttered.

Caden sighed, "I'm trying to save people I care about, I'll pay everything back."

Nadine rolled her eyes, "He's not /that/ old," she mumbled, thinking about this, "Is he?"

Caleb couldn't help it when he grinned, "You're right about that much," he said, glancing back towards the Bentley, "You think you can summon Hannah here?"

Anna's jaw clenched as her fingers balled into fists, "And you didn't think to ask before you stole from him," she said, not asking and deadly serious.

"Nadine, he's like the same age as dad." Luce muttered, wrinkling her pretty nose.

Colt pursed his lips, "I can try," he said, shutting his eyes as he started to summon Hannah, just thinking of her face, he gritted his teeth.
"You rang?" Hannah breathed as she appeared, a brunette bombshell in low riding jeans and a red blouse tied above her pierced naval.

Caden sighed again, "I don't have much time, Anna, you don't understand."

Nadine's eyes narrowed a bit, "Lucille, age is sexy," she said, nodding for effect, "Besides, if that short-legged bitch can get him, so can I."

Caleb raised a brow as he studied Hannah, obviously not very impressed, "Let me guess, Sporty Spice?"

Anna's eyes narrowed a bit, "No, I don't, Caden," she said in her most motherly voice before she glanced at Kiran, giving him that 'If your brother isn't out of here in two minutes, I'l shoot him'-kind of look before she turned to leave the room.

Luce narrowed her eyes, "Are suicidal Nadine?" she muttered, "Because Aunt Anna will fuck you up for talking like that." she snorted, giving her the dismissive once over.

Hannah rolled her eyes, "You're very funny my King." she muttered, crossing her arms over her chest, "What can I do for you?"

"Mao was killed, Kiran." Caden said, knowing he'd understand before he disappeared with the money.

Nadine made a face and crossed her arms over her chest, "What's the worst she could do?" she mumbled, mostly to herself even though her sister had started to freak her out a little.

Caleb pursed his lips, "Who are you working for?" he muttered, pushing himself off Colt's truck.

Anna sighed, obviously not hearing anything else as she went into the living room and flipped open her MacBook before sitting down on the edge of the couch.

Lucille raised a brow, "Mom says she broke Tatiana's teeth before she stabbed her and then they dragged her into the bathroom and burned her body." she said, not even blinking.

"Logan St. Claire." Hannah muttered, raising a brow, "Is that all?"

Kiran sighed, all the anger going out of him as he turned to go after her.

Nadine frowned deeply, "I never liked Tatiana," she mumbled instead of commenting what could very possibly be her fate if she ever made a pass at her uncle.

Caleb's jaw clenched, "Where is he?" he said through his teeth, something clenching around his heart as he thought this over.

Anna took a deep breath, not looking up at him as she found an American real-estate website, "What was that?" she mumbled.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 14, 2011 6:51 am

Luce shrugged, "Me neither but I like you so if you end up like her, I'll kick your ass." she said, narrowing her eyes at her.

"I can't tell you." Hannah said, becoming very serious, "He made me swear not to."

"Caden's bestfriend died." Kiran muttered, distracted.

Nadine made a face, "Fine," she mumbled and crossed her arms over her chest again when C.J made a noise, "What kind of conversation is that?"

Caleb's eyes darkened as he took a step towards her, "Tell me anyway," he breathed, "Or maybe you're confused as to where your loyalty should be?"

Anna glanced up at him, a frown tugging on her lips, "So, why is he stealing from you?"

Luce shrugged, "She started it." she mumbled and opened the car door to get out.

Hannah bit her lip hard, "He's at his palazzo in Rome." she muttered, a miserable look coming into her face.

Kiran sighed and explained to her everything Ashley explained to Natacha when telling her the plan minus some details.

CJ rolled his eyes before he got out of the car as well, Nadine following suit.

Caleb's eyes narrowed, "Show me," he said through his teeth.

Anna chewed her lip for a few moments as she thought this over, "As long as you trust him," she breathed, flipping through a few pages of houses on her laptop.

Lucille made her way to their dad, frowning slightly as she looked over the Hellbitch and Colt, who had a scowl twisting his pretty lips, "So you know this Logan?" he muttered as Hannah started to sputter and protest a little.
Luce's spine tensed and she looked up at Caleb, "Logan?" she whispered, her eyes darkening.

Kiran pursed his lips, "He could get himself killed." he muttered, "Do you have your phone on you?"

Caleb's eyes were dark as he glanced at Luce; his little girl, the reason he was going to kill Logan the moment he laid eyes on him again, "Yeah, I know him," he said cooly before forcing his gaze back onto Hannah, "Show me, now."

Anna studied his face, nodding slowly, "Why?" she whispered, trying to will herself into feeling nothing about Caden's foolishness.

Hannah gritted her teeth, "He'll kill me." she said, her insides twisting with the knowledge.
Lucille bit her lip hard, "I want to come with you." she said softly, her throat tightening, her fingers curling into fists as she dropped her gaze to the cracking yellow painted lines on black concrete.

"I'm going to call Amelia." Kiran murmured, a pensive look coming over him.

Caleb's eyes blackened as he locked eyes with Hannah, "And what do you think I'll do to you?" he said through his teeth, holding his hand out to Lucille without looking at her.

Anna's frown deepened as she studied him, "Do you think she can talk some sense into him?" she breathed, an irritating, unwelcomed worry making her stomach twist.

Lucille let out a small breath and took her daddy's hand, she felt small like Cassidy but less fragile as Hannah made a noise, "Fine, I'll take you." she said, her mouth dry as she shut her eyes, still new at most of this as she blinked the three of them to a spacious Italian palazzo in Rome.

Kiran pursed his lips, "I think she'll keep him from getting too reckless, no one can stop him now, but he'll have a reason to come out alive."

Caleb shut his eyes for a moment; a dark feeling spreading from his core into every part of him as he readied himself, still trying to understand why Logan would set someone like Colt on him.

Anna pursed her lips, something dark in her eye as she studied him for a moment longer, "Alright," she mumbled before she took out her cellphone and held it out to him.

Luce swallowed hard and tried not to think back to that night, she tried to focus on the pristine marble walls of the palazzo, the large black oak door with a bronze knocker in the shape of a serpent. Hannah didn't need to knock as she opened the door into the dark foyer, shafts of sunlight dancing across the floor from the partially opened curtains hanging over the large window of the left wall; she motioned them up the large staircase where music could be heard floating down the hall from a room deep in the house.

Kiran took a breath and dialed Amelia's number, praying she'd pick up and listen to what he had to say.

Caleb slowly opened his pretty green eyes again as he gave his daughter's hand a tight squeeze; knowing she would need him now as he started after Hannah, "Don't be scared," he whispered, trying to will forth a comforting smile while he studied Lucille.

Amelia sat in her bed with her little boy, studying the one picture she had of Caden like she'd done almost every night since he left her and the mere thought of him made her little heart clench; she still didn't understand and she had started to believe that she never would, but the thoughts that would usually have her crying about now was interrupted by the flashing of the display and Caden's picture was replaced by Anna's number, which she frowned deeply at for a very long moment before she picked up, "Hello?" she whispered.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:58 pm

Luce let out another breath and gave her daddy a small smile, she wouldn't crumble as long as he was with her; Hannah led them down a dimly lit hallway and the music got louder, it was beautiful, slightly haunting, the Pathetique. It consumed them as Hannah opened the door to reveal Logan St. Claire sitting at the piano, he seemed older, he wore dark suit to his muscular physique, his dark hair hung in his mismatched eyes, he didn't look up as he continued playing, blood dripping down his chin onto the white and black keys; a beautiful blond woman lay across the top of the piano, her blue satin gown pulled down to her waist, her neck ripped open, blood staining her breasts and lower abdomen but it didn't frighten the other gorgeous women who watched the devilishly handsome young man play.

"Amelia? It's me, Kiran." he said softly, "Please don't hang up."

Caleb couldnt help the slight smile that formed on his handsome face as he studied everything; it felt strangely comfortable to him when a familiar hunger twisted his insides, the same hunger that Colt had talked about, but he shook it off, forcing his gaze onto his best friend's son as he cleared his throat.

Amelia shut her eyes tight, automatically curling her fingers in her own hair, "What do you want?"

Logan glanced up at him, a calm look on his handsome face, he didn't stop playing though, "Did Colt get to you all right?" he muttered, his eyes so much like his mother's were dark.

"Its Caden, he's in trouble." Kiran muttered.

Caleb nodded, carefully letting go of Lucille's hand to fix his black blazer, "I'm curious as to why you'd pick someone like him to stalk me," he said calmly, glancing at Hannah with a cruel smile curving his lips.

Amelia chewed on the inside of her cheek, her throat becoming tight, "That's none of my business, Kiran," she said in a forced calm voice.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:52 am

"He reminded me of you and he'll distract the Monster because I marked him." Logan said, his fingers resting against the keys as the music came to a halt, "The Monster being the reason why I needed you to find me." he said softly.

"It is because he's in love with you and he knows he fucked up, he'll get himself killed because he doesnt deserve you." Kiran said softly.

"Monster?" Caleb muttered, taking a step towards Logan as he studied his face closely, "So, you want my help, is that it?"

Amelia took a deep breath as she remained silent for a very long time, trying to compose her thoughts and trying even harder to stay angry with him, but instead she exhaled hard, "Where is he?"

Logan knew that it a matter of seconds, his neck could be snapped and he'd cease to exist but he met his stepfather's gaze, "It'll target the smaller children first than work its way through them to get to mom, with her, he'll want to breed, his final victory would be over you." He said softly, "Yes, I need your help."

Kiran took a breath, "Beijing." he said softly, "He'll be at a small, unremarkable motel, I can take you?"

The Monster had named himself Leviathon; he had ripped himself from his mother's womb a grown being, he was grotesque insides wrapped in layers of beautiful flesh easily starting to crack. He had black locks around his face, his eyes were maroon that became points of fire in any type of light. Leviathon was hunting. He had followed the boy because his father had marked him, the boy had led him to the others, they shared his father's blood, he could smell it. Leviathon felt the bones in his back tense as he moved towards the house that reeked of the ones with his father's blood; he began to scale the walls, looking for the strongest source. He found her in one of the larger bedrooms, she had the same eyes as his father, the same dark curls falling down her back, she was more beautiful than his mother and he realized she reeked off both of them. He positioned himself near the window so he could barely be seen but he could watch, she shimmied out of a white dress, he felt his body tighten, she unclasped her bra, he felt warmth flutter in his abdomen, she slid off her panties, he felt himself harden to the point of aching. He watched as she studied herself in one of the full-length mirrors as if making sure she truly was perfect, he watched as she cocked her head to side a little, a soft smile on her lips as a sweet, little sigh escaped them. She moved out of his veiw and it greatly disappointed them, he wanted to watch, he needed to find his way into her. Leviathon broke the lock on the window and slid into the room without a noise.

Caleb's pale eyes darkened another shade as he studied his step-son, who was no longer the little boy who had soiled his daughter but a grown man asking for his help and he continued to study him closely, cocking his pretty head to the side, "Why do you care?" he muttered, sure that he knew the reason already.

Amelia nodded slightly to herself, "Yeah," she breathed almost silently, "Please."

Logan never lowered his gaze, "Because I have a need to redeem myself, I never meant to hurt Luce." he said, "Nefritira poisoned me, my soul, I needed to be killed, thank you." he muttered earnest, "And now the monster is loose and it will destroy everything of my family, your family."

"Pack a bag, I'll be there soon." Kiran said softly.

Caleb's jaw clenched so hard that it nearly clicked when his gaze fell onto Luce, needing to make sure that she was still hanging in there, "What monster are we talking about?" he asked in a more soft tone, looking like he needed his little girl's permission before even considering the possibility of helping his stepson.

Amelia nodded to herself, again before she hung up and got out of bed to pack a bag for her and their son.

Leviathon ran his tongue along his lips, her smell was thicker here, all around him, he was silent as he moved across the room to the bathroom, he watched her from the partially open door. She was showering, the water glittering on her beautiful body made the ache almost unbearable, he pursed his lips tight to keep from making any noises, he watched as she ran a soapy cloth over her breasts and abdomen and he imagined how she would feel beneath him. He imagined she would feel warm as he plunged deep inside her, slamming his length into her until she bled for him, until he filled her with his seed and watch as she grew swollen with his child. He would have her. He needed to have her and with that thought a low hiss of lust escaped his lips; the woman looked up suddenly, a frown puckering her brows together, "Hello?" she called.
Leviathon gritted his teeth, he couldn't take her now, it would be too sloppy and unfulfilling, he needed everything to be special for her, for them. He moved back towards the window, his fire bright eyes skimming over her satin panties, he picked them up carefully before he made his escape out the window.

Nefritira watched her son from a distant, he was a failure, not the God-like child she had hoped for, but he would distract everyone from her as she slipped through the cracks and found her way to her mother. The obssession that had possessed her to destroy her brother, to use him to destroy the little bastards that had replaced her in her mother's heart, and had ultimately led to her imprisonment, twisted into ugly, vile rage, she would kill her mother and rip apart her insides. She would become her. She would take everything.

Luce swallowed hard, her back stiff as she stared at Logan's face and then up at her daddy, she gave a stiff nod and crossed her arms over her chest. Logan sighed, "My son." he said not bothering to contain the disgust in his voice, "Of Nefritira's making,"

Kiran sighed and got to his feet, "I'm going to pack." he muttered.

Caleb's throat seemed to tighten as his gaze quickly fell onto Logan again, "And where is she?" he asked, an obvious look of disgust coming over his face as he thought this over.

Anna studied him for a moment, a dark look coming into her pretty eyes as a frown formed between her brows, "Pack?" she mumbled, confused all of a sudden.

Logan got to his feet and glanced at the women, "Go." he said, nodding towards the door, keeping his face impassive as they pouted and swarmed around him to kiss his neck, hoping to endear his company, "Leave. Now." he said, his voice level, authorative. They left him, obviously not wanting to, Logan glanced at Caleb, "What other sons do you have?" he muttered.

Kiran sighed, "I'm taking Amelia to Beijing, I can't just drop her off and leave, I'll stay with her until Caden comes back."

Caleb couldn't help the slight raise of his brow, "C.J, Caelan, Callum, Connor," he muttered, his eyes squinting a bit as he seriously tried to think of anyone else, "Sebastian and Channing."

Anna bit the tip of her tongue for a moment until it started stinging before she gave a slight nod, "Okay," she mumbled before pulling her MacBook into her lap and she leaned back in the black leather couch.

Logan pursed his lips, "Ones who aren't just getting out of diapers." he muttered, raising a brow.

Kiran studied her, "What is it?"

"C.J," Caleb said quickly, counting imaginary fingers in his head to figure out how old the others kids were before he shrugged a bit, "Why is that important?"

Anna shook her head, a stray strand of hair falling into her eyes as she shut down the real-estate site, deciding that this wasn't important at the moment, "Nothing," she said softly, not looking at him.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:44 am

"Because she'll try to worm her way back in, she'll go after him, we'll set a trap." Logan muttered, running his fingers through his hair.

"Tell me." Kiran said softly, "Is it because of Amelia?"

Caleb pursed his lips, "You got any ideas?" he muttered, fixing his cufflinks.

Anna slowly shook her head again, "I don't care about Amelia," she muttered, not meaning it in the way it sounded but she still didn't add anything to it.

Luce pursed her lips, "I can get CJ out of the house, we'll go clubbing or something and take Nadine, Nefritira will follow, corner him and then you two jump out and wrap an iron chain around her throat."

Kiran sighed and shut his eyes a moment, "Yeah, fine, whatever." he muttered, growing aggitated as he started upstairs to pack.

Caleb glanced back at his little girl, who seemed to have grown a lot older out of no where and an almost warm smile curved his lips; an impressed look in his eyes, "I like the way you think," he breathed.

Anna's lips twisted and she shut her eyes tight for a few moments, needing to restrain herself from saying anything stupid as she pushed her laptop away and balled her fists on her thighs, trying desperately hard to strangle the ugly, paranoid feelings inside of her.

Luce grinned, "Thanks daddy." she said, her muscles relaxing slightly before she pursed her lips, "Are we going to tell mom?"

Kiran dressed in dark jeans and a snug fitting black T, he packed a duffel with little clothes and more weaponry, having thought over everything, he headed for Kira's room to see what she had wanted earlier and to apologize.

Caleb shook his head, "No," he said softly, not caring to elaborate on his answer.

Kira had gotten herself tucked in nicely, wearing her baby-blue PJ's and her teddy-bear was hugged tight to her chest as she watched the Thai version of Care Bears, a deeply unimpressed look on her little face.

Logan nodded, "Agreed, why cause her unnecesary pain, she never has to know." he muttered, moving towards a Monet painting, he moved it aside as if it were not worth as much as it was to reveal a very sophisticated looking safe.

Kiran opened the door a little to look in on her, "Kira?" he said softly, "Did you wanna talk? I didnt mean to ignore you, its your uncle's fault."

Caleb didn't say anything this time as he watched Logan, crossing his arms over his chest as he stood there, content in his agreeing silence.

Kira glanced up at him, a warm smile brightening up her face, "It's okay, daddy," she mumbled.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:03 pm

Logan keyed in a code on the touch screen lockpad, smiling slightly as it slid open, from within he took out a small celtic looking medallion, "Slip this onto CJ's person, if she kisses him he won't be poisoned." he said, handing it to Luce before reaching back for the .45 Colt, he checked the barrel for six bullets of which he would delightedly fill Tira's skull with.

Kiran smiled slightly, "I have to get going, you okay?" he mumbled.

Caleb smirked as he glanced at his daughter again, "This should be fun," he murmured and reached back to check if his .9 was still there.

Kira's smile quickly faded again as she studied him still, a hurt look coming over her face, "You leaving again," she whispered, more a statement than a question.

Lucille studied the medallion and smirked, "Sure as hell seems like it." she said, slipping the medallion into her pocket, "I'm gonna head home to get ready, we'll meet you at the Red Herring." she smiled, remembering passing the club on the highway.

Kiran bit his lip, "I'll be back before you know it, Kira, promise."

Caleb nodded slightly, trying to imagine the scene before he studied his stepson again, "Are you going to stick around?" he muttered, "Eliya misses her son."

Kira didnt answer this time, remembering that he was gone for a month the last time he promised he'd be back, so she turned her attention back to the TV, only a few seconds passing before she turned it off and got settled into bed, "Good night, daddy," she mumbled and shut her eyes; conversation over.

Logan swallowed hard, "I think I will then, I miss her too." he said softly, he looked down for a moment, "Could I ask you something?" he asked as Luce apparated back home, hoping to find CJ and Nadine all ready back with the girls and groceries.

Kiran sighed, "Night Kira." he mumbled, heading back downstairs to say goodbye to Anna.

Caleb nodded slightly, "Sure," he muttered.

Nadine sighed again as she glared back at C.J, "One more word about my mother and I'll shove your junk up your nose," she said seriously as she continued stacking the fridge.

Anna took a deep breath as she tangled her fingers in her own hair; the feeling quickly fading as she focused, "When do you think you'll be back?" she asked softly, not opening her eyes and knowing he'd hear her.

Logan pursed his lips, trying to form the question correctly, "Did you tell my father about me?"

Luce raised a brow as she appeared, "Does it matter? My mom's cooler than both your moms." she said, nodding though she had no idea what they were actually talking about, "Make the tinies put that up, we're going clubbing." she smiled.

Kiran pursed his lips, "Less than two days." he muttered

Leviathon ached and because of the ache, he hunted. He could not get the primal urges for the woman who smelled of both his mother and father from his mind, he needed her in the worst way. He gritted his teeth harder, the scents all around him suffocating him with the need, he shut his eyes, and then he heard her. Leviathon pressed himself against the walls of the house and glanced around the corner, sitting on a swing, strung up on the strong branch of a large oak sat a young woman who so resembled the one he desired but her eyes were like gold, precious gold that looked star-bound longingly. He inhaled her scent even from more the twenty feet away and it was as sweet as the woman he desired but also something...different, the heavenly rot of purity. He cocked his head to the side, watching the throb of her pulse in the arch of her perfect neck, she would do as a good substitute for now and with that he started towards her.

Caleb studied Logan's eyes closely, a frown forming between his eyes, "No," he said in the softest manner possible, "I thought I'd spare him the suffering of losing you like that." he shrugged slightly, a saddened smile forming on his lips, "He's had enough of that, don't you think?"

Nadine and C.J's heads both snapped towards her and they smiled, "Clubbing in Nashville?" Nadine murmured, "I'm not square dancing, y'know."

Anna slowly opened her eyes as she unballed her fists and she couldnt help it when she cocked her head to the side, studying what seemed to be a pair of blue eyes outside their window, "Mm, have fun then," she breathed, "I love you," she murmured more softly, sounding distracted.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:00 pm

Logan swallowed hard, he looked strangled for a moment, "Thank you." he said softly, meaning it in the most sincere way.

Luce rolled her eyes, "There are different clubs." she muttered, "This isn't just a hobunk city, get your asses dressed and lets go."

Caleb nodded slightly, "Anytime," he mumbled, smiling slightly like he would have if this were actually his son.

Nadine made a face before she closed the door to the fridge and headed upstairs to dress when C.J pursed his lips, "What are you playing at?" he muttered, studying his half-sister.

Logan smiled slightly, "Sorry about trying to fight you," he muttered, "I thought I was protecting my mom."

Lucille pursed her lips and glanced around the pristine kitchen before she met her brother's gaze, "A monsters come to town." she said softly.

"You were," Caleb muttered, shrugging slightly, "I have my worse moments, Logan, and you did the right thing."

C.J frowned slightly, "What kind of monster?" he mumbled.

Logan smiled a bit more, "How are things with you and her?" he asked curiously, studying his stepfather's face.

Luce pursed her lips, "The kind that poisoned my big brother into raping me three years ago." she whispered, her throat tight as her gaze fell to the floor.

Caleb smiled as he ran his fingers through his hair, "Good, I think," he said softly, crinkling his nose a little, "I fucked up a while ago, but somehow she always forgive me." his smile widened a bit at the thought, "Your mom's a pretty amazing woman, you know."

C.J bit his lip, studying her closely, "I'm sorry," he muttered, meaning it.

Logan smiled proudly, "For someone so tiny she's full of a lot of a fire." he shrugged, "I think no matter what you do, she'll always forgive you, if she loves you, you're kind of doomed to be love by her forever."

Luce swallowed hard, "Just help me catch the bitch, okay?" she mumbled, glancing up at him, feeling more like a Winchester instead of a Walker.

Kiran sighed, frowning slightly, "I love you too." he mumbled and disappeared to Amelia's place.

Caleb smirked, "It sure seems like it," he muttered, "But I guess that just proves how strong she is, even if she's tiny." he grinned.

C.J nodded, "Of course," he mumbled and turned on his heel to go dress.

Amelia had placed herself on a bench outside of her apartment building, her duffel bag right next to her and she had this post-pregnancy, natural beauty still brightening up her already pretty face as she waited for Kiran.

Anna crinkled her nose as she continued to study whatever was outside of the window; a soft sigh escaping her lips, figuring that it must have been a reflection from the light. That is, until it blinked. Anna felt her heart stop in her chest as she stared at the thing, coming closer until there was a silhuette of a man's face.

Logan grinned crookedly, "She's tough," he muttered proudly, "You should go home so she doesn't get suspicious, meet me at the club when the others get there." he nodded, "Besides I think there are few women who desire my company." he muttered.

Luce smiled slightly to herself before she disappeared upstairs to find her room, shower, and dress in a tight black mini her daddy would not approve of.

Kiran smiled slightly as he appeared in front of her, "You ready?" he asked softly.

Caleb pursed his lips, "Enjoy," he said, grinning crookedly at his stepson before he disappeared home.

Amelia jumped a little, still needing to get used to that even though she smiled, "Ready," she breathed and wrapped her fingers around the strap on her duffel.

Tyler ran his tongue along his teeth as he watched her; he could smell her fear, feel her heartbeat rise and her blood pump furiously through her veins already. He wasn't the nice boy that she had been toying with, using so she wouldn't have to think of /him/ and the mere thought of it made his body tense, "Anna," he whispered, his deep blue eyes switching into the color of the Pit as he disappeared, only to reappear a few moments later, right in front of her where she couldn't escape from him.

Eliya smiled to herself as she felt her man come home, she crawled into bed naked and waited for him to find her.

Kiran reached down to take her arm gently before blinking them to a small motel in Beijing, knowing his brother that well.

Caleb smiled to himself as he stood outside of their bedroom, inhaling her scent to clear his thoughts and only think of her when he pushed open the door, "Hey gorgeous," he breathed, cocking his head a bit to the side to study her.

Amelia took a deep breath as she looked up at Kiran, her heart clenching a bit when she took in his features, "Is he here?" she mumbled.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:41 am

Eliya grinned as she sat up, comfortable in her nakedness, "Hi baby." she breathed, not going to inquire into where he was after what the girls had told her and for the moment not giving a damn as long as he was here, her body all ready reacting with need.

Kiran studied the chipping grey painted doors, "I dunno." he said, starting for the door at the end of a long hall.

Caleb smiled as he slowly moved towards her, "Did you do anything interesting while I was gone?" he breathed, shrugging out of his blazer.

Amelia swallowed hard as she moved after him, forcing her gaze onto the floor as her mouth went dry.

Eliya shrugged, "I was nice to Evangeline." she smiled, moving forward on her knees, she reached for him wanting to help him undress, a wanting ache throbbing between her legs, "I missed you." she breathed, her eyes giving away her lustier thoughts.

Kiran swallowed hard and knocked first, when no one answered, he broke the lock and went in, Caden's things were in the room but Caden himself was not, "We'll have to wait."

Caleb moistened his lips as he watched her, "I missed you too," he breathed, feeling himself harden with need.

Amelia frowned slightly as she went in after him, "Why is he in Beijing?" she muttered, studying the room.

Anna pressed herself back against the smooth leather couch, a claustrophobic feeling spreading through her, making her back tense as she stared at him, "Tyler," she whispered, her throat becoming tighter as he squatted and ran his dirty hands up her thighs,
"Yes?" he breathed, his black eyes locked on hers and he frowned when a shudder shook her, "You don't want this?" he whispered, his fingers trailing over her silky skin where her ripped jeans had bared it.

Eliya moved his shirt away, leaning forward she kissed his abdomen, her fingers all but ripping his zipper open.

Kiran sighed and explained everything as he sat by the window.

Caleb shut his eyes as a shiver crawled up his spine, "God, I missed you," he breathed, just repeating the obvious as if he needed to say it to her.

Amelia chewed on the inside of her lip for a few moments as she processed everything, "How's he been, other than the obvious?" she breathed, sitting down on Caden's bed.

Eliya pushed his pants down his hips and lowered her head to take the tip of him in her mouth.

Kiran sighed, "Depressed, he missed you."

Amelia ran her fingers through her hair as she sighed softly, "I don't know how to forgive him," she mumbled.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Jul 16, 2011 5:22 am

... Eliya screamed his name, not caring if any of the kids woke up, pleasure burst inside her abdomen, in every nerve of her damn body.

Kiran reached for her hand, "I know how you feel, Amelia," he said softly, "I numbed myself for three years trying to forget them but I couldn't forget her. If every night you look at his picture and cry, I gurantee, for every night he's done the same, he knows you'll never trust him again but he'll try to earn it back if you let him."

Jason woke suddenly, he felt someone in their house, even though he'd been given a soul, his birth in Hell had left him endowed with certain gifts and he knew someone was in the house and they were dangerous. The boy slid of bed and grabbed the bowie knife his dad had given him and started down stairs.

Caleb panted softly as he buried his face in her neck, carefully nibbling on her delicate skin as pleasure crawled over his muscles and nerves before finally exploding in his abdomen.

Amelia swallowed hard again, blinking back tears as she studied his eyes, "How do you know?" she whispered.

Anna shut her eyes tight as she felt Jason coming closer and she made a loud noise of discomfort when Tyler ripped open her jeans and she lashed out at him, her nails tearing over his cheek, drawing blood and leaving flesh under her nails, "You fucking bitch," he growled and reached out to curl his fingers in her hair before he dragged her out of the couch and shove her to the ground; feeling himself ache after taking her forcefully on her floor.

Eliya tilted her head back, smiling dreamily and trembling when her lips pulled into a pout, "I don't wanna date, I wanna have sex with you whenever I want and be Mrs. Walker again." she said softly.

Kiran smiled slightly, "He carries your picture in his wallet. I know."

Caleb grinned against her skin before he propped himself up by his knuckles, hovering over her, "Are you proposing to me, miss St. Claire?" he breathed, a teasing smile curving his lips.

Amelia couldnt help the slight smile tugging on her lips, "Have you forgiven her?" she breathed, something unreadable in her pretty eyes.

Eliya smiled warmly, "Yes, will you marry me again? I hear third time is a charm." she said softly.

Kiran bit his lip, "I forgave her but I dont trust her."

Celeste watched the stars above her, the points of blazing light, of hope painted across the black sky, it was the one and only thing she missed about Heaven. She smiled warmly at the flaming lights of the universe, "Thank you for giving me a family." she said softly when a putrid stench hit her delicate little nose, she had no time to turn and seek out the smell when it tackled her to the ground.

Caleb smiled, "I'd love to," he breathed and bent down to kiss her in the most lingering, loving way he could manage.

Amelia chewed on her lip, studying her nails as she nodded, "Does she know that?" she asked softly.

Anna whimpered as blood dripped onto the floor from the gash in her eyebrow and she felt fuzzy, hardly recognizing the pain when Tyler began dragging her into the garage; grumbling horrible things to himself.

Eliya tightened herself around, warmth filled her chest and spread through her every nerves, "I'm so in love with you Caleb Walker." she breathed, her eyes warm and glittery.

Kiran shrugged, "I think she does." he said as the motel door pushed open to reveal a very surprised Caden.

Jason growled and tackled Tyler to the ground, moving faster than he should, he pressed his knee to his groin to pin him and his knife to his throat, looking feral.

"And I'm in love with you," Caleb breathed against her mouth, "Eliya Walker," he whispered with all the love and affection his soulless heart could muster.

Amelia bit her lip as she glanced up at Caden, "Hi," she breathed, a warmer look in her eyes now that he was there.

A wicked grin spread across Tyler's lips as he studied the boy, "You're new," he mumbled as Anna scrambled to her feet, wiping the blood from her face before she fixed her white jeans, "And lethal," she breathed.

Eliya shivered with delight, everything seemed perfect and she was happy in that moment, she kissed him deeply, hoping nothing could shatter this moment when Cassidy screamed.

Caden studied her, unbelieving as he took a few step towards, "Hey." he said, wanting to reach other and pull her to him.

Jason growled, there was a blackness in his eyes and dug his knife into the skin, slicing through the first layers of flesh.

Caleb's head snapped towards the door as he frowned, "What the fuck?" he breathed and got off his fiancée to fix his pants.

Amelia got off the bed and ran her fingers through her hair as she studied him, a very unwelcome warmth spreading through her chest, "Where you been?" she breathed, trying desperately hard not to get all sappy.

Tyler gritted his teeth, pain blossoming in his throat when Anna carefully placed a hand on Jason's shoulder, "Baby, it's okay," she said softly, "Thank you."

Eliya frowned and got out of bed, wrapping a sheet around herself, "It sounded like Cassy." she said, worry tightening her throat as she started for the door.

"Talking to some people." Cade muttered, his eyes soft and full of love and misery for messing up that love, "How are you?"

Jason glanced up at her, "He deserves to die." he said through his teeth, "He hurt you."

Caleb zipped up his pants before he moved after her, his back tensing.

"I miss you," Amelia said quickly, not even thinking about the words as she studied his eyes; none of these things mattering in that moment.

Anna's eyes softened, "I'm fine," she said in the most loving way that she could, "Let me handle it, Jase."
Tyler grunted, studying the boy with a cruel look on his face, "Are you scared, boy?" he breathed.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Jul 16, 2011 9:11 am

Eliya moved down the hall towards the stairs, flying down them at a remarkable speed for a woman in a sloppily put together toga; she found Cassidy standing at the sliding glass door that led to the backyard, her screams having become sobs as she stared into the night.

Caden swallowed hard, "I missed you so much." he said softly.

Jason studied her, "You sure?" he said, digging his knee harder into Tyler's groin.

Caleb moved up behind his little girl, a worried frown forming between his eyes, "Cass, what is it?" he breathed, following her gaze.

Amelia made a noise as she moved to put her arms around his waist, burying her face in his shoulder, "You're such a jackass," she breathed.

Tyler's gave a pained noise as Anna nodded, "Positive," she breathed and moved around them to shove her Converse into Tyler's throat.

"She's dying," Cassy screamed, doubling over in the worst pain as Eliya wrenched open the glass door and started to run towards the bloodied figure near the swing.

Caden hugged her tight, "I know, I'm so sorry."

Caleb's eyes widened as he remained in the door, pushing Cassy behind him, "Who is it?" he called after his woman, his conversation with Logan nagging in the back of his head.

Amelia shut her eyes tight, "You damn well should be," she mumbled into his shirt.

Eliya threw herself against the ground next to her baby, she didn't even feel it as she skinned her knees, she pulled Celeste against, "Celeste, mommy's here, mommy's here." she whimpered against her bruised neck, unable to look down at her raviged body.

Caden buried his face against her hair, "I love you, Amelia." he breathed, shutting his eyes tight.

Caleb's fists clenched around the frame of the glass door and the wooden frame attached on the wall as his lips twisted, "Get her inside," he said through his teeth, his eyes becoming dark as he looked straight forward and yelled, "Luce."

"I love you too, Caden," Amy unwillingly admitted, "You miserable jerk."

Luce appeared behind him, tripping over herself, "Yeah, daddy?" she squeaked, wondering how she'd gotten in trouble as she glimpsed her mother starting to carry her sister up the incline to the back door.

Caden smiled slightly, "Is that why you came? To call me a miserable jerk?"

"Get your brother ready, we're leaving," Caleb said calmly as he moved out of Eliya's way.

Amelia pulled back a little to look into his face, "Your brother called me," she said, sniffling, "But that's definitely one of the reasons I came."

Eliya carried her towards the living room, Celeste's blood stained the sheet she had wrapped around her. Luce moved back up the stairs, her black pumps clicking against the floor til she skidded to a stop in front of of C.J's door and knocked.

Caden smiled slightly and mouth a thank you at Kiran over Amelia's head before he sighed, "How's Coop?"

C.J studied himself in the mirror, a soft sigh escaping his lips as he straightening his black blazer, "Yeah?" he called, running his fingers through his scruffy, dark hair.

Amy smiled slightly, "He's fine," she said softly, "Talking and everything. You should come see him."

"We have to leave now." Luce called through the door, her voice full of urgency.

Caden smiled warmly, "I'd like that." he said softly, "I want to be with you."

C.J pursed his lips as he went to open the door, "What happened?" he muttered, studying his sister's pretty face.

"Good," Amy said softly and got on her toes to kiss his cheek, "But you have to come home first."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:58 am

"Something happened to Celeste." Luce muttered, her throat tight, "Dad says we have to leave now, she's all bloody, and mom's crying, Cassy won't stop screaming." she said in a rush, her pretty face becoming pale as she felt sick.

Caden pursed his lips, "After I avenge Mao, I'll be all yours." he said.

C.J nodded slightly, "Let's go," he said softly, not wanting her to elaborate as he gestured for her to lead the way.

Amy's smile faded as she studied his eyes, "Caden, you're gonna get yourself killed," she whispered.

Luce turned on her heel and headed back downstairs, Cassy's screaming had become whimpering sobs as she joined her mother in the living room to watch over Celeste, the other children had started to come out of their rooms to join them. Luce tried to ignore the scene, tried to stay calm, and went to their dad.

Caden smiled slightly, "I know what I'm doing, stay with me here, then we can go home together."

Caleb's jaw was clenched tight as he watched his woman take care of Celeste and he shook his head, "I'll kill her," he said through his teeth, mostly to himself.

Amelia pursed her lips, a frown forming between her perfect brows as she glanced back at Kiran, "Does he know what he's doing?" she breathed.

Luce came to stand in front of her father, she kept a stiff back to the scene of her mother's hands working, bloodstained, to save her big sister, "We're ready." she said, her voice wavering.

Kiran scrutinized his older brother's face, "I think he does." he muttered.

Caleb nodded slightly, still watching Eliya closely, "Go wait in the car," he said lowly.

Amelia looked back at Caden and gave a slight nod, "Okay," she breathed, smiling slightly, "I'll stay with you."

Luce nodded and turned to do as he said without a word. Eliya had started to mutter comforting things in a langauge that only existed on the tongues of angels but it felt right and so she sang these things to her little girl as she tried to fix her using what the kids had found as first aid; she sewed together a gash in her side, trying to keep her fingers from trembling when Celeste opened her golden eyes, now a dull yellow, she began to moan in agony.

Caden grinned and bent his head to kiss her gently, "Thank you."

Caleb took a deep breath, trying to ignore the noise as he turned on his heel to go upstairs and dress, C.J quickly following Luce without a word.

Amelia bit her lip, the feel of him sending shivers up her spine, "Don't thank me yet," she breathed, "You've got a lot of explaining to do."

Luce glanced back at her brother and handed him the medallion, "Logan says it'll protect you." she mumbled.

Caden made a face, "I know, dahlin." he muttered and stole another kiss.

C.J crinkled his nose as he studied the thing, "Interesting," he mumbled before putting it around his neck, still studying it as he went for Caleb's Ferrari.

Amelia smiled slightly before she bit her lip in a terribly suggesting way, "I think you can go home now, Kiran," she breathed, studying Caden for a moment longer.

Luce reached the Ferari and leaned against it, she covered her face for a long moment when Nefritira appeared.

C.J. didn't even look up from the medallion, still studying it curiously, "Luce," he said softly, "Company."

Luce sniffed and looked up at Nefritira, who, despite incarceration in the blackest of Hell's Abysses, looked absolutely stunning in a black and red Chinese style silk dress with a sweetheart neckline and slits up to her slender waist, she wore spikey, black stiletto platforms, and her black curls were put straight back and braided with gold, "Where's daddy, children?" she breathed, her eyes like her mother's.

C.J. finally glanced up at Nefritira when Caleb stepped outside, fully dressed and looking devilishly handsome in his Armani suit as his gaze locked onto Eliya's filthy little daughter, "Here," he said, raising a brow at her.

"I want to offer my services." Tira said, tilting her chin, as imperious as any princess would be, "I can help."

Caleb smirked, "I don't want your help," he said, taking a step towards her, "I want to rip your pretty little head off."

Nefritira smiled, it was cruel like a Chesire cat's smile, "But you'll need it when Celeste's body becomes deformed with the growth my son implanted into her, Mother will be so scared and then I will appear and deliver the creature, she'll beam with pride and love me again."

Caleb's lips twisted as his eyes darkened another shade, "You naive, disgusting little bitch," he said through his teeth, needing to use all of his strength to keep himself from bashing her face in.

Nefritira feigned a hurt look, "Your words cut me deep, /daddy/." she spat the last word like it was vinegar, her pretty lips twisted but then she relaxed and smiled even as she heard the first screams of agony come from the house, "She needs me."

Kiran raised a brow but didnt say anything as he apparated back home, glad it didnt take as long as he thought.

Caleb didn't move an inch as he stared at Tira's face, "Luce, C.J, go inside," he said through his teeth, "Now."

Anna's lips twisted as she stomped on Tyler's mouth, wanting to break his teeth as he let out the most unmanly noise you could possibly imagine; appearing as if all the demony, bad things in him had vanished the second he got beat by a girl.

Tira watched Luce move inside like a good little girl, she could hear Celeste screaming louder and imagined the beasts ripping out of her as Leviathon had ripped its way through her, she stared at Caleb, "Why don't you love me daddy?" she said, a derisiveness to her tone.

Kiran raised a brow at the scene, "Am I missing something?"

Caleb's eyes narrowed a bit as C.J moved after Luce and he stepped close enough to Tira that they were nearly touching, "If you try /anything/, sweetheart," he said, smiling cruelly, "I'll find your little, retarded child and I'm gonna feed his infested organs to you, do you understand?"

"A lot," Anna breathed and kicked Tyler so hard in the temple that she could almost see the light leave his pretty eyes as he passed out.

Tira's eyes darkened, "Is that so?" a cruel smile lit her face, "And what do you think I'll have /him/ do to your babies?"

Kiran pursed his lips, "Enlighten me?"

Caleb's lips twisted as he lashed out to wrap his fingers around her throat, his nails digging in behind her windpipe, "Are you threatening my family, Nefritira?" he breathed, his eyes darkening to black.

Anna took a breath as she slowly began moving towards him, having missed him here, "For some reason, whenever you leave, bad things happen," she breathed, smiling slightly, "But we handled it, see?" she said almost excitedly as she pointed to Tyler.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:18 pm

Nefritira gritted her teeth, she wanted to curse Caleb Walker to Hell but it would be pointless because he was King over the place she wished to curse him to, "Fu-" her cussing was cut off by the slamming open of the back door, "Let. Her. Go." Eliya said through her teeth, her hands to her elbows covered in blood, her eyes were almost black and she trembled violently, "We have bigger problems now."

"/I/ took care of it." Jason muttered, leaning against the wall as he watched Tyler.

Caleb glanced back at Eliya as his eyes began fading back to green, "Fine," he said before shoving the bitch away from him.

Anna rolled her eyes, "Right, Jason tackled him," she mumbled before she turned on her heel to squat next to Tyler, frowning a bit as she watched his zombie-like skincolor becoming healthier, "Jase, would you please go help Kira and the boys pack?" she muttered, taking a zippo lighter out of Tyler's pocket.

Eliya, who was so happy a few moments ago, looked to be on the verge of a mental breakdown; she turned on her heel to walk back into the silent living room where her other children sat in a horror filled awe at the bundle on the glass coffee table, Celeste lay still on the couch but was breathing.

Jason nodded slightly and headed upstairs to do so; Kiran raised a brow, "We really gonna burn this sucka down?"

Caleb took a deep breath to calm himself as he went after Eliya, his heart nearly stopping in his chest as he studied the bundle as well, not saying anything.

Anna nodded slightly, "Yes," she whispered, glancing up at him.

Eliya swallowed hard as she moved towards him, she carefully moved away the blanket to reveal the newborn babygirl, she had a mop of black hair on her head and she looked up at them with glass-like obsidian eyes, for a creature so small and somehow beautiful, she was terrifying.

Caleb's eyes were still dark as he studied the little thing; he didnt know what to say or do, he only knew that he had to see Logan.

Eliya glanced back at him, agonizing fear in her pretty eyes, "I don't know what's happening and I'm scared." she breathed.

Caleb lifted his gaze to her eyes, a comforting small smile curving his lips, "Give her to me," he breathed and held his arms out for the baby.

Eliya trembled as she lifted the babe into her arms and she knew and feared that no matter what she would never be able to harm a child of her own blood, "Don't kill it." she whispered, handing it to him.

Caleb took a breath as he held the girl to him, but he said nothing, thinking that this was easier than lying to her before he disappeared to Logan's place.

Logan was in his large master bedroom, five beautiful women slept in his bed but he stood before a large window looking out at the Roman stars blazing in the night sky, he wore nothing but his slacks and drank a glass of whiskey as he waited for the hour.

Caleb appeared in Logan's bedroom, a worried frown creasing his brow as he studied his stepson, "Logan," he breathed, "Congratulations, you're a grandfather."

Logan's eyes widened and he twirled on his heel to stare at his stepfather and the baby, a panicked look on his handsome face, "How..? Who did he..?" he made a noise, at a loss of words.

Kiran smiled slightly, "You're pretty sexy for an arsonist." he said teasingly, excited about this.

"Celeste," Caleb breathed, shaking his head as he moved towards him, "Nearly fucking killed her too."

Anna couldnt help it when she smiled, still squatting as she held her hand out to her man, simply wanting him closer, "I think we should burn him with the house," she breathed, "Burn the past, y'know?"

Logan pursed his lips and studied the child, "I guess there's no keeping this from mom, huh?" he muttered, watching the eyes of the tiny thing, "He'll want more, we have to kill it and the bitch." he said, refering to Tira.

Kiran moved closer to her, kneeling beside her, he took her hand, "All of the past." he agreed.

Caleb nodded slightly, "I know," he said, holding the thing out to him as he crinkled his nose, "Here, take your.. granddaughter."

Anna smiled more warmly as she studied his eyes, "Kind of makes me wish Nicki was here," she breathed, "I'm sure we could use that bleached off hair as an igniter."

Logan curled his lips in disgust but he took the little being, "God, we have to stop him because he /won't/ stop, he'll never stop." he said, seeing this child put doubt in their abilities.

Kiran grinned crookedly, "We can always set her on fire later?" he offered.

Caleb sighed, stuffing his hands into his pockets, "You try convincing your mother," he breathed, "She's gonna fight us if we tell her."

Anna moistened her lips, "I'd like that," she breathed and leaned over to kiss him hard.

"She can't protect it, not after what it did to Celeste, can she?" Logan breathed, his throat tight.

Caleb sighed, "She told me not to kill this one before I left," he breathed.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:20 pm

Eliya had managed to get Celeste into her bed, tucked in safe before ushering all her children to their own rooms, she then proceeded to lock every window and door. She was a frantic mother, she wanted to protect her children, her family. She had changed her soiled sheet for a robe, she was still covered in blood, she shut her eyes for a long moment and tried to think through the panic; she was the Queen of Hell, this was her kingdom and it had been attacked, the realization brought a flush of rage that tightened her spine. Eliya found herself moving towards the kitchen, she took a knife from the rack and slit open her palm and in her blood she made a pentegram on the surface of the kitchen counter.

"We sound like lunatics." Kiran muttered, biting her lower lip.

Logan stared at the child, "Interesting." he muttered, "We'll have to anyways."

Caleb nodded again, "How do we kill it, then?" he muttered, pursing his lips, "Smother it with a pillow? Stab it in the throat?"

Anna smiled against his mouth as warmth spread through her and her lips tingled, "I think it's romantic," she breathed and stole another kiss.

Logan shrugged, "I've never had to kill a baby before." he said, studying the babygirl as she started to make cute little gurgling noises.

Kiran grinned and bit her mouth as Jason started downstairs with the kids.

Caleb crinkled his nose again as he studied her; he had to admit that she was kind of adorable, but that didn't stop the murderous thoughts in his head, "Let's drown it," he muttered.

Anna smiled almost lovingly at him, "Get the kids outside, I'll find some gasoline," she breathed and bit his mouth hard before she got up and headed for the garage, not even glancing back when Tyler began making little noises.

Logan smirked, "I have a big tub." he muttered and started towards the bathroom, stopping for a minute when she smiled up at him, reaching with her little fingers, he turned to Caleb, "You do it." he mumbled, passing him the baby.

Kiran glanced down at Tyler before he took a knife from his back pocket and pinned his shoulder to the floor before ushering the kids out

Caleb raised a brow at him, "What, you scared?" he teased, glancing down at the little girl with sudden caution.

Anna could hear Tyler crying out in pain as she grabbed a rather large, yellow and red dunk of gasoline from the garage and headed back inside. A frown tugged on her pretty lips as Tyler looked up at her, his eyes filled with confusion and pain, "Why, Anna?" he whispered, tears stinging his eyes.

Logan made a face, "She smiled at me." he muttered, "Can't drown oddly cute, smiling babies." he said, wrinkling his nose as she began to reach up to touch Caleb's face with her tiny fingers.

Kiran glanced back at the house, a jolt of excitement arced through, he couldnt wait to see it burn.

Caleb narrowed his eyes at the baby, studying her as he let her touch him, "But we /have/ to kill her, right?" he mumbled, catching himself in not really wanting to.

Anna sighed, "Don't talk, Ty," she mumbled and unscrewed the cap of the dunk, "Soon, everything will only be like a distant memory, a nightmare," she said in a more soft tone as she spilled some gasoline over him and headed upstairs.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:54 am

Logan watched as she tapped her fingers against Caleb's mouth and giggled, he sighed, "Maybe she won't be like the Monster or Tira, Celeste's an angel right?" he mumbled.

Kiran bit his lip, trying not to bounce like a child.

Caleb nodded slightly, "She is," he breathed, glancing up at his stepson, "Maybe we should give it a chance.."

Anna spilled the entire dunk over the walls and carpet before she took a deep breath, smiling to herself as she lit up the Zippo lighter, "To the future," she breathed and tossed it into the master bedroom, watching the flames spread over their silky sheets for a few moments before she went downstairs and headed outside.

Logan nodded, "I think so, she's kind of adorable." he muttered, making another face, "I'm going to get ready, I'll meet you at the house?"

Kiran grinned with devilish delight as he watched the flames lick up the walls and begin to break it down.

Caleb nodded, "Yeah, and I'll tell your dad that he's a great-grandfather," he said, grinning to himself, "Should be fun."

Anna nearly skipped out of the house, a bright smile on her lips as he moved towards him; Tyler's screaming almost being killed by the sound of the crackling fire, "Excited, baby?" she breathed.

Logan rolled his eyes, "He'll probably have a heart attack." he muttered, disappearing into the bathroom as the baby made a gurgling noise like she wanted Caleb to look at her.

Kiran nodded, not speaking as he watched the flames.

Caleb pursed his lips as he looked down at her, "You're killing me, tiny," he breathed, unable to help the smile on his face.

Anna breathed a laugh as she put her arms around his waist, "I love you," she whispered, "You ready to put the past behind us?"

The baby smiled up at him before she shut her eyes and then opened them, making them appear the same color as his, she giggled and tapped his nose.

Kiran put an arm around, "Yeah, I'm ready." he smiled and kissed the top of her head.

Caleb breathed a laugh, "Nice," he breathed, "You wanna see your great-grandfather?"

Anna leaned into him as she watched the fire surround and swallow up their house, trying to think of where they would sleep that night.

The baby gurgled and tapped his nose again like she might be saying yes and she wiggled around in his arms like a newborn baby would, an excited little thing.

Kiran laid his cheek against the top of her head, "We could stay with the Walkers?" he mumbled.

Anna smiled warmly at him, "Stop reading my mind," she breathed when Caleb appeared with the little girl in his arms, a wide grin on his handsome face.

Kiran turned slightly and raised a brow at Caleb, "You and Elle have another baby or somethin...?" he muttered, a puzzled look on his face.

Caleb pursed his lips, enjoying this way too much, "Nope," he said, "This is your great-granddaughter," he said softly, "I call her Tiny."

Kiran frowned deeply and looked at his four kids, his eyes widened slightly, "Logan?" he asked, his throat tight as he moved forward to study the little thing.

Caleb nodded slightly, "Something happened three years ago, that I never told you about," he muttered, "This is what it lead to."

Kiran searched Caleb's face, "How could you not tell me?" he breathed, his face paled, "What happened to my son?" he said, dropping his gaze to the baby once more.

"I'll tell you at the house," Caleb breathed, a frown creasing his brow as he blinked all of them to Nashville.

Logan glanced behind him, "Caleb?" he called, an urgency to his tone as he knelt beside his mother, he had arrived to find her on the floor, propped against the fridge, multiple slash marks on her arms bled into the floor, there were pentagrams and other symbols littering the surfaces of the counters and cabinets, Eliya seemed to be in a daze, chanting in another langauge.

Caleb's eyes widened at the thick smell of blood in the house, "What the fuck happened?" he called, handing the baby to Anna before he went into the kitchen.

Logan glanced up at him and gestured to his mother who seemed to have had a mental breakdown, she trembled violently as she chanted and raised the knife in her left hand and slid it across her arm again, creating another deep cut.

Caleb knelt beside Eliya and took the knife from her, "Elle," he breathed, taking her face in his hands, "Elle, look at me, what happened?"

Eliya made a noise and seemed to break out of her daze, she blinked up at Caleb, "I'm so scared, so scared, Caleb, it wants our babies, we can't let them kill our babies." she said, shutting her eyes tight, "I don't even know what attacked Celeste, the unknown threat against us, I'm scared, I'm scared."

Caleb took a deep breath as he looked up at Logan, "We'll take care of it," he breathed, a worried look coming over his face.

Logan frowned deeply, "We'll take care of everything mama." he muttered, a slight drawl coming into his voice. Eliya blinked and turned to look at Logan, her face softened and she pressed a bloody hand to his cheek, "All grown up, I dreamt of you all grown up." she whispered, "I forgive you Logan, I love you." she said and then blacked out from blood loss.

Caleb sighed and carefully ran his fingers through her hair before he lifted her into his arms and began upstairs to their bedroom.

Anna took a deep breath as she handed Kiran the baby, "I'll be right back," she breathed before starting after Caleb, needing to make sure her bestfriend was okay.

Eliya made a little noise, "Beware the Jackal." she mumbled, her eyes still closed, her face rather pale and her breathing became shallow.

Caleb frowned, "The Jackal?" he breathed, "What are you talking about?"

"The Jackal... Jackal..." Eliya murmured as if she were sleeping, "Nefritira and the Jackal." she muttered, her head lolling back.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:55 am

Caleb frowned deeply as he glanced back at Anna, "You'll take care of her, right?" he breathed, "I think I need to explain some things to Kiran.."
Anna nodded slightly, "Of course, Caleb," she mumbled when he moved into the bedroom and carefully placed his woman on the bed.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

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