Strolling Into the Night

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Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:28 am

The summary from A Walk Through Hell should be read before starting here.

Eliya jumped, a yelp escaping her lips, "What are you doing?" she breathed, fear clenching her heart as she tried to focus her thoughts enough to apparate, then she found herself in her own kitchen, she let her phone clutter to the floor and half-ran, half-stumbled towards the living room. She whimpered, "What are you doing?" she asked again, her throat tight as she moved towards him, Eliya put her arms around his neck and buried her face in his hair, clutching him tight to her as if she could somehow keep his head together if he decided to pull the trigger in those few seconds, "Please don't do this." she whispered.

Kiran ran his fingers along the hem of her dress and bit her earlobe gently, "I love you more."

Caleb still had his eyes closed tight; it felt unreal, it felt like he must've pulled the trigger and gone somewhere he didnt belong, where she actually wanted to be with him, "Elle?" he breathed, moving his finger back on the trigger.

Anna slowly opened her eyes as she bit her lip, "Tell me what we are," she whispered, her skin feeling tingly and needing him now.

Eliya felt tears blur her vision, "Caleb, please, I love you." she breathed into his hair, meaning it with every bit of her, hoping he'd open his eyes and see her there.

"We're forever." Kiran breathed, kissing her neck again.

Caleb felt a tear run down his cheek, but his expression was no longer saddened, it was more relieved, "I love you too," he whispered, his finger tapping the trigger, weighing over wether or not this was a bad idea.

Anna turned her head a little to study his eyes, moistening her lips, "So, we're together?" she breathed, sounding a bit nervous, "We're not just ex-husband and ex-wife sleeping together?"

Eliya whimpered, "I want to be with you, Caleb, please don't do this." she pleaded, "When you called me earlier, I already knew I'd forgive you, I just want to start over with you, please, please don't do this." she whispered.

Kiran smiled slightly, "We're together." he breathed, his violet-silver eyes sincere.

Caleb slowly opened his eyes, the screaming and pain inside of him making him confused as he looked up at her, "You're here?" he whispered, his pretty eyes not even blue anymore, just light and green.

Anna smiled slightly, her gaze moving from his eyes to his mouth as she bit her lip again, "Kiss me then?" she whispered.

Eliya moved back a little to study his face, "I'm here, baby." she whispered, her tear filled eyes watching his, "Stay with me, please." she breathed, kissing his mouth gently, "Stay with me."

Kiran smiled and pulled her back against him, he tilted her chin and kissed her deeply in the most loving way he could manage.

Caleb nodded slightly, looking extremely confused now as he studied her eyes, "I'm losing it, Elle," he whispered, "I'm losing my fucking mind.."

Anna felt warmth spread through her chest and her toes curled as she kissed him back deeply, the feel and taste of him making her shiver again, "You taste good," she breathed, obviously still a little drunk.

"Let me help you." Eliya whispered and tightened her arms around his neck and laid her forehead against his, "I love you so much."

Kiran bit her bottom lip, "I know." he grinned.

Caleb shut his eyes tight, a migraine forming between his eyes, "I love you too," he whispered, "I'm so sorry.."

Anna bit his upper lip, "You're so full of yourself," she breathed against his mouth and kissed him again.

Eliya swallowed hard, "Let's disappear, please, let's disappear, it'll be just you and me." she whispered.

Kiran bit her mouth again, "You wanna be full of me too?"

Caleb nodded slowly, "Just get me out of here," he breathed, already hearing the cops on the stairs.

Anna nodded slightly, shutting her eyes to kiss him softly, "Very much so," she breathed.

Eliya sniffled and took a breath before she apparated them to a fairly dark shack, she glanced around at the tidy little place with one cot, kitchenette, and bathroom, she could hear the rain pelt against the walls and smell the crackle of thunder against the salty sea air, "I have no idea where we are." she whispered.

Kiran grinned and grabbed her hips as he stood, he spun her to face him, kissing her deeply as he backed her against the desk.

Caleb took a deep breath, trying to gather his thoughts and focus, "That's a good thing," he whispered, glancing at her, "If you don't know, nobody else will," he said more softly, the amount of soul in his eyes giving his some sort of sorrowfilled look.

Anna smiled against his mouth, "We shouldn't be so rude to our guests," she breathed, placing her hands on the desk to lift herself onto the edge.

Eliya studied his eyes for a long moment, her heart clenched, and she put a hand over the one holding the gun, "Give it to me." she said softly, "Please."

Kiran grinned and pushed the hem of her dress higher, "What guests?"

Caleb glanced down at the gun, clenching it or a few moments as he thought before he nodded, loosening his grip to let her take it.

Anna bit her lip hard, "Nevermind," she breathed, bending her head to kiss his neck as she moved to pull his shirt over his head, "Sometimes, I wish we had like.. fangs," she muttered against his skin.

Eliya took it from him, she took out the clip and went into the bathroom to shake the bullets out into the toilet and flush them down before throwing the gun in the sink; she moved towards him again and put her arms around his neck, pulling him down to kiss him deeply.

"You don't have fangs. I can have them if I wanted to, Unnatural, member?" Kiran muttered and curled his fingers in her panties.

Caleb kissed her, almost like it was out of habit and there was hardly any love in it, before he took a deep breath and he ran both his hands over his hair, exhaling till there was no more air in his lungs, cursing his soul to Hell as he studied their little shack.

Anna took a sharp breath, looking into his eyes again, "I swear to God, that is the coolest thing in the world," she breathed, smiling as she reached down to undo his pants.

Eliya studied his face and bit her lip, she let her arms fall to her sides before moving to sit on the cot, "I'm half convinced I saw you shoot yourself and then I shot myself and we were sent to a love shack on a cloud in Lover's Paradise." she mumbled and smiled slightly, looking down at her hands.

Caleb smiled slightly, studying her, "Sounds.. romantic," he breathed, "You think we're on a cloud?"

Eliya bit her lip, "We could be but I think we're near an ocean, maybe we're on a beach." she muttered and glanced up at him, "Come sit with me."

Kiran ripped her panties and bent his head to her neck, nibbling with his unpointed teeth, "Brace yourself." he grinned.

Caleb took another breath before he went to sit next to her, so unlike himself; quiet.

Anna shivered, moving one hand into his hair as she reached into his pants to grasp his length, warmth spreading through her abdomen.

Eliya wiped at her face, she knew her eyes and nose were red and puffy and she didn't feel very appealing at the moment, "I meant what I said, I want to start over again, if you want to try?" she mumbled, glancing at him.

Kiran let his sharper teeth slide out from his gums and nipped at her neck, heat flushing through his abdomen as he hardened.

Caleb glanced at her, resting his elbows on his knees, "I'd like that," he breahed, staring intently at her.

Anna smiled almost dreamily to herself, shutting her eyes, "I thought you were kidding," she breathed, moving her hand to tease him.

Eliya pursed her lips and studied him for a long time, "I need to know-" she swallowed hard, looking at her hands, "I spent the last month trying to figure out what I did or didn't do deserve this and I need to know why..." she breathed, her voice cracking.

Caleb shook his head slowly, "There is no valid reason," he whispered, "I was being selfish."

Anna smiled dreamily, shutting her eyes through her shivering, "I thought you were joking," she whispered, stroking his length.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:42 am

Eliya swallowed hard and looked down at her hands again, "Of all the women in world, why /her/?" she whispered, her lower lip trembling, "She was my best friend for ten years and the things she said to me, it was like everything we'd had meant nothing, she made me feel so humiliated, it wasn't fair." she said, her voice cracking again.

Kiran bit down harder, pleasure swirling in his belly, "Mm, no, all serious." he breathed, running his tongue along her neck.

"So you smashed up her face," Caleb muttered, slowly shaking his head, "I don't know, Eliya, it was just.." he took a deep breath, "I trusted her, I guess, and I knew that she wouldn't say no."

Anna gasped, a pleasurable sort of pain flushing through her, "Am I terrible for finding that really, really sexy?" she breathed, moving her hand to tease him more.

Eliya got up suddenly, "I never say no, I've never denied you me, have I?" she breathed, "And yes, I bashed her face in, I should have put a bullet in her but I didnt." she choked, clenching her fists so tight, her nails cut into her palms, she turned to face him, "You think you're the only one who wanted to kill themselves? I thought about it every night for the last month, you know, I thought everything was good between us and then I find out that the man I am madly in love has been fucking my best friend behind my back for six months and every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I wanted to die." she choked out, "I've never wanted to kill myself more than in those moments and it was worse when you came home and you kissed me after you'd just kissed her, you came to bed with me after you'd been to bed with /her/." she shook her head, tears trickling down her face.

"Eliya," Caleb breathed, his worthless soul crackling into even more worthless little bits as he stood and took her hands, unballing them gently so she wouldn't hurt herself.

... Kiran dug his fingers into her hips as he slammed into her a last time, a growl erupted from his throat and he buried his face against her breasts, nipping at them with his sharp as hell teeth, pleasure vibrating in his nerve endings.

Anna screamed his name so loud that everyone in the house and their neighbors would probably hear as she dug her long-ass manicured nails into his shoulders, "Oh my God," she whispered, trembling with pleasure.

Eliya looked up at him, "I just thought it would be different after everything we've been through together, I thought I was finally enough for you." she mumbled, sniffling, "And after everything, I still want to forgive you, I still love you, and it hurts." she whimpered.

Kiran shivered and bit into her breast, leaving marks, he smiled against her, his heart still going crazy in his chest, "All of Thailand just heard you." he breathed.

Caleb took a deep breath, looking into her eyes, "There is no way for me to explain it, Eliya, and I can't make it up to you," he whispered, "But if you'll let me, I want to try.."

Anna breathed a laugh, "You can thank yourself for that," she muttered, running her shaky fingers up her neck to feel if he'd made marks.

Eliya swallowed hard and studied his eyes, "And you'll really try?" she breathed, "Because I really want to be with you but I won't if you don't try for me."

Kiran glanced up at her, "You may have to wear turtle necks for a while." he said, making a face.

Eliya swallowed hard and studied his eyes, "And you'll really try?" she breathed, "Because I really want to be with you but I won't if you don't try for me."

Kiran glanced up at her, "You may have to wear turtle necks for a while." he said, making a face.

Caleb nodded slowly, "There's only one thing standing in the way of it," he whispered, studying her eyes.

Anna pouted, "I could always tell people I was attacked by piranhas," she breathed, smiling slightly, "How bad is it?"

Eliya studied him, "What is it?" she mumbled, even though she probably knew the answer.

"Not too bad," Kiran mumbled vaguely and smiled innocently up at her.

Caleb locked eyes with her, the answer obvious in his eyes, and he seemed to be in pain, "You know the answer to that," he whispered.

Anna narrowed her eyes at him, "Liar," she breathed, running her fingers over the marks before holding her hand up to see if it was bleeding.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:40 am

Eliya nodded slowly, "I know, you have to get rid of it again." she mumbled, looking down at the floor, "It made you want to kill yourself, didn't it?" she said softly.

Kiran bit his lip, "Got a bit carried away." he mumbled.

Eliya nodded slowly, "I know, you have to get rid of it again." she mumbled, looking down at the floor, "It made you want to kill yourself, didn't it?" she said softly.

Kiran bit his lip, "Got a bit carried away." he mumbled.

Eliya didn't look at him, she just nodded again, "Before you get rid of it, I need to ask you something." she breathed.

Kiran grinned and kissed her hard, "Now that we've been very naughty hosts, maybe we should check on our guests?"

Caleb nodded slightly, "What is it?" he breathed.

Anna nodded slowly, "Go ahead, baby, I have to clean up first," she breathed, smiling warmly at him even though there was a stinging sensation in her neck.

"Would you still be standing here in front of me, if you hadnt had gotten it back?" Eliya whispered, lifting her gaze to his.

Kiran smiled and moved back to fix his pants, "You gonna be okay?"

Caleb's forehead creased a little, "Probably not yet," he said lowly.

Anna nodded slightly and slowly got off the desk to fix up her dress, still smiling, "Of course," she breathed, "You're not exactly a wolf, baby," she said teasingly before padding towards the bathroom.

"And you won't change your mind about me once its gone again?" Eliya mumbled, sniffling patheticly.

Kiran rolled his eyes and padded towards the kitchen to find food and any guests lurking around there.

Caleb shook his head, not saying anything yet as he just studied her face; afraid she'd break like porcelain if he touched her.

Anna stood in front of the mirror, studying her neck as she pursed her plump lips, "Huh," she breathed, grabbing a cloth and soaking it with cold water before she started patting the wounds.

Tommy sighed as he opened the front door, "Anna, I'm back," he called, putting his badge and gun on the little table next to the door before he shut and locked it; officially off-duty.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:36 am

Eliya swallowed hard before she moved forward and put her arms around him, starting to tremble a little as she buried her face against his chest, not saying anything.

Kiran found leftover take out and was wolfing it down, "She's dressing or somethin'." he called with a mouthful.

Caleb carefully put his arms around her, shutting his eyes as he buried his face in her hair, "I love you, Eliya," he whispered.

Tommy pursed his lips, moving into the kitchen with an exhausted look on his face as he grabbed a beer from the fridge, "Huh, I actually didn't expect her to be back so soon," he muttered, unscrewing the cap, "She went out with her friend, right?"

Eliya held him tighter to her, "I love you too, Caleb." she breathed, looking up at him, "I was so scared you were going to pull that trigger anyways, it almost killed me."

Kiran stopped eating for a moment, "Elle changed her mind..." he muttered, looking around as if Eliya would magically reappear, "Where is she?"

Caleb smiled slightly, "Yeah, me too," he said, trying to be funny as he kissed her forehead.

Tommy shrugged slightly, taking a sip of his beer as he took another one out and handed it to Kiran, "Where's the kids?" he muttered.

Eliya smiled slightly, "That was lame." she mumbled and studied his face for a long moment before she lifted herself to kiss him mouth gently, watching him.

Kiran popped it open and took a sip, "Visiting with my brother."

Caleb shut his eyes again, just to savor the taste of her when he kissed her softly, but ended up opening his eyes in the middle of the kiss, horrible things flashing behind his lids whenever he closed them.

"Your brother's here?" Tommy muttered, raising a brow, "Thought you weren't speaking."

Eliya had shut her eyes and was leaning into him, warm flutters in her tummy, she opened her eyes as she pulled back a little, "What's wrong?" she mumbled, frowning deeply.

Kiran shrugged, "Dying changes things." he muttered.

Caleb shook his head, forcing a slight smile, "Nothing, don't worry about it," he breathed.

Tommy opened his mouth to say something when Anna came padding into the kitchen, wearing black hot-pants and a white wife beater with her curls neatly hiding the marks on her neck, "Hey Tommy," she muttered, reaching for Kiran's beer.

Eliya studied his face, "Are you sure?" she asked softly, kissing his chin.

Kiran glanced at her, "Baby, where's your friend?" he muttered.

Caleb nodded slightly, "Positive," he breathed, the lie somehow making his heart clench.

Anna raised a brow at him, "What friend?" she mumbled, taking a sip of his beer before she pursed her lips, looking around, "I don't know," she mumbled.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:07 pm

Eliya narrowed her eyes at him, "You're lying." she muttered, starting to take a step back.

Kiran shook his head, "We're awful friends." he muttered and dug in his pants for his cell phone to call Eliya, frowning when it went straight to voice mail.

Caleb narrowed his eyes back at her, "Fine," he mumbled, "Something's wrong."

Anna frowned, "That's not good," she mumbled, turning to go find Caden; absolutely sure that he'd know where she was this time as well.

Eliya's face softened with worry, "Its your soul, right?" she mumbled, reaching up to touch his face.

Caden was playing poker with his three nephews and losing all his M&Ms to them.

Caleb nodded slowly, forcing another smile, "I can't stand it," he muttered, "If I could, I'd strangle it."

Anna made sure her little wound was covered with hair before she leaned in the doorway, watching them for a few moments as she crossed her arms under her breasts, "Hey boys," she said softly.

Eliya pursed her lips, "Who do we go to, to get rid of it?" she mumbled, leaning against him again.

Caden grunted in greeting and the boys did the same, "What's up?"

Caleb shrugged slightly, "I can do it myself," he mumbled, putting an arm around her again.

Anna crinkled her nose, "Do you know where Elle is?" she mumbled, "I think I lost her."

Eliya studied him, "Wait, did you give /yourself/ back your soul?" she mumbled.

Caden shrugged, "Thought she was with you." he mumbled.

Caleb's eyes widened a bit, "Of course not," he mumbled, obviously lying.

Anna sighed, running her fingers through her hair as she peeped over his shoulder, "Oh damn, aces?" she muttered, pursing her lips, "That's a nice hand there, Cade," she said, snickering as she turned on her heel to leave.

Eliya studied him, "Liar." she breathed, warmth swelling in her chest as she pressed her body against his, trying to steer him backwards towards the cot.

"Find her?" Kiran called, still in the kitchen.

Caleb smiled slightly, letting her as he bent his head to kiss her nose, "You think that's a good thing?" he breathed.

"She's not here," Anna called, heading upstairs with sudden worry making all the warmth in her freeze.

Eliya raised a brow and kissed him hard, "What? Sex? Sex is a good thing." she nodded and pushed him down on the cot.

Kiran frowned and started to follow her up, "What was the last thing you talked about?"

Caleb breathed a laugh, grabbing her hand to drag her into her lap, "I'll have to agree," he breathed.

Anna froze and slowly turned around to face him, "Caleb," she mumbled, "You should call Caleb."

Eliya smiled and straddled his lap, she ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him deeply, "I'd knew you see it my way." she breathed, biting his mouth.

Kiran gritted his teeth and pulled out his phone, he dialed his bestfriend and waited.

Caleb grinned against her mouth when he felt his leg vibrating and he cussed, "Damn," he breathed, taking out his cell to study the screen, "It's Kiran.."

Eliya rubbed against him as she ran her tongue along his neck, "You really wanna answer it?" she breathed, biting his chin.

Caleb cocked his head a bit to the side, pursing his lips before he put it on speaker and laid the cell next to them, "Kiran," he said, smiling slightly as he bent his head to bite her neck, deciding to multitask.

Eliya shivered and moved back to unbutton her blouse and let it fall to the floor along with her bra seconds later, she started to pull of his shirt as Kiran's voice came on over the speaker, slightly panicked, "Have you talked to Eliya lately? She's, uh, missing?"

Caleb's smile widened a bit, "Really?" he muttered, moving his hand to grab her ass hard, just to have her make a noise for his bestfriend.

Eliya made a noise and wiggled against him, bending her head to trail wet, hott kisses all down his chest. Kiran made a noise, "Yeah, we're worried, she's saad, we left her alone for like an hour, and she's gooone."

Caleb grinned, "Yeeah, I'm sure she's fine," he breathed, reaching between them to undo her jeans and slip his fingers into her panties.

Eliya made a noise low in her throat, shutting her eyes as she breathed his name and she kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue against his lips as Kiran made another noise, "But she was really sad, she all ready got lost once today."

Caleb made a noise, absolutely certain that Kiran had either gone deaf or was just listening in, "Dude," he muttered against Eliya's mouth when Anna crossed her arms over her breasts, "She's there, isn't she?" she muttered, raising a brow as Caleb moved a finger into his girl.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:35 pm

Eliya curled her toes and made a very pleasurable noise, "I'm heeere." she breathed, her voice husky as she undid Caleb's pants.

Caleb took a deep breath, smiling to himself, "When did you become such a perv?" he mumbled, glancing at the phone as his smile turned into a wicked grin, "By the way, Nicki called a few days ago, asking for you, so I gave her your number."

Kiran snorted, "That's funny, my cousin called, she wants to know if you still have her panties?" he muttered, being decidingly mean.
Eliya flinched visibly and stopped unbuttoning Caleb's pants, her body tensing up.

Caleb's jaw clenched, his eyes only on Eliya as he took his phone, shut off the speaker and held it to his ear, "I'm going to stab you in the throat," he said, deadly serious before he hung up and threw it on the floor.

Anna's eyes narrowed a bit, "Why would you say that?" she mumbled, looking a bit disappointed.

Eliya bit her lip and looked up at him, "Maybe we should wait." she breathed, finding it difficult when her body was ready but emotions were being shoved back into the grater.

"Because she needs to think, if I ever hurt you like that Anna, no matter how much you love me, I want you to make me suffer," Kiran said, "Because I would deserve that."

Caleb sighed, running both his hands over his hair, "Yeah," he breathed, nodding slowly, "We should wait," he said, shutting his eyes and ignoring the flashes as he laid back on the bed, readying himself.

Anna's jaw clenched, "You don't know if he suffered," she mumbled, "If she's there with him, there's a reason for it, you don't know what he did to make her come back."

Eliya took a breath and moved off of him, "I'm going to steal you shirt and take a shower." she mumbled, picking it up off the floor before bending over to kiss him, "Your best friend is an asshole." she mumbled, turning to head for the tiny ass bathroom.

Kiran sighed, "Even so, she shouldn't be having sex with him yet, they should be getting him checked for something, Lynn's seen more cock than a chicken farmer." he grumbled.

Caleb frowned deeply, crossing his arms over his chest, "Which is why we are no longer friends," he mumbled.

Anna's eyes narrowed, "You're an asshole," she mumbled and turned on her heel to unintentionally saunter into her bedroom.

Eliya pursed her lips as she started to push her jeans off and then her panties, she moved towards the shower to turn on the water when she felt something against her right foot, she looked down and screamed bloody murder.

Kiran sighed and rolled his eyes before going downstairs to drink.

Caleb flew off the cot, her screaming sincerely scaring the shit out of him, "What is it?" he called, moving towards the bathroom.

Anna sat down on the bed, frowning to herself, "You're sleeping on the couch," she called after him, tilting back on the bed.

Eliya flew at him, trying to jump on top of him just to get the fuck off the floor, "G-giant rat." she screamed, wrapping her arms around his neck and hooking her legs around his waist in a death grasp, "Kill it."

"A few hours ago, you wanted to kill him." He reminded her, still walking down the stairs.

Caleb couldn't help it when he started laughing before he became serious, "Don't move, it smells fear," he breathed, grinning wickedly.

Anna rolled her eyes, "Shut up," she mumbled, crossing her arms over her chest again.

Eliya literally froze, "That's not funny, I swear that rat is huge, it tried to peep at me while I was trying to get ready for a bath." she said, starting to shake as she held him tighter, "Kiiiillll iiiit." she whispered, studying the floor like more were about to rise from it.

Caleb laughed again, holding her close to him, "Fine, where is it?" he muttered, patting the small of her back.

Eliya made a noise and pointed towards the tub as a large ass rat scurried across the floor and she screamed again, burrying her face in his shoulder, trying to coil her naked body around him, "It wants to make me its Rat Queen, did you see it?" she whimpered.

Caleb pursed his lips, "Wow," he breathed, "Babe, go get me a box or something, I aint picking up a chihuahua like that."

Eliya shook her head, "I'm not getting down." she mumbled, sounding like a Tessa for a moment.

Caleb sighed, shrugging slightly as he /moved/, still holding her as he reached out to grab the little thing, trying almost painfully hard not to get bitten.

Anna had shut her eyes, slowly starting to drift off already; her mind like cotton and her skin still a little tingly when it suddenly felt like there was a huge weight on top of her, pressing her into the bed before something was slammed into her temple and she blacked out.
"Tiny" Alan, a buff Thai man on the King's payroll stepped off her, not making a single sound as he smirked, absolutely ninja as he worked his way through the house; this was obviously not his first visit.

Eliya made a whimpering noise and shut her eyes tight, "Give it back to Mother Nature." she squeeked.

Caleb rolled his eyes, holding the thing out in front of him as he opened the little window with his elbow and carefully tossed it outside, "There, happy? Now I prolly have rabies."

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:27 pm

Eliya kissed his neck, "Yes, wash you hand with fire, and then get me to a nicer shack so we can have Hero-Damsel in distress sex." she nodded, still not wanting to get down.

Caleb made a face, "You're not getting a new shack," he mumbled, "Now get down," he said more softly and kissed her forehead.

"Tiny" Alan moved past the boys room, continuing until he reached Kira's room and he smiled, silently stepping inside. He watched the little girl, sleeping with her father's rosary and her mother's locket around her neck, but the peaceful expression on her face soon vanished when Alan put a hand over her mouth and pushed open her window, not even taking the fall any consideration as he jumped out with her, her screaming muffled by his hand when he got into the car and another Thai man drove out of there like they were being shot at.

Anna's eyes blinked open after a few moments; the whole room spun and droplets of blood ran down the right side of her face, "No," she whispered, quickly getting up and stumbling over her feet, "No, no, no, no," she whimpered as she reached her daughters room, and she couldn't even scream before she made a run for it down the stairs, not making a sound as she reached the door, grabbed Tommy's gun and went outside, tears running down her cheeks.

Eliya pouted and slid off of him and made a mad dash for the cot, hopping into it, her feet barely touching the ground, "I hate rodents and small, ugly creatures." she breathed, shuddering.

Caleb grinned, washing his hands in almost boiling water, "You used to kill people for a living, but you're terrified of small animals. Nice."

Kiran looked up from his set of cards before throwing them down and moving towards the door, "Anna?" he called, "What's going on?"

Eliya made a noise, "People are different, small, ugly things are icky." she muttered, "Are you almost done?"

Anna tried to breathe, hyperventilating like crazy as she held up the gun, firing the entire clip at the black Nissan Skyline that was driving away from the house, "Kira," she whimpered, "He took Kira," she choked up, not even looking over at him before she stared at the cars; all tires slashed. Her heart stopped in her chest before she threw the gun and broke into a run after the car.

Kiran's heart stopped in his chest, his eyes blackened and then he took off after her, a sick feeling starting in his gut and then boiling into murderous rage, he tried to focus on the car and study every detail of it.

Anna ran as fast as she could, the blow to her head having her dizzy and close to falling over a few times but still, she kept running, even when the car disappeared around a corner, entering downtown Bangkok that was filled with cars and people, she kept running, her lungs constricting and her heart slamming into her chest like it was trying to force its way out.

Caleb nodded to himself, "Yeah," he breathed, trying up his now very warm hands before starting back towards the cot.

Kiran ran after her, he wanted to keep going but he made himself think, he wrapped his arms around Anna to make her stop, "You need to listen to me and trust me, we're going to get her back, I swear to God, you just have to trust me." he said, crushing her to his chest.

Eliya reached for him, "Come here." she breathed, biting her lip, "You're my hero."

Anna wrapped her fingers around his wrists, squeezing patheticly like that would make him let go as she panted hard, unable to breathe as tears streamed down her face and a sob shook her entire body, "Oh God," she whimpered, a pain unable to desbribe ripping through every part of her being, "He has her.. he has our little girl.."

Caleb grinned, "Yeah, I'm the almighty rodent-killer," he breathed, moving to sit next to her.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:12 pm

Kiran shut his eyes tight, "And he's marked for death." he said through his teeth, "I'll fucking kill all of them." he growled.

Eliya crawled into his lap, curling up against him, "A hott, almighty rodent-killer." she mumbled, rubbing her cheek against his chest.

Anna hung her head, leaning forward like she could no longer stand by herself as she whimpered his name, her heart still pounding furiously against her ribcage, "What are we gonna do?" she whimpered, her knees giving in.

Caleb felt a chill run up his spine as he wrapped his arms around her, deciding to ignore it, "I have an idea," he breathed.

Kiran held her tighter to him, "We'll find her." he said, lifting her into his arms and starting back for the house, he jaw locked, his eyes cold.

Eliya glanced up at him, "What is it?" she asked softly.

Anna's whole body shook as she buried her face in his shoulder, crying hard as all the horrible things she knew King Lee did to little girls passed through her mind and she continued to whimper, unable to think differently.

Caleb smiled slightly, "We're starting over, right?" he muttered, glancing at his phone before looking back at her.

Kiran walked through the front door, still holding her tight against him, "Tommy. Caden." he called, his teeth gritting again.

Eliya nodded and glanced at his phone before looking up at his face, "I do recall saying such things." she mumbled, smiling slightly.

Anna still wheezed for air as Tommy came out of the den, "What the fuck is going on?" he breathed, his phone in his hand.

Caleb pursed his lips, "Then we're not having sex tonight," he breathed, "I'll do it right now and you shouldnt put out until third date or something."

"King Lee took my daughter." Kiran growled as Caden came out of the kitchen.

Eliya smiled warmly at him, "I think you're right, which means I need clothes." she mumbled, glancing down at herself.

Tommy's hands dropped to his sides when Kiran's words simply made Anna cry even harder and the blood drained from his face, but he said nothing, just went over what to do now.

Caleb pursed his lips, "But, I like it when you walk around naked."

"Take your sister." Kiran said, "And don't call the police." he muttered, so dead serious.

Eliya smiled, "I know but I'm so delicious, I don't want you tempted into jumping my bones and fucking me blind." she breathed, kissing his neck.

Tommy took a deep breath, moving towards him to grab Anna, "There's a whole arsenal out back," he mumbled, "Just get the kid back."

Caleb narrowed his eyes at her, "Don't say that," he breathed. "Gets me frisky.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:48 pm

Kiran nodded and gestured for Caden to follow, his body tight with rage, "We massacre them Caden, no one left unharmed." he said through his teeth.

Eliya blinked up at him with mock innocence, "What does? I'm just saying watching me naked, could tempt you into pinning me to this bed and slipping your large, hard cock into my oh so hott and wet-" she bit her lip and shuddered, just to tease the hell out of him.

Anna made a noise, "No," she choked up, forcing herself down from Tommy's arms to move back to Kiran, "Not without me, Kiran, please," she whispered, practically pleading as she curled her fingers in his shirt.

Caleb shuddered as he made a frustrated noise, bending his head to kiss her, "You're cruel," he breathed before he smiled, "Help me remove my soul, baby."

Little Kira Hawthorne whimpered as they shoved her into the room; the stone floor was cold against her feet and she curled her toes, squinting her eyes to see if she was alone in the darkness. They'd taken away everything but her teddy bear and she was now wearing a raggy white dress that was much too big for her and they had threatened to cut her if she ever talked back again; the first time was unpleasant enough. As she thought about it, she rubbed her cheek, feeling a bruise already forming and she couldn't help it when she started to cry; the echoes of them telling her that she'd never see her mommy or daddy again causing her little heart to ache as she went to sit on her cot, surrounded by darkness.

Kiran studied her, "You don't question me, ever, understand?" he said, still dead serious and he gestured for her to follow them.

Eliya turned around in his lap so she was pressed against him, "What do I have to do?" she mumbled.

Anna nodded slowly, her eyes dark as she grabbed her short denim jacket and buttoned it all the way up before putting on her Allstars and turning to follow him, nothing but murder on her mind.

Caleb took a breath, "Hold me still," he mumbled, smiling slightly.

Kiran moved towards the small arsenal and shut his eyes a minute before he called William Heart, he turned to Anna, "I need you to tell him everything you saw of that car." he muttered.

Eliya wrapped her arms around him and wiggled around in his lap before she put her legs around his waist, "Like this?" she breathed, purposefully rubbing against him a little as she smiled slightly.

Anna nodded again, not saying anything as she grabbed an empty duffel bag, moving past him as she went over the entire car in her head while she stepped into the coat closet and pushed the fake wall to the side, splinters getting stuck in her fingers but she hardly reacted as she began filling the bag.

Caleb grinned, "Perfect," he breathed, kissing her mouth softly before he shut his eyes, the green turning into black beneath his lids.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:09 am

"Anna." Kiran said, an authorative steel edge in his tone, "Let Caden pack, the car, now." he said, handing her his phone.

Eliya shut her eyes and held his big frame tight against her small body, she placed her ear against his chest as if she could hear the moment his soul went poof.

Anna shut her eyes for a second before she straightened and turned to him, not looking directly at him as she took his phone and held it to her ear.

Caleb's head gave a slight twitch before he gritted his teeth, his eyes shut tighter as if this was much more painful than it should be; his inexperience with removing his own soul making this a slow and painful process.

Kira sat on her cot, clutching her teddy bear to her chest when a tall, skinny Thai man opened the door to her room, "Come, little girl," he said, holding his hand out to her. She sat there for a few more moments, studying his face; he seemed nicer than the other ones, she thought to herself when he frowned, "Now," he muttered, looking like he hated doing this when Kira came hopped off the bed and took his hand, "Where we going?" she mumbled and they started down the long corridor, "King Lee always meet new girls," he said under his breath.

Eliya rubbed his back and shoulder blades, trying to be comfortering as she breathed sweet little things to him in French.

Kiran watched her as Caden started to pack, everything about him was tensed and cold.

Caleb felt every bit of his soul disappearing, the screaming and the images turning into silence and blackness as he grabbed her hips, digging his fingers into her skin as he tried not to start screaming in pain.

Anna took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of her nose, "Matte-black Nissan Skyline," she mumbled, "The windows were toned and the wheels were way too big for the car, no license-plates," she breathed before handing the phone back to Kiran and hugging herself as she went out to see what was standing in the garage.

Eliya bit her lip and ran her hands over his hair, holding him against her still, wishing she could make his pain go away.

Kiran pursed his lips and he and Will talked in private for a long moment.

Caleb's heartbeat started to rise as the final bits and the all-together worst parts of his soul disappeared and his heart slammed against his ribcage before he his body became limp and he dropped back.

Anna took a deep breath, wiping the tears from her eyes as she went into the garage to see that their two black Kamikaze MC's were still working perfectly. She exhaled hard and grabbed the keys from the hanger before moving to get them ready, hoping that Kiran and Caden would come out soon.

King Lee sat by his large desk, a pile of heroin in the middle of the table. He glanced up when his bodyguard entered with Kira and placed her neatly on a chair in front of the desk before disappearing.

Lee smiled warmly at her, "Do you know why you are here, Kira?"

Eliya made a noise as she fell forward against his chest, she studied his face, her chest tight with worry as she ran her fingers over his hair, "Caleb?" she breathed, afraid to let go of him.

Kiran and Caden moved towards the garage, Kiran was now in a black T and leather jacket, sunglasses covered his very dark eyes, Caden had their bag tossed over his shoulder and they were talking in low whispers.

Anna ran her fingers through her hair, not even bothering to cover up her neck anymore when she pulled her curls into a tight ponytail and gestured to the bikes, "Faster than a Nissan," she mumbled.

A few moments passed before Caleb took a sharp breath, his eyes blinking open, "Damn," he breathed, looking very disoriented.

Kira slowly shook her head, still clutching her bear to her chest, "No," she mumbled when Lee's smile widened and he bent his head, snorting another line of cocaine before he got up and moved to her side, squatting to get a better look at her, "It's just business, sweetheart," he breathed, reaching out to run his thumb over her jawline, "And you're going to be /very/ good for business, I can tell."

Kiran nodded, "You ride with me." he muttered, straddling the bike, "We need a starting point," he muttered.

Eliya studied his face, "Caleb?" she breathed, sitting up a little, "Are you okay?"

Anna took one of the dossiers from Tommy's working table and read a few lines, frowning slightly, "The Arcade," she muttered, nodding a bit to herself before she ripped out a few pages, stuffing it into her jacket before getting on behind Kiran.

Caleb nodded slowly, glancing around the place before looking at her, "Yeah, I'm good," he breathed, smiling slightly as he put his arms around her.

Kiran glanced at Caden got onto his bike, he made sure Anna was secured before starting to back out.

Eliya relaxed against his chest and kissed his neck, "No more pain?" she asked softly.

Anna shut her eyes, going through the build of the Arcade in her head as she wrapped her arms around Kiran's waist; her fingers curled in his shirt as she laid her head against his shoulderblade.

Caleb shook his head, running his knuckles down her spine, "It's fading," he said softly.

Kira's lips pulled into a thin line as she tried not to cry, tried to be strong like her daddy would have wanted when Lee's smile turned down in a frown, "Don't be sad, sweetheart, it'll only hurt the first few times," he breathed when Kira was finally able to focus on his nearly black eyes, "My dad is going to kill you."

Kiran rode down the street like a bat out of goddamn Hell towards the Arcade, Caden following.

Eliya wiggled against him, getting more comfortable, "You know, I don't think we're supposed to be doing this cuddling thing until Date 2." she mumbled.

Anna kept quiet until she could see the Arcade and she straightened a bit, pointing at the brightly lit entrance, "There," she called over the noise of the engine.

Caleb smiled slightly, "You should probably get off then, baby," he breathed.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:07 am

Kiran drove faster, "Hold on tight." he called back to her, driving straight for the entrance, no time for subtleties, he wanted everyone to know he was coming.

Eliya smiled and bit his chin, "I don't really want to, in fact, I want to be more on than I am." she mumbled.

Anna held onto him tighter, as Thai teenagers flew up from their chairs by the machines to get out of the way; staring at them in shock and mumbling things in their own language when Anna caught eye on the large black door in the back, knowing that King Lee's dealers usually hung out in there.

Caleb breathed a laugh, "I thought we were doing this the right way," he breathed, holding her tight against him.

Kiran growled and drove towards the door, skidding to a halt in front of it, he grabbed his gun before starting to kick it down.

Eliya kissed his chest, "I never said I was going to act on my raging hormones." she breathed, "I have control...most of the time."

Anna shut her eyes for a moment before people starting yelling and she turned her head, "Tiny" Alan coming towards them, a gun raised at Kiran and her eyes widened, "Gun," she called over the noise of the incredibly joyous music.

Caleb pursed his lips, "Is that a challenge?" he breathed, bending his head to kiss her nose.

Kiran turned and pulled the trigger twice, hitting his kneecaps, "Fucker." he said through his teeth and got off the bike.

Eliya grinned and kissed him in a I-could-be-screaming-your-name-all-night kinda way before pulling back, "Hell yes, its a challenge." she whispered.

"Tiny" dropped to the floor, pulling the trigger as he fell and the bullet lodged itself in the already loosely attached door when Anna got off the bike as well and kicked Tiny in the face before taking his gun, aiming it at his groin.

Caleb moistened his lips, grinning at her, "Mm, this is how you treat your almighty rodent-killer?"

Kiran moved towards "Tiny" and knelt down beside him, "We need answers, you're going to provide them for us or my wife is going to blow your tootsie roll off."

Eliya grinned, "I can't help it, I love seeing you squirm for me." she breathed, moving off of him to lay against the pillow, her legs spread a bit as ran her fingers along her abdomen, raising a brow as if to ask what his next move was.

Tiny ran his tongue along his teeth, glaring up at Kiran, "I don't know nuttin'," he said through his bloody teeth, glancing up at Anna with a wicked smile, "But lotsa men are standing in line to fuck your daughter already."

Caleb smiled slightly and moved around so his head was between her legs, "I don't like being teased, baby," he breathed against her skin, gently biting the inside of her thigh.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:24 am

Kiran growled low in his throat and stood, he drove the heel of his Timberlands into the man's crotch, wanting to hear something pop.

Eliya shivered, biting her lip as she watched him, her heartbeat sped up and she swallowed hard, "But I love it.." she breathed.

Tiny let out a very unmanly screech as Anna studied him, something snapping in her heart as she moved her guns mussle to his face, "Where's Lee?" she breathed, her gaze filled with murderous rage.

Caleb smiled, nibbling at the sensitive skin as he moved closer to her tender area, "Mmh, but I'd be mighty happy if you let me have my way."

Kiran dug his heel into the man's crotch, "Speak. Now." he snarled.

Eliya felt warmth flutter through her abdomen and she bit her lip harder, "But its not our third date.." she mumbled, knowing she'd give in.

Tiny cried out in pain, "Fine, fine," he whimpered, "We left the kid at the warehouse, down the street," he choked, "The Mexican took her from there."

Caleb breathed a laugh, trailing hot, wet kisses from her thigh to her tender spot before digging his fingers into her hips, watching her face as he tasted her.

Kiran glanced at Anna, "Shoot him." he said, starting for his bike again.

Eliya's lids fluttered and she curled her fingers in the sheets, pleasure making her back arch, his name a breathy sigh on her lips.

Anna glanced at Kiran, an almost warm feeling setting through her when she looked back at Tiny and fired, splattering his brains on the floor, not even blinking before she turned to get behind Kiran.

Kiran revived the engine, his face cold and impassive, he tried not to think of what the fucker said about his baby girl and focus.

Anna put her arms around his waist, not a single word coming from her though her heart was racing in her chest and she was scared out of her mind, "Drive," she whispered.

... Caleb breathed hard, his heart pounding in his chest as pleasure exploded in his abdomen with his last thrust, "God, I missed you," he whispered, burying his face against her breasts.

Kiran drove out of the Arcade and followed after Caden who was all ready driving towards the warehouse.

Eliya trembled with pleasure, her heart pounding erratically in her chest as she wrapped herself tighter around him, "I missed you, I missed you." she breathed, a dreamy look in her eye as she smiled to herself.

Anna curled her fingers in his shirt again, 'I'm scared' she sent to him, shutting her eyes tight.

Caleb gently nibbed at her breasts, trembling slightly with pleasure, "I love you, Elle," he whispered.

'So am I.' Kiran sent back, honest; he drove faster towards the Warehouse, his heart clenching in his chest.

Eliya shivered and ran her fingers over his hair, "I love you too." she whispered, meaning it with every bit of her, "But this doesn't count, you still owe me a lot of dates." she smiled.

Anna held onto him tighter, needing him close now as they neared the warehouse, 'If something happened to her...' she couldn't even finish, swallowing hard as their destination came into sight.

Caleb breathed a laugh, "Sure thing, babe," he breathed and kissed her breasts.

Kiran pulled to a stop in front of it, he studied the place, the fear quickly shifting back into rage, "Let's go." he muttered.

Eliya tilted her head back, tingles flaring under her skin wherever he kissed her, "I mean it." she breathed, moving her hips against him, pleasure flaring through her tummy, "No more of this until the fifth date since we cheated." she smiled.

Anna hopped off the bike, studying the large building before she moved towards Caden to get a better weapon, "Cade, Uzi," she breathed, her eyes a little unfocused.

Caleb slammed into her again, shivers running up his back, "Whatever you say, love," he breathed, leaning up to kiss her throat instead.

King Lee's eyes widened a bit as he glanced out of the large panorama windows and he hit the lights, surrounding himself and the little girl in darkness, "Your father is here, Kira," he breathed, quickly moving back towards her to cover her mouth before she could scream, and he dragged her out of her chair, her liittle whimpers muffled when he started for the cages, bent on getting as much out of the little thing as he could.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:15 am

Caden reached into the bag to hand it to her as Kiran started for the entrance, not saying a word to either of them.

Eliya moaned, pleasure quaking through her abdomen, "Glad you agree." she mumbled, forgetting what she was supposed to be saying as her thoughts became cottony.

Anna didn't say anything as she checked the clip and cocked the monstrous thing before she started after Kiran, fear and adrenaline making her hands tremble when she raised the gun and shot the guard at the door point blank in the forehead.

Caleb grinned, slamming into her a last time before he pulled back from her to fix his pants, bent on leaving her wanting more, "I'm hungry," he said softly, trying to look serious as he got off the cot to make something.

Kiran didn't pay attention to anything or anyone, he'd just set the motherfuckers on fire on his way out, he only wanted one man, the rest would fall afterwards.

Eliya opened her eyes to look at him, her lips pulling into a pout, "Meanie," she mumbled, sitting up and not bothering to cover herself, she cocked her head to the side, "It stopped raining.."

Anna continued after him before moving to push open the rusty door, "I'll take the second floor," she breathed, holding the Uzi behind her back before she started up the stairs; looking like a regular Tomb Raider stand-in as she went.

Caleb smiled back at her, "That's too bad," he breathed, "I wanted to kiss you in the rain."

Kiran shut his eyes for a minute, 'Kira?' he sent, 'Its daddy, Kira, I'm here baby.'

Eliya smiled warmly at him, "You'll get a chance to sometime." she breathed, wrapping herself in the sheet and padded towards the door on tiptoes as if that would keep the rats away.

Kira shut her eyes tight as she sat in the little cage, one of King Lee's men in front of her, half-naked with a hungry look on his sweaty face, 'Daddy, I'm scared' she sent back to him.

Caleb smiled to himself as he watched her, "What are you doing?" he breathed.

Kiran kept his eyes closed, 'I know, but I'm here,' he sent, 'I'm right beside you.' and then he was, Kiran opened his very black eyes and stared up at the man standing in front of his daughter.

Eliya smiled slightly, "Going to look outside." she mumbled, still tiptoeing as she opened the door and stepped into the foggy sea air.

Kira blinked, looking up at her father as the man pulled his fat fingers back to himself, mumbling something in his own language as Kira whimpered, "Daddy." and reached for him, just wanting to get home.

Anna continued down the corridor, Uzi raised and ready to pop a cap in whoever got in her way, which was what surprised her the most; no one did, that is until she reached King Lee's office, her eyes widening a bit as she locked onto his dark-brown gaze and he smiled, "You must be Anna," he breathed, his gun's mussel pressed against a pillow to muffle the sound when he fired a shot to her abdomen.

Caleb pursed his lips as he slowly moved up behind her, "Wow," he breathed, putting his arms around her waist.

Kiran /moved/ his hand shooting out to grab the man and rip his Adam's Apple out of his throat, blood sputtering over his hand and face; he gritted his teeth before bending down to pick up his little girl.

Eliya leaned back against him, curling her toes against the black rock that lay beyond the front door, she could hear the ocean slap against the jagged rocks and she sighed, "We're on a cliffside."

Kira whimpered, tossing her arms around his neck, "Where's mommy?" she mumbled, her little heart beating rapidly.

Anna gasped, but she never managed to scream for Kiran before Lee moved towards her and put a hand over her mouth as he shut and locked the door behind them, "Unfortunately for you, I'm not into little girls," he hissed.

Caleb smiled slightly, giving her a slight squeeze as he bent his head to kiss her neck, "I think I like that," he breathed.

Kiran hugged her tight to him, "We're going to go get her," he said, "Just shut your eyes and trust me."

Eliya tilted her head back against his chest to look up at him, "Why is that?" she breathed, enjoying this very much.

Kira nodded slowly and laid her head on his shoulder, shutting her eyes.

Anna gasped for air as Lee threw her over the desk; the bullet had lodged itself in her flesh and pain flared through her when she breathed a laugh, "You're not getting away with this," she choked up, her knees weak as he curled one hand in her jacket to keep her down, the other one pushing her hot pants to the side while he grinned, "Who's going to stop me?"

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:33 am

Kiran blinked and moved to wrap a hand around Lee's throat, "That would be me." he growled and threw him off his girl.

... Eliya slipped into a tight, black pencil dress, smiling to herself as she stepped into a pair of gold metallic pumps. She let her hair fall in classic ringlets around her face and applied lipgloss and a bit of eyeliner to make her mismatched eyes pop. She grabbed her clutch and sauntered out of her hotel room to meet her ex-husband for their first date.

Lee's eyes widened as he stumbled back, "I wondered when you'd get here," he breathed, rubbing his throat as he glanced at Kira who was clutching onto her father like a lifeline.

Anna panted slightly, slowly turning around to glare at him, "Told you," she whispered, pressing her hand to the gunshot wound.

Caleb was leaning against the hood of his Ferrari outside of her hotel, his pretty green eyes practically lighting up his face as he crossed his arms over his chest, his black Armani suit accompanied with a dark navy shirt making him look hella gorgeous, and a charming smirk curved his lips as he waited for her.

Kiran glanced at Anna, "Take Kira, Cade will get you to a hospital." he muttered and leaned over to kiss her.

Eliya was still smiling when she walked out the front doors, her eyes lit up when she saw Caleb and started towards him, "You look amazing." she breathed.

Anna kissed him softly, a warm feeling spreading through her as she took her little girl from him, "Thank you," she whispered before she slowly started for the door, pain flaring in her abdomen as she went out to find Caden.

Caleb's lips turned up in a warm smile, "You look.. incredible," he breathed, moving to meet her.

Kiran turned to Lee, "I really do not like you." he said, starting towards him as Caden came up the stairs to meet Anna.

Eliya pursed her lips as she reached him, "So where are you taking me?" she breathed, leaning against him.

Lee's lips curved into a wicked smile as he started to walk backwards, "That's a damn shame," he breathed.

Anna held Kira close to her, shutting her eyes for a moment as she put more pressure on her wound, a thin line of blood running down her leg.

Caleb smiled, "It's a surprise," he breathed, slipping an arm around her as he began leading her towards the car.

Kiran /moved/ so he was behind and brought his knee into Lee's spine, really hoping he'd break it.

Caden studied her, "You look awful." he muttered.

Eliya studied him a moment, "How romantic." she muttered, a warm feeling spreading through her.

Lee gritted his teeth as he fell over, feeling something in his spine snap before he forced a laugh, "Killing me wont change anything," he whimpered, "There are still going to be others."

Anna sighed, opening her eyes to look at him, "Thanks," she breathed, "I love you too."

Caleb smiled, "That's the point," he breathed, moving to open the door to the passenger seat for her.

Kiran shrugged, "It'll sure as Hell make me feel better." he muttered and moved to punch him in the back of his skull.

Caden rolled his eyes and put an arm around her, "Let's get you out of here, kiddo." he muttered, blinking them to a hospital.

Eliya slid into the seat and played with the hem of her dress, leaning back against the seat, excitement trilling through her..

Lee gritted his teeth again, his entire lower body felt numb and he couldn't move, "Fucking coward," he groaned.

Anna's eyes widened a bit as they got there and she clung to Caden, "No," she whispered, "Get me home, no hospitals," she breathed fast, looking up at him.

Caleb ran his fingers over his close-cut hair as he moved around the car and got in behind the wheel, "You excited?" he breathed, smiling at her as the engine roared to life.

Kiran cocked his head to the side, "Me? A coward?" he muttered.

Caden frowned and blinked them to the house, "What's wrong with you?" he muttered.

Eliya nodded, "I was thinking about the first time we met." she breathed, cocking her head to the side to look at him, "And the first time we kissed." she smiled.

Lee nodded, trying to turn over so he could face his enemy, "Kicking a man while he's down," he breathed, "Coward."

Anna shook her head, "Other that I don't exist and I don't want Thai cops overrunning the house? Nothin'," she breathed and put Kira on her feet, gesturing for her to go upstairs.

Caleb smiled softly, "Mm, feels like ages ago," he muttered, peeling away from the hotel.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:22 am

Kiran smirked, "You sell children to men, use them, destroy them and /I'm/ the coward?" cruelty glinted in his eyes, "You're the scum of the earth and you must be purged from human existence."

Caden rolled his eyes again and called for Tommy as he started for the kitchen with her.

Eliya bit her lip, "I kissed you first." she grinned, "I told you to bite me, remember?"

Lee breathed a laugh, "So kill me, Batman," he said, grinning wickedly even though he was in pain.

Anna gritted her teeth, pain flaring through her as her knees gave in and she leaned against him for support when there was no answer, "He's not here," she breathed.

Caleb smirked, "Yeah, I remember," he breathed, "You wanted to see who bit harder."

Kiran grinned, "Not yet." he said, moving towards him, "I want to teach you a lesson first."

Caden lifted her up and placed her on the counter, "Looks like I'll be your nurse." he said, moving her hand and shirt away to study the wound.

Eliya bit her lip, "And I bit harder." she said, teasing, "God, I didn't know if I wanted to fuck you or kill you more then." she mumbled, "Especially when I met Anna."

Lee stared up at him, genuine fear starting to creep into his eyes and it seemed like all the blood drained from his face, "And what's that?"

Anna pursed her lips as she glanced between them, studying the wound, "Can you take it out?" she breathed, lifting her gaze to his eyes.

Caleb smiled slightly, "Yeah," he breathed, "I remember when she stabbed you."

Kiran smiled and knelt down beside him, "I think I know a clientele that would fancy a man like you." he said darkly.

Caden nodded, "Close your eyes."

Eliya made a face, "Then I met Chris and he thought I was your girl at first." she smiled.

Should we ff that painful thought and the kill, so Kiran can brag about it later? :b

Anna bit her lip before she laid back on the counter for him to have better access and she shut her eyes tight.

"You've always been my girl," Caleb breathed, turning a corner before he blinked the car to Paris.

Caden took the knife from his pocket and a lighter, he placed them on the counter and grabbed alcohol to clean the wound.

Eliya looked thoughtful for a moment, "I thought I was your girl and then I asked you for help and do you remember what you said?" she mumbled, raising a brow.

Anna opened one eye to peek at him, "You're enjoying this, arent you?" she muttered.

Caleb shook his head, "What did I say?" he mumbled.

Eliya bit her lip, "You asked what would you gain from helping me and I said, 'Me?'" she started softly, "And you said, 'You? What can you give me? Your body? All ready had it. Your respect? Don't want it. Your gratitude? Don't need it.'" she shrugged and smiled slightly, "Broke my young, little heart in pieces."

... Anna took a deep breath as she opened her eyes again, "How bad is it?" she breathed.

Caleb glanced at her, frowning slightly, "Right," he muttered, "Sorry 'bout that, baby," he said softly and leaned over to kiss her cheek.

Caden studied the patch work and smiled as Kiran walked in, "You still alive?"

Eliya smiled, "Why? If you hadn't had said it, our lives would be less fun." she mumbled, "You know I remember the exact moment I realized I was in love with you? Like truly, there's-no-bullshitting-yourself-about-this-one in love with you."

Anna shook her head, "Dead as a doornail," she muttered, slowly sitting up as she smiled at Caden, "Thanks, kiddo."

Caleb's lips curved into a smile again and he shrugged, "When was that?"

"King Lee is dead." Kiran muttered, smiling slightly as he studied Anna, "How do you feel?"

Eliya grinned, "Well, I guess I always, sorta, kinda felt something for you but then we were in New Orleans and Onalu had stabbed me, I remember you kneeling over me and I wanted to tell you how much I loved you before I died and then I didnt really die but I didnt get to tell you and Chris came back and you were there, you know." she said softly, her eyes gleaming, "You know what I realized?"

Anna smiled, "Good," she said softly, "Caden has mad skills with a needle," she muttered and hopped off the counter, wincing slightly as she moved towards him.

Caleb shook his head, pulling up next to the Tower, "What?" he muttered, killing the engine as he looked at her.

Kiran pulled her into his arms, "Have you talked to Kira?" he asked softly, kissing her nose as he got his phone to show her pics King Lee dressed like a woman.

"Francesca got us together." Eliya muttered and studied his face, her heart warm and fluffly at the moment.

Anna slowly shook her head, "I thought I'd wait until you got back," she breathed, "You know, give her a chance to be with her brothers and feel home again."

Caleb breathed a laugh, shaking his head, "Yeah, I guess you might be right about that one," he breathed, getting out and moving around the car to open her door.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:38 pm

Kiran nodded slowly and handed her his phone, "I'll check on her, you enjoy those." he said, nodding to the pics.

Eliya stepped out of the car and smiled up at him, "When did you realize you loved me?" she asked softly.

Anna studied the screen before she breathed a laugh, looking up at him, "Are these for real?" she asked, smiling brightly.

Caleb pursed his lips, "When you told me you were pregnant with Caelan, I think," he muttered, carefully wrapping an arm around her waist.

Kiran grinned, "Hell yes they are." he breathed, starting for the stairs.

Eliya leaned against him, doing the mental calculations in her head, she frowned slightly, "Huh." she mumbled.

Anna laughed softly before she moved back towards Caden, obviously not as awkward around him as she should be, "Cade, look," she said, holding the cell out to him.

Caleb frowned slightly, "I didnt realize till then, because I didnt have a soul, baby," he said softly, "I knew I needed you after New Orleans, but I didnt feel how much I loved you till Vegas."

Caden snorted with laughter, "Good god, who bought him?" he called.
"Large ex-convicts, he cried." Kiran called back.

Eliya smiled warmly and leaned up to kiss his cheek, "I remember that night, you freaked out when I told you." she grinned.

Anna's eyes widened a bit, "How much?" she called, leaning against the counter as she glanced at Caden, "You want a drink?"

Kira sat in her room, safely hiding her rosary where it wouldnt be taken from her again as she held her teddy bear tight to her little chest, looking a bit scared, still.

Caleb grinned, "I have never been so terrified in my entire life," he breathed.

Caden nodded, "A beer would be nice." he muttered, smiling as he studied the pics.

Kiran walked into his daughter's room and studied her, "How you doin' baby?" he breathed, moving towards her.

Eliya bit her lip, "You needed a drink and then left to go kill someone." she said, rolling her eyes, "I thought you were gonna break up with me."

Anna smiled slightly as she moved towards the fridge to grab him a beer, "Can I ask you something?" she breathed.

Kira shrugged a bit as she turned to him, "I'm okay, daddy," she mumbled, "Are you okay?"

Caleb bit his lip, "I guess it must've seemed like it," he mumbled, starting for the entrance with her.

Caden shrugged, "Depends on what it is." he muttered.

"I'm worried about you, kiddo." Kiran muttered, studying her.

Eliya bit her lip, "And I almost left you, I'm sorry." she mumbled, turning to look at the place they were entering.

"What are you doing in Thailand?" Anna muttered, handing him his beer.

Kira frowned, "Why, daddy?" she mumbled, hopping onto her bed.

Caleb gestured to the pretty sign by the elevator, 'Welcome to The Eiffel Tower' written beautifully and he smiled warmly, waiting for her reaction.

"Helping Kiran, why?" Cade muttered, raising a brow.

Kiran bit his lip, sitting next to her, "Kira, do you want to talk about what happened? So daddy can fix it?"

Eliya's eyes widened and she looked up him, "The Eiffel Tower?" she breathed, warmth filling her chest.

Anna shrugged slightly, "No reason," she mumbled and started for the stairs, peeling off her bloody wife beater as she went.

Kira's lips pulled into a thin line as she looked down at her hands, her bangs covering most of her eyes when she shook her head, not saying anything.

Caleb smiled warmly at her, the elevator doors sliding open, "The whole restaurant is ours for tonight," he said softly.

Kiran frowned deeply, his heart clenching, "Please, tell me what do to make it better Kira." he whispered.

Eliya tried not to grin too widely, "This just might be the best first date I've ever been on." she breathed, stepping into the elevator.

Kira shook her head again, tears welling up in her pretty green eyes, "I'm okay, daddy," she whispered, her throat tight.

Caleb grinned at her and held her closer to him as he hit the button for the restaurant; bending his head to kiss her hair as it ascended, "Have I told you how absolutely beautiful you look tonight?" he breathed.

Kiran put his arms around her, "Its okay if you're not, daddy can take care of you, you know?" he said softly.

Eliya smiled warmly, "Yes, but I always like to be told more than once." she breathed, leaning against him, her eyes full of love.

Kira swallowed hard, leaning against him, "I know, daddy, thank you," she whispered, tears rolling down her cheeks as Anna stood in the entryway, now wearing ripped denim shorts and a white wife beater, "What happened?" she breathed, a worried look coming over her face.

Caleb smiled lovingly at her as he touched her chin to have her look at him, "I love you, forever," he breathed, gently placing a lingering kiss on her lips when the doors opened, revealing the most amazing view of Paris from the dimly lit, outside of the restaurant.

Kiran shut his eyes tight and held his daughter even tighter, "Just worried." he mumbled.

Eliya felt her heart swell as she studied him for a moment then the view, her throat tightened, "It's beautiful." she whispered, suddenly feeling all teary eyed.

Anna bit her lip, nodding slowly before she cocked her head to the side, "Baby, do you wanna make cupcakes with mommy?" she breathed, trying to smile when Kira looked up at her father through her bangs, "Can we, daddy?" she mumbled, obviously not doing so good.

Caleb breathed a laugh, "Are you getting all sentimental with me again, baby?" he breathed, leading her towards their table by the railing.

Kiran kissed her forehead, "Of course you can, do you want daddy to help too?" he mumbled, his throat tight.

Eliya rolled her eyes before smiling, "Maybe a little," she mumbled, studying everything, "I'm happy right now."

Kira nodded slightly, "Yes, please," she mumbled and reached up to kiss Kiran's cheek before hopping off the bed and grabbing his hand.

Caleb smiled warmly at her as he pulled out her chair, "Good," he breathed.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Jul 09, 2011 5:29 am

Lynn gritted her teeth and yanked against the straps tying her wrists to the bed, "Pl-please, let us go." she yelled, pain ripping through her very swollen abdomen.
Francesca smiled and took the tip of a hot needle and ran it over Lynn's tummy, "You're just ready to pop aren't you?" she breathed, "Push, Lynnie, push."
"Fuck you, let us go." Lynn screamed, wanting desperately to keep this baby inside her.
"We can't do that." Cassiel said as she entered the room, wearing a black Tuxedo pantsuit, her white blond hair flowing down her back, "We need your baby, Lynn."

Kiran squeezed her hand as he got up, glancing at Anna with a dark, worried look.

Eliya smiled as she sat down, studying everything, "I talked to the kid's this morning," she mumbled, "They miss you too." she breathed, glancing up at him.

Anna bit her lip, 'I know' she sent to him, a comforting smile curving her lips as she started downstairs.

Caleb nodded slowly, "I miss them too," he breathed, studying her eyes for a long moment before he smiled, "What do you want to eat?"

Kiran swallowed hard and started after her, pulling Kira tighter against him, "What kind of cupcakes you want baby?" he muttered.

Eliya pursed her lips, "Can I have anything?" she mumbled, glancing up at him with a mischievious smile.

Kira shrugged slightly, "Vanilla and chocolate chip?" she muttered, looking up at him.

Caleb grinned, nodding slightly, "Anything you want, baby," he breathed.

Kiran smiled slightly, "Sounds good, baby." he said softly, treating her like glass, so afraid his little girl would break apart.

Eliya bit her lip, "I want-" the words died in her throat and she looked past him, "Why is she here?" she whispered, her spine tensed.

Kira studied her father as she headed after her mother, "Are you okay, daddy?"

Caleb raised a brow at her, "What are you talking about?" he muttered, turning around in his chair to see what she was looking at, annoyed that someone else was let up there.

Kiran nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine, are you okay?" he mumbled, rubbing his face.

Lynn moved towards their table, she had healed up nicely and wore tight, hip hugging jeans, a white denim vest beneath a leather jacket, and steel-toed boots, she ran a shakey hand through her hair, her pretty eyes were red, "We need to talk." she said as she reached them.

Kira pursed her lips, "You're a bad liar, dad," she muttered, nodding to herself.

Caleb leaned back in his chair, his eyes becoming dark as he locked eyes on Eliya, afraid he'd hurt her if he looked at her for too long, "About?"

Kiran sighed, "I'm just a little sleepy, promise."

"Our baby." Lynn said, standing in front of the table, her throat tight, her pretty face miserable.

Kira frowned slightly, "Daddy, you know that God wont let you enter Heaven if you lie, right?"

Caleb's eyes widened a bit as he turned to stare up at her, "Our what?" he choked, his stomach churning.

Kiran stared down at her, "And you know its wrong to say you're okay when you know you're not?" he mumbled, raising a brow.

Eliya felt her heart clench in her chest and she had to dig her nails into her thighs to keep from getting up and stomping Lynn's face. Lynn swallowed hard, "I was pregnant." she mumbled, "I found out last month."

Kira's soft expressioned seemed to be hit by a wave of sadness and she let go of his hand, half-running back up the stairs and slamming the door to her room.

Anna frowned deeply, "Kiran," she breathed, shaking her head as she moved after her daughter.

Caleb glanced at Eliya, and apologetic look coming into his eyes before they hardened and he got up and grabbed Lynn's arm before dragging her towards the bathrooms.

Kiran's shoulders slumped and he turned to disappear outside, feeling the world's biggest asshole and worst dad. He moved towards the garage and locked himself before sinking to the ground and burying his face in his hands as he started to cry.

Lynnie sniffled, stumbling after him, "I'm sorry, I should've told you but I couldn't jinx it." she choked out.

Anna gently knocked on Kira's door, her heart clenching, "Kira?" she called softly, but sighed when she got nothing but the noise of Kira getting into her bed, "I'll come back later, okay?" she whispered before turning on her heel to go find Kiran.

Caleb jerked her into one of the stalls as he made it into the men's room, "Jinx it?" he said through his teeth, staring her down, "I got you fucking pregnant, and you don't tell me? Lynn, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:41 am

Kiran pulled his knees up and ran his hands over his hair, trying hard to calm down, not taking anything well at all.

Lynn shut her eyes for a moment, tears dripped down her face and when she spoke her voice was shakey, "Twenty years ago, I was married to a man named William, he was a lot like you and I loved him, I was happy, I even quit my job to be a good little house wife and we had kids, we had thirteen beautiful little babies." she whispered, "Then one day he snapped, he just went fucking crazy and he killed them, Caleb, he killed them all and he was going to kill me and I would have let him but my brother stepped in and he killed William." she muttered, almost choking, "I haven't been able to get pregnant again until you and I didn't want to jinx myself and lose it."

Anna bit her lip painfully hard, worry making her heart clench as she moved outside, "Kiran?" she called, running her hands over her hair.

Caleb studied her eyes for a long moment, a frustrated line forming on his forehead; he knew he should care and he knew he should have hugged her and told her he was sorry, but instead he glared at her, "You can't keep it," he said lowly.

Kiran flinched, he couldn't let her see him like this so he stayed quiet, shutting his eyes tighter.

Lynn looked up at him for a long moment, "They already took her." she whispered, "I was coming to ask for help." she breathed, her chest tightening up.

Anna stayed still for a few moments before she shut her eyes, starting to think that he'd went drinking instead of trying to talk to his daughter and she took a deep breath; forcing the paranoid thoughts down before she went around the house to the backyard to sit by the pool.

Caleb's frown deepened, "Who took her?" he breathed.

Kiran wiped at his face and got to his feet slowly, hoping he didnt look as weak as he felt as he started towards the pool to meet with Anna.

"This blond bitch named Cassiel." Lynn mumbled, "Francesca was with her." she swallowed hard and moved forward to wrap her fingers in his shirt, "Please help me get our daughter, please." she whispered.

Anna exhaled hard as she took off her shoes and winched very visibly as she sat on the edge, dipping her feet into the dimly lit water as she tried to think.

Caleb's heart clenched as he continued to study her eyes, a long moment passing before he nodded, "Cassiel?" he mumbled, remembering the name, "Why would Francesca and Cassiel want our kid?"

Kiran swallowed hard, "Hey." he mumbled, hoping she wouldn't notice his red eyes or the thickness in his voice.

Lynn shook her head, "To get to you? I don't know." she whispered, "I couldn't even fight back before they took her." she whimpered, her heart clenching.

Morrigan studied her neices and nephews, smiling warmly to herself as she watched them eat various flavored ice creams at her kitchen counters. A sudden chill made her back tense and she glanced towards the large bay window where a blond woman stood in black next to a small army of demons.

Cassiel glanced back at her small legion, "Surround the house." she ordered, "Take the kids and leave the woman alive to send a message to the King." she said, disappearing to find Caleb Jr.

Anna sighed, not looking up at him as she watched the rings the water made around her feet, "Hey," she mumbled.

Caleb sighed, "We'll find her," he mumbled before he moved away from her and started back into the restaurant.

CJ had finally been allowed to leave Hell permanently and he was at his apartment in Nashville, feeling up one of the many girls who had shown interest in the gorgeous eighteen-year old.

Kiran swallowed hard, "Did you get to talk to her?" he mumbled sitting cross-legged beside her.

Eliya looked down at her hands instead of looking at them when they came out, she didn't say anything, she just sat there.

Cassiel pursed her lips as she appeared in the boy's apartment, she wrinkled her angelic little noise as she studied the place, making noise so that her presence was known.

Anna shook her head, cocking her head to the side as she continued to study the water, "She's ignoring me," she breathed, shrugging slightly, "Six-year olds do that.."

Caleb took a deep breath as he moved towards his woman, looking absolutely miserable.

CJ smiled against the little blondes thin neck, "Cassiel," he breathed, his pretty green eyes focusing on her before he moved off the girl and held a pillow over his junk, tossing a few bills at her before he watched her leave.

Kiran frowned, "But Kira usually doesn't." he muttered, looking down at his hands.

Eliya got to her feet slowly and looked up at him, notsure what she expected from him, "Date over?" she mumbled, her eyes stinging.

"Get dressed." Cassiel muttered, crossing her arms over her chest, "We're leaving." she smiled.

Anna smiled slightly, "Seems like you don't know her as well as you think," she breathed, finally looking at him as her smile became warmer, "A few weeks ago, she said she hated me," she breathed.

Caleb bit his lip as he nodded slowly, "I promise, I will make this up to you, Eliya," he whispered.

CJ pouted slightly, "Are you sure you don't wish to join me instead?" he breathed, a mischevious grin curving his lips.

Kiran didn't look at her, "Why?" he mumbled.

Eliya nodded, swallowing hard, "I'll get a cab." she mumbled, turning towards the elevator.

Cassiel studied him, biting her lip, "I wish but we're pressed for time, I'll make it up to you when we get there."

Anna sighed, running her fingers through her hair as she studied the water again, "Because you didnt meet us here," she mumbled.

Caleb reached for her hand, gently pressing the key to his Ferrari into her hand, "Go to The Hilton," he breathed, "There's a room for you."

CJ pursed his lips, "Give me a second," he breathed, a dirty look in his eye as he got up without his pillow and padded into his closet, naked.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:44 am

Kiran's face darkened and then he covered his face again, "I don't know what I'm doing." he choked through his fingers.

Eliya nodded again, "Thanks." she breathed, starting for the elevator again when her cell phone rang.

Cassiel bit her lip harder, "You're temptation walking." she breathed, running her fingers through her hair.

Anna's expression changed into one of hurt as she reached out to touch his hand, "Kiran, look at me, please," she whispered, trying to move his hands away.

Caleb shut his eyes for a moment as he pinched the bridge of his nose, a massive headache forming behind his eyes.

CJ grinned as he pretended not to hear her, "Where are we going?" he called, dressing in dark jeans and a well-fitted navy t-shirt with his black Timberlands, looking so much like his father.

Kiran let her move them so she could see the tears stinging his eyes, "I'm not a good dad." he whispered.

Eliya stepped into the elevator as she picked up her phone, her eyes widened and she stopped the elevator and stepped back into the resturaunt, "No, no, no," she mumbled, starting to feel dizzy.

Cassiel smiled, "Madrid." she muttered, holding her hand out to him.

Anna studied his eyes closely as she took his hands in hers, tears starting to well up in her eyes as her heart clenched, "You're an amazing dad," she breathed, gently kissing his knuckles, "How can you say something like that?"

Caleb glanced over his shoulder at her, a deep frown curving his lips, "What?" he said through his teeth, his throat becoming tight.

CJ smiled slightly, "Will my father be there?" he breathed, the glint in his eyes making him look rather innocent.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:41 pm

Kiran shrugged, "They hurt her, our little girl looks like she's about to break into a million fragile pieces." he muttered, "I should have been watching closer, I shouldnt have let it happen."

Eliya felt her knees start to give out as she dropped her phone, "Demons." she muttered, looking dazed, "Demons took the kids, the kids are gone." she choked.

"He'll be there." Cassiel grinned, "Trust me, he'll find us." she breathed, her pretty eyes darkening.

Anna's heart clenched as she let go of his hands, "This isn't your fault," she whispered, "You can't always protect us, Kiran, bad things happen and you can't blame yourself when they do.."

Caleb's eyes slowly began to blacken as he clenched his fists, "Motherfuckers," he said through his teeth before shutting his eyes tight, trying to locate them.

CJ smiled, almost playfully as he moved towards her, "Let's go," he breathed, moving a hand around the Angel's waist to push her against him.

Kiran didn't look at her, "Then who am I supposed to blame?" he muttered.

Eliya shut her eyes tight, she felt sick as she tried to search through all the little tethers she had to them but they were gone as if they'd snuffed out and it made the sob escape her lips, fear clenching her chest.

Cassiel pursed her lips and blinked them to a villa in Madrid, she smiled glancing past him to watch the nine little Walker kids huddle close on the couch, Celeste beside them, "Eleven." she mumbled as Franny joined them only wearing an almost see-through white chemise, she grinned as she studied CJ, "Gorgeous like his father." she breathed, curly a piece of caremel colored hair around a finger.
Cassiel made a noise, "Watch the kids Fran." she said, taking CJ's hand and pushing past the other woman to get to the bedroom.

Anna sighed, "God?" she mumbled when she heard little footsteps behind them and Kira sniffled, looking down at her Allstars, "I'm sorry for making you mad, daddy," she mumbled, her bangs in front of her eyes.

Caleb felt a growl erupting from his throat before he started for the elevator.

CJ's eyes darkened a bit as he followed Cassiel and glanced over his shoulder to grin wickedly at Francesca, "Did she sleep with my father?" he muttered.

Kiran swallowed hard, glancing back at her, "You didn't make me mad baby," he breathed, thickly as he twisted to hold his arms out for her.

Eliya shook her head, trying to clear it as she got back to her feet, almost stumbling as she and Lynn followed after him, "What do we do?" she choked out.

Cassiel nodded, "She did and it got her killed. Twice." she mumbled, smiling slightly as she yanked him into the master bedroom and shut the door behind them.

Kira bit her lip as she moved to hug him, "I love you, dad," she mumbled and shut her eyes.

Caleb stepped into the elevator, his eyes filled with murderous rage, "We kill them," he said through his teeth.

CJ pursed his lips, "Who killed her?" he breathed, something dark growing in him.

Kiran hugged her tight, "I love you too, Kira, I'm sorry." he whispered.

"How do find them if they're off the map?" Lynn mumbled, "Maybe we need to calm down a minute and think."
Eliya swallowed hard, "She's right, we need to think...who took our kids?" she mumbled, looking between them, feeling left out of the loop as always.

Cassiel unbuttoned her blouse and blazer and dropped them to the floor, "Your dad's wife, Eliya." she mumbled, "Why?"

Kira smiled slightly as she crawled into his lap, "It's okay," she mumbled, leaning against him.

Caleb took a breath, "Cassiel," he mumbled, glancing at Lynn.

CJ shrugged slightly, "I can work with my step-mother's jealousy," he breathed, peeling off his shirt.

Kiran wrapped his arms around and shut his eyes as he kissed her hair, just glad she was still here.

Eliya's face darkened, ice shooting through her veins as she crossed her arms over her chest, but she said nothing. Lynn bit her lip and studied Caleb's face before she sighed and hugged herself, "We'll get them back, right?"

Cassiel smiled slightly and unbuttoned her slacks, sliding them down her hips so she was naked in front of him, "How would you work with it?" she breathed, stepping towards him.

Anna smiled slightly as she watched them; a warm feeling spreading through her chest to see her family slowly starting to reform.

Caleb nodded slightly, "We'll get them back," he breathed.

CJ bit his lip, watching her as he undid his jeans, "You'll see," he breathed.

Lynn nodded and glanced at Eliya before she looked down at her shoes, "I'm sorry." she mumbled.
Eliya glanced at her, "Shuddup, I know what you did." she grumbled, "And I don't whether to thank you or punch you for having to do it all."

Cassiel grabbed the waistband of his jeans and pushed them down his hips as she leaned into him, kissing his mouth and chin, her eyes dark with lust.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:31 am

Caleb raised a brow at both of them, "What are you talking about?" he mumbled.

CJ moved his hands onto her ass as he bit her mouth, "Damn, you're pretty," he breathed, biting harder; his father's monster lurking in his pale eyes.

Lynn cocked her head to the side, "What is it you think I did?" she mumbled.
Eliya stared pointedly at her, "You found out you were pregnant last month, around the time you purposely had me find out, you knew if you'd done as I asked, I could eventually forgive you but you needed Caleb to hate you too so he wouldn't come back, that's why you tortured me for a month so I'd leave him and then when he came to see you, you'd tell him what you did and gently nudge him back to me because you'd known I'd forgive him and take him back, then you'd take that time to disappear to Russia and have the baby, come back a few years later, claim it was someone elses, than want to be friends again." she said, letting out a breath.
Lynn's eyes widened slightly, "How do you...?" she shook her head, surprised.
"Because your mother did the same thing when she found out she was pregnant with you." Elle muttered, "And that's why Simon still doesn't know he's your dad."
Lynn's eyes widened even further, "How do you know /that/?"
Eliya made a face, "You're not tall because of your mom, Lynn, also you have the same sense of being a cold hearted calculated bastard with a heart of gold, and Simon has a white speck in the iris of his left eye in the same place you do." she mumbled, "And when you took me to meet your mom for the first time, Simon was there, and he and your mom were flirting shamelessly like horny teenagers...and then had animal sex in the room next to us, you woulda heard but you sleep like a dead person." Eliya nodded, "All on your tummy, your mouth slightly open, drooling."
Lynn made a noise and glanced at Caleb, "I do not drool."
"Not enough to be gross but enough to leave that adorable drool mark on yout face when you wake up." Eliya muttered.
"Do not, I sleep like a Princess." Lynn grumbled.
"A drooling Princess." Eliya grumbled and they shared a long look, their eyes filled with tears, "You hurt me," Eliya whispered, her throat tight.
"I know and I'm so sorry." Lynn whispered, "I really miss you Elle, but if you want, after we rescue the kids, me and my daughter will disappear."
"I don't want that Lynn, I wouldn't mind if your daughter got to know her siblings or her dad." Eliya muttered, tears sliding down her face, "I miss you too." she squeaked as they moved towards each other, hugging each other tight.
"I'll spend the next fifty years of my life making it up to you, swear." Lynn whispered, crying now too.
"And if you ever touch my man again, I'll kill you and raise the little bastard myself," Eliya mumbled.
"I expect nothing less." Lynn mumbled, laying her cheek against the top of Eliya's head, "I love you, Elle."
"I love you too, Lynn." She whispered, sniffling, "Let's go kill this Cassiel bitch and get our kids back."

Cassiel bit his mouth back hard, pressing him up against the door as she rubbed herself against him, not afraid of what was in his eyes, "I've wanted this for a very long time." she breathed, running her tongue along his neck

Caleb raised a brow, leaning against the back of the elevator as he crossed his arms over his chest, "Wow," he mumbled before shaking his head, turning away from them to spare himself the headache.

CJ smiled to himself, shivers crawling up his spine, "You don't want to share," he breathed, not a question.

Anna opened her mouth to say something when a dizzy spell hit her hard and she slowly shook her head, shutting her eyes for a moment before she started to get up to walk inside.

Kira frowned, looking up at her, "What's wrong, mommy?"

Eliya moved back from Lynn and moved towards Caleb, she put her arms around him, "We're good." she mumbled.

Cassiel shook her head, "No, I don't." she breathed, running her fingers down his chest to grasp his length.

Kiran frowned, "Anna?" he said softly, getting up with Kira, "You okay?"

"Women are insane," Caleb muttered, studying her eyes as he nodded.

CJ took a sharp breath, glancing between them, "Tell me your plan," he breathed before looking back into her eyes, shivers trailing up his spine.

Anna nodded slowly, "I just got a.. major headache," she breathed, rubbing her temples as her heartbeat began rising and she could hear it pounding in her ears.

Eliya shrugged, "But you can't seem to get enough of us, can you?" she breathed, raising a brow.

Cassiel smiled as she slid the tip of him between her legs, "My plan?" she breathed, tingles bursting in her abdomen, "Right now, it consists of fucking you silly."

Kiran frowned, "You want any aspirin?"

Caleb pursed his lips to keep himself from grinning stupidly, "What can I say?" he breathed, "I need you."

CJ bit his lip hard as he grabbed her thighs to lift her onto him and move to pin her against the wall, "Is that so?" he breathed.

Anna nodded slowly, starting back inside, "Please," she breathed, shutting her eyes as a faint tingle started in her heart.

Eliya smiled despite the circumstances, "I need you too." she breathed, "And I am so madly in love with you and I'm so scared for our kids right now, I can't even feel them." she said swallowing hard.

Cassiel tangled her fingers in his hair, "Certainly feels that way." she breathed, moving her hips against him as she kissed his neck.

Kiran carried Kira inside as he began looking for the aspirin, worry tightening his chest.

Caleb swallowed, nodding slowly, "We'll find them," he whispered, "But I need to get to Hell."

CJ lowered his head to kiss her breasts, pleasure flying through him and nearly exploding in his abdomen as he slammed into her in the most brutal way he could.

Anna took a deep breath as she leaned against the wall, her eyes still shut tight until the tingle spread to her shoulders and ran down her arms to her fingertips, forcing her eyes open, "What the fuck.." she breathed, studying her arms as the veins darkened into almost black and she started to doubt wether or not she was imagining things.

Eliya nodded slightly, "What do you want me and the other one to do?" she mumbled, studying his face.

(i'ma just ff..)... Cassiel screamed as pleasure and pain burst white hot in her abdomen, her nails digging into his back as she tilted her head back against the door.

Kiran found the small pill bottle, "Anna?" he breathed, moving towards her, frowning, "What's wrong?"

Caleb shook his head, "I don't know," he mumbled, "Try and locate Francesca, she's gotta have something to do with this as well," he muttered, glancing at Lynn.

CJ breathed hard, pleasure rumbling through him as he slammed into her a last time, "Damn," he breathed, his heart pounding against his ribcage.

Anna shut her eyes tight again, her lips moving but with no sound as she repeated 'Stop it, stop it, stop it' all over again in her head for a very long moment before she opened her eyes; whatever she saw had disappeared.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:43 am

Eliya glanced back at Lynn, "We'll try." she mumbled and looked up at him, "Promise you'll be careful?"

Cassiel bit her lip hard to surpress a moan as she looked at him again, her heart pounding, "Mm, that was fucktastic." she breathed, kissing his mouth hard, "But I have to go," she mumbled, starting to slide off of him.

Kiran put Kira on her feet and gestured for her to run to her room as he moved to put an arm around Anna, "Let's get you to bed, yeah?"

Caleb smiled slightly, "I'll try," he breathed, and then disappeared to Hell to find Lily.

CJ smiled slightly as he moved back from her, pulling up his pants while he licked his lips, "Can I have Franny now?" he muttered, sounding like a kid in a candy store.

Kira bit her lip and stood there for a few moments, just studying her parents before she ran to her room.
Anna glanced up at him, her eyes looking a little bloodshot, "Something's wrong with me," she whispered in a shaky voice, deciding that she would have more faith in him than in the past.

Cassiel smiled slightly as she moved towards her closet, "Sure but she bites." she muttered with a sardonic hint to her voice, she shimmied into tight jeans, a white blouse, and a black peacoat, she slipped into stiletto boots and sauntered back towards him, she kissed him gently, "Play nice with the other kids," she breathed and disappeared to find Evangeline Heart.

Kiran studied her face, "I'm going to take you someplace they can figure out what's wrong, okay? Trust me." he said, lifting her into his arms.

Evangeline Hart sat by the poker table at Ceasar's Palace, obviously bored with the men she was playing with as she crossed her legs by the knee, her already small, see-through black dress hiking further up her thigh.

Anna shut her eyes tight, "I can't leave the kids," she whispered.

Eliya glanced at Lynn, "We should-" she was cut off my Lynn's fingers suddenly wrapping around her throat as she was slammed against the wall of the elevator.
Lynn's eyes blackened, "No, I don't think we should." a voice hissed from her pretty lips, "How are you my Queen?" Bezelbub breathed, licking her cheek, "Did you miss me?"

Cassiel moved towards Evangeline, a mischievious smile curving her lips, "Miss Hart?" she breathed stopping at her side, "We need to talk, if you will?"

Kiran sighed, "Cade's here and you're no use to them sick." he muttered, "Trust. Me."

Evangeline pursed her lips, "You must be Cassiel," she breathed, not taking her eyes off her cards as she went All-In.

Anna nodded slowly, all sorts of unwelcomed paranoid thoughts circling in her mind as she held onto him.

Eliya's eyes widened, "How-how-" she squeaked as she tightened her fingers and black spots danced in her vision.
"Angels." Bez shrugged and squeezed until she could feel the bone start to break.

Cassiel bit her lip, "I am." she breathed, studying the woman curiously, "And I need something from you."

Kiran shut his eyes and blinked them to Simon's medical facility with its own private doctors and nurses.

"And what's that?" Evangeline muttered, an indifferent tone in her voice as she won the pot and the men left the table, grumbling.

Anna still had her eyes shut tight, pain starting to prick at Caden's patchwork and she gritted her teeth painfully hard, not saying anything.

Eliya's lids fluttered and her body went limp, Bez smirked and threw her over Lynn's shoulder easily before he blinked the barely alive Queen to Cassiel's house in Madrid, a land covered in symbols so that as soon as she stepped through, the King would no longer feel his Queen.

Cassiel smiled, "I need your daughter, alive, and I need a locket of hair and a few droplets of your blood to do it." she said, propping herself up on the table.

Kiran stepped inside and called for a doctor...ff hospital shiz?

Evangeline pursed her lips again as she cleaned up her prize, "Not interested," she said softly and smiled at the Angel before turning on her heel to cash out.

Cassiel appeared in front of her, pressing a carved blade to Evangeline's throat, "It was forged by angels, it can kill you down to your soul." she breathed, "I was trying to be polite but it wasn't really your choice, this is, I can slit your throat or I can take a pinprick," she smiled.

Evangeline studied Cassiel's eyes for a long moment, "You're after him, arent you?" she muttered, her beautiful face absolutely calm.

... Anna had fallen asleep in the bed, the veins around her bullet wound had darkened and she was paler already, not happy with the news she'd gotten.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:46 am

Cassiel's golden eyes darkened into bronze, "I'm after so much more." she breathed, running the point of the knife along the curve of her throat and cheek, "Should I kill you?"

Kiran gritted his teeth and sat back in his chair, unable to help because he had no idea what was going on.

Evangeline's lips pulled into a warm smile, "Ask /Him/," she breathed when Caleb Walker appeared behind Cassiel and reached out to wrap his fingers in her blonde hair and yank her away from Evangeline.

Anna's eyes began to open and she smiled slightly, studying Kiran through half-closed lids, "It's a virus," she whispered.

Cassiel gritted her teeth and smiled up at him, "Nice to finally meet you, King Caleb," she muttered, trying to jerk out of his grip, "Mind letting go?"

Caleb gritted his teeth hard, squeezing her throat, "Where are my kids?" he said through his teeth, nothing but murder in his eyes.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:03 am

Cassiel gritted her teeth, "They'll be dead if you squeeze any harder." she growled, not afraid, "And so will your poor wife. Let go."

Francesca studied eleven faces, she found it endearing that they would huddle together, clinging to each other like life lines, she looked across the room to where Bezelbub sat in Lynn's body, she gave a slight nod and Franny grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels and two glasses before starting for the room Cass had left CJ in, "Caleb?" she called in her melodic voice, "Have a drink with me."

Caleb felt a growl erupt from his throat as he shoved Cassiel to the ground, "You're bluffing," he said through his teeth before he gave a slight nod to Evangeline and she disappeared.

CJ smiled to himself as he fixed his jeans; a mischeviously crooked grin curving his lips as he opened the door bare chested, "I'd love to," he breathed, studying Franny with hungry eyes.

Cassiel smirked, "Why would I bluff?" she muttered, rubbing her throat as Bez appeared behind Caleb and put her arms around his waist, "Can I keep you occupied instead?" she hissed.

Franny grinned and handed him a glass before she poured whiskey into both of them, she studied him, "You're beautiful." she mumbled, holding her glass up to him and shooting it back.

Caleb shut his eyes for a moment, "I suggest you let go," he said through his teeth as he grabbed her wrist and twisted; hoping he'd hear a snap.

CJ studied her closely before a charming smile curved his lips, "Thank you," he breathed and shot back his drink.

Kiran frowned slightly, "What kind of virus?" he muttered.

Bez hissed and pulled away as she moved to stand in front of him, "That wasn't very nice, Caleb." she breathed, breaking her wrist back into place as Cassiel got to her feet, "I'll use the boy, it really works best with mommy but the boy will suffice." she grumbled to herself.

Francesca smiled as she watched him, "You'll start to feel dizzy soon." she breathed, "Your mouth will feel like cotton as you slide to the ground, you'll just...fall asleep."

Caleb's heart stopped, "What boy?" he breathed.

CJ blinked a few times, studying her, "What are you talking about?" he mumbled.

Anna shrugged slightly, "Feeds on damaged tissue, or something," she breathed, "It spreads to the rest of the body until it kills you.."

Cassiel glanced back at him, "Your son, I have six of those at my disposal." she smiled, "You sent the woman away, I'll have to use them." she smiled.

"The whiskey was laced with a sleeping drug," Fran smiled, "Cassiel wants you all knocked out forthe ceremony."

Kiran pursed his lips, his throat tight, "I know a bio engineer, he works in viruses, he can turn a virus into a superhuman agent so instead of attacking, it builds and fortifies, it could make you less human and more Unnatural but I can't let you die." he said, choking out the last part.

Caleb's eyes darkened with emotion and he seemed more afraid than angry now, "What are you going to do?" he breathed, his throat tight as he began summoning Evangeline; better her than his kids.

CJ shut his eyes for a moment, dropping the glass, "You fucking bitch," he whispered, feeling dizzy all of a sudden.

Anna bit her lip, slowly sitting up, "Are you sure?" she whispered, worry in her eyes as she studied him, holding her hand out to have him closer.

Cassiel tapped her lips, "Using the boy will require more blood, it'll be a shame if I have to slit his throat." she mumbled.

Franny smiled, cocking her head to the side, "Cassiel says you were the easiest to get, you really believed her pretty face and her pretty words like she could give you everything." she mumbled.

Kiran took her hand tight in his, "I'm sure." he breathed, studying her face.

Caleb gritted his teeth, "You can have her," he said through his teeth, his eyes focusing on Cassiel, "Just let my kids go."

CJ slowly slid down the door frame, not saying anything as he rubbed his temples, cursing these bitches to hell.

Anna chewed her lip, "I love you, Kiran," she breathed, her pretty eyes dark, "I don't want to stay here.."

"Its not that simple." Cassiel muttered, "If I have Evangeline and Lily, that just gurantees I won't have to kill any of your boys but..." she pursed her lips, "But if you're in the Plaza de Cibeles in an hour, you can have them back." she smiled.

Franny smirked and glanced behind her as the smaller children began to collapse first, "Poor kids, hope they got the right doses, daddy wouldn't be too happy if they didn't wake up, huh?"

Kiran swallowed hard, "I'll need to call friend and set everything up, if you really want this?"

Caleb nodded, obviously not thinking this over, "Fine," he breathed, moving towards her again, "What do you want, Cassiel?" he whispered.

Anna nodded slowly and kissed his knuckles, "But it's your decision," she whispered.

"I want everything." She breathed, an almost cruel smile tilting her lips, "And by some cruel twist of fate, I need to spill your blood to get it." Cassiel muttered, twirling her angelic blade in her fingers.

"I want you to be alive." Kiran muttered and kissed her fingers.

Caleb's eyes were still dark as he studied her, "Where's Eliya?" he muttered, not scared of her threats.

Anna studied his face, a warm smile tilting her lips, "I want Vicodin," she breathed, obviously trying to be funny.

"She's with the children." Cassiel muttered and checked her watch, "We're pressed for time, I need what I came for." she said, glancing at Bezelbub.

Kiran gave a small smile, "I'll get you some." he said, getting to his feet.

Caleb shut his eyes for a few moments before Evangeline appeared, a panicked look in her eyes that Caleb deliberately avoided when he took a breath, "If you fuck me over," he said cooly, "I'll rip you apart."

Anna smiled softly as she watched him, "Hurry back," she murmured, wincing slightly as she pulled her straightened hair into a ponytail.

"Understood." Cassiel muttered, starting for Evangline, she grabbed a fistful of her hair and ripped it out of her pretty head, smiling when she drew blood.

Kiran disappeared down the hall, taking out his cell to call his friend as he went in search of Vicodin.

Evangeline gave a scream, whatever damage Cassiel had caused her quickly healing up as she looked at Caleb, "Why?" she whimpered when he turned his cold gaze on her, "Why not?" he said before starting away from them.

Anna took a deep breath as she studied her wrists; smiling as she read her man's name, beautifully written on her wrists and in that very moment, she had absolutely no doubt in her mind that she needed to be with him, no matter the cost.

Cassiel handed the wad of hair to Bezelbub before taking a vial from her coat pocket, she slit open Eva's wrist and filled it to the top, she capped it and turned away from her to Bez, "You'll have to get Tatiana on your own, I'll be preparing the others. Go." she said and watched as Bez disappeared before she vanished as well.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

Post  Natacha on Tue Jul 12, 2011 5:14 am

... Cassiel's lips tilted into a smug little grin as she made sure that all fourteen children were in a large, perfect circle in the center of the Plaza, markings cut into their chests, superficial wounds that wouldn't scar but would do what they were supposed to; around the children, angels and demons knelt as if in prayer, waiting, they'd all been waiting so long. Cassiel held up a hand and motioned for Bezelbub to drag Eliya forward, she'd been dressed in white and had started to struggle upon awakening, she was thrown down to her knees in the center of the circle and left there. Cassiel watched as Eliya's body tensed and her eyes became a silvery white, "We're close." she breathed, knowing the King of Hell would be here any moment to witness the greatness of what was about to happen.

... Kiran squeezed Anna's hand as Dr. Richard Cabbot finished strapping her down, "Fifteen minutes, just shut your eyes baby, I'll be here when you wake up." he said softly as Dr. Cabbot carefully slid a needle into her veins.

Caleb ground his teeth as he studied himself in the mirror, wearing a jet-black suit with matching shirt and shoes. Even though he looked so devilishly beautiful it was nearly painful; he didnt care, he simply glanced at his Louis Vuitton watch before he disappeared to Madrid.

Anna's jaw clenched, but she nodded slowly, nerves making her throat tight before she forced her eyes shut; how she absolutely loathed doctors.

Cassiel glanced up at Caleb as he appeared, "Don't move towards them." she said, "Just watch." she said softly, her eyes brightening.

Eliya stumbled to her feet, she looked around the circle but didn't see what was there when a dark haired girl appeared in front of her, she looked so much like Lynn it made her heart clench but she had Caleb's eyes, "You killed my mother." She hissed.
Eliya stumbled back, "No, no, I didnt." she breathed, appearing as she were talking to herself.

Kiran nodded to Dr. Cabbot as he flipped a switch and a silver liquid began to pump itself into Anna's veins.

Caleb's jaw clenched as he watched them; his green eyes filled with darkness and coldblooded anger as he did.

The girl's eyes darkened, "How could you?" she breathed when she disappeared and Luce appeared behind her, "You could never love me, could you?" she accused as Eliya spun around, tears streaming down her face, "I love you so much Luce." she whispered, her daughter's piercing black eyes burning her soul.
"Set us free." Tessa breathed, appearing beside her, all grown up, her brothers and sisters starting to chant all around Eliya while she spun and then fell to her knees. The voices stopped and a young man stood in front of her, he was handsome like his father, his eyes were black as the pit and she would remember his smile for the rest of her life, "Cael?" she breathed, crawling towards him.

... "Anna, open your eyes." Kiran breathed, squeezing her hand, "Its done."

Caleb's heart seemed to stop in his chest and he stared at his son; all grown up and exactly like he expected him to be when he shook it off and looked at his wife, 'It's not real' he sent to her, 'Stay calm, baby.'

Anna kept her eyes shut for a few more moments, making little noises before she opened her eyes to look at him, "Hey," she breathed.

Caelan knelt down in front of her, he cocked his pretty head to the side, "I'm here," he said, taking the blade from his back pocket, "I need you set them free, set /me/ free, I want everything, give me everything."
Eliya trembled as she reached up to curl her fingers around the hilt of it, Caleb's words obviously not phasing through this haze.

Kiran smiled, "How do you feel?" he breathed.

Caleb's jaw clenched so hard it clicked and he looked at Cassiel, "Don't hurt her," he said lowly, a worried look on his handsome face.

Anna smiled slightly, "Different," she breathed, holding out her arms to see if she'd gotten any god-awful needle pricks.

"I'm not." Cassiel breathed, "This is /her/ decision." she said, not looking away from Eliya and her son.
Eliya studied Cael's eyes, "I love you." she whispered and within moments, plunged the blade deep into her chest, blood bubbled from her lips and Cael disappeared as Eliya fell backwards.

Kiran smiled slightly, "Good different?"

Caleb's eyes widened and he moved forward, kneeling next to Eliya as he shook his head; not giving a rats ass about Cassiel and her plans, "Elle," he whispered, wrapping his fingers around the hilt of the blade, "Why did you do that?"

Anna smiled more warmly at him, "So good, I think I could whoop your sorry ass," she breathed, holding her hand out to him, "What am I?"

Eliya choked up blood, "You have-you have to go." she breathed, "Have to set them free, Caleb, go." she pleaded, trying to push him away as the earth began to shift beneath them.

Kiran rolled his eyes, "Rich says you're unique, not Unnatural, not human, not monster." he said, unable to help the pride in his voice.

Caleb hardly moved as he studied her eyes, "Set them free?" he breathed, "Wha-what are you talking about, Elle? I'm not leaving without you.."

Anna cocked her pretty head a bit to the side, studying him, "What does that mean?" she murmured, looking a bit confused.

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Re: Strolling Into the Night

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