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The Dream

Post  Ashleh on Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:49 am

Eliya felt a smile curve her lips as she moved to pull open the front door, she'd been expecting someone else but she wasn't disappointed to see Lynn Scarlett standing on her doorstep, her blue and green eyes warmed at the sight of her lost best friend, "Lynn?" she breathed.
Lynnie lifted her violet-silver gaze to hers, "I'm here Elle." she said softly and moved towards her to pull the shorter woman into a tight hug; Eliya squeezed her hard, "I missed you." she said softly.
"I missed you too." Lynn whispered, "I'm starving." she muttered, shutting her eyes, she looked pale, weaker than Eliya remembered.
"I'll fix you something right up," Eliya said and took her hand before she dragged her towards the kitchen, she let go and moved towards the fridge to rummage around for something edible.
"Eliya?" Lynn whispered from behind her, "There's so much blood." she breathed, sounding far away.
She froze and turned slightly, "Blood?" she whispered, her eyes widening when they discovered the ribbons of blood shredding down Lynn's chest, she watched, unable to breathe, as Lynn slowly sunk to the floor; Eliya moved towards her friend and got down to the floor beside her, she swallowed as Lynn, who could no longer support herself, lay her head on Eliya's thigh. She stroked Lynn's hair and shut her eyes as they filled with tears, "How does it feel to be dead?"
"It feels cold, baby, it's so cold." Lynn whispered, tears slipping from her eyes, "Please forgive me."
"I have Lynnie, I forgive you." Eliya choked out, "I'm so sorry."
"I forgive you." She breathed, "Will you tell Caleb that I don't blame him? That I know he's sorry and that I forgive him, will you tell him I love him?" Lynn said softly.
"I will, I promise." Eliya whispered, her tears dripping into Lynn's hair, "I love you Lynn."
"I love you too Eliya." She replied, the last of her breath leaving her lungs in a whoosh of air, the light had gone out in her violet-silver eyes.
Eliya felt a sob shake her body and she shut her eyes to grieve, she tilted her head back and cried until she could hardly breathe; she glanced down once more and her eyes widened with surprise, her heart leapt into her throat, the dead woman in her lap was Alessandra Balti.

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