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Ravanna took a deep breath and began to run again, her heart pounding in her ears as the cold air rushed through her fur, she slowed her pace and made her way to a creek in the woods, she shifted gracefully into human form and wafted in the cool water. She dipped her red curls beneath the water and sighed, her mind drifting to Cameron, the mere thought of him made her heart race and she ached for him. Ravanna sat on the edge of the creek and looked up at the sky, “I love you Cameron,” she whispered.
She felt a hand wrap around her mouth and she struggled to look up into a familiar face, Danni Thorne stood above her, smiling cruelly…

Amy whimpered looking around her; she pulled herself to her feet, the blood dripping down her legs and chest. Tears streamed down her face from her black eyes and she limped out of the forest, still naked. She shook and looked around her as she reached the edge of the city, she saw a woman wearing clothes of high society and she scowled and tackled her to the ground, she killed her and took her coat; she draped it over her body and limped the rest of the way to Lynn’s house. Her cousin sat on the porch, staring at the world before her, Stacey Cissanaro beside her, Amy stood on the porch and Lynn looked at her for the first time and frowned, “What happened?”
She sunk to her knees and grabbed her hand, “He raped us, Ravanna, Chloe, and me…he raped us Lynn…”
She cocked her head to the side, her black curls dancing across her face, “Who?”
She shuddered and the personality shifted and black hair became blond and black eyes became blue, Chloe shook out of rage, “My Danni, Lynn, my Danni…”
Lynn stood suddenly and pulled her to her feet, “Come,” she said and led her through the house to a spare bedroom, “I will take care of him, don’t worry,”
The personality shifted again and Ravanna shuddered with a sob and hugged Lynn, “Don’t tell Cameron…”
She shook her head, “I won’t…” she led her to the shower and left the room.
Stacey eyed her curiously, “Why? It’s Amy, you hate Amy…”
Lynn shook her head, “It’s like not liking ice cream, you can’t stand it but you don’t want it to disappear off the face of the planet… besides, its not only Amy, its Ravanna, and Ravanna doesn’t deserve this…”
He sighed, “You have the craziest analogies but I understand what you mean, do you need assistance?”
She smiled, “No, I want to do this alone,”
Stacey scrutinized her face, “I’ll tell the kids and the Mister, you’ll be home late…”
Lynn gave another meek smile, “Thank you Stacey,” She turned on her heel and escaped out into the city.

Danni leaned back in his seat and grinned lazily up at Rosalynn Blackwell, “If you’re going to do a strip tease, every time I’m naughty, I’m doing it more often,”
She grinned down at him, pulling off her bra slowly; she stopped and smiled at someone behind him, “Lynn Hawthorne, nice to see you again,”
“Rosalynn,” She nodded to her and looked at Danni and smiled.
He shot to his feet and glared at her, “What do you want?”
She shrugged, “To kill you, why else would I be here?”
Rosalynn snickered and went to stand beside Lynn; Danni looked at her, “What are you doing?”
She leered cruelly, “Betraying you for a far better deal,”
Lynn grinned, “Surprise, I win again,”
His eyes widened and he stepped back a few steps.

It was Amy who emerged, dressed in black jeans and a sweater, she combed her black hair around her face and stepped out of the room, Lynn glanced at her from behind a battered copy of The Art of War, she raised an eyebrow at Amy and mumbled, “Mr. Thorne is no longer with us,”
Amy sat beside her, “Thank you, Lynn, I…thank you…”
She shrugged, “It was nothing; I was going to kill him anyways,”
She looked down, “You think I’m ice cream?”
She glanced at Amy again, “No, I like ice cream, you’d be like a lizard, they’re weird but you need them to eat the bugs in your window…”
Amy sighed, “Thanks…”
Lynn shrugged again, “Stop that,” she said and went back to her book.
“Stop what?” She asked innocently.
“Feeling sorry for yourself, you're stronger than that.” She retorted, not bothering to look up at her.


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