Ashleh's Characters :D

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Ashleh's Characters :D

Post  Ashleh on Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:20 am

Eliya Walker nee Eliya Torin St. Claire
Most Infamous Quote: "The Devil is a man and like all men, he can be castrated and tamed...with the right woman, of course."

Lynnie Scarlett
Most Infamous Quote: "I'm the Bitch."

Claudia Canbaz
Most Infamous Quote: "Revenge is a beautiful thing. It destroys like fire, burns bright through the darkness and consumes everything that crosses into its path."

Kiran Gerard Hawthorne ne Aryan William Hawthorne
Most Infamous Quote: "I'm not the good guy...I was never meant to be."

Notice the smile, the eyes, that accent, the way he sings in which it reminds me of Johnny Cash and I just love him more, so much more Smile

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