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Obsessions of the Innocents
The vampire entered the nightclub notoriously known as Devils parmi le monde, his emerald green eyes scanned the place until he found an empty table near the front; Luis sat down, his brown locks had grown out to their full length and danced down his back; he wore black slacks and a coat over his white dress shirt. He leaned back in his seat and watched the scarcely clad women dancing in large cages above them, each were riddled with bite marks. The music blasting through the speakers slowed and slipped into a somewhat techno-like sound, fog covered the stage and the cages were lowered as she appeared. The woman wore a black cloak, the hood pulled up over her face and black laced underwear, her breasts were bare. Luis studied her as she began her minuet, she dropped the hood only to be wearing a mask on her face; she moved towards him slowly, twisting her hips, she knelt down in front of him and a smile warmed her plump lips, “Hello Luis.” She said and removed her mask.
Nothing in his face changed when he saw, he leered back at her, “Hello Love, why don’t you come down from there and play a bit?”
Her green eyes flashed and grinned long white fangs at him, “I’d love too. But only if you’re the highest bidder.” She said, turning on her heel and making her way back down the stage.
A man’s voice came on over the speaker, “That was our lovely little Miss Livea Monroe; she’s for sale gentlemen, starting at a thousand dollars.”

Livea knew he would be coming up the stairs to meet her. She smiled and laid back against the pillows when he opened the door, Luis looked down at her hungrily and removed his coat. She sat up on her knees and placed her hands on his waist and pulled him down in front of her; she began to unbutton his shirt and pull at his pants. He nipped at her lips, “Why don’t you stay dead?” He muttered against her mouth.
She kissed his chest, “Why don’t you?”

100 years before...

Livea Adams waited for his arrival, the moonlight shown above the cemetery she stood in, her feelings for him were construed to be twisted she had always felt for him more than a sister should feel for a brother but she denied the urge to touch him when he was near, to feel anything for him, she buried it deep in her stomach and only let rage funnel through her.
“Hello Livea.” Luis whispered, his dark velvet voice ringing out like a melody in the darkness, a shiver ran down her spine, the light of the stars illuminated his beauty and he walked slowly towards her, “You wished to see me?”
She nodded, it was hard to look him in the eye but she forced herself to, he looked sorrowful and she dug her nails in her palm to stop herself from reaching out to him, knowing if she did she would never forgive herself for yielding to him yet again. Her fingernails broke skin and the scent of her own blood wafted up into her nose, Luis touched her clenched fist with gentle fingers and pried her fingers open, he kissed her bloodied palm, “I hate it when you hurt yourself because of me.”
Livea sighed, she wanted him to kiss other parts of her; she pulled her hand away from him in disgust and she glared at him but his expression had become unreadable and she wanted to touch him again. She shook her head and gritted her teeth, “Don’t look at me Luis, I hate you, I hate you for what you do to me… Why can’t you die?”

Livea pulled the knife across Luis’s cheek, the obsidian blade made it impossible to heal after it lacerated an immortal’s flesh. She ran her blade along his naked chest, careful not to slice into his beautiful skin just yet. She tangled her fingers into his brown hair and ran her nail along his lips.
"Livea?" he said softly, his emerald green eyes burning into hers.
Livea glanced at him, making the mistake of looking into his eyes, "Yes Luis?"
He leaned forward, his face inches from hers, "Kiss me." he demanded softly.


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